First FY19 refugees arrive, mostly Africans distributed to 12 states

Update October 11th:  35 more came since yesterday. 21 of those were from the DR Congo. Total 108 refugees since October 1.

We told you yesterday that President Trump signed the Memorandum (the Presidential Determination) capping refugee admissions for FY19 which began on October 1 at 30,000.

A total of 73 were admitted yesterday in the first group.

DR Congolese refugees truck
In 2013, the UN asked Obama’s State Department to take 50,000 from the DR Congo over five years. More than 45,000 have arrived so far.  The Trump State Department is continuing their resettlement to American towns and cities.

The vast majority (57) are from the DR Congo.

As we previously reported President Trump’s State Department is prioritizing Africans.

I reported here in 2013 that Obama told the UN we would take 50,000 from the DR Congo over five years.  We have surpassed 45,000 so far and I will keep you posted about when we go over the 50,000 Obama promised.

I have said repeatedly on these pages that we must get the UN out of the business of choosing our refugees.  If we are going to take refugees, let’s choose them ourselves!

We aren’t going to solve Africa’s overpopulation and poverty problems by siphoning off ten thousand (or more) each year.

There are 14 from Afghanistan and two Syrians in this first wave.  Nine of the total 73 are Muslims, the remainder are various Christian sects with six from Afghanistan claiming no religion. The two Syrians being placed in Michigan are Muslims.

Below is a map from Wrapsnet showing the states that are ‘welcoming’ refugees in the first ten days of this fiscal year.

Ohio received the most with 16. The top five states were Ohio, Arizona, Vermont, California and Georgia.


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9 thoughts on “First FY19 refugees arrive, mostly Africans distributed to 12 states

  1. I think some law could be helpful. I won’t even bring up the Iq disparities or that these people are letting in Somalians with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. These intelligence agency people and the people promoting this in our government need to be purged.

    First, obviously, an unadmitted and nonresident alien has no constitutional right of entry to this country. A putative refugee must demonstrate not only that their STATE of origin intends to harm them seriously without cause, but that the harm is due to their status/identity. The statute says “persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion.” So, i would argue, that a country can be exceedingly dangerous and perilous for humans beings and it still wouldnt qualify the people leaving that country as refugees under US law. Moreover, in the Convention’s definition of refugee, it requires the applicant to show that they fear persecution and are unable to avail themselves of the protection in their state of origin. So, being that not everywhere in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Somalia, and Iran are warzones, i would further argue that almost of these people are not refugees. Many have passed through numerous other countries also. Anyway, refugee status is not to be extended to every alien displaced by conditions of unrest or violence in their home country. I hereby proclaim, pursuant to sections 212(f) and 215(a) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1182(f) and 1185(a), that the unrestricted entry into the United States of nationals of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen would be detrimental to the interests of the United States. Need 1187(a)(12).?

    8 usca 1157> Trump and number 2) Except as provided in subsection (b), the number of refugees who may be admitted under this section in any fiscal year after fiscal year 1982 shall be such number as the President determines, before the beginning of the fiscal year and after appropriate consultation, is justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest. So, in regards to both sanctuary cities and this, they are either incompetent or just trying to essentially say well I tried.. kind of. See also 1980 refugee act. We should make the number 0 for a while. We should also deport most of the third world sludge they have been trying to pass off as “refugees”. Anyway, I would also argue that since almost all of these people were not “refugees” at the time that they were admitted, that most of them should be deported. The refugee status of any alien admitted to the US may be terminated if it is determined the alien was not a refugee. The USCIS may terminate the refugee status of any refugee, and their spouses and children, if it is found that the person was not in fact a refugee at the time of admission. Again, STATE has to target them, which is not happening for most of these places, they can’t avail themselves to the protections of the state, again, most have places that are not war zones, and many have passed through numerous countries. So, with fake passport black markets, corruption, and terrorism concerns, this is beyond a joke.

    “Under this provision of the INA, the President also has the authority to determine how that total should be allocated among the various refugees fleeing conflicts and disasters around the world, thus giving the President important authority to express his preferences regarding who should enter, whether those preferences are motivated by foreign policy or domestic political concerns. More broadly, § 212(f) gives the President personally the power to suspend the entry of “any class of aliens” whose admission “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.” But, as we explained above, the restriction of this power to emergency situations makes its practical utility as a thoroughgoing ex ante screening mechanism limited. Indeed, the Executive rarely invokes it, and it seems suited to address isolated instances of sudden and mass influx. What is more, though the power clearly allows the President to exclude immigrants, it seems that the most that existing law permits him to do vis-à-vis entry is to parole into the United States noncitizens who must nonetheless meet the criteria set by Congress to remain permanently–a power the Refugee Act actually sought to limit to discrete humanitarian cases. (Yale law journal)

    For persons already within the United States, INA section 208 provides asylum procedures. Under section 208(a), the Attorney General has the discretion to grant asylum to an alien if the Attorney General determines that the alien is a “refugee” as defined by section 101(a)(42). Aliens admitted as “asylees” are entitled to federal assistance, as are “refugees.” So, nice.. “However, “asylum” status is subject to continuing review, and such status may be terminated if “circumstances” change in the alien’s country. So, if a gang war breaks out in my city can I claim I am a refugee and get into Europe.? Answer, no. Rather, in order to qualify for withholding of deportation, an alien must demonstrate that “it is more likely than not that the alien would be subject to persecution” in the country to which the alien would be returned. Again, almost all can’t do that… By the STATE.!

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  2. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    I’ve often wondered, “Did king obama give the islamic-run UN permission to tell our state department how many “refugees” to take and from what countries,” or how did that happen?
    The fact of course, with us taking 1,000,000 regular immigrants per year, we DON’T need “refugees,” we absolutely do NOT need to try controlling Africa’s and the rest of the Third World’s overpopulation problem–they need to stop breeding and breeding!
    I know! Lots of kids proves a man’s valor or something, but not if they can’t take care of them!!!!

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  3. “The Democratic Republic of Congo is “the rape capital of the world”, a senior UN official has said.” It annoys me most, if not all of the refugees are military-aged MEN. Our local home-health aide agencies routinely hire refugees and they’re hiring more and more young men to work as home health aides- for elderly women! A young man as an aide to a grandmother is bad enough.. now we’re taking in those with cultures nowhere near our own, placing them in jobs caring for our most vulnerable citizens? Even a cursory search engine search for “aide rapes patient” or “aide assaults elderly” or any combination or variation thereof will give you chilling reports. There were so many listings showing men with foreign names it made me ill. I’ve no qualms of having “foriegners” care for our grandparents, I do however become very annoyed when potentially violent persons with cultures that promote violence – especially violence against WOMEN- are employed by these agencies. Why do they hire them? For one, home health care agencies are paid by.. You: Medicare. They receive enormous amounts of money- yet pay their aides a ludicrous average of $9.00 per hour- and do NOT reimburse for mileage or gas and no benefits- they take out taxes, so in the end the aide can easily be paying to work instead of the other way round, and I think the agencies bank on the employees lack of math skills, and they do have a very high turnover rate. Once an aide figures out it costs more to work there than what they take home they quit in disgust- if not quitting for the very strenuous workday, with often semi-lucid patients. Imagine a man, from a culture that despises women, and has been taught the white man is responsible for all his ills- that America is “sinful”, place them in a position where they have full power of an aged, white woman and see what happens.

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  5. We have all these people that send junk chain e-mails around to their ‘teaparty’ neocon friends who are stuck in the ‘miss me yet?’ Bush era. They live in the past and think that Trump is not a politician. What would you call it when he pretended to know what Americans were afraid of in 2016 and then continued Bush’s and 0bama’s wars after he was elected? People were dreaming when they thought neocon Trump was going to build a Wall. The Wall is old news. Pat Buchanan wanted a Wall in 1992.We need to send Muslims back BEFORE we build a Wall. Trump supporters are stuck on expanding that piece of a Wall that Bush was building. They act like Trump put an end to the Muslim problem when he stopped rich Muslims from vacationing in the U.S.. They still believe if we don’t fight them over there then they’ll be fighting them over here. That’s Bush doctrine.We’re occupying Syria and the Muslims are over here slicing us up and running us over with trucks and cars.

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