Hundreds of refugees being removed from “squalid” housing in Omaha, Nebraska

This is one more reason that the Trump Administration should be pushing for a complete review of the US Refugee Admissions Program with an eye to up-ending—dumping entirely or re-writing—the foolish system put into motion by the Refugee Act of 1980.

We simply can’t bring in so many refugees that they then live in squalor, placed there by some supposedly ‘religious’ charities paid by US taxpayers with virtually no oversight of what they are doing and no accounting of where our money goes.

And, not to mention, having an economic, cultural, and health impact on Americans kept in the dark about the arrival of poor third worlders to their neighborhoods.


Omaha apartment inspections
Inspectors entering housing complex where hundreds of Burmese refugees were placed by a resettlement contractor working for the US State Department.


Maybe not ‘humanitarian’ at all!

Some might say we are actually promoting slave labor for the meatpacking industry and other giant globalist companies.

It is a long story, and you should read it all at the Omaha World-Herald (hat tip: Joanne):

Squalid Omaha apartments housing refugees targeted by city operation in ‘humanitarian effort’


City of Omaha housing inspectors descended Thursday morning on a north Omaha apartment complex to inspect units and potentially remove and relocate up to 500 refugees from Myanmar living among bedbugs, lice, rodents, gas leaks, mold and other squalid living conditions.

Officials described the operation at the Yale Park Apartments, near 34th Avenue and Lake Streets, as a “humanitarian effort” involving code enforcement, police and fire personnel, as well as members of the philanthropic community and social service agencies who could be tasked with finding temporary housing for hundreds of people.


Tenants, which include an estimated 175 children, may be forced to live out of community centers equipped with cots in coming days as the scramble begins to find places for them to stay. City officials said they’re trying to respect the tenants’ cultural wishes, too, which likely includes being placed together as much as possible.


Three men entered the courtyard Thursday morning wearing white hazmat suits and orange rubber boots. People wearing Omaha Public Schools, Heartland Family Services and Lutheran Family Services gear were standing by.

More here.

The reporter wants us to believe that the problem is entirely the landlords fault, but doesn’t tell us that it was Lutheran Family Services, a federal resettlement contractor, that was likely responsible for placing refugees in questionable housing in the first place.

Meatpacking laborers!

The article tells us that many of the Burmese work in meatpacking at nearby Cargill. (Yes, the same Cargill company we mentioned here yesterday with the E.Coli recall).

In 2017 Cargill in Nebraska expanded the size of a plant that then required more laborers.  See here.

Learn more about Cargill at wikipedia, it might change some of your buying habits.

If these meapackers want the refugee laborers maybe they should subsidize better housing for them! Or, better still, go back to paying good wages so Americans will be happy to do the job!

14 thoughts on “Hundreds of refugees being removed from “squalid” housing in Omaha, Nebraska

  1. FIVE HUNDRED???!! So much for all the big fat lies about “integration”!!! So they’re just shipping people here wholesale, in huge groups, as in Europe, so they can establish their very own Burmese Muslim culture here, and create a European-style “No go neighborhood”?? And in Omaha? Say goodbye to your nostalgia about the so-called American “Heartland”—it doesn’t belong to you, and us, any more.


  2. It is always the landlords fault-esp if he’s a old white guy. How come none of these people like the one who has been here for 9 yrs don’t speak English? Why is there no mention of their past where these current conditions are considered luxury compared to where they came from. It’s the “humanitarian” groups that are bringing these complaints up not the residents. Applying first world standards to third world immigrants doesn’t make sense. I wonder how many are illegal?
    $500 a month rent is pennies and I can bet that more than 1 family lives in each apartment.
    I did notice the brand new car parked out front…
    Maybe if these people cleaned stuff it wouldn’t be so “squalid” – sorry but it is like this everywhere. Trash and filth which brings the roaches and the mice & rats. When do the inhabitants ever have any responsibility?
    We currently have a bed bug & lice infestation in America. Bedbugs are prolific they can be spread by anyone easily-this is what these 9 contractors are bringing in to live in our communities. Bedbugs are showing up in places where they have never been before-bedbugs are not an issue with cleanliness they are host insects that can attach to anything and spread by contact. They are disgusting and very difficult to get rid of.
    No wonder we have an e coli outbreak in a meatpacking plant-it makes me never want to buy any meat or chicken or anything processed in a place with refugee workers. Only natural organic processed meats for me.
    This article is all about ginning up emotional responses to further the plight of the poor people from everywhere that Americans must help and take care of.


  3. I am absolutely outraged after reading this article. How can any living creature be expected to live in these conditions, among this kind of filth and decay? even rats, roaches, lice and bedbugs are sentient creatures and don’t deserve to live with the disease-ridden parasites we have imported with our tax dollars. Let’s try and put away our stereotypes, have a heart, and give our less popular wildlife a break by fumigating our country through sending the bloodsuckers home.

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  4. Ann- Americans are oblivious to the numbers of refugees employed at these giant “processing” plants- companies like Amplio Recruiting “works with people who’ve fled some of the most troubled spots in the world to seek a safe haven in the U.S. The company connects them with local employers who say they are desperate for workers”< source I have a feeling there are thousands of these gargantuan processing plants all over the United States in every industry from meat packing to Wal-mart's online orders centers all staffed with refugee "robots"- we never see these people, they're hidden away. These are thousands, tens perhaps hundreds of thousands of jobs- all staffed with imports, these new slaves. Ann please look into this- I am curious as to the numbers. This is wrong- wrong to the refugees and wrong to the American people.


    1. & apropo and more to the topic of their squalid conditions- how do we know the tenants didn’t exacerbate, or even be the cause of these conditions: ” living among bedbugs, lice, rodents” Ive never (Thank God) ever had a bedbug or lice infestation. I do know that lice, like bedbugs, won’t thrive very long without a host. Vermin do not spontaneously erupt, and I doubt sincerely the management of these complexes would ignore such a despicable issue as pests- they do all and any they can to avoid it. PS- anyone else wonder why a Hispanic woman would be a refugee? And look at this photo- url a window well, full of garbage! People are littering. What a disgrace. I wonder, hm if the owners of said complex are relieved the complex is evacuated, or fear legal reprisals. Interested in a follow up to this story.


  5. Ann I was just looking up an attorney for my tenant issue and found help for immigrants with landlord issues on many websites.
    I called attorneys in my area and they won’t help me but i guess they do help immigrants. Wow!


    1. In my area, the state picks up the cost for illegals facing deportation, employment issues, etc. and the cities and counties provide free legal aid for things the state doesn’t cover. But if you are an American, you get nothing but increased tax rates to pay for it all.


  6. I read the whole article and I looked at all 45 pictures. It is very obvious that they cherry picked the photos for maximum sympathy, not to show the whole story.

    There is nothing to show what these people’s kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and yards really look like, as in how they are being used by the inhabitants. Those are the places that generally attract pests. VERY DECEITFUL! Butchering animals in the yards? Really?

    $500 per month is very cheap housing. Who is subsidizing this? No one makes them stay there. Where is their personal responsibility? MOVE!


  7. OK, so everyone has pointed fingers at the landlord, but what about the city? Did they receive ZERO complaints about this infestation, from anyone, over how many years?

    I’m sorry, I’m not buying that. Sounds like someone needs to look into this. I’d say someone also needs to look into when the headhunters last placed heads in that complex. Also, IF they were responsible for any kind of followup visits, there is no way they could not know. Time to subpoena and check their records.

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    1. The primary reason I post stories like this one is to point out the brazen hypocrisy of the resettlement contractors who claim they are loving religious humanitarians and use that as a cudgel and political weapon to tell us (who question the program) that we are mean, uncaring people. In fact, in 2007 the reason I first noticed this federal program was because refugees were placed in the worst neighborhoods in a city near me. How could these ‘good Christians’ do such a thing? Of course, now I know much more about what is really going on. But, nevertheless, it is very important to continue to show the hypocrisy of the contractors, show it over and over again!


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