We are still taking ‘refugees’ from safe countries

Every so often I check out the Processing Country data at the Refugee Processing Center (Wrapsnet) maintained by the US State Department.


More frequently I report to you about the nationalities entering the US, but processing country data is very different.

From processing country data, we learn in which countries supposed ‘refugees’ are processed in to the US, but we don’t learn where they came from before they arrived in that country.

I first became aware of this about ten years ago when I noticed that illegal aliens, who arrived by boat at the tiny island nation of Malta in the Mediterranean, were being sent to the US as refugees. (See my explanation of refugees vs. asylum here yesterday.)

What!!!  Malta is a safe country in the EU, anyone arriving there claiming to be a refugee by seeking asylum must apply there, not be packed off to the US.

I have a huge file on Malta where this legally questionable movement of mostly Africans to your towns was put in place during the administration of George W. Bush and continues through today.

We are doing the same with Israel and South Africa where migrants get in to those countries from elsewhere (seeking asylum) and we help those governments out by taking some of their excess off their hands.

Heck, we have our own problem on our southern border where illegal aliens cross by the tens of thousands and then ask for asylum.

Are we going to ask Malta, South Africa and Israel to take a few of our excess asylum seekers?  (Don’t laugh!)

Here (below) is the end of the fiscal year data table for Processing Country.  I’m posting this now because it will disappear by the beginning of November.

Again, just so you know we are not taking Maltese people, South Africans or Israelis to America, the numbers represented here are people from elsewhere who got in to those three countries and are unwanted by those three countries.


Screenshot (1487)_LI

Screenshot (1488)_LI


Notice the numbers for Papua New Guinea and Nauru.  Those are the Australian rejected asylum seekers we are taking off Australia’s hands in the same possibly illegal manner.

There are probably other questionable processing countries above, but the three I have highlighted are countries which I have followed closely over the years.

The Trump Administration could stop this possibly illegal use of the refugee admissions process in a heartbeat if they wanted to!  Congress would not have to be involved!

If you haven’t noticed, I have a link in the right hand corner of RRW for the White House contact information.  Please take time to express your opinion to the President.

5 thoughts on “We are still taking ‘refugees’ from safe countries

  1. I can understand those countries not wanting to keep them, but why send them to the US? That’s just passing the problem to someone else – and not someone who should have any responsibility for them!


  2. Ann what I am about to write you already know, and so do many if not most of your readers- but I want to state this for those who may not know, and are interested in some things: Malta is pretty small and the city part of it is very concentrated, they have their own language and culture and it’s a popular tourist/vacation spot for Britons and Europeans. Israel is also very small, and has specific laws and culture, and isn’t really open to those that don’t fit into their way of life. South Africans *despise* outsiders, they aren’t dumb savages, and fight viciously to keep what’s theirs- they don’t want or need outsiders using what resources they so desperately work hard to get. I think some Americans assume that black Africans would embrace immigrants who are also black. To give you an example of what I mean when I was in Morocco years ago the Northern Moroccans despised the Southern Moroccans. Almost every Moroccan I spoke to harbored hatred for Arabs. When asked why, they told me that Arabs were backward, illiterate, and cowardly. There is great dislike for outsiders in about every country you can visit, you’ll find it, USA and Western Europe are the most welcoming and least “xenophobic” of all nations on Earth. This is one- not THE- reason why refugees, migrants are placed there. The main reason is United Nation’s: “Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere” https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/poverty/ ” This goal is TANTAMOUNT. This is the be all end all of UN’s entire raison d’etre, and any OTHER goals and initiatives are mere tools to implement GOAL #1. Any means necessary, any ways to finalize this goal are the effects we are seeing right now. UN gives impoverished nations large money grants when they lower their poverty levels- they do this by exporting their poorest citizens- to the US and EU! Then, we in the West are burdened with them- thus INCREASING our poverty rate. The UN chastises the US- no, it’s citizens, for our “riches” and demand we share it.

    What I am going to tell you right now, and is happening, and will happen- this will only get worse, it is no prediction or opinion, it is fact and it is already in place: The main goal of “ending poverty” is in reality to impoverish everyone. We shall ALL be impoverished.


    1. “Ending poverty” is NOT the reason for the invasion. THIS is:

      The so-called “refugee” invasion and the continued toleration of the INVASION of aliens (legal and illegal) – particularly from Third World countries – constitute the “shock troops” of the globalist, oligarch New World Ordure cabal. The plan: destroy whatever hegemony the nations of the West still retain. Destroy – with their “diversity” – their ability to be self-governing. Destroy their sovereignty. Cause as much strife, economic hardship, crime, mayhem and murder as possible. The brainwashed zombies of the Left are just the current “useful idiots” helping this to occur.

      When the situation gets bad enough the sheeple of the once-free nations of the West will beg their so-called “leaders” to “do something”. Then the NWO cabal will come out with their “solution”: WORLD GOVERNMENT. (Translated: enslavement of all who are not part of their cabal or the government drones that do their dirty work.)

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      “UN-‘Together’: Propaganda Bid Seeks to Flood West With Migrants”

      “New UN Chief to Europe: Ignore Voters. Open the Borders”

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  3. Um…. how can we accept 4 refugees from the United States of America?!?!! (Listed just below Ukraine, just above Uzbekistan.) Is this a misprint? What, they are running from us… to us??


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