Germany frets, Soros lurks, as Spanish Socialists welcome African migrants

Reports at Deutsche Welle and Breitbart yesterday confirm that Germany (and Mama Merkel) are clearly worried about the surge in migrants being admitted to Spain.


Spanis wall
Spain here we come!


Here is some of Breitbart’s account of what has happened in the wake of Italian citizens awakening to the real possibility of a continued and irreversible invasion from Africa.

Germany Considers New Border Controls After Surge of Migrants Invited by Socialist Spain

Germany has indicated that it may introduce controls along its borders with France and Switzerland after the Socialist-led Spanish government accepted thousands of migrants, with Germany fearing a fresh migrant wave.

German Secretary of State for Migration Helmut Teichmann said that the federal interior ministry is concerned by the number of migrants arriving in Spain, saying: “We fear that many migrants could make their way to France, the Benelux countries and Germany.”

More than 22,800 migrants have arrived on Spain’s shores from North Africa travelling along the western Mediterranean route since January — up 350 percent on last year.

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Conversely, the number of migrants to Italy from North Africa via the central Mediterranean route has declined by 80 percent, after the populist government imposed a policy of refusing to disembark migrant boats on Italy’s shores.

Spain’s conservative government collapsed in June resulting in the Socialists taking power which quickly offered to take the migrant boats turned away by Italy, with Spanish police sources indicating that at least 50,000 sub-Saharan Africans are in Morocco waiting to head to Spain.

The new far-left government has vowed to dismantle razorwire fencing along the borders between its North African enclaves Ceuta and Melilla and Morocco, leaving them vulnerable to uncontrolled mass migration. Once a migrant steps foot on Spanish territory, they have technically entered the European Union and are free to claim asylum and move unrestricted across the Schengen Free Movement zone.

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I can’t say it too strongly—-follow what is happening in Europe as a harbinger of what we have ahead of us if our President doesn’t get immigration—illegal AND legal—under control by 2020!

7 thoughts on “Germany frets, Soros lurks, as Spanish Socialists welcome African migrants

  1. Spain should also accept the Central American refugees, TPS, unaccompanied minors, and all other undocumented people from Latin America. There is a common history and language which will foster cultural integration between Latin America and Spain. The United States could create an agreement where refugees and undocumented people from Latin America can choose to be resettled into Spain instead of the USA. Australia already has an agreement where it sends undocumented migrants to USA. Perhaps undocumented migrants in USA can be forwarded to Spain?


  2. If we could only get Speaker Paul Ryan to put the WALL in the Budget! The Illegals are coming from lawless/corrupt countries, then when they get here they protest and want to ban ICE & our Law Enforcement. Does that sound like a prospect for a good citizen?? If we had the wall, would not need very many shelters or families separated. Speaker Ryan, we see the security you have around your house!


      1. When “never up, never in” candidate Romney picked him for VP I was really impressed with Paul’s bright, eager attitude, (conservative, I thought)! Now I see just another political animal, a look-alike to John Boehner. I wonder about his future, does he have Presidential ambitions? Trying to appear middle-of-the-road so as to have universal appeal? I.E. – leftist wolf in a sheep suit!


  3. Let’s be honest. The Spanish Socialists are no different than the Lefties in this country. They just want to use the African migrant for cheap labor and then figure that they can get them to vote Socialist in exchange for their free ride into the country.

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