Idaho boo-hooing: Not enough refugee workers arriving

This story would not be worth posting except for the fact that it once again informs us that the refugees are here to supply cheap labor for industries that want to keep wages low. (Cheap for industry, but not for taxpayers who subsidize the refugee families with welfare!)

And, it is worth posting because the refugee agency head in Twin Falls is mistaken when he thinks the citizens of Idaho have been sufficiently ‘educated’ and now will be more welcoming of refugees.

chobani plant twin falls
Twin Falls has long been a city in turmoil about the refugee flow there partly due to the labor needs of the massive Chobani Yogurt plant there and the dairy industry that supplies it.


From the Idaho State Business Journal:

Lack of refugees has Idaho businesses scrambling for workers

(Be sure to click on the link and see the story which features a photo of a Muslim woman giving free Arabic lessons to Americans.  Gee, so why is that needed?)

TWIN FALLS — Idaho has welcomed far fewer refugees this year, which means resettlement agencies have more time to work with families, but South Idaho businesses are scrambling to find workers.

The College of Southern Idaho’s Refugee Center*** is on track to resettle 71 people this year, a fraction of the 300 people it typically serves each fiscal year. It’s received 64 refugees so far this year, with another family of seven expected soon. The fiscal year ends at the end of September.

“I think the decline in arrivals takes a toll, especially with our super low unemployment right now,” said Tara Wolfson, director of the Idaho Office for Refugees. “And I think there’s a loss to our ingenuity, to our workforce, to our bringing new ideas and creations to our state, that refugees tend to bring.” [This is such BS—refugees bring new ideas and creations to the state.—ed]


“It’s really a tough thing because we need workforce,” Roeser said. “We have so many Baby Boomers retiring. We have so many services that need warm bodies to work because of the aging workforce.”

I have said innumerable times that since the US Refugee Admissions Program is primarily to supply cheap labor for big global businesses (like Chobani), let’s have that debate, but shut up about it being a ‘humanitarian’ program.

Refugee resettlement across the state has declined dramatically since 2016 when 916 people resettled in Idaho. That number dropped to 611 the following year, and the Idaho Office for Refugees has resettled 341 people so far in the 2018 fiscal year.


Zeze Rwasama
Zeze Rwasama thinks people are not complaining about refugees now because they have been sufficiently re-educated. 

Wolfson said she expects that the low resettlement rate will continue into next year.

But Rwasama [Director of the Refugee Center at CSI] is hopeful that federal policies and practices “could change at any time.” He said these days he less frequently hears certain anti-refugee sentiments that he used to hear often, such as concerns about safety or complaints about refugees “taking jobs” from other workers.

“I think people have actually received correct information and that’s why I don’t hear it anymore,” Rwasama said.

“And I hope those answers are getting to the president as well, and soon he will allow more refugees to come.”


More here.

Things are only quiet because Donald Trump has taken the pressure off for now.

So, dear readers, the flood gates will open again if there is a new President elected in 2020 (there isn’t another Republican who would do what Trump is doing).  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to reform the whole program while we have him in office. So get out and get involved in election year politics where you live!

Go here for my huge archive on Idaho.

***The Refugee Center at the College of Southern Idaho is a subcontractor of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (one of the big nine federal resettlement contractors).

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  1. According to the site Rebel.Media, True Fool Trudeau of Canada is not only forking over a living wage of $50,000 a year to each and every immigrant that arrives (for life?!), but he and his staff are deliberately concealing that fact from the Canadian people! How deeply, utterly Globalist and unpatriotic can you be?! Here is the link:

    (Tried to post this on RRW site itself, but couldn’t, so made it a Comment on one of the few that were relevant and still open)



    I think ICE should pull a raid on Chobani and all the big farms and ranches.


  3. What a CROCK this is! Cut off the WELFARE for the 90 MILLION Americans who have “Given Up Looking For Work” and they WILL LOOK FOR FREAKING WORK!!!!!! There is NO conceivable NEED for imported labor, legal OR illegal!!!! DO IT!!!!

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  4. CSI is another non-profit resettlement agency that uses a University to cloak the true nature of what it is doing and to get funding from public sources without the public having any say in the matter. What does resettling “refugees” in this country have to do with education, and why are taxpayers funding this program with money intended to go into higher education? instead of whining about us not allowing the floodgates to be thrown open, CSI ought to be concerned about the public looking into this scam.
    If Chobani needs workers so badly, they ought to train local homeless people in the community that they have helped bring one step closer to ruin, in part to make up for the third world invaders they have already “seeded” there, like planting a crop of invasive weeds. But the real idea behind making these claims is not to air a legitimate gripe, but to spread globalist- leftist propaganda, something the Turkish founder of this Greek-style yogurt has blatantly done in the past. For example, who can forget the lesbian lover commercial showing two naked women in bed consuming Chobani yogurt? obviously, the owner, a Muslim immigrant who used government loans to start the company, has a political agenda it is pushing, one that seeks to undermine our traditional western values.
    Maybe the best thing to do is continue the boycott that outraged parents began after seeing the provocative and sexually suggestive commercial that aired during family viewing times recently. It would be great if the company went bankrupt, and the Kraft engineers that actually created Chobani dumped Ulukaya and started a company that doesn’t import cheap foreign labor or uses its profits to promote the erosion of the American family.

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      1. I like to keep it handy in case I ever have to empty the contents of my stomach in a hurry. Watching it is much more effective than taking a dose of syrup of ipecac, and it doesn’t expire or cost me anything except a little bandwidth. Hospitals should keep a copy on hand for whenever a good strong emetic is called for.


  5. Seems fitting on the 17th anniversary of 9/11 to say a few things about refugees, Islam and Idaho. I live in Idaho. The misguided people that think Idaho and the USA need mostly Muslim refugees to live and work here are very stupid and mis guided. The ONLY reason Muslims are coming here is to CONQUER and impose their sick supremacist ideology on us infidels. They do it slowly and seemingly with the best intentions towards their new environment and hosts. Be not fooled. They mean to kill every last one of us and impose the Sharia on us. There are NO negotiations with Islam. Here is a good read. It’s over 10 years old now, but more pertinent than ever.


  6. Not all of us in Idaho are sad over this! Some of us are actually trying to show the corruption and chaos that exists in Twin Falls. We are glad to see this happening with lower refugee numbers.

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  7. MORE Welfare State TRUTH from Idaho.

    Epic chart: Look at Idaho’s transition to a welfare state
    by Dustin Hurst
    20 Jan 2015

    New research: More than half of Medicaid expansion enrollees don’t work
    by Wayne Hoffman
    3 Aug 2018

    Parents aren’t getting straight answers about school performance
    by Wayne Hoffman
    17 Aug 2018

    Growing Medicaid program is already hurting schools, other programs
    by Wayne Hoffman
    27 Jul 2018

    BTW, their Child Welfare System has been broken for years. Look it up. They can’t even take care of the people they have, why would you import more of the same?

    There is only one reason. If you create a welfare state that relies on the gubt for their every need, they will have to vote for you and your welfare policies. Pure and simple.


  8. Amazing how the article does not mention even one of the poor, poor “businesses” who are allegedly hurting for “warm bodies”, i.e. heads from the head hunters.

    If the writer were worth their salt, they could have highlighted some of these businesses and helped to drive traffic to them. But no, this is a self-serving article, and they are purposely hiding that information from us.

    The real question is, How much of a welfare state is Idaho?

    Since the article does not mention that I found a story on it, and it is chock full of great data about how Idaho “continues to be a national leader in minimum wage jobs and last in average weekly incomes. What happens in our low-wage environment is that employees are forced into the welfare system.”.

    Ah-Ha! I knew it! BTW, THIS is from a Democrat. It is a MUST READ if you want the whole story.

    Idaho’s biggest welfare recipients
    by Mat Erpelding
    18 Feb 2018

    By halting the ridiculous flow of cheap labor refugees for these cheating welfare state employers, corporations will have to raise wages to living wages and creating benefit packages that actually draw employees.

    THIS is what President TRUMP knows and is doing to help all USA citizens, and it is already working. You should all thank him immediately!

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