St. Cloud “woman” crashes car into ice cream store

Reader Linda said, get out the “secret decoder ring” as once again the media fails to mention a key fact in this story.

However, the video says it all….

St. Cloud woman crash
Somalis gather at the crash scene (screenshot).


I’m posting this because once in a while we have to chuckle and because I can’t tell you the number of times over the years I’ve heard news like this.

How on earth are they getting drivers’ licenses? Does she even have insurance?

From WJON.   Only the driver was hurt, but the report says she refused treatment.

St. Cloud Woman Crashes into Cold Spring Dairy Queen

If you are new to RRW, the ‘secret decoder ring’ refers to something Ann Coulter said—the police and the media will rarely tell the public the nationality and immigration status of someone who is in trouble with the law leaving readers to guess based on their names.

Headlines often say simply the name of the location and the word “man”….here we have St. Cloud “woman.”

Interesting that that was not the case in the Iraqi shoots policeman in the head.  All sorts of media outlets are now reporting that the shooter is a refugee.

By the way, virtually all Somalis in the US came as refugees or family members of refugees.

This post is filed in my ‘Laugh of the day’ category.

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  1. Well His Highness, “Welcoming” St Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis just happens to own a Driving School. I guess as long as they pay it doesn’t matter if they’re competent. And the St Cloud Policing Agreement has made it even easier for our “new Americans” to be free to do anything they want unfettered by our burdensome laws.


  2. She is not a “St. cloud “ woman!!! She a fricken foreigner who should go back where she came from!! And take off those stupid clothes they wear!!! Thanks for reporting!!

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  3. Had our own experience with this sort of activity years ago. I didn’t realize it then, but the woman who damaged our property was probably a ‘refugee’. Muslim dress, black woman, attempted U-turn in the middle of our residential street. Jumped curb, plowed through our yard. Only by the grace of God did she not hit the house, stopping just six feet short and causing a lot of damage to trees and obliterating our flag pole.

    She also had a small, unrestrained child in front seat. (Woman was attempting to collect her child after school dismissal.) She was rude and uncooperative when I approached and asked her if she was injured. More rudeness when I asked her for license and insurance info, after it became apparent she would offer nothing but contempt and disdain for me. (on my own property!)

    Multiple calls to police dept. needed to summon any law enforcement response. Officers present more concerned with helping her than inquiring about her status as a driver. 1.5 hours later, they managed to get her car backed out of our yard… and officers RESISTED issuing her a single citation, despite the fact she refused to present a license, had caused a couple thousand dollars in damage to our yard, and had NO proof of insurance.

    Cops eventually cited her for ‘carelessness’ or some other minor ridiculousness.

    And this was about ten years ago. All damage was repaired/replaced at OUR expense.


  4. The same thing happened about a month ago at a St Cloud Wells Fargo. A Somalian refugee lost control and smashed through the side of the bank into the indoor atm. The atm is still out of order to this day. They were cited for careless driving.


    1. Really, someone needs to look into the issue of drivers’ licenses for refugees and if they are somehow getting a pass on the tests (if they are even getting licenses to drive!).

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