Open Borders Leftists are mean and increasingly unhinged; HIAS demonstrates just how much!

The hypocrisy of the Left has been on full display with perhaps the ultimate example of that surrounding the McCain funeralathon we witnessed (or tried to escape from viewing!) recently.  They talk a good game about civility, but make no mistake, Leftists are mean people. 

Forget vigorous debates about policy directions! It is personal destruction that is the primary weapon for the people who claim they are on the side of all that is right and good.


Stephen Millers uncle


I wasn’t planning to write about how the Hard Leftists in the Open Borders movement have been showcasing Leftwing family members of key players in the Trump sphere, most notably White House adviser Stephen Miller’s uncle (and his childhood rabbi is also out demeaning Miller), but did you see they have now dragged out Laura Ingraham’s estranged Leftwing brother to attack her in social media?  It is shameful.

I wasn’t going to write about all this, that is, until I saw this story at Jewish Exponent where we see that federal refugee contractor, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, is showcasing Miller’s uncle at their media events!  What a ‘get’, as they likely high-five each other!

I repeat, Leftists are very mean people.

Agencies Address Refugee Program Concerns


A graph set up against the wall in the Nationalities Services Center (NSC) had towers of blue bars, varying in heights.


HIAS Philadelphia
No mention of how many people were in the audience. And, no caption for the photo.  That must be Miller’s mean Leftist uncle on the right.


The bars represent U.S. refugee resettlement arrivals from fiscal year 1980 — where the ceiling was set to 200,000 — to today with the fiscal year 2019 projection. The annual ceiling is now set at 45,000. Projections indicate that number could change to just 25,000.

In response, NSC, HIAS Pennsylvania and Bethany Christian Services of Greater Delaware Valley joined together to hold a panel discussion and conference on Sept. 6 about the dangers a drop that low could present for these agencies and the refugees they serve.

The danger that the biased media rarely mentions is that refugee contractors, like HIAS (one of nine contractors that monopolize refugee resettlement in the US), which got nearly $25 million from US taxpayers in a recent year and whose CEO makes a cool $300,000+ annual salary, are in danger of losing their sugar daddy—Uncle Sam!

The Jewish Exponent continues….

The U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program is on “life support,” NSC executive director Margaret O’Sullivan said.

“We are here to call attention to the potential evisceration of a program that has served as a point of pride for this nation for 40 years,” she said. “The current administration has been dismantling the program with stealth and with precision.”

As is usual, HIAS paraded out the most deserving refugees they could find, but clearly their star attraction was Stephen Miller’s uncle.

David S. Glosser, a neuropsychologist who volunteers with HIAS and gained name recognition for penning an essay condemning his nephew, Stephen Miller — senior adviser to Trump — and his anti-refugee remarks, shared the story of ancestors facing anti-Semitism and seeking refuge.


When he mentioned his family receiving help from Hebrew Immigrant and Aid Society as it was called then, HIAS PA Executive Director Cathryn Miller-Wilson smiled.

Longtime readers know that a few years back the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society dropped the ‘Hebrew’ from its name and became simply HIAS. There was never any coherent explanation about why they dropped the ‘Hebrew.’  Were they ashamed of the word?

I suspected that it had something to do with the fact that they place Muslim refugees and perhaps some of those refugees were squeamish about the word ‘Hebrew.’ Just a guess!

What follows next at the Jewish Exponent is a naive discussion about how today’s refugees (like those from the Middle East and Africa) are just like the Jewish refugees of yesteryear.  Of course they aren’t for a couple of reasons.

When Miller’s ancestors came, they were mostly culturally Europeans and there was no massive welfare system to support them. They worked hard and made it on their own with the help of their family. If they didn’t make it, they went back to the old country.

There was no taxpayer-funded NGO to take care of their every need!

Then here is the wrap of course!

….he and Miller-Wilson stressed, reach out to elected officials and vote.

More here.

Message to you also!  Reach out to elected officials and VOTE!

I have a huge archive on the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, click here for more.

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9 thoughts on “Open Borders Leftists are mean and increasingly unhinged; HIAS demonstrates just how much!

  1. Good grief, how nasty. I’m right-wing, but have a lot of left-wing relatives. In fact, one of my cousins ran as a candidate for the Australian Labor Party in the 1990s. My great-grandfather was a member of the Communist Party. In the event that I ever became well-known, Lefties would have a heyday with my immediate family history.


  2. Something else rather odd about this photo- I’ve seen prison schools more luxuriously decorated than that room. What’s with the circa 1985 call center carpeting- the flimsy el cheapo chairs (that prevent any woman in a skirt even a modicum of discretion) and is that dais with the Burmese-ish man at the mike made of pressboard?? Communists despise grandeur. They demand egalitarianism by calling it equality:


  3. I know I’ve commented on this before but this article just prompted me to do so again. I am someone who has been deeply concerned about the need to control immigration for years now. I am also a Democrat, you know one of those “Leftists”, and have argued for immigration restriction at precinct caucuses and with Dem public officials. I think that the control of immigration is an all-American problem and not a Right vs. Left issue. I know there are many, many Democrats who think as I do. Yet time after time the Movement for Immigration Control recasts the issue so as to alienate Democrats, liberals, and I add Environmentalists who were the first to alert me to the ecological cost of uncontrolled immigration. I don’t understand this hostility, I would think that immigration-control advocates would want to build the widest possible coalition and yet it appears that they want to keep it narrow and solely a Conservatives only movement. It is quite likely that the Republicans will lose the House this November, and maybe even the Senate. When you could have allies to keep up the fight, you are going out of your way to plan to lose. It’s a pity.

    Lawrence Winans

    On Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 7:04 AM Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “The hypocrisy of the Left has been on full display > with perhaps the ultimate example of that surrounding the McCain > funeralathon we witnessed (or tried to escape from viewing!) recently. > They talk a good game about civility, but make no mistake, Leftists” >


    1. Thanks for you good comment. As you notice I didn’t call these pro-more-refugee people Democrats, I called them Leftists. Also, you should know that three major Immigration control groups—NumbersUSA, FAIR and the Center for Immigration Studies—came out of the environmental movement when the environmental movement went hard Left led by the Sierra Club (all this I know through personal experience).

      So yes, real environmentalists still do have great concerns about the huge increase in population pressure from migration, but have been silenced by the Leftwing of the Democrat party. It is time to speak up if you are a committed Democrat.

      You might find a home at Progressives for Immigration Reform, an organization I highly recommend.


  4. You are right Ann, these people have lost it. Ever since President Trump’s victory against crooked Hillary, they will stop at nothing to regain power and seed the weeds of globalism, socialism, and cultural decay that has been designed to slowly and deliberately snuff out western civilization by filling it full of third world subversives from some of the most dangerous places on earth. I had to laugh when I read that the refugee scam is supposed to be “a point of pride for this nation for 40 years”, when in fact very few know about it, thanks to the stealth of the people profiting by these rackets. If more people became aware of how the program works, and that we are paying for it, I suspect that they wouldn’t get a dime. And if they think that anyone but themselves and the bloodsuckers they stuck us with are actually proud of being ripped off this way, then they have indeed lost their minds.


    1. You are absolutely correct! If more people knew about the program and that they were paying for it…. I guess that is what I have been trying to do for 11 years because the mainstream media won’t do that—not even Fox News!


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