Rampage at Minnesota amusement park sparked by roving Somali youths, say witnesses

I’ve been watching the news unfold for a couple of days about what happened at Valley Fair, an amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota, not far from Minneapolis when fights broke out throughout the park—enough fights to require hundreds of police being called to clear the area.

The mainstream media in Minnesota says, ho hum, nothing to see because no one was hurt. And they steadfastly refuse to use the word “Somali” when discussing the incident they say involved “multiple-ethnicities.”  (Could there ultimately have been multiple ethnicities fighting back against the roving gangs of Somalis?)


Somalis at valley fair 2
From a video taken by a witness….Multiple ethnicities?


Here is Laura Loomer writing at Big League Politics:

On Saturday September 22, 2018 at the ValleyFair amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota, police and emergency responders had to evacuate all guests after a mob of Somali teenagers and men rushed through security and caused several violent fights to break out inside the park.

According to eyewitnesses who were at the park to celebrate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a group of nearly 100 Somali men mob rushed past security and amusement park staffers at the front entrance, and proceeded to run through the park and instigate fights among themselves and with guests.

map Minneapolis surrounding
Shakopee is 30 minutes from Minneapolis. Interesting! When I looked at the map I recognized other US State Department refugee resettlement sites. Bloomington, Burnsville, Eagan, St. Paul and Roseville have all ‘welcomed’ Somali refugees in the last ten years.

As several violent fights broke out, guests began to panic as reports of people being stabbed and shot began to circulate.

Cliff Hallberg, who was inside the park with his children at the time the fights broke out said it was very frightening for his children. “I saw about 60 Somali teenagers push their way through lines and scream at guests.”


The violent fights erupted during Law enforcement appreciation day when the park was full of police officers and other members of law enforcement who received discounted tickets so that their families could enjoy the amusement park. An estimated 263 police officers responded to the fights inside the park, according to witnesses.

“This looked like a targeted attack on law enforcement,” Hallberg added.

Hallberg also told Big League Politics that his car was spit on and that the rioters were setting off car alarms and causing chaos in the parking lot, all of which can be seen in video that was exclusively obtained by this reporter.


According to eyewitnesses and police officers who wish to remain anonymous, they believe the media is covering up the fact that the violent rioters were Somali men because the media and police don’t want to offend the Muslim Somali population or influence the upcoming election.

Officers in Minnesota have told this reporter that they are often told to avoid using the word Somali when discussing crimes committed by members of the Somali population because police and local Democrats have asked them to “stand down” in an effort to create positive community relations between Minnesota natives and the continually increasing Muslim Somali “refugee” population.

In the United States, Minnesota is the state with the largest Somali population.

Continue here where Loomer has much more plus videos from witnesses who were at the park last Saturday evening.

When you search around on the story, you will see that a mention of the Somalis at Valley Fair comes only in a story attacking Loomer which (I know firsthand!) is par for the course in that state!

Just like Lake Calhoun intimidation!

When I read Loomer’s story, I was reminded of a similar incident at Lake Calhoun, five miles from downtown Minneapolis, two years ago.  Although involving fewer people, a similar scenario was described by eyewitnesses as gangs of Somali youths roamed the park and the adjoining neighborhood threatening whoever they encountered.  The frightening incident was swept under the rug by the police department there.

Read about Lake Calhoun, here.

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    1. The real question is – Why not the introduction of tighter and tighter immigration rules for those wanting to enter the country – and basic IQ MUST be part of the selection process – surely this makes sense for ANY civilised society? Surely there are enough dumb-asses around already for us not to require any more.


  1. Wow: a virtually identical gang-riot of young Somali men occurred in the once-serenely peaceful little town of Lewiston, Maine, where my brother is a minister, just a few months ago. Same details precisely: in the city park, at night, a large group of some scores of young Somali men attack another group of young American men and run wildly through the park into the night. Let’s hope they don’t link up with the nastiest elements of the African-American gang and drug empire. But why wouldn’t they?

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  2. These incidents are a preview of what will happen in your town if large amounts of Muslim immigrants are transplanted to your county. They come without knowing or caring about the existing mores or culture. Beware of federal “resettlement” workers coming to your town!

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  3. And for God’s sake, don’t let the Somali’s into any zoo’s ! Hell, they will be hunting the elephants for their ivory and killing the rhino’s for their horns !!!!!

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  4. I currently live in the Upper Midwest and I’ve noticed an influx of pit-bull dogs being walked by their Somali owners…..unleashed! if that’s not a set-up for terrorist activities, I don’t know what is. 😦


  5. What the hell is happening. I see this happening in Europe and thought never would happen here in America. But wtf . They don’t belong here get them out of This country.

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  6. Well Democrats and Obama supporters, you got what you deserve! You let this trash into our country, the country my father fought to keep free and safe for generations… but no, not now, we have to worry about our children’s safety in school or in public in case some immigrant trash wants to kill them! Americans are different, they valise life, these African or Middle East immigrants have no value to a human life, theirs or any one else s. All Democrats should be made to work security at amusement parks frequented by immigrants. Shame of you for ruining our country. Go to any Americn Legion Post and ask the men who fought to make this a free country what they think about your policies! . I have neve been political but after reading the news today and watching that Kavanought hearing I’m all in.

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  7. ahhh the joys of little Somalia ~ they have enriched poor parched Minnesotans with REAL culture! Genital Mutilation, frivolous lawsuits over “my hajib” and rampant fraud against the taxpayer to pay for terrorists and Jihadi training camps here and abroad against innocent Americans — what more could we want or hope for? Stay tuned for the new Hellywood movie about to come out that we never would have gotten to the moon without their help.

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  8. Why can’t people see that which is quite evident to anybody with a modicum of education or intelligence ( the traditional citizens of good old Minnesota!) that they are polluting everything with the dregs of African/Muslim offal? Sue me!

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