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Another blast at Stephen Miller: shameless refugee pushers cry foul because Miller works the system

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 13, 2018

They have monopolized working the system for decades! 

How dare a 32-year-old Trump adviser mess with their finely tuned system that has kept the public in the dark for decades about how the refugee resettlement program works in America!

Remember this:

“Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” – President Obama to House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, January 23, 2009.


abigail tracy

Reporter Tracy @abigailtracy

Vanity Fair writer Abigail Tracy (20-something) swallowed all of the propaganda from the usual gang of long-time Open Borders refugee industry advocates like Anne Richard and Eric Schwartz (both affiliated with George Soros in their careers) and other deep-staters who won’t be named with no flicker of understanding that Stephen Miller isn’t using his vast knowledge of the Washington game because of a personal animus toward refugees.

He is reflecting a public sentiment on immigration that got Donald Trump elected President of the United States and when it comes to refugees, the public was getting sick of the secrecy and underhandedness of those surrounding the then victorious Obama.

Not to mention sick of paying for a refugee program that NEVER took in to consideration the views of the citizens living in communities secretly chosen to ‘welcome’ refugees.

[See Judicial Watch sues to get Obama-era records on choosing resettlement sites!]

It is way past time to scrap the entire US Refugee Admissions Program and then see if there is the political will to reform it.

So now the shoe is on the other foot, someone who has concerns with the Refugee Program and how it has operated since the early 1980s and who also understands how government works (placing the President’s people in key positions) has these shameless Leftwing Open Borders agitators flummoxed and furious!

There is so much in this piece, I can’t possibly address it all!  So please read it here.



The lead-in (below) to Ms. Abigail’s story had me laughing….”transparent policy process” is the last thing the US Refugee Admissions Program ever was!!! And, its complete lack of transparency has kept me writing about it for over ten years!  Now they wail about transparency!

For the past year, Miller has been quietly gutting the U.S. refugee program, slashing the number of people allowed into the country to the lowest level in decades. “His name hasn’t been on anything,” says a former U.S. official who worked on refugee issues. “He is working behind the scenes, he has planted all of his people in all of these positions, he is on the phone with them all of the time, and he is creating a side operation that will circumvent the normal, transparent policy process.” And he is succeeding.

Then here are some bits of the remainder of the long piece (emphasis is mine, and I broke up a couple of ridiculously long paragraphs to make it more reader-friendly):

In his first month in the White House, Stephen Miller learned a valuable lesson from a mentor. As one of his first acts as president, Donald Trump had signed an executive order banning travel to the United States from several majority-Muslim countries, and mass protests were breaking out across the country. Law-enforcement officials, who had received little guidance on how to carry out the order, were flummoxed, and the administration was swiftly taken to court.

Chief strategist Steve Bannon, who helped craft the order alongside Miller, was nevertheless delighted by the self-created maelstrom. When journalist Michael Wolff later asked Bannon why the ban had been implemented so recklessly, Bannon suggested the chaos was part of the fun. “So the snowflakes would show up at the airports and riot,” he replied.



Stephen Miller is “Wormtongue” in their unhinged minds!  “His critics describe his influence as being like Gríma—the fictional character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of Rings, better known as Wormtongue.”


Whereas Bannon made controversy his calling card, Miller has operated in a more shadowy—and effective—manner, gradually applying leverage and using shrewd personnel decisions to implement his draconian vision on immigration policy throughout the West Wing and government agencies. Some measures, like his role in the travel ban or the Trump administration’s callous family-separation policy, have been obvious.

“It was really a shock to a bureau whose mission is to help refugees,” Anne Richard, a former assistant secretary of state for Population, Refugees and Migration, said of the travel ban. “I knew the Trump administration from the campaign was hostile to refugees. I did not anticipate that they would move so quickly, even before there was a Secretary of State.” As one senior Senate staffer explained, in the early months of the Trump administration “it was very dramatic and people knew what was happening and you could just see it visibly.”

Anne Richard big

Anne Richard (58) ran Refugee Program for Obama from 2012-2017

Other maneuvers to restrict legal immigration have been slightly more subtle. Last September, Miller played a leading role in slashing the refugee admissions cap to 45,000—less than one-half the 110,000 ceiling set under President Barack Obama, and the lowest level since 1980. Now, he has reportedly revived his push for another cut, to a cap as low as 15,000 refugees. Earlier this week, the 32-year-old senior adviser was reported to be focused on an even more ambitious project: imposing strict limits on legal immigration, as well as on individuals seeking asylum from war, famine, and prosecution.

“The administration seems to delight in picking on the most vulnerable people,” David Robinson, the former assistant secretary for the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations at the State Department, told me, enumerating the ways in which the resettlement process had been logjammed. “Pretty soon you are going to have a trickle and not a stream.”

I’ll have to tell you about David Robinson some other time. He was once very critical of the USRAP.

Nearly a dozen current and former administration officials I have spoken with in recent weeks describe the latest negotiations over the refugee-admissions cap as one of the more insidious examples of Miller’s efforts to curtail immigration to the United States. (Miller, a lifelong culture warrior, first made his name in conservative circles with an impassioned op-ed raging against the preponderance of Latino students who “lacked basic English skills” in his high school.) “It’s part of a very coherent, effective, and successful plan. It’s not easy to do hard things in our government,” a former official at the Department of Homeland Security explained. “Our government is huge . . . it’s kind of constructed to slow things down and to make sure that individuals don’t wield excessive power. It’s got lots and lots of checks and balances, so it’s really difficult to pull off something like what they’ve pulled off, and they’ve done it.” There are, after all, hundreds of career civil servants who have dedicated their lives to helping the estimated 69 million refugees in the world, only a minuscule portion of whom ever gain sanctuary in the United States.

But Miller has found ways to hijack the machinery of the government to undermine these agencies’ core mission. “Now, it’s sort of like the termite approach, which is you place people inside and you have them basically eat away in a more quiet way, subtly inside,” the senior Senate staffer continued. “It’s not as transparent to the outside world, and they just sort of destroy programs they don’t care about.” (The White House declined multiple requests for comment.)

eric schwartz arabic

Eric Schwartz (61) ran Refugee Program in early Obama years—2009-2011.


As Miller has shored up his influence in the West Wing, he has simultaneously broadened his leverage as his ideological allies secure critical positions across the government. [That is how it works! Too bad Bannon didn’t understand that.—ed]

At first, sources say, Miller focused his efforts on installing immigration hardliners at the White House, D.H.S., and D.O.J. “[He would place] a political [appointee] that was high up enough that they would know everything but not high up enough that they would be in the public spotlight or needing Senate confirmation,” the current administration official told me.


Miller has been particularly attentive to the refugee program at the State Department, which flows through the bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, cultivating attachés to assist his agenda. (Miller’s defenders say he is working to execute the president’s agenda, not his own.) “He is definitely in empire-building mode and succeeding at it,” a former administration official who worked on refugee policy told me. “He’s plugged every hole across the U.S. government and replaced every weak link with one of his staunch allies so that there is virtually no path forward for anyone who cares about refugee protection. You just run up against a wall at every path.”

This next bit is very annoying. “Fine-tuned machine!”  “Bi-partisan support on Capitol Hill.” “Worked together for decades.” Yes, maybe so because it was controlled by Dems who wanted the “New American” voters and Republican Chamber of Commerce-types who want the cheap labor! Most everyone else on the Hill is too chicken to say a word about it for fear of getting the treatment Miller is getting now!

Before Trump took office, the Population, Refugee, and Migration Bureau at the State Department enjoyed sustained bipartisan support on Capitol Hill. “This was a fine-tuned machine, it was people that had worked together for decades,” said Robinson, who also served as the deputy assistant secretary of state in the refugee bureau. “They are the experts on refugee issues—not just resettlement.” Under the current administration, however, refugee issues have become a lightning rod. Current and former officials described P.R.M. to me as a bureau under siege, with beleaguered staffers trying their best to stay professional and keep their heads down—not always with success. Since January 20, the majority of the bureau’s top talent has been ousted or left.

It remains an open question whether P.R.M. will survive at all, in its current form.

It should not survive in its current form!

More here, it is worth reading! There is so much in here that I would love to comment on, but so little time….


What you must do!


Contact the White House, give Miller support and tell the President to not just cut the numbers of refugees to be admitted in FY19, but push Congress to scrap the entire program and start all over again (if the public wants some refugee program).

I can’t emphasize enough that if the present flawed system stays in place, and the White House is not Trump’s in 2020 or 2024, the refugee industry will go right back to high numbers and sneaky resettlement planning for your towns and cities (while you pay for the whole thing!).

It will take you under 5 minutes to contact the White House and there is nothing to lose by doing it!  You likely will never know how much it helps, but so what, do it anyway.

9 Responses to “Another blast at Stephen Miller: shameless refugee pushers cry foul because Miller works the system”

  1. Yo Me said

    Done and sent Anne.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TwoLaine said

    My Hero, after President TRUMP, of course.


  3. stp479 said



  4. Thank God for you Ann, the President and Mr. Miller!
    We still have to worry about back door visas given out to folks from Puerto Rico coming in hordes like 500 to Branson Mo and other destinations

    Liked by 2 people

  5. The trend in covering immigration reporting is to hire 20 somethings who have no historical understanding of immigration, overpopulation, economics or world history, and have been given a so-called “education” that fits a particular world view. But they have enough skills to get quotes, talk with the “right” people and string together a “news” piece, or, in the real world of journalism, a piece known as propoganda.

    Thus you get an article like this. If the article had been written by someone who had 30 years of experience covering immigration, who had seen the massive fraud and cons that are in these programs, you’d have a totally different story. Religious organizations getting millions of dollars from the government (taxpayer-funded) to bring in refugees, with a goal to of course continue growing and thus get more dollars and feed the machine. These same organizations headed by folks who make $200,000 to $300,000 per year.

    And the biggest miss on the article: what’s the most effective and best way to address the huge refugee crisis? It’s to house and provide for refugees closer to their homes, so that when conditions allow they can more quickly return home. It’s 12x less costly. When you bring a refugee to the U.S., the chances of him/her returning to the home country drop to about zero.

    The goal should be to do what’s best for America and how to help elsewhere efficiently and effectively where possible. It’s not to grow the U.S. to an unsustainable population of 1 billion people.

    Nan Jefferies
    West Los Angeles

    Liked by 1 person

    • stp479 said

      Correct, there’s an army of them pushing out of every university with a post modern education indoctrinating them with a hatred of Western civilization. These “bots” are called a fifth column by Jordan Peterson and will destroy us from within.


  6. I know it’s completely inappropriate to cast aspersions because of someone’s appearance, but I can’t resist … this popped into my head when I saw the picture of Anne Richard who ran the Refugee Program for Obama from 2012-2017. She looks like she ate a few of the refugees!


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