DR Congo tops the list for highest number of refugees resettled in US in FY18

I’ve previously reported that the African country, DR Congo, holds the distinction of being the country sending (at present) the highest number of refugees to US towns and cities.


Congolese-refugees (1)
35% of the refugees who entered the US in FY18 were from the DR Congo. The UN wants us to take 50,000 total.


Filling Obama’s promise…..

And, I told you that Obama’s State Department promised the United Nations that the US would take 50,000 in total over five years.  We are almost there.

Since that promise was made in 2013 we have resettled 46,041 DR Congolese, placed them in 47 states with Texas being the top ‘welcoming’ state.

This years’ data….

The Refugee Processing Center data for FY18, the year that just closed, will be harder to find by next month, so I thought I should capture the numbers here for future reference.

22,491 total refugees were admitted from October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018.  Here is where they came from:


Screenshot (718)

Screenshot (719)


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Previous posts on the DR Congo are here.  You probably recognize the DR Congo because it has been in the news a lot lately due to an Ebola outbreak there.

10 thoughts on “DR Congo tops the list for highest number of refugees resettled in US in FY18

  1. Just re-sent the following message I previously posted Sept. 26 to the White House:

    Mr. President please reconsider your administrations’ plans to prioritize and accept more immigrants from Africa than anywhere else. African nations are the least democratic, most corrupt, criminal, most violent, most chaotic, least educated, least skilled and most anti-Christian nations on earth. Some are literally failed states, where populations turn to widespread criminality to survive. Many have deep Muslim roots, are full of Islamic terrorists like the evil, psychopathic Boko Haram, and Al Shabab, and every day sees literally scores of Christians murdered by Muslims in DR Congo, Nigeria, Mozambique, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia and others, not merely by the many Muslim terrorists, but ordinary Muslims. Then there are all those white South African farmers whose farms are dispossessed and whose families are murdered because of their race. These are all poor, unskilled, uneducated people from cultures vastly different from our own, who neither know nor care about post-Enlightenment Western institutions and values like Democracy, Rule of Law, Capitalism, freedom and responsibility, self-reliance, women’s rights, gay rights, etc. etc. As the example of the extremely corrupt, violent and criminal Somalians transplanted to Minnesota shows, Africans are not a good fit for America. Please don’t prioritize them. And thank you for your great service to our beloved country.


    1. Thanks again for taking time to write to the White House. For everyone who says no one pays attention to citizens writing to the White House—You don’t know that!


      1. I’m 64 and have been voting since ’72. And I have never before had a president that I would imagine in my wildest dreams might possibly listen to and respond to, a message from an ordinary citizen. And you also don’t know in what kind of position of authority the person who reads this might occupy in the not-so-far future. And anyway, as my mom would say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease…..


  2. The people are infected with some of the worst diseases known to mankind, including Ebola, AIDS, and God only knows what else lurking in the jungle, and of course, they are mostly destitute, unskilled, and illiterate. Why are we bringing in people like this who obviously will increase problems and decrease available resources? to make a yogurt mogul happy?


  3. Why is this? The Second Congo War ended in 2002 and may have lingered on in some areas, but why should we still be taking in “refugees” in 2018 ?????

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  4. We have no responsibility to obozo’s commitments. He is a farce and the citizens need to rise up against all the stealth invasion done by the UN leeches.


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