Look to Europe to fully comprehend why the US must build the wall

Frankly, I was surprised to see a story with this headline at Fox News (the headline and the story sound like something CNN would feature).

Europe’s migration ‘fixes’ trigger disgusting humanitarian crises

It is about the difficult conditions in detention facilities featuring especially a Greek detention camp on the island of Lesbos, but the Fox reporter seems to have swallowed, hook, line and sinker, the international Left’s talking points.

Lesbos camp
Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos:  Build the wall before we get to this stage in America!


Europe’s migration crisis, where hundreds of thousands from the Middle East and Africa have swarmed toward Europe, many claiming they should get refugee status (the asylum scam!) when most in fact are economic migrants, has become the number one issue threatening the very survival of Europe, the birthplace of western civilization.

See this migrant crisis news just this morning:

EU migrant STALEMATE: Kurz admits ‘very low’ chance of solving crisis set to DESTROY EU

We, in the US, don’t want to get to this point and therefore absolutely must stop the flow of fake asylum seekers at our borders.

Already, as I mentioned in my previous post, more migrants to the US will be put in to expensive detention centers to be used ultimately as these in Europe and Africa are being used—for media instigated campaigns to let them loose!

Such as the story yesterday here at Fox News (aka CNN!):

European leaders are changing their course as their efforts to curb migration have triggered what the U.N. and other groups condemn as massive humanitarian failures. Deeply divided over how and where to control Europe’s borders, leaders met Wednesday in a summit in Austria.

One of Europe’s main solutions to migration — Greece’s overcrowded, unsanitary Moria migrant camp — has suicidal children and conditions that a psychiatrist compared to “an old-fashioned mental asylum.”

In another heavily criticized solution to immigration, imprisoned men and women have been shuttled away from one gun battle only to end up incarcerated on the front line of another, vulnerable to both trafficking and new abuse.

The jammed Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos and the dangerous migrant detention centers in Libya serve as a sober reminder that the current plans seem to be unworkable.

Nathan Gill
MEP Nathan Gill

Continue reading here for a litany of sob stories.

Notice there is no mention of the possibility that some of the migrants in these camps are violent and vile people to begin with!

However, there is one mention of a voice of reason:

“Until the message is made abundantly clear that illegal economic migrants will not be processed, that boats will be turned back, thousands and thousands more sad and desperate lives will be lost in vain, all for your feelings of virtue,” said Nathan Gill, a British member of the European parliament, accusing fellow legislators last week of being soft on immigration. “You’re not really helping people.”

Yup! Nothing humanitarian about this!

Remember the worldwide migration of the third world to the first world is an orchestrated campaign to erase borders and eliminate national sovereignty, the migrants are simply the poor pawns in a high stakes bid for a one world government.

Read the whole story here if you want to.

America has been sent a warning message from Europe (if we have the guts to heed it) and that is, the migration has to be stopped now and a message sent—-our borders are closed. 

If we don’t do that ASAP, then our US detention centers will fill and the Leftwing-dominated media will be eagerly writing stories about the horrible “humanitarian” conditions (they already are!).

Demands will be made to let them loose, and when that happens millions more will arrive on our borders.

Heed the lesson! Build the Wall!  Then if the ‘humanitarians’ and the UN really want to do something, they can go to work to fix El Salvador, Mexico, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc. etc.

Go here for my ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive.

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  1. This is how Europe is governed now. In the UK 29% of mayors are Muslims. They are initially fast tracked in the government, police and even the Crown Prosecution Service and they just take over. Watch this council meeting. If you fly into London Luton Airport this is who governs.

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  2. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Referring to Ann’s final sentence–the islamic-run UN REALLY does NOT want to do a THING to help the migrants, because elsewhere in her post she admits that the migrants are merely “pawns,” doing what the NWO/globalists/open border fanatics, and others want:
    The one-world government, but first destroy the First World and ALL civilization.

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  3. More wise words from Ann. I believe we are closer to the European tipping point than most people imagine because we already have a huge Black and Hispanic insurgency that we try to forget about in between riots. Remember it was found that the Rodney King trial rioting and looting were largely Hispanic, of course, many of them migrants.

    Recall that President Obama began implementing a HUD program to try to randomly scatter Blacks out into White neighborhoods. The US feels more secure to many of us because there is still quite a bit of land for us to run and hide within. But what happens when we’ve had a decade or so of Hillary-type governments and they decide, backed up by ever more nonWhite demographics, that even Montana ranches are just too darn White due to ‘historical institutional racism’ and find countless ways to make things more vibrantly diverse?

    The GOP Inc idea that European ethnics can be replaced by Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims since we can educate them into becoming constitutional originalists merrily spending their weekends trimming their hedges and attending fun family barbecues takes a special kind of White stupid. Setting aside why in the world anyone would want, even if it could be successful, to erase their own family.


  4. According to the left, there is nothing that can be done to enforce our immigration law that isn’t contrary to what they want. They want open borders, and nothing less. They continue to paint ICE as an out of control agency, but is nothing more than what we previously had under the former USINS, only better trained and managed.


  5. Here in our state capital we have them being hired at the capital while American Patriots are left to rot as homeless in the streets. You never see homeless jihadis in my town, they are driving Mercedes and undermining our nation while getting rich and having access to all the information they want. I have filmed Red Chinese state workers here on their callphones to their cels perhaps speaking Chinese! And the Pakistanis do not bother to speak English either as they raom about buildings with access cards no Patriot could ever dream of having! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYvQPKskqSU So happy to see also that Project Veritas is finally catching this on the inside, too! You are amaing, Ann, thank you so much for your great work.


  6. We must do more than build the wall ! We must begin random “visits’ to factories and factory farms and meat packing plants and severely penalize those employers that are NOT using E-Verify and who are knowingly employing illegals. Hit them where it hurts….in the wallet !!!


    1. The Trump Admin. is starting to crackdown at Meatpacking plants, but more is needed. Meanwhile buy your beef from a local beef producer in your area.


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