New stalemate in Italy as Salvini says latest ship cannot unload African migrants


Interior Minister Matteo Salvini says that before anyone can step off the ship, other EU countries must agree to take the migrants to their own countries.


Ubaldo Diciotti
The Ubaldo Diciotti in the port of Catania last night


Invasion of Europe news…..

From The Guardian:

Standoff in Italy as Salvini refuses to let in refugees after coastguard ship docks


An Italian coastguard ship with 177 people on board has docked in the Sicilian seaport of Catania, but Italy’s far-right interior minister Matteo Salvini has not given authorisation for the refugees and migrants to disembark.

The passengers, who have been stuck on the coastguard boat Ubaldo Diciotti for five days will not be allowed on land until “Europe steps in to help’’, Salvini said.

The Diciotti picked up 190 refugees and migrants last Wednesday from an overcrowded boat about 17 sea miles from the island of Lampedusa. Thirteen of them were evacuated for emergency medical treatment.

Since then, Rome has insisted that Malta should take the group because their boat first passed through its search-and-rescue area. But Malta has refused, claiming that the migrants wanted to reach Italy. Questioned by the Italian authorities, the 13 evacuated migrants claimed that the Maltese had escorted them outside its search-and-rescue zone.

On Monday afternoon, after three days of negotiations, Italy’s transport minister Danilo Toninelli announced finally on Twitter that “The Diciotti ship will dock in Catania.”

But shortly afterwards, sources close to Salvini said he had not given the authorisation to disembark, suggesting the boat was granted permission to dock but the migrants will have to remain on board.

Salvini said on Italian TV: “The ship may land in Italy, as long as the 177 migrants are distributed, in a spirit of solidarity by the EU.”

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From The Express:

EU’S SCHENGEN CRISIS: Germany ‘considering proposal to impose border controls’ with FRANCE

Germany will send shockwaves to the rest of the Europe by proposing fellow EU powerhouse France with border controls, according to reports.

Too bad Chancellor Merkel didn’t close Germany’s borders years ago since it was the magnet for the massive flood of migrants to Europe in 2014 and 2015!

And this too…

From the New York Times about Spain:


Spain fence

‘All of Africa Is Here’: Where Europe’s Southern Border Is Just a Fence

CEUTA, Spain — For most migrants from Africa, the last stage of their trip to Europe involves some sort of perilous sea crossing. At the border in Ceuta, there is just a fence.


Go here for my complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive which extends back years and shows a chronology of weakness by European leaders who were warned that they must stop the invasion by turning back boats/securing borders years ago.

Italy gives me hope, but realistically is it too late…will Europe one day be Africa and the Middle East?

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  1. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    A ship called the “Rescue Zone.”
    According to the post that ship is PART of Italy’s Coast Guard, so rather than “guarding” their nation they pick up these invaders rather than returning them to Africa.
    It’s time for BLEEDING HEARTS to wake up and STOP bleeding!


  2. Salvini has grown tired of the literal dismemberment of his citizens by migrants. SJWs will say it makes room for more of their virtue signaling immigration.


  3. They need to start arresting the owners of the ships who are bringing these migrants and confiscating their ships. That should be the penalty for human trafficking/headhunters. They are making a mint and they think this is funny. They don’t give a damx who they hurt in the process.

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    1. European countries with ongoing invasions are finished, sharia law in taking over, citizens have no rights even to speak out. Apparently they want their women and girls enslaved and the males want slavery and third world conditions which are soon to be. Cowards and idiots. Taking these ships is common sense and executing the owners. migrants need to walk back to the middle east or swim across the Med. sea back to their N. African countries.

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      1. IF I brought a shipload of illegal products and goods to your port, that you had not ordered, are you forced to take/buy them anyway?

        Seems like a simple choice to me.


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