Trump Administration to prioritize Africans in FY19 refugee admissions to US

For years we have been flying Africans to America and placing them in hundreds of US towns and cities, and President Trump’s State Department will continue that trend as its number one refugee admissions priority!


Congolese-refugees (1)
The UN asked the US to take in 50,000 Congolese over 5 years and we are doing just that!



Frankly, as I said just yesterday if Africa doesn’t soon slow its population growth and get the Islamic extremists under control, Africa is going to sink first Europe, and then us under the weight of millions of needy (mostly unskilled) people in the not too distant future.

Based on current trends, Africa as a whole is projected to double in [population] size by 2050. Between 2050 and 2100, according to the United Nations, it could almost double again.

(from 1 about 1.3 billion in 2018 to over 4 billion in 2100!)

Yikes!  See the Africa ticking (time bomb) population clock, here.

Trump to prioritize Africa….. 

cover fy19 report

Although the US State Department has announced a greatly lowered refugee cap (30,000) for the coming fiscal year which begins this coming Monday! the administration will place a priority on Africans according to the just released ‘Report to Congress’ that explains why the President is setting the level where he is.

The full report released yesterday is here.

This year it is a slimmed-down version of a report I have handy for FY16 (Obama’s last full year) which is 71 pages.  The Trump report, at a mere 39 pages, does not go in to the great detail that Obama’s did.

I encourage serious students of the US Refugee Admissions Program to read it (LOL! I haven’t read it all yet, but I will!) because it is a very useful educational tool even if it is discouraging.

Here (below) is a screenshot of the Trump priorities. At least we can cheer about the dramatic slowdown in the Near East and Asia (where most of the Muslim countries, besides Africa, are found).



Screenshot (696)


And it is an improvement on Obama’s last full year when he set the ceiling for Africa at 27,500 and came in at 31,624! 

By contrast, from October 1, 2017 to September 1, 2018 (11 months of the fiscal year), Trump admitted 9,007 Africans.

But, what on earth makes anyone in the Western World think we can save Africa by serving as their population pressure valve. 

There is no way, even if we wanted to, to take enough refugees to keep up with their exploding population growth.

Let’s look at the DR Congolese 

Anne richard and UNHCR smile
Anne Richard and then UNHCR Antonio Guterres who is now Secretary General of the United Nations.  By the way, Trump is still without an Asst. Secretary of the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration

I reported here in 2013 that then Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, Anne Richard, told the United Nations (told UNHCR Guterres) that we would ‘welcome’ to America 50,000 UN Camp-dwelling Congolese over 5 years.

I just checked Wrapsnet and although we were bringing these people prior to FY14, since Richard’s announcement we have admitted 45,667 from that fiscal year up until today.

(In fact, from FY08 to the present day, we have admitted 56,106 from the DR Congo.)

And, by the way, I checked numbers for this month and in a little over 3 weeks we admitted 684 DR Congolese refugees, followed by Burma (290) in second place. In case you are wondering, most Congolese are not Muslims but there are a few in the flow to your towns and cities.

So by my calculation we have 4,333 DR Congolese to go to fulfill a promise we never needed to make!

But, do not hold your breath that it will end at 50,000 because our track record is that we just keep taking them long after the supposed cut off number has been reached—see Burmese, Bhutanese and Somalis for starters!

Endnote: I did a quick check and am not seeing anything about prioritizing persecuted white South Africans.  Let me know if you see any mention.


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  1. Is the USA still obligated to accept refugees if the countries that they were fleeing from are no longer conflict zones? I read that many Eritrean refugees are in the process of filing claims for aslum overseas. Yet now Eritrea is at peace and is even openly encouraging people to return. Here is a link to an article I saw about the peace taking place in Eritrea:


  2. Just left the following message for the President. I’m sure it never actually gets to him, but there’s always the minute chance the person reading it has some influence somehow, and that a billion of like messages might make some small impact:

    Mr. President please reconsider your administrations’ plans to prioritize and accept more immigrants from Africa than anywhere else. African nations are the least democratic, most corrupt, most criminal, most violent, most chaotic, least educated, least skilled and most anti-Christian nations on earth. Some are literally failed states, where populations turn to widespread criminality to survive. Many have deep Muslim roots, are full of Islamic terrorists like the evil, psychopathic Boko Haram, and Al Shabab, and every day sees literally scores of Christians murdered by Muslims in DR Congo, Nigeria, Mozambique, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia and others, not merely by the many Muslim terrorists, but by ordinary Muslims. Then there are all those white South African farmers whose farms are dispossessed and whose families are murdered because of their race. These are all poor, unskilled, uneducated people from cultures vastly different from our own, who neither know nor care about post-Enlightenment Western institutions and values like Democracy, Rule of Law, Capitalism, freedom and responsibility, self-reliance, women’s rights, gay rights, etc. etc. As the example of the extremely corrupt, violent and criminal Somalians transplanted to Minnesota shows, Africans are not a good fit for America. Please don’t prioritize them. And thank you for your great service to our beloved country.


    1. Excellent comment and every one of us should be doing this—writing to the President—because we don’t know if the ideas are reaching the right people, but they could be. And, you can bet they are bombarded from the other side…the side that wants 75,000 to over 100,000.

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  3. Hi Ann,

    A much earlier post of yours is the FOIA resulting in the list of Obama/Holder towns targeted for migrants. My town of Pittsfield, Ma. made that list. Was there a release of criteria used? I know we have also been targeted by neighboring state offices of assistance for relocation increasing our minority and crime numbers rapidly-our sleepy town is now top-ranked for state crime rates.


    1. There was never any criteria released and when we heard of a town targeted (usually via local media) I reported it and kept a list. But the State Dept. to this day refuses to release the list of target towns under Obama and Judicial Watch has sued (after a FOIA request was not answered) for that information and for the criteria used. No response yet….

      Frankly, it all boiled down to whether you had an interfaith group agitating for refugees to be placed there and had cheap housing available.

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  4. Any deal with the UN is another *DUMB DEAL* Moslems are never refugee’s

    If the Left so strongly supports ‘diversity’ why do they spend so much time trying to close down opinions different to their own?

    Since day one of the Islamic calendar (622 AD) Moslems have been posing as “Refugees” to infiltrate unsuspecting nation to set up a “fifth column” to kill that nation from within! Moslems call this invasion “Hijra”
    Reality this is a “stealth jihad”

    Explains why the Major Majority of the Worlds “refugees” have been Moslem since the beginning of Islam 622 AD.

    Mohammad operated a ruthless gang of bandits from Mecca attacking Desert Caravans going through Mecca as traders.

    Eventually the Meccans started to identify these gang members known as “Moslems” (Aramaic for evil and unjust) and they fled Meccan justice by fleeing to the Jewish run city of Yathrib from around 610 AD as “REFUGEES”, and then doing what Moslems do in every city they infest even today, attacking from within.

    Eventually the Meccans came to realize the evil leader of these Moslems was Mohammad, so in 622 AD, he also fled to Yathrib as a “refugee” pretending he could calm the violence caused by hi fellow “refugee” maraudering cutthroat insurgents.

    Within five years he and his band of cutthroats had pillaged, murdered, enslaved, every Jew in the ransacked City.

    The city was then renamed Medina.

    Mohammad then launched a successful attacks on the Arab peninsula, infiltrating other nations over time by same invasion by stealth method.

    This invasion by stealth (entering nations as “refugees”) is called Hijra by Moslems and is year one of the Islamic calendar.

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  5. Reblogged this on theflyingcameldotorg and commented:
    Trump accepts the advice of self-declared “experts and heroes” i.e. Mattis and Nikki Haley….individuals whose agendas run counter to the need and requirements of the American people and the Republic at large.
    Post-America- Ebola, Terrorism & Immigration
    Mattis appalled by Trump tweets announcing transgender ban
    Nikki Haley Excluded from Refugee Reduction Meeting for Pro-Immigration Views


  6. Forecast based on current growth data. No way the continent of Africa can produce food for 4 b. people and probably not even 2. They are struggling now with 1.3 b, and when white farmers vanish from SA, the mass starvation will commence.


  7. If you look at lists of the most dangerous countries in the world, they are the very ones that we take the most immigrants from. If agencies like the State Department warned us not to even travel to these places due to the danger, why are we importing the people who make these places so unsafe? it appears that our communities are being seeded with criminals, terrorists, and mental cases, along with the usual complement of public charges.

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  8. I don’t know if, you have seen this video on South Afrikaners but, here it is. Why on Gods Earth would you want to bring in white, self promoting , educated, civilized, hard working Christians ??? I guess because, that wouldn’t be the right kind of diversity and, wouldn’t balkanize the country anymore than, it already is ________________________________

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  9. So good and comforting to know things have really not changed on the road to destruction of a country. Nothing like the same rhetoric from the very top official to the very bottom from both sides of the ile.


  10. Why ANY? This is utterly insane. These people are from one of the poorest places on the planet and most backwards. Why must we dilute our society and eventually, gene pool, with people who are the furthest from being assimilated into US culture and society? They will be on welfare for at least 5 years and then able to only assume low laying employment. Are there geniuses among them? Who knows much less cares. WHEN are we going to start taking care of NATIVE BORN AMERICANS?

    This is assisting the Count Coudenhove Kalergi plan to spread Africans into all Caucasian cultures and societies. It is insidious and I believe evil!

    Here is a little something to chew on if you ever get at a loss for something to do.


  11. Why do we reward cultures that refuse to take care of themselves? Why do we put the burden on Europeans who do take care f themselves? What kind of world will we become with the low IQ population that hates the ones that feed them?


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