UN High Commissioner for Refugees: Politics driving EU migration debate

Duh! No kidding!

Invasion of Europe news….

UNHCR Filippo Grandi:

“Responsibility-sharing has been replaced by responsibility-shedding.”

Clever phrase by Grandi but a whole lot of average Europeans (Americans too!) are asking why it is their responsibility to save the African continent.


Grandi with Soros
UNHCR Grandi glad-handing with Soros! Oh happy day!   https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2017/12/04/israel-ready-to-deport-thousands-to-africa-un-furious/


From the Malta Independent:

UN refugee chief says Med migrant rescues ‘taken hostage’ by politics


The head of the U.N. refugee agency says returns home among the millions of Syrians living abroad are few, and insists that rescues on the Mediterranean Sea have been “taken hostage by politics” — and must be restored.

Aquarius 2
58 migrants who had been kept out at sea for days have now disembarked in a deal that will divide the group four ways.  France, Germany, Portugal and Spain will share them as Italy refused to let the Aquarius 2 dock.      https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2018/09/30/58-Aquarius-migrants-disembark-in-Malta/4651538326085/

Filippo Grandi also urged Myanmar’s government to do more to create the conditions for Rohingya Muslims to return home. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled to neighboring Bangladesh to escape a bloody crackdown since August last year.

The wide-ranging address by Grandi at UNHCR’s annual executive committee meeting on Monday comes as the European Union has been riven by discord over how to handle an influx of migrants in recent years — though the rate has dropped off from a record high in 2015.

The new government in Italy, which has taken a stricter line on migrants, has refused to allow in some boats that retrieved desperate people who left from Libya, dropping the dilemma of whether to take them in on fellow EU countries like France and Spain.

Grandi, who is Italian, appealed to Europe to preserve its asylum policies. He noted that Libya — the main launch point for migrants hoping to cross the Mediterranean — has strengthened its coast guard in recent months, but not its other institutions.

As a result, more would-be migrants and refugees have been getting forcibly returned to Libya, and “that means more and more people exposed to exploitation and detention — in horrific conditions.”

“Responsibility-sharing has been replaced by responsibility-shedding,” Grandi said, alluding to the EU squabbles. “Pushing people away cannot be the answer, and negotiating disembarkation boat by boat, even when successful, is not a good option.”

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  1. Let’s keep making certain sure that UN Grand Most High Commissioner continues to live his lavish caviar and Bugotti lifestyle beyond our meager existences and wildest dreams, fantasies ~ imagine the Swiss jets, the London palace, limos with gloved drivers at every turn, wild game parties, villas dotting the Med and Atlantic and that secret spot in the Black Sea. Maltese Manors, et al, are what is at stake here. He’ll send you those violent pets wholesale that breed like Gremlins, haha, and you just keep that money coming!!!!


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    Yes, what’s going on in the world is heartbreaking, but the fault lies smack dab on the African people for allowing so MANY tyrants and dictators to get rich on the backs of their people.
    The trouble appears to rise when a leader-strong man arises and takes over a country–too many damn times this guy is as bad or worse than the leader he deposed.
    None of that is the fault of the First World.

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