Italian city prosecutor suing to allow migrants to get off ship as stalemate continues

This is a picture worth a thousand words!


Italian ship scabies
Masked! Italian prosecutor (presumably a Leftist) wants this latest batch of migrants removed from the ship where the migrants would then be interacting with the Italian public. Will all citizens get masks and special suits?


We told you here that the Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini said that the latest migrant transport ship could dock, but not unload ‘new Europeans’ until other countries in the EU agreed to take them.

As of last night the stalemate continues although now the city of Agrigento has opened an investigation aimed at allowing the passengers (who are infested with scabies) be allowed ashore.

From The Guardian:

Salvini defiant over investigation into illegal detention of migrants

Italian prosecutors have opened an investigation into the illegal detention of 177 migrants onboard a coastguard vessel that the minister of the interior, Matteo Salvini, refuses to allow to land.

The Ubaldo Diciotti has been docked for 48 hours at the port of Catania, Sicily, but the majority of the migrants have not been allowed to disembark without having guarantees from Brussels on their distribution to other countries.

The investigation, conducted by the prosecutor of the city of Agrigento, was launched against “unknowns” but it is clear that if the magistrates were to go ahead with a judicial proceeding, Salvini would end up under investigation, being the only one responsible for the landing ban.

“I heard that the prosecutor’s office in Agrigento has opened an investigation,” said Salvini in a recent video on Facebook Live.

“I also heard that the suspects are ‘unknown’ at the moment. But I’m not unknown. My name is Matteo Salvini, I’m the minister of the interior. Come on, try me too, I’m here.”

The Ubaldo Diciotti docked on Monday night in the port of Catania but the 177 migrants onboard, including 29 unaccompanied minors, were refused authorisation to disembark.


So couldn’t they bring scabies meds on board the ship?

On Wednesday afternoon, prosecutors in Agrigento visited the ship and questioned the captain and several migrants.

“There are migrants onboard clearly affected by scabies,” said the chief prosecutor, Luigi Patronaggio. “They require urgent medical assistance. The situation onboard is critical.”

Salvini does allow the ‘unaccompanied minors’ to leave the ship. You all know how that scam has been working when the men say they are minors but there is no proof!

Following the magistrates’ visit, Salvini authorised on Wednesday night for the 29 unaccompanied minors to disembark, but made it clear he would not authorise the landing of the remaining 148 asylum seekers onboard “unless Europe steps in”.

More here.

Maybe the mayor and the citizens of the tourist town of Agrigento could be required to open their homes to the remaining African men—require they stay for a couple of years as the city pays for their care.  I wonder if that might change the politics of the city.

Oh, and maybe the Italian government will spring for masks and scabies meds!  (I can dream can’t I!).

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8 thoughts on “Italian city prosecutor suing to allow migrants to get off ship as stalemate continues

  1. The book “Camp Of The Saints” warned of this decades ago. Hordes of the most irrational, irresponsible people in the world have commandeered hundreds of ships from the world’s most irrational, irresponsible cesspool societies and packed them
    with hundreds of thousands of souls who have allowed their home countries to regress to the point that conditions are unlivable. They have nothing to lose.
    They sailed for the coast of France planning to overwhelm all of Europe, forcing their presence and ultimately turning civilized countries into replicas of the ones they left.

    Sound familiar?


    1. One more week of summer—-get Camp of The Saints for your summer reading! Amazing that this book is about 40 plus years old and it nailed it. Only difference is the author envisioned invaders from another area of the world (not Africa and the Middle East) as it is today.


  2. Not even a week ago it was a NGO boat registered in Gibraltar carrying about the same number of African migrants . Yes, medication could easily be brought on board by medical aids,but no, this infestation is being used as a sympathy ploy.Minister Salvini has to fight tooth and nail with these scoundrels in his own country just to stop this African invasion.I can’t imagine what he’ll go through when he attempts to deport the half a million illegal migrants, if he hasn’t begun to already.


  3. Here’s a mathematical problem that needs to be solved: How many times does the entire population of the Continent of Africa go into either Italy, Europe or both ??????


  4. Sorry Boys. Masks are not going to help you with scabies. EGADS!

    Can’t afford to take care of their bridges, but they will import infested refugees to house and feed for life.


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