Minnesota: Muslims to show their “power” at Vikings Stadium event tomorrow (update)

Leo Hohmann has penned a very thorough report on the secretive (outside the Somali Muslim community!) event to be held tomorrow in Minnesota.

Vikings stadium

We first reported it here last Thursday, but this is a must-read filled with details and expert translations of what one might expect to hear at the “one-of-a-kind Muslim event that’s never happened before on U.S. soil.”

Here are just some of Hohmann’s opening paragraphs:

The Minnesota Vikings’ US Bank Stadium seats 65,000 people for pro football but the state’s imams are hoping to fill those seats with more than 50,000-plus Muslims chanting “Allahu Akbar!” on Tuesday, Aug. 21, in celebration of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Ahda.

While the size and scope of the “Super Eid 2018” celebration is described by Muslim organizers as “unprecedented” for this country, it has attracted little media attention.

It might have attracted little mainstream media attention, but I can tell you it’s garnered tens of thousands of social media reads if my numbers here at RRW are any indicator.

Eid al-Ahda is one of the most important Islamic holidays and literally means “Festival of the Sacrifice” in Arabic. It involves the ritual slaughtering of domestic animals, typically goats or sheep, although stadium management has promised a group of concerned citizens in Minnesota that no animals will be killed inside the stadium.


Featured speaker DR. WALEED AL-MANEESE PH.D   http://www.supereid.com/speaker/luis-gallop/

While an event of this size takes at least a year to plan, details about the Super Eid have been held under wraps. The first visible sign that it would happen came in mid-July, when a website popped up under the registered domain name of SuperEid.com.

“Super Eid” was formally announced by a group of 13 imams during a cryptic 20-minute press conference outside the US Bank Stadium, aired Aug. 7 on Somali TV of Minnesota.

The imams, speaking mostly in Arabic and Somali, said they were inviting tens of thousands of Muslims to come together to celebrate an Islamic holiday that involves not only the slaughter of animals but three hours of chanting “Allahu Akbar,” followed by feasting, merrymaking and events for children.

One imam exclaimed at the Aug. 7 announcement that “Super Eid 2018” is being designed as a statement to America that the best Islamic teachers, imams and scholars will be “coming together and showing the unity and the power of our community.”

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Don’t miss the discussion about what happened when concerned citizens attended a stadium board meeting last Friday.

We will be eager to hear how it goes—-presumably from the mainstream media which we expect will be giving it extensive coverage for such an important first-in-America Islamic show of power and unity!

Too funny!!!  

No sooner had I written those words when I saw that the Washington Post is down playing the event and calling it “not real news” by focusing only on the issue of animal slaughter that they say will not be happening!  Dear WaPo, you are missing the point (on purpose!).


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  1. I have been a Vikings (and Green Bay, Da’ Bears, and Eagles also though..) fan since I was a high school kid in New Jersey – 1963 – 1967.. I’m DONE!


  2. Not much any where that I can find about this “event”. Vikings ownership must know? Read a news report about how the Chinese deal with the Uighurs. That is the Muslims in western China. Actually put them in re education camps and harass Uighurs living in Europe. Sounds appropriate to me. Chinese Communism and Islam. What a pair. Not much being said by Muslim nations in criticising China. Too depend on Chinese everything, at least economically. Here is the Breitbart story. https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/08/20/chinese-muslims-face-persecution-as-eid-holiday-begi


  3. Waleed Ashour sponsored a go fund me page to make the Super End event at US Bank Stadium happen. Take a look at the “goals” he posted on the page:

    Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh!

    Alhamdulilah, we have been given the chance to hold a community Eid at the US Bank Stadium in just a few days. This event has many goals:
    1- Unite the Minnesota Muslim community and our allies!
    2- To establish the Eid as a holiday for all Minnesotans… EID FOR EVERYONE!
    3- Give our kids an experience in the same venue that holds the Minnesota Vikings
    4- To return to the way of our Prophet, praying Eid together, outside our local mosques
    5- Resist the wave of hate and Islamophobia that has been on the rise in our state!


  4. Seems pretty stupid to me to allow Vikings Stadium to be used for such an event, but I guess since game attendance is down, they’re desperate. The media is too busy waiting for Trump to sneeze so they can report that – they have blinders on in regard to other issues.

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