Colorado: Meatpacker agrees to pay Somalis $1.5 million in prayer break dispute

I have no sympathy for giant globalist meatpackers because they brought this on themselves when they actively sought out (with the help of federal refugee contractors like Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service) Somali refugee workers.

However, what we increasingly see is an accommodation of Islamic religious practices in the workplace with this settlement and others like it.  CAIR is very happy!

Big Meat! Changing America, one meatpacking town at a time!



Ft. Morgan Somalis Islamic center
Ft. Morgan has a mosque now.


From the Greeley Tribune:

DENVER — A big U.S. meatpacker has agreed to pay $1.5 million to 138 Somali-American Muslim workers who were fired from their jobs at a Colorado plant after they were refused prayer breaks, a federal anti-discrimination agency said Friday.

Cargill Meat Solutions, a division of Minnesota-based agribusiness company Cargill Corp., also agreed to train managers and hourly workers in accommodating Muslim employees’ prayer breaks at its Fort Morgan beef processing plant, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said.

Wichita, Kansas-based Cargill denies wrongdoing but agreed to settle to avoid further litigation, the federal agency said. The dispute dates back to the firings of the workers in late 2016 after management rescinded policies allowing Muslim employees to take short breaks for prayer.

In 2017, the agency found that the workers had been harassed and discriminated against for protesting the unannounced policy change that denied them opportunities for obligatory prayer. Hundreds of Somali-Americans work at the plant in Fort Morgan, about 50 miles southeast of Greeley.

The Teamsters union also agreed to pay them, an admission that they too were not happy with the Somali workers and their religious demands.

In a related announcement, a Teamsters union local that was supposed to represent the workers will pay them $153,000 to settle discrimination complaints.

The federal agency said it determined that Teamsters Local Union No. 455, based in Denver and in Fort Morgan, failed to advocate for the Muslim workers in their dispute with Cargill and even harassed them because of their race, religion and national origin. The workers were dues-paying union members.

Union officials denied wrongdoing, but the local unit agreed to pay the workers, undergo training in handling grievances, and publicize employee rights to be free of discrimination based on race or national origin.


Like other U.S. firms that employ Muslim line workers at meatpacking and processing plants, Cargill managers must balance religious accommodations with demands of processing meat in an operation that frequently runs 24 hours.

Managing possible disruptions not only slow production but can create safety issues for line workers.

Here comes CAIR:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy group, and Qusair Mohamedbhai, a Denver attorney who represented the workers praised the settlement.

Much more here.

See my Fort Morgan file here.  I visited that small city on my tour of midwestern and western towns and cities disrupted by an influx of refugee workers. I spoke with residents who told me that at one time Cargill paid very good wages, but then discovered the ‘benefits’ of immigrants and refugees who would work for less.

You might want to search RRW for the word ‘meatpackers’ because I have dozens and dozens of posts going back ten years about how BIG MEAT is changing America.

Here is just one post you should see. It isn’t just meatpackers, but others in the food industry, the hospitality industry and other manufacturing companies that drive the US Refugee Admissions Program.

This post is filed in my category ‘Stealth jihad’ for obvious reasons.

13 thoughts on “Colorado: Meatpacker agrees to pay Somalis $1.5 million in prayer break dispute

  1. That company and the Teamsters Union were royally suckered. That company was lied to, and it’s likely the Muslims there know this. Muslim prayer times are NOT OBLIGATORY — they have alternative ways to fulfill their obligations.

    Islamic Hadiths offer religiously acceptable alternatives to prayer times for Muslims when they can’t pray at the appointed time. This happened even during Muhammad’s life such as when they were travelling, attacking, or it was just not suitable to stop for prayer. Muhammad accounted for this by giving his followers Allah-sanctioned work-arounds. Muslims themselves do this all the time.

    Scams like this based on non-Muslims’ ignorance give other Muslims a bad name. Those attorneys just didn’t do their homework.

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  2. Kids can’t pray in school,if not it’s not indoctrination to Islamism,Christians and Jews ostracized while the economic and political windfalls ” if it’s the will of Allah” ascending. The grand deception and the sixth stage of the Muslim Brotherhood manifesto are destroying us from within. In fact thanks to the conflations of state ran fake news media and the crowds of seditious Democrats with impotent Republicans capitulation political discord,riots in streets paved for Sharia and thanks to Obama every branch of government is usurped. In addition ugly daughter of the failed Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate crooked Hilary Clinton espouses denying tax paid abortions is not Christian. Praying my most holy rosary of the blessed Mary ever Virgin,trying not to blow my fucking mind now more than ever designation for the Muslim Brotherhood and both houses of Congress are still blind.Ya’ll pay for subversion as illegal aliens aka wet backs enjoy the benefits of health care,legal counsel and voting rights more than veterans,poor or disabled smiling is the faux profit Mohammed each time.

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  3. TRUMP NEEDS TO SQUELCH THIS “DISCRIMINATION INSANITY”. Fort Morgan when we lived in the terrible state of Colorado, was a quiet little town of agriculture, but now that Cargil hires Muslims at a very very low wage; we cannot imagine what the Christians of Ft Morgan are up against. Fine Cargil and send the muslims back to where they came.

    Other wise set up “discrimination laws for dog and cat lovers, murders and intruders, no discrimination against thievRY, no discrimination against child molesters, and especially no discrimination against prostitutes.” Embrace them all including homosexuals. In fact, just get rid of all the laws in Colorado, so they can all do just what they want to do. THAT WILL BE GREAT. COLORADO CAN BE GREAT AGAIN and we can close their borders so they can enjoy FREEDOM.

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  4. “Big Meat! Changing America, one meatpacking town at a time!” Perfectly stated, Ann. Obviously, future customers will end up paying for these prayer breaks. Our sub sandwiches from the deli will soon have a hidden Muslim prayer break tax. We non-refugees should also demand prayer breaks so we can pray for an end to this Multi-Marx madness.

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  5. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    I agree. These big jerk companies begging for cheap labor needed this kick in the teeth.
    The biggest joke: islam is NOT even a religion but a brutal ideology. I would share a video here proving islam is NOT a religion but instead I will post it.
    Anybody following this website who wants to see the video can see it on my facebook page under James Nelson.


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