Two weeks in to the fiscal year, Maryland moves to the top of the list for the most refugees resettled

I had told myself that I was going to be more diligent in checking data this year as refugees were being placed by the Trump Administration.

eritrean-refugees2 (1)
Eritreans make up one of the largest groups attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Europe.

The first arrivals were reported here four days ago.

So, when I checked just now I was surprised to see that Maryland, which usually comes in in the middle of the pack, had moved to the number one state for resettlement so far.

Granted we are only talking about 30 refugees out of a total of 274 that have arrived in the US since October 1, but I think it is worth mentioning.

Eritrea map
The Trump Administration is prioritizing Africa for resettlement to the US this year.

Using the interactive data reports at Wrapsnet, here is what I learned.

Forty Eritreans entered the US in the last two weeks and 25 of them were placed in Maryland. 

Additionally Maryland received 5 from the DR Congo.

Baltimore was the resettlement city for all of the Congolese and all but three of the Eritreans.

Of course if you know anything about Maryland you are likely wondering what the heck are they going to do for jobs in Baltimore (no meatpacking plants that I know of!).

We don’t know what religious affiliation the Eritreans who came to Maryland claim, but know that 17 out of the total 40 Eritreans who came to the US in the last 2 weeks are Muslims.

The usual reason given for why Eritreans are leaving their country is because the dictatorship there has mandatory military conscription.  Because of that, you get new neighbors!

(It has been awhile, but see a post I wrote about the diversity being added to a troubled Baltimore.)


13 thoughts on “Two weeks in to the fiscal year, Maryland moves to the top of the list for the most refugees resettled

  1. Ann, multiple publications document that Eritreans are fleeing a dictator who demands indefinite military service, which includes providing sex to officers and refraining from religious practice on penalty of death. In that case, why wouldn’t Eritreans of military age attain refugee status? Maryland might have the largest Eritrean diaspora, so that is where a assimilation to American life may be easiest.
    2015: Many others – detainees, students, members of the militia – are also subjected to forced labour: “The use of forced labour is so prevalent in Eritrea that all sectors of the economy rely on it and all Eritreans are likely to be subject to it at one point in their lives,” the report says. Tiny Eritrea, with 5 million people, gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993 after years of rebel warfare. It has been ruled by President Isaias Afwerki since then and has become one of the world’s most reclusive nations. The state of war with Ethiopia has kept the Red Sea country in a constant state of military readiness,


  2. From 2013 A Proclamation Pertaining to the Opening of Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts, Domestic Commercial Transactions and/or Contracts, Currency Remittance and Exchange and the Declaration of Currency of Travelers Arriving into and Departing from Eritrea


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  3. Good line of thinking, Robert. Having witnessed the below-the-belt tactics and extreme lengths we’ve seen lately from cultural-Marxist lefties, you certainly can’t put it past them.

    In thinking lately about “refugees” and “asylees”, one thinks immediately about Minnesota, home to an enormous and rapidly multiplying population of NAFRI’s largely from Somalia as well as the rest of North/East Africa, and the recent outbreak of Acute Flaccid Myelitis, the polio-like illness that can cause paralysis in mostly children, that has now spread to 22 states, as of yesterday.
    I noticed that the last outbreak of myelitis in the U.S. was in Maryland, also for years home to a large population of NAFRI’s.

    It’s hard to say with any degree of certainty, due to the limited information and nomenclature confusion available (and you CAN COUNT ON the mainstream media whitewashing any information that would suggest a link, now and in the coming days), but this outbreak is very likely spreading right out of the squalid Petri dish of poorly-vetted, chain-migration Somali refugee communities in Minnesota.
    In fact, I would bet on it.

    One indicator is that the Minnesota Dept. of Health doesn’t seem to be making any particularly big deal out of this outbreak on their website: Hmmmm… smells fishy to me!

    Anyway, keep an eye on this, and for God’s sake, do your best to protect your children from this life-threatening illness.

    God bless.


  4. Just b/c someone is a refugee that does NOT mean a nation must accept them.
    Frankly I don’t care what the UN says.
    G-d, family & country!

    What do these people (sub humans by Western standards) offer?
    Do they know, have the language skills? What skills do they have that are needed?

    Unemployment is high, the robots have taken many high paying factory jobs?
    Many high paying computer jobs have been sent over seas?

    When you call customer service for HP, Apple, Epson, et al.- who are you talking to?
    Someone half way around the world.

    I see NO upside for bringing anymore refugees into the Texas or the U.S.

    IFF any of the refugees are Muslims then that is contrary to
    18 U.S.C. § 2385 Advocating Overthrow of Govt.
    b/c the Muslims MUST spread Sharia Law to the world
    which is contrary to the Texas & U.S. Constitutions.

    Muslims are $atanists b/c Allah is $atan & are good business for their fellow $atanists
    who are the ATTORNEYS AT LAW, aka BAR UNION MEMBERS (BUMS) that were created
    by the Communist Party.

    I will make this more simple $atan is bad. G-d is good.

    This struggle has been going on for a very long time.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE before it is too late.

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  5. Why Maryland, one wonders ? Perhaps they are clever placing all of these refugees in Maryland because it is so close to Washington DC and Soros can use all of those people for future rallies against our current Administration and any Conservative Administrations down the line.


  6. ISLAM Was Banned From the USA in 1952

    One critical issue covered is found in Chapter 2, § 212, which states “the prohibition of entry in to
    the U.S. if the alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the govt. of the U.S. by force,
    violence or by other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration
    to the U.S. but this law is being ignored by Federal judges, the TRUMP admin., & State govts. which
    are acts of TREASON & SEDITION.

    Islamic immigration is prohibited under U.S. law b/c the Koran, Shariah Law & the Hadith require total submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the U.S. & State govts., the Constitutions & our republican form of govt. based on natural law, aka G-d’s law as stated in the 10 Commandments. MUSLIMS who claim the Koran is their life’s guiding principal promote, agree, subscribe to its’ tyranny. The politically correct say Islam is a ’religion’ & are wrong b/c Islam is a political movement. Whether Islam is a ‘religion’ or not is immaterial b/c the law states that aliens who are affiliated w/ any organization that advocates the overthrow of our govt. is prohibited. Period.

    Remedy – MUSLIMS are antithetical to the Judeo-Christian overstanding that a Higher Entity created
    & directs all of existence & that this Supreme Being conveyed through Moses clear instructions to
    guide humanity. My opinion is based on my exhaustive study, on evidence & the law. MUSLIMS are
    incapable of peace, are a cancer, a disease that MUST be eliminated or the host nation will become
    subject to Shariah Law which is anti-G-d, family & country. MUSLIMS knowingly commit brutal rapes,
    violent acts against innocent people, therefore they are EVIL, are of $atan. You know your enemy
    by their action, lack of action or by name. Deport MUSLIMS to Saudi Arabia, any MUSLIM nation will
    do. We grossly overpaid for fuel for decades & the Saudi’s used those funds to promote an invasion,
    build mosques, undermine our safety & wellbeing. It is time for the Saudis to return their ill begotten
    gains, unjust enrichment as Saudi Arabia is clearly an ultra vires evil empire. MUSLIMS won’t be
    missed, as We the People rejoice, celebrate as peace, harmony reigns again in “the Land of the Free
    & Home to the Brave.” Public Servants, politicians, Attorneys at Law, Bar Union Members (BUMs),
    that side w/ or defend MUSLIMS will be deemed unconstitutional, a TRAITOR & tried for TREASON.

    … The Immigration &
    Nationality Act passed
    June 27, 1952 revised the
    laws relating to immigration,
    naturalization & nationality
    for the United States.
    That Act, became
    Public Law 414,
    established both the law
    & the intent of Congress
    regarding the immigration
    of aliens to the U.S. &
    remains in effect today.


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