Twin Falls, Idaho welcomed nearly 3,000 refugees in ten years

I was very interested to see the list of top cities in the US that ‘welcome’ refugees when I  published The Tent Foundation/Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service Refugee Hiring Guide the other day.

Where is Twin Falls?

Screenshot (1478)

Today I had a chance to look at the list more carefully and I’ll be darned, I don’t see Twin Falls, Idaho.  (If you all check for me and see if somehow I overlooked it, see page 17, 18, and 19 at the guide, here.)

You would think that since The Tent Foundation is Chobani Yogurt CEO Hamdi Ulukaya’s foundation that Twin Falls would be on the list.

Is it possible, I wondered, that Twin Falls welcomed less than 100 refugees in the ten years being analyzed by the Lutheran contractor for the hiring guide?

Important note to readers: I hear from some of you referring to refugees as illegals.  They are not.  The immigrants we discuss mostly on these pages come to the US through the Refugee Admissions Program signed in to law in 1980.  The numbers I’ll be giving you below are primary refugees placed directly in Twin Falls. The data comes from the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.  The numbers below do not include: asylum seekers, asylees, Special Immigrant Visa holders, Diversity Lottery winners, etc.  They also do not include secondary refugee migrants.  Those are legal refugees placed in another location who have moved, (possibly in this case to Twin Falls) for work or to be with others of their ethnic group. Again, secondary migrants are not included below.

These are all the primary refugees placed in Twin Falls by the US State Department and its local resettlement contractor during the ten year period, 2007-2016 presented in Tent’s Hiring Guide.  Data is from Wrapsnet (Refugee Processing Center).

A total of 2,723 were placed in Twin Falls, population 48,260, from 2007 to 2016. (Boise by comparison received 6,918 in the same time period placing it at #29 on the Tent list of top resettlement locations.)

The Twin Falls number of 2,723 should have placed it on Tent’s list (where to find refugees) between Richmond, VA and Lincoln, NE


Screenshot (733)_LI
Twin Falls should be here. I am wondering now how accurate the other numbers are!


When I analyzed the data at Wrapsnet, I learned that Twin Falls ‘welcomed’ refugees from 17 different nationalities during that time period with the largest numbers coming from the following countries:

Bhutan (650)

Burma (620)

Iraq (382)

Eritrea (242)

Iran (229)

DR Congo (217)

Sudan (179)

Afghanistan (85)

Smaller numbers came from 9 other countries surely making it challenging for the school system, the health system and the criminal justice system there to deal with the language barriers and requirements for translation services (just one more cost being passed on to local and state taxpayers!).

I’ll be red-faced, but please let me know if you find Twin Falls on the Tent list of top cities in which employers can find refugee workers.

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15 thoughts on “Twin Falls, Idaho welcomed nearly 3,000 refugees in ten years

  1. While riding my ten speed touring bike through inner city Columbus Ohio I stumbled upon an enclave of Somalis just south of Franklin Park Conservatory.Long guns on every top story pointing at you as you ride soundlessly by but not unnoticed . When the shtf they should stay where they are . The hills are for us Irishmen . We ain’t sharing. We’re ready .


      1. The northeast area (Easton) of Columbus has a huge Somali population. Huge. Lots of kids.

        I think the 2020 census results–if done accurately/honestly–could be shocking all across the country.


  2. Almost every one of these countries is deemed unsafe for American citizens to travel to, so why are we bringing the people who make it unsafe to our own country, at our own expense? and in the long run, it is better to teach third world countries to fend for themselves, instead of continuing to enable them to simply dump their problems on the rest of us. After all “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” And to that, I would add “And above all, don’t invite him to live near your fishery, or soon you will both starve”.

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  3. hey look the new modern slave trade…just saying..import ppl who dont speak the language ..dont adjust or refuse to adjust to the new host country or even learn the basic laws..make them depenant on low wages..and dependant on the benefits system ..they work but receive assistance..sadly they often receive more aid than those actual citizens that were already there..under refugee status they continue to get up to 6000 dollars per family of 4..then they bring in relatives..eventually actual citizens move out due to lack of work and being passed over by these companies so that these rrefugees get employment…thereby changing whole communities..

    really need someone to point this out to get actual citizens stand up to their state representatives and bring this all up..and point out how it hurts the local public schools and hospitals..schools cant teach the actual citizens kids because of the money being used to teach basic english to these refugee kids..

    id like to point out that in every country except the us refugees are not placed into actual communities..they are housed in refugee camps..geeze if they knew they were going to live in camps and not in sociey with full benefits they wouldnt come..who the hell decided they need to be placed in regular society???!!!! when did refugee status become perminant status? refugee means they go home too…

    start electing people with a strong view on fixing immigration and the illegals problem and on this refugee issue..

    kris kobach got the vote in kansas because he wants to fix this shit..hes already been to washington to help shape the new immigration/refugee policy..if you didnt hear it last week Trump said he wants kobach to lose the governors race so he can put him in a higher position right there with him!!!

    vote for those backed by trump…if you want this fixed..if not vote for the liberals and keep tearing this country down..youll be in a third world country when they get back in power..rememebr these folks dont want you to be able to legally protect yourselves from them..youll be easier to round up and jailed..remember when you vote for someone to lose their rights you lose yours too!!

    the libs and dems will ramp it all back up when they get back in..

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    1. Your comment tells me that you are pretty new to the US Refugee Admissions Program, and so it gives me an idea that many readers here may be new. I’ll write a short bit on one of your statements in the morning.


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