A reminder about my rules on comments

First, I moderate comments and sometimes I’m very remiss in getting to them, and for that I apologize.

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A friend just now alerted me to the fact that she had commented a day ago and I hadn’t posted it.  When I went to look for her comment I found about a dozen others that I missed somehow yesterday.  Were they even there yesterday when I last checked?

Also, I screen-out comments that threaten violence to anyone.  I also try hard to screen out comments with foul language.  That is difficult to do sometimes because an otherwise excellent comment might have one common swear word that I let go in order to not lose the whole comment.

If you send a link as your comment with no explanation as to how it fits my post, I often don’t post those because I haven’t the time to go to the link to find its connection to my story.  For new readers, it is just me here, no staff, no interns, no volunteers.

And, finally, I don’t want commenters making personal attacks on other commenters. Frankly when you do that it is a sign to me that you have not enough brain power to make a reasonable argument and are resorting to name-calling.

Yesterday I broke my rule (posted attacks) when an apparent troll was busy with infantile names for other commenters and suggested we white people are lazy and all live in trailer parks (racist much!).  I posted those comments just to give you a flavor of the sorts of people who do read RRW—including followers of the religion of peace like this man.

And, finally I do post opposing views and don’t weed out comments where I absolutely do not agree with the commenter’s views, just as long as there is no name-calling, foul language or threats to kill or physically harm someone!

Sorry again that I am pretty lousy at getting comments posted in a timely manner!

13 thoughts on “A reminder about my rules on comments

  1. We must keep in mind that when we enter your blog, we enter into your home, and you are the one and no one else decides what activities should be conducted. We should not threaten each other with violence, but what we should do is take a stance in self defense of this country. We appreciate you inviting us in and offering hospitality. Thank You for this.


  2. Your doing a GREAT JOB!! I personally like the way you handle the comments section, there is great conversation going on below your posts (even with diverse opinions!) and we don’t have to worry about getting attacked. I stopped arguing with people who refused to have a civil conversation a long time ago. I love learning & I have found I learn so much from the comments YES even those who have different opinions so I stopped wasting my time on those who were out to attack & argue just for the sake of arguing. I appreciate your time & efforts! Thank you very much!


  3. Well…I’m goi’in in… Cover me… :):):)

    Seriously… MUCH more coming – and soon..

    They say (I have no earthly idea who THEY are..) – “you’re judged by the quality of your enemies, as much as the quality of your friends”.. Well, both are close enough here in Minnesota now, to, as they say (again with the, THEY) “see the whites of their eyes”.. It’s getting pretty dicey here, and the “Public Authority” is in the bag, and in on all of it….

    …Very sad to see such a once great place in which to live, commit structural, social, economic, and cultural suicide..

    ….The podcast and blog idea was a great idea… We have become enormously popular, AND enormously unpopular, all at the same time. Even AP, and the Washington Post have decided to stalk us, and pounce on our work.. I guess they just don’t have a 7th century laced sense of humor about all this 21st Century reality check reporting, I suppose.. And, they still refuse to ask the right questions about all this – locally – and nationally. Astounding!

    However, a national “Legal Foundation” has just decided to join us in our foxhole.. The good news is that there are only ADULTS in our battalion. The bad news, is that there are a great number of adult-children – out there..

    …The adult-children crowd here in Minneso-Nuts just can’t figure out why the French are NOW building that bullet proof glass WALL around their Eiffel Tower as we speak… Or, why they have just hired a huge group of Moroccan Police mercenaries, NOW, to begin to get a handle on their not-so-insignificant Parisian “NoGoZone” problem these days.. IT’S A MYSTERY! Just ask them..

    ..Another slice-n-dice knife attack there just yesterday.. It is amazing to me, as to what people allow themselves to get use to..

    Oh well.. …I’m goi’in in… Cover me…




  4. Hello, Ms. Corcoran,

    No need for any apology at all – you’re doing impossibly great!

    E. N. Mayfield, Jr. Memphis


  5. Thank you Ann for the “Most” informative, detailed reports on the realities of our immigration programs here in the US. You put your heart and soul into your work and it shows. Please continue as long as you can. No one gives the accurate information and sources like you do. I’m sure this is exactly the reason for the troll, AI etc… to stop you from giving the rest of the country source information. You’re the best!!!!

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  6. Like “Viper” said to “Maverick” in Top Gun, “Keep com’in Mav”…

    Keep it up Ann.. Go get’um.. Wonderful work! ..And appreciated more than you know..

    Well…Time to strap on my body armor for the day..


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  7. WOW! Some people’s kids, posing as adults.. I have received a few threats myself lately. Must be doing something right..

    The study of human nature is a beautiful thing.. …Never changes..

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