Invasion of Europe news: Spain orders deportations of African migrants


That was fast!  It only took a few months for a WELCOMING Socialist government to learn that you simply can’t have open borders.

It was only in June that we reported Spain’s foolish (virtue-signalling) move to invite the Aquarius migrant transport ship to drop off 600 MORE illegal aliens.

My, my, times have changed….

This news is at Voice of America, generally a pretty squishy media outlet when it comes to the issue of immigration, but this story is pretty hard-hitting.


spanish territory border jumpers
Here we come! The New Europeans!

Spain Orders Mass Deportation of African Migrants


Spain, known for having one of the most tolerant immigration policies in Europe and accepting boatloads of migrants when no other EU nation would, was expected to open its doors even wider under its new socialist government. But that policy now appears to be going in reverse.

In a country that has shunned anti-immigration currents prevalent in much of Europe, the mass expulsion of 166 Sub-Saharan Africans who forced their way through barbed wire fences last month and attacked guards along the Spanish north African enclave of Ceuta’s border with Morocco, has become an embarrassment for Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, officials and analysts say.

New (naive) SOCIALIST Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez: what could possibly have gone wrong?

“Humanitarianism is not permissiveness” said Spanish interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska before a parliamentary hearing on Wednesday .”Orderly, secure and legal immigration is possible, but not violent migration that threatens our country and its security forces.”

They hurled acid and feces and used flame throwers to break in to Spain last month….

Voice of America continues:

More than 600 migrants stormed across six-meter-high fences onto Spanish territory on July 26, hurling acid and feces, and firing home made flame throwers at border guards.Several members of Spain’s Civil Guard police force were seriously injured in the struggle, triggering calls from their top commanders for an immediate crackdown.

Spain has generally enforced a policy granting asylum to migrants who reach Spanish soil by sea or through land borders around Ceuta and Melilla, enclaves that are surrounded by Morocco.

spanish border jumpers
Asylum seekers?  More on the July attack on Spanish territory here:

The asylum seekers are generally housed at temporary shelters while NGOs process their applications for EU free circulation passes.

Many come with plans to continue on to northern Europe where wages and benefits are better, causing other EU governments to complain about Spain’s relatively open border policies. French President Emmanuel Macron recently ordered the deportation of large numbers of African migrants who crossed into his country from Spain. [Such a hypocrite as he just this week attacked the Orban/Salvini alliance.—ed]


Grande-Marlaska [ Spanish interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska] said the group that broke through the fence displayed a high degree of organization. The interior minister said they used cutting tools, improvised weapons and coordinated tactics by which shock units held back police to open holes through which hundreds of others slipped through the fence.

More here.

Spain, France, Germany get real! Europe will be Africa in this century if ‘leaders’ like Sanchez don’t soon grow a pair!

This has been going on for awhile! See my ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive that extends back almost ten years.

14 thoughts on “Invasion of Europe news: Spain orders deportations of African migrants

  1. I notice our friends in Canada have been awfully quiet lately, also. Maybe our approach is wrong–instead of fighting the invasion, perhaps we should encourage the hordes instead, knowing that their presence in a country will make them send the leeches home. Even Germany and Sweden will only tolerate so much crime and social upheaval, though it might take a little more action by the people to make in happen in those two countries.

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  2. I suppose now the UN and the EU will declare Spain “Racist” for trying to get rid of “bad seed”. It is hardly racist to keep uncivilized people out of your country. It has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with people’s degree of civilization and ability to abide by the laws and culture of their host country.

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    1. These muzzies are nothing but preparation for the Anti Christ who will be a muzzie from Syria. This is the end time and all hell will brake loose with them.


  3. No ’bout a doubt it! Except I don’t think it will wait until 2100: 2050 is more like it. Think of it: the entire continent of Africa: hundreds of millions people in corrupt, violent, authoritarian nations with rampant poverty, disease, crime, violence, some of them, like Somalia, Sudan and Libya, full-on failed states (like the mirror image, Mexico, in the New World), overcrowded with people forced by poverty and senseless, ceaseless civil wars to muscle and force their way into a Europe utterly paralyzed by their own liberal “values”, having inherited from the liberal bullying of Germany that country’s own post-WW II white guilty self-loathing, doomed to watch Africanization and Islamization bring your civilization to an end within the span of a single lifetime.


  4. There are some African people who are referred to as SAVAGES. Hurling feces, acid or shooting flamethrowers, they are Savages. No different than their ancestors who attacked white hunters or raided other African villages for plunder and Slaves to sell to the Arabs. If Kadifi were still alive in Libya, there would not have been a invasion.


    1. And, never forget that it was Hillary and her gal pals who pushed the overthrow of Qaddafi (sp???) Even Obama himself didn’t want to do it.


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