State Department finally posts map where refugees are resettled in US


rpclogoAdmittedly I haven’t checked for a few months, so I’m not sure when this map was made public, but here it is!

In order to fit it on these pages, I opted for the smaller version, but if you go here you can see it in an easier-to-read size.

See the legend which tells you which of the nine contractors*** are working in each ‘welcoming’ city. The sites with more than one contractor operating (often in competition!) are sites that obviously get much larger numbers of refugees.

And, notice that some sites that existed in 2016 (see that map) are now gone! I’m not seeing Huron, SD or Charleston, WV on the new map, others?



Screenshot (714)


Go here and see that Wrapsnet has maps back to FY11. You might find it as interesting as I did to see what sites were primary resettlement sites in your state then compared to the FY18 map above.


***Here below are the nine federal refugee resettlement contractors.

Faithful readers are probably sick of seeing this list almost every day, but a friend once told me that people need to see something seven times before it completely sinks in, so it seems to me that 70, or even 700 isn’t too much!

And, besides I have new readers every day.

The present US Refugee Admissions Program will never be reformed if the system of paying the contractors by the head stays in place and the contractors are permitted to act as Leftwing political agitation groups, community organizers and lobbyists paid on our dime!  

(By the way, see my earlier post today on the Libertarian think tank—CATO—why on earth do they support this system of millions of federal taxpayer dollars being given out annually to non-profit groups for charity work?)

And, to add insult to injury they pretend it is all about ‘humanitarianism.’

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees into your towns and cities and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  And, get them registered to vote eventually!

From my most recent accounting, here.  However, please see that Nayla Rush at the Center for Immigration Studies has done an update of their income, as has James Simpson at the Capital Research Center!

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  1. Ann,

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    Among other things it’s getting advertisers to remove their ads from Huffington Post for supporting Islam. See link below.

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    Also, Hyatt:

    “Will Hyatt actually comply with Sharia law by banning groups that criticize Islam?”

    Subscribe…FFA emails letters to subscribers to send to these and other targets. Very easy…fill in name, email, and send. Donations are optional.

    Don’t let it’s name Florida stop your readers…it is national.


  2. Thank you! Are there any charts regarding refugee populations with infectious disease? Are these populations growing at great rates with mass anchor babies too? Are these populations affecting the host population’s ability to access health care, dentists, etc? These are questions I have e mailed to DSHS over the years with no answer nor directive as to where to ask. What a great site this is!


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