US Catholic Bishops launch campaign to pressure Trump to admit large number of refugees

This is one more in a stream of news stories about how the federally-funded refugee resettlement contractors are fighting for their lives as their budgets shrink under this President.

USCCB fy19
See the toolkit here:

It is no surprise that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops—the largest resettlement agency of the nine NGOs hired by the US State Department *** to place refugees in your towns and cities, is launching this campaign directed at Donald Trump.

For years, I have searched in vain to discover the numbers of refugees each of the nine resettles, but this article at least (thanks to reader Joanne for sending it) tells us that the Bishops must be number one!

“The USCCB, along with a national network of Catholic partners, has resettled nearly one-third of all refugees to the U.S. since 1980.”


As usual, no where in this appeal to parishioners do they mention that they are PAID BY THE HEAD FOR EACH REFUGEE THEY PLACE!


From International Catholic Migration Commission:

U.S. Catholic Bishops Urge to Welcome More Refugees in 2019


The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is advocating for an increase in the number of refugees to be resettled in the country during the fiscal year 2019.

The bishops are inviting Catholics who are U.S. citizens to sign a petition to the President asking that “at least 75,000 refugees” be resettled during the next fiscal year. They also suggest organizing meetings with their local elected officials to move the issue forward.

The advocacy campaign precedes the Presidential Determination expected by 30 September, which will set the target number of refugees allowed into the country between October 2018 and September 2019. During the last fiscal year, this number was a record low of 45,000, with the actual number of resettled refugees falling short of the target by about half, the lowest figure since the implementation of the Refugee Act in 1980.

“Standing up for refugees is more crucial than ever,” says Tony Cube, national manager of Justice for Immigrants, a coalition of Catholic organizations convened by the USCCB’s Migration and Refugee Services (USCCB/MRS) to mobilize institutions and individuals in support of immigrants and refugees.

In addition to the petition, Justice for Immigrants has developed an advocacy toolkit with suggestions for a letter [See the letter below—-ed] to the U.S. President and instructions on how to set up a meeting with local lawmakers. The advocacy toolkit also suggests requesting robust funding of overseas assistance to displaced populations.


The USCCB, along with a national network of Catholic partners, has resettled nearly one-third of all refugees to the U.S. since 1980.


Here is the letter to the President that the Bishops are asking Catholics to sign:


USCCB letter to prez

What can you do?

As I have been saying for weeks, you must contact the White House (link in upper right hand column here at RRW) and tell the President what you think.  I am not supplying a script (as they do) because you are smart enough to write (in polite words!) what you think should be done about refugees in FY19.

If you are a Catholic you should consider telling your church leaders what you think as well!


*** These (below) are the nine federal resettlement contractors/advocates which are largely paid for their ‘humanitarian’ work by you, the US taxpayer.

As the numbers of incoming refugees decline so too does their income (as I said, they are paid by the refugee head!).  A continued reduction in the number of incoming refugees could cause one or more of these supposed non-profits to go under due to poor budgetary management—they never planned for a rainy day when federal bucks might dry up!

Another low year, perhaps lower than this year’s 20,000 plus year, could completely blow to smithereens the budget of one or more of these federal contractors which are demanding a cap of 75,000.  (LOL! The nine have colluded so they all are asking for 75,000!)

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees into your towns and cities and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)! 

From my most recent accounting, here.  However, please see that Nayla Rush at the Center for Immigration Studies has done an update of their income!

17 thoughts on “US Catholic Bishops launch campaign to pressure Trump to admit large number of refugees

  1. I only just read this bulletin tonight: If I’d read it earlier I’d’ve been jumping for joy this morning when I found out that at the urging of the Pope himself (Himself?), some Catholics are actually discussing the very END OF THE BISHOPS. (sorry for shouting, but there are no italics.) Like all great ideas, it seems hugely overdue. The Catholic Church has been plagued by worldly, impious, “radical” or liberal, apostate, socially interventionist priests and bishops for millennia, literally. And look at the bishops and priests of the American Episcopalian, corrupted by the Anglican. Here in SF the Gay and Lesbian priests have disco services in Grace Cathedral. (I believe the church split in half.) We just have to hope reining in the bishops doesn’t liberate the priests, who are after all the worst offenders.


    1. You will be interested to know that this link will not open and that trying to get to VDARE otherwise is not possible. Maybe a temporary glitch, but I smell a rat!


      1. Ann, I believe that VDARE is behind a paywall and furthermore that the rats involved are people who are making it so very hard for people like Peter Brimelow, Ann Corcoran, Alex Jones and Joe Farah (not all for the same reasons but all in the crosshairs of the Extreme, anti-American Left), to make full use of social media. Have you heard from people who have had trouble finding your blog? I don’t think one can find it without knowing the URL. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is what I am hearing and when I tried to find the blog without putting in the exact words, I got all kinds of pro-refugee propaganda and no news from Ann Corcoran. I will call you.


  2. Ann
    It is my belief that the Catholic church has a very serious issue within their ranks that should require their 100% attention and effort. It is not pressuring the President to allow more immigrants into the country but correcting the heart ache that has been suffered by the 1000s of children that are carrying the pain of abuse by those in the church that should have been their godly leaders.
    John L.

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  3. Ann, Don’t know if you are aware of the USCCB’S BIG HOMOSEXUAL scandal going on right now. I think the Bishops have no authority to “pressure” anyone to do anything. If people realize what the Bishops do with their money they might be a little less likely to support anything they do or say. Attached is a letter to our local Bishop that is part of a campaign to get them to acknowledge their responsibility and change their behavior. ( organized by Church Militant) If this is how folks see the U.S Bishops maybe people will scrutinize them more fully. We can make a dent in support of their overall policy decisions including those on immigration.

    Put the pressure on THEM! Thanks Kathy


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  4. According to the IRS and Wikipedia, USCCB is a registered corporation in DC, was granted 501c(3) tax-exempt status in 1946, currently has an annual operating budget of $180 million, and has 300 employees. Again, it is forbidden BY LAW to engage in activities to lobby for legislation or influence elections AS A SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF ITS ACTIVITIES.

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  5. Why is that? So that they can get millions from the US government for their “resettlement” efforts or for a new supply of altar boys ??????

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  6. As a charitable organization with a 501c(3) IRS designation, the Conference of Catholic Bishops is prohibited from “attempt(ing) to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities.” Seems to me that, by lobbying for increased numbers of refugees, the bishops are coming dangerously close to having their IRS designation challenged. Loss of non-profit status would cost them millions!

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