Germany: Leftwing Jews fuming because Jews who fear Islam have joined the political Rightwing

And, those Jews who fear the Muslim migration to Germany have done the unforgivable and formed a lobbying group with Germany’s AfD party (think of it as the Germany first! party).

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merkel poster with migrants
When Chancellor Merkel chose these new Germans her political fate was sealed, but did she seal Germany’s fate too?


From Religion News Service:

Jewish lobby in far-right German party denounced for anti-Muslim views

PARIS (RNS) — A small group of German Jews has launched a lobby group within the far-right Alternative for Germany party, prompting a swift rejection from the country’s established Jewish organizations and accusations that the move was an anti-Muslim ploy.

The founding of the 24-member “Jews in the AfD” group on Oct. 7 seems like a contradiction given the party’s staunch nationalist views that include playing down Germany’s Nazi past, including the Holocaust, and the close ties some members have to anti-Semitic movements. [Notice how the reporter here is throwing in bias to set the readers mind right in the opening paragraphs!—ed]

But it highlights one of the party’s main policies — opposition to accepting mostly Muslim immigrants in Germany — through its accusation that the newcomers are deeply anti-Jewish. A wave of about a million new immigrants in 2015, many of them from Islamic countries, has been decisive in boosting support for the AfD.

The AfD, founded in 2013 as an anti-European Union protest party, won 12.6 percent of the national election a year ago. It is now the largest opposition party in the Bundestag (parliament). The party has used this platform to challenge many of the country’s postwar taboos.


The JSUD was one of 17 Jewish organizations, including the influential Central Committee of Jews in Germany and the country’s General Rabbinical Conference, that issued a joint statement denouncing the new AfD lobby.

Other Jewish groups, including the World Jewish Congress, have added their support to the statement, bringing the total of signatories to 42.

“The AfD openly agitates against Muslims and other minorities in Germany … trying to present Muslims as enemies of the West and of the Jews,” said the statement, titled “No Alternative for Jews.”

“Muslims are not the enemies of the Jews!” the statement says. The enemies of all democrats in this country are extremists, regardless of whether they have extreme right, radical left or radical Muslim views.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open Germany’s borders to the waves of migrants marching across Europe in 2015 changed the country’s political landscape and sapped support for her Christian Democratic party and its Social Democratic coalition partners.

The AfD and the Bavarian-based Christian Social Union, a Merkel ally that has moved strongly to the right to counter the AfD’s challenge to its voter base, have used fear of Islam, a few sex crimes committed by migrants and concern about the cost of caring for the newcomers to stoke mistrust of Muslims.

It is a very long article, read it all here.

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16 thoughts on “Germany: Leftwing Jews fuming because Jews who fear Islam have joined the political Rightwing

    1. Why!Oh Why! are Judeo/Christians all over the world showing their ‘death-wish’ stupidity when it comes to Muslims and Islam? Why don’t these people READ THE ‘BLOODY’ BOOK from which ALL Muslims take their instructions? It is inconceivable that ANYONE with an ounce of intelligence cannot immediately see the clear and present dangers, not only to the Jews of the world, but THE WHOLE WORLD. Muslims ONLY adhere to ONE SET of ‘rules’ and they are contained in the pages of the Koran and the subsequent Hadith- these ‘rules’ recommend and even worse DEMAND the primitive and savage killing of ANYONE – men, women or children – who refuse to recognise the Muslim ‘prophet’ or alternatively to submit and PAY, so as not to be killed or annihilated at the hands of Muslims. Given that we in the West are allowing Muslims to enter our countries and actually HAVE A VOTE, so is it surprising that they are continually using our ‘good offices’ to continually undermine our systems of Government to their OWN ends and demand the introduction of THEIR Shariah Laws? We desperately need men and women who will stand their ground and tell the truth of this madness – men such as President Trump – UK’s Tommy Robinson – the Dutch, the Hungarian, Italian and a motley mixture of Europeans who see through the Machiavellian manoeuvres of Muslims and Islam to undermine our Democratic processes, WHICH ISLAM DESPISES! It seems that at last the West is SLOWLY waking up to the catastrophe of bringing our historical declared enemies ‘within our OWN walls! – actually giving them succour and expanding their influence – to the detriment of all Democratic Nations. Enough is enough! Do not allow weak and self-serving Governments to play games with our future and that of our children – if you will just remember ONE IMPORTANT THING – NEVER, EVER, give a Muslim your precious VOTE in ANY Democratic country – you do so at your peril! They are past masters at abusing any hospitality offered to them – they ALWAYS take kindness for weakness. I am NOT a racist – Islam is not a RACE – it is a demented political system designed to tear away democratic principles WORKDWIDE.

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        1. Furthermore, try and imagine the unimaginable- A Middle East WITHOUT Israel! The mayhem that would result between the warring factions of Islam wallowing in the mutual destruction of such fertile and strategic lands! Few people truly understand what would be at stake if Israel was ever to fall to the primitive Muslim Hoards – Sunni, Shia and the near one hundred factions which Islam is split into – all murdering and terrorising the other? Not one Islamic/Muslim nation can be trusted to live in peace – their ‘book’ is a complete mish-mash of militancy and calls to subdue any other race or people who do not follow their mad-cap paedophile – Remember ONE very important truism – If you live by the SWORD – then you must be prepared to die by the SWORD. No, I am NOT Jewish – I am a REALIST.

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      1. Tell it, brother!!!! You got that! And it’s also striking how closely the Islamic practice of quiet infiltration and Conquest By Reproduction resembles the Socialist and Communist doctrine–and the Nazi’s, for that matter—of explicitly exploiting Bourgeois cultures,societies and liberties to subvert their unity from within, like the “former” USSR /KGB/FSB/Russians are doing cybernetically at this very moment. And it’s also the goal of any and every nation in the world who is not as rich and free as America to become so, and for human animals to be attracted to the easiest resource: hence Globalism.

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  1. Well I am just so shocked and horrified that European Jews would object to their country being overrun by millions of people whose religion is fundamentally, explicitly and unequivocally based on hating Jews and destroying them wherever they are found. How narrow-minded and hateful of them! Rather they should open their arms and embrace them, in the spirit of universal brotherhood, despite the fact that they hate Jews, actively seek to “drive Israel into the sea”, and hear about the evils of Jews every time they read their holy books, watch TV, read their newspapers, and listen to their Friday sermon! Anti-Semitism always increases anywhere Muslims go; they have simply brought it to Europe, and any opposition is interpreted by the media as “racist”.

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  2. The AFd is not Far-right(they dont allow any Member who was in a Far Right Party or Organisation!!!).THey just say what Merkel sayed some years ago!The most Members came from all big German Partys CDU,CSU,SPD,FDP,Greens.

    They had Jews,Black,Kurds,Iranians,Homosexuells as Members and active Politicians.

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    1. Firstly – I am NOT Jewish.
      Secondly – I am not racist, despite what ANYBODY tries to label me.
      Thirdly – If I was German, and a Jew, would I want to import people into my country who are ORDERED by their Book – (quite probably in the case of Muslims, the only book or literature they will EVER read!) ?
      Fourthly – What choices would remain to me to defend myself, my children and my family?
      Fifthly – Right, I would either have to move to another country, or stay put in MY country and defend my rights.
      Sixth – Jews are neither cowards nor idiots. Like the American people did in the last US Elections – they MUST ‘choose the lesser of two evils’ – and THAT is why, to stay alive they either move to a more civilised society, Israel, or join the AfD.
      Seventh- I SAY. “BLOODY GOOD LUCK TO THEM”! Stay the course and fight for your lives!

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  3. So basically, the lower middle class and lower class Jews who actually have to live with the consequences of “diversity” are starting to rebel. They see the results up close and personally. Good for them.

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  4. I have always felt that the Jews have been unfairly blamed for much of the leftist lunacy behind the mass immigration of Muslims. While it is true that there are many Jews involved in globalism, there are also many who are not, so it is an inaccurate generalization that causes some of us to alienate those who would naturally be our allies on this issue.

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  5. Well then the Left Wing Jews are IDIOTS, if they do not realize that the Left hates them and will abandon them to their fates. Most Leftists are antisemitic ! And if Leftist Jews don’t see that, then they are blind. It is only the Right that is supporting Israel and that is fighting antisemitism.

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  6. Let’s get this straight! What I am telling you is NOT my opinion – I am simply telling what is the truth – nothing more, nothing less.
    FIRSTLY: Ask any Muslim whether they believe in the ‘truth’ written in the Koran: If they say NO – they are CLEARLY NOT MUSLIMS, but are apostates and at any time are potential targets to be killed.
    SECONDLY: If they say YES – then the book they believe to be the truth clearly tells them, time and again, that the Jews are their foremost enemy – FOREVER.
    THIRDLY: Throughout history, our leaders in the West have written of their opinions on Islam and without exception have warned us and told us the truth about Islam, truth WRITTEN in Islam’s own book the Koran, and confirmed by the historical facts of Islamic conquests for almost two thousand years. We are bombarded by Muslim leaders, daily, and reminded time and again, that there is only ONE book – and that book, the Koran describes for every Muslim – from birth to death and in the utmost detail – how to live their lives, how to trust NO-ONE who is not a Muslim AT ANY TIME – and more especially the Jews. Let that SINK IN FOR A MOMENT! What is being said is that TIL’ THE END OF TIME Jews will remain the enemies of Islam and every other race, colour or creed is not only inferior to The Muslim, but must be MADE to ultimately accept one way or another that Islam is the one and only way of life.
    So, whenever you meet a Muslim – your FIRST thought should be in the knowledge of HIS OR HER TERRIFYING BELIEFS – and as the Marquis of Queensbury told ALL combatants – ” DEFEND YOURSELF – AT ALL TIMES”. Indeed, ‘forewarned is forearmed’. Clearly, I don’t hate Muslims – I hate and despise what they are being taught every day of their lives.

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