The Left loves this Pope, let me count the ways!

Actually I’m not going to run through a litany of his positions that mirror an internal Leftwing political agenda, but when reader Paul sent this good blog post from John Hinderaker at Powerline, what came to mind was the photo below and this report I did just over five years ago.

In my view, Pope Francis is at the top of the list of feckless and frankly treasonous ‘leaders’ in Europe who are directly responsible for the Invasion from Africa and the Middle East that roils the continent from Sweden to Italy on a daily basis.

One might be led to conclude that creating chaos and discord is the aim as this Pope welcomes Africans to Italy as he did five years ago.  Surely he must have gone to the Saul Alinsky school for political agitators!


pope on lampedusa
In July 2013, Pope Francis went to the Italian island of Lampedusa and welcomed (said Mass!) for the African invaders of Europe!


Here is Hinderaker’s blog post yesterday telling us about how biased international journalists are when covering the Liberal Pope who pushed out the Conservative Pope and became the present Pope only 4 months prior to his welcoming stunt on Lampedusa.


It seems pretty clear that liberal reporters and editors view Pope Francis as an ally, maybe one who could decisively neutralize their long-time adversary, the Catholic church. Hence they are protecting him against what would, with a conservative pope, be a scandal of historic proportions.

Read it all here.

Reminder to longtime readers and for new readers:

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is the largest refugee resettlement agency in the US and is paid millions of your tax dollars every year to change America by changing the people!

And, I guess we see clearly why journalists never investigate their financial dealings, or question the separation of church and state.  Why, because the Bishops’ goals directly align with most journalists’ political world view.

This is just one more example of why Trump won the White House! The deplorables have caught on!

See my complete archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ by clicking here.

It began long before German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened Germany to a million migrants beginning in 2014.

10 thoughts on “The Left loves this Pope, let me count the ways!

  1. But perhaps there’s a ray of hope: if this sleazy, Jesuitical, anti-Christian “Pope” (Peep?) can be seen as more deeply complicit in this tsunami of sexual molestation that’s now threatening even the existence of the bishop class, perhaps he could be forced out. But then I suppose he may be so supremely conscious of himself as an above all a political hero on the world stage, that he will stand firm, to continue to roil the Asian, African and South American masses to invade and conquer the West. But it’s natural that this all-permitting Jesuit with the arrogant, blasphemous name should preside over a sexual morass: his blithe equanimity with abortion, homosexuality, transsexuality, sex before marriage,divorce, women priests, etc. shares the agenda of the Left, the Democrats, the Anarchists,Socialists, and Communists: to undermine our faith in the family, in Democracy, in Capitalism and in God.

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  2. Who can possibly be surprised by this ‘snake oil salesmans’ performances? Only the brainwashed delusionists follow his clap-trap he has the audacity to preach. The Catholic world is crying out in many countries for support against the barbarism that Islam is perpetrating on hundreds of thousands of Christians and Catholics – and what does HE do? Placates the barbarians and actually assist them by legitimising their cult, their murder and terrorism. What good or help is he to those persecuted Christians throughout the Arab world who are being mutilated, raped and abused? In a sense the Christians themselves, by supporting this traitor, are the architects of their own destruction and ultimate downfall – which this Poe is contributing to. Thera! Now I’ve said it – hopefully I will be excommunicated – because I have no appetite to support this traitor.

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  3. Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

    “To achieve world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas”.
    -Brook Adams, Director UN Health Organization.

    The powers that shouldn’t be fully expected (president of witches and bitches) Hillary globetrotting with pope pedo, signing this and that to usher in their one-world- government-commie-super-slave-state-god-head right now.

    What they can’t avoid it the fact that the more centralized the system is, the more fragile it becomes, requiring ever greater levels of force to hold it together. This means if you join the fight today, there is a better chance then ever to win. If you do not fight, then failure is guaranteed. The “odds” are irrelevant. How you fight (fighting smart) and never giving up is the only matter of importance.

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    1. Bone Fish – great comments. The problem we have is the lack of forthright and thinking souls -such as yourself! You are indeed one of the exceptions. The Iniverse of Welfare has dragged most of the western countries to the bottom of the cesspool. The likes of Obama, never having done a hard day’s work IN HIS ENTIRE life, steeped in the dogma and Social Services in which he and his like thrive – on other people’s money – genuinely feel that they are the salt of the earth, when in fact they are the dregs of humanity. Never in the history of American politics has one man appeared from obscurity to take up the mantle of supreme power and used it to try and destroy his own (?) people – which he has almost succeeded in doing. People of your ilk are the standard bearers who will defeat these frauds. More strength to your arm – and your prose!

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