Hyatt Hotels follows the lead of the Southern Poverty Law Center to silence speech they don’t like

Hyatt Hotels has announced they will no longer rent conference space to what they call “hate groups.”


They obviously were pressured by a Muslim advocacy group , surely backed by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate group” list.

The expanding efforts to silence speech, such as on social media today and where venues (like Hyatt Hotels) refuse to allow people to gather to discuss pressing issues of the day, is the sort of thing the founding fathers feared.

They knew that venting ones views verbally/openly and non-violently in public and often through gatherings of like minded people was an important pressure release valve of sorts.

When people are driven to meet secretly and underground is when real rebellion is fomented.

Originally from the LA Times, but here at the Guam Daily:

Hyatt won’t rent to hate groups

Hyatt Hotels Corp., one of the nation’s largest hotel companies, announced it will no longer host hate groups at its nearly 800 properties, a move that was praised by a Muslim advocacy group.

Mark Hoplamazian, CEO of the hotel company, released a memo to employees Thursday, explaining the new anti-hate policy for Hyatt Hotels Corp.

Scott of Muslim advocates
Scott Simpson, public advocacy director of Muslim Advocates. Learn more about him here:

The hotel company declined to release the memo Friday but instead issued a statement saying: “Hyatt will no longer allow hate groups, those who primarily seek to disparage or demean a specific group of people, to host meetings or events at our hotels.”

Muslim Advocates, an Oakland-based civil rights advocacy group that has been pressing hotel companies to take similar steps against hate groups, called the decision a victory.

“Hyatt’s announcement is a welcome one for consumers who want their hotels to be safe spaces to relax and be themselves free from hostility and discrimination,” said Scott Simpson, public advocacy director for Muslim Advocates.

The Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Virginia hosted a group in September called ACT for America, which describes itself as an organization dedicated to educating and training Americans to “help prevent criminal activity and terrorism.”

But Muslim Advocates accuses ACT for America of being a “white supremacist-aligned anti-Muslim hate group.” Muslim Advocates has pressed Hyatt and other hotel companies to refuse to rent to ACT for America.


It was not clear from Hyatt’s statement how the hotel company planned to determine which groups promote hate, but it added: “This is a complex and emotional issue, but what we’ve concluded is that we need to commit to a higher level of vetting such that groups using hate speech, primarily seeking to disparage or demean a particular group, are not welcome in our hotels.”

Hint from the story about who might be doing the vetting for Hyatt Hotels….

ACT for America could not be reached for comment but in a news release issued Friday in response to similar accusations by the Southern Poverty Law Center….

More here.

Yesterday when I wrote about Chobani Yogurt CEO, Turkish immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya, putting together many global corporations who support and advocate for moving the third world to the first world, I didn’t see Hyatt Hotels on his list yet, but I bet it will soon be there.

By the way, the so-called hospitality industry, like the meatpacking industry, is one of the leading advocates for more cheap LEGAL refugee labor.

Others working with Ulukaya (Chobani Yogurt) you should take note of are: airbnb, Hilton Hotels, Starbucks, Twitter, Facebook, UPS, and TripAdvisor to name a few.

I tell my friends not to buy Chobani Yogurt, and….

…it should be pretty easy to find other hotels that aren’t working to silence speech. What the heck there are lots of coffee shops, but getting off of Facebook and Twitter will be hard and that is something I am seriously considering.  What do you think?

LOL! The way things are going we might be reaching each other via snail mail soon! (My PO Box is in the lefthand side bar).

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16 thoughts on “Hyatt Hotels follows the lead of the Southern Poverty Law Center to silence speech they don’t like

  1. Billionaire Trans Trustafarian Pritzker, ther heir/ess of HYATT and Obama’s “Men in the Girl’s Bathroom” debacle pusher, is most likely behind this. Oddly, in this country a trans gay person can speak for Muslims and for Sharia so that one day in the future Sharia Law will come into being and trans gays will be whipped and tossed off buildings. Still do not fully get the lgbt/Muslm strange bedfellows. Sorry the pun!

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  2. Scott Simpson was a paid advocate for the gays before working for the Muslims. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hired him specifically so that they can infiltrate the gay community and try to convince them that they are brothers in arms in the struggle for diversity–that is until they become the dominant population. After that, they can start throwing gays off of rooftops like they have done in countries ruled by islam.

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  3. Seldom use facebook and certainly would consider opting out. Will miss family posts but a lot of it is just
    wasted time with all the other posts. Twitter I never use, but haven’t been able to get off of it. Have to try again.


  4. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    We wonder (at least “I”) where do these people come from? I’ve seen much comparison to Hitler’s Brown Shirts, and that is a truly good comparison. The Brown Shirts went around beating people up, but so do the left’s “black” shirts (antifa.)
    The main difference today is our communications. People can be brainwashed by words and it spreads at light speed.
    The Right is being pushed–BRUTALLY pushed–into a corner by the left.

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  5. Will Hyatt also ban the sale of newspapers on its premises whose reporters use the term “anti-immigrant” when referring to those who support enforcement of our immigration laws?

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  6. The problem with this is in how the Hyatt may choose to define “Hate Groups”. Will that be limited to the KKK and Neo-Nazi groups or will it include Conservative groups and Christian groups and Anti-Illegal Immigration groups as well ?

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  7. I’ve shared this widely, with the following lengthy – sorry – comment:

    As you might imagine, we have a lot to say on this subject!

    First, ACT for America is NOT anti-Muslim but, rather, anti-the human rights abuses so very prevalent in Sharia (Islamic law). Some of those human rights abuses are: death to apostates, death to gays, forced pre-pubescent marriages, and blasphemy laws (which prohibit not only criticism of Islam, but also telling non-Muslims the unpleasant truths of Islam). Does any of this sound like it’s compatible with our Constitution, or good for people in general?

    Furthermore, ACT for America works hand-in-hand with both practicing reform-minded Muslims and apostates (former Muslims who have courageously braved the death penalty for leaving Islam). ACT conventions have included passionate presentations by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Hazem Farraj (both apostates) as well as Raheel Raza and Tawfik Hamid (both reform-minded practicing Muslims).

    The fact that Islam is supremacist renders it a danger to everyone – not just Muslims. Hence, our activism. The bottom line, as many of us see it is: Will we choose to avoid rocking the boat, and allow increasing numbers of people globally to be destroyed by this ideology, or will we step up to help victims – such as by criminalizing FGM at the state level – and educate others as to this vicious threat?

    We members of ACT for America have made our choice. Now it’s time for you to make yours. Please consider joining: .

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  8. Ok. Mr Mark Hoplamazian, CEO of the Hyatt hotel company, do what you have to do to. But all of us out here do not have to buy rooms at your facilities. We can speak out in all sorts of venues to reveal your agenda. You are certainly no leader, you are a lemming, following on the well beaten path in lockstep with Big Media and all the other Pro-Islam advocates. Apparently you don’t realize you are making a bargain with the devil. When the very people who, if they were in control, would define your freedoms for you, i.e., Saudi Arabia et al. None of which you enjoy today. They would subject you to life in the 7th century. They would take control of your life. They would tell you what food you can serve in your hotels. They would tell you how you must treat women – your wife, your daughter. They would tell you what kind of TV programs you could show in your Hotels (no more “adult” channels, no more programs that had anything negative About Islam). Unless you convert to Islam you and your family would be reduced to the status of dhimmi.

    On a higher level, all these gifts of a free society are incredibly beautiful but very fragile and easily broken gifts. Gifts that the lives of tens of millions were sacrificed to achieve over a long and bloody 2000 year journey. Many of which were your own ancestors. So Oh you on the Moral High ground. You have these gifts handed to you with no effort on your part. You didn’t earn them. You didn’t create them. And you should realize that you have inherited them from women and men, since they paid the price, far, far greater than you(thank goodness!). The price was paid in the past, not by you, but with the bloodied, brutalized corpses of your ancestors.

    So what gives you, or how did you obtain, the right to squander the endless lives of people greater than you to the altar of Political Correctness and Diversity, and your own God, Profit? The answer is, you do not have that right! Our ancestors fought and died for those gifts. My family tree is missing many, many of its limbs because my ancestors fought bloody battles for my freedom to give me these gifts. You do not have the right to squander those gifts bestowed upon me with their dying, shattered hands and trample them and hand them off because you have sold your soul for a pot of gruel.

    Your moral turpitude is of the highest order.

    Larry Breeden

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  9. And this is how sharia compliance is enacted, one creep at a time, in this instance the creep is Hyatt who will learn that we will never enlist their services for our many business related travels and that SPLC is itself a hate group routinely smearing those who advocate for peace. Use snail mail and company letterhead for greater effect:
    Hyatt Hotels Corporation
    150 North Riverside Plaza
    Chicago, Illinois 60606

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