Swedish election results: Nationalists gain seats on immigration restriction platform

But they aren’t quite there yet as the two major parties are neck and neck with about 40% of the vote each.

The Sweden Democrats (you might call them the Sweden First party!) will however, have an increasing impact on the direction of the country going forward.

The BBC has this news early this morning, but the most useful bit is their graphic showing the percentage of voters each of the Nationalist parties have in many European countries.

Swedish election: Main blocs neck and neck as nationalists gain

The Swedish general election has left the two main political blocs almost tied, with the anti-immigration party making gains on its previous results.

With nearly all ballots counted, the governing centre-left coalition is marginally ahead of its centre-right Alliance rivals, with around 40% each.

The nationalist Sweden Democrats (SD) have won about 18% of the vote, up from 12.9% in the previous election.

A protracted battle to form a working coalition now looks certain.

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7 thoughts on “Swedish election results: Nationalists gain seats on immigration restriction platform

  1. It’s a fascinating map…but I began to think, why no statistics for Poland, the valiant, righteous savior of Europe in 1683, and age-old bulwark against Russian tyranny? And the ongoing turmoil in the nations of Great Britain? And socialist Spain? And Norway? Just whets your appetite for more….


    1. Yes, good point. I wondered the same thing. Maybe there are not specific political parties with people running under a political party banner there.


  2. The important thing is that the worm has finally turned, not just in Sweden but all across Europe. Another decade of low economic growth, burgeoning crime rates, rapes and riots, will see massive swings across all electorates against the free movement of so-called ‘refugee’ elements from Africa and the Middle East. These people have caused problems in their own countries, it’s up to them to return and sort things out rather than foist themselves onto peaceful Europe, North America and Australia.

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  3. It might not be enough to control the government but I am hopeful it is enough to prevent the government from functioning. Certainly enough to prevent any furtherance of the current agenda. Gotta love coalition governments – they’re very vulnerable to stuff like this.


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