Will the migrant caravan headed north from Honduras have implications for US midterm elections?

I think, yes, if they continue northward.

Yesterday, the migrants numbering between 1,600 and 2,000, chanting “We have rights,” crossed the border from Honduras into Guatemala with the intention of illegally crossing in to Mexico.


Migrant caravan
Yikes! the caravan is made up of mostly young men! It looks just like the European invasion!


Just a reminder to all, these are not refugees.

(See my most recent discussion about the misuse of the word ‘refugee.’)

They are mostly economic migrants, but the Leftwing Open Borders advocates will say they are seeking asylum from persecution for their race, religion, political view, and will call them refugees.

If that is the case, they are required to ask for asylum in the first safe country they enter.

I know you are saying as you read this that Mexico isn’t safe, but indeed it is considered so for the purpose of asylum.  It will be a real test of the new Mexican government if they permit the movement of the Honduran caravan across Mexico and to the US border.

Just as Elizabeth Warren’s Indian heritage stunt isn’t good for the Dems three weeks out from the mid term elections, neither is this migrant caravan should it reach our border.

It will just be one more argument in favor of President Trump’s hardline immigration stance.

Here is the AP at the Chicago Tribune yesterday:

Honduran migrant caravan crosses Guatemala border, US-bound


Hundreds of Honduran migrants surged over the Guatemalan border under a broiling sun Monday hoping to make it to new lives in the United States, far from the poverty and violence of their home nation.

Police stopped the migrants at a roadblock outside Esquipulas for several hours in the afternoon, but the travelers refused to return to the border and were eventually allowed to pass.

They arrived in town as night fell, exhausted by the day’s heat, hobbling on blistered feet. Few carried food and some local residents began to organize to help feed them. Some migrants asked for money, others passing a bakery were handed bread.

map honduras etc
They crossed from Honduras and into Guatemala yesterday.

Earlier in the day, the migrants arrived at the Guatemalan border singing the Honduran national anthem, praying and chanting, “Yes, we can.” The group estimated at 1,600 or more defied an order by the Guatemalan government that they not be allowed to pass.

“We have rights,” the migrants shouted.


Local media coverage prompted hundreds more to join, and Dunia Montoya, a volunteer assisting the migrants, estimated Sunday that the group had grown to at least 1,600 people. Police gave their own estimate of around 2,000 on Monday.  [Find out who the “volunteer” works for and find out who organized the march. Could it be the Catholic Church?—-ed]

The caravan formed a day after U.S. Vice President Mike Pence urged the presidents of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to persuade their citizens to stay home and not put their families in danger by undertaking the risky journey to the United States.

In April, President Donald Trump threatened in April to withdraw foreign aid from Honduras and countries that allowed transit for a similar caravan that set out from the Central American country. That caravan dwindled as the group approached the U.S. border, with some giving up along the way and others splitting off to try to cross on their own.

Historian Dana Frank, an expert on human rights and U.S. policy in Honduras, said the caravan could have political implications in the United States less than a month before the midterm elections.

More here.

Yes, it surely could and my prediction is that the impact will favor Republicans who support Trump’s stronger border initiatives.

You may have noticed that the Dems are campaigning with no mention of immigration (if they can avoid it).

So, make sure you send this news to everyone you know!

17 thoughts on “Will the migrant caravan headed north from Honduras have implications for US midterm elections?

    1. I can’t figure out how an invasion force of thousands marching to our southern border chanting “WE HAVE RIGHTS” and waving their countries flag, is a cause of concern the USA is supposed to be concerned with. Of course, they have rights but those rights are in their country of origin. They have absolutely no rights in any of the countries they are marching through on in the country of their destination.
      Mexico, who is supposed to be an ally, isn’t doing anything to deter this invasion headed to the USA. Putting up some barriers used for crowd control at a parade isn’t much of a show of support.

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      1. Another point that should be presented is, none of them look like any depressed migrants I’ve pictures of. They’re all pretty fat and appear to be well fed. Some of them even had NIKI’s on their feet. Probably knockoffs from China.

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  1. Simple Analysis. DNC wanted more voters and they wanted immediate citizenship. Someone finally told them after DACA and after the last March they were predominately Catholic. Catholics are predominately anti-abortion. DNC is solid 100% pro abortion even to the moment of birth.

    I live most of the year in Mexico. So I floated this theory and one who joined in, a Priest, agreed fully.

    In Tucson last week I talked to some Arizona version of of Tejanos meaning born in Texas for probably generations, some immigrants and some I guessed were illegals. Brought the subject up in passing and got 100% approval

    “So why are you all voting for Sinema?”

    “Shhhh we aren’t we just say that but in the voting booth we’re voting for the other one. Sinema is a good Democrat and as you said. She said nothing about Obama’s cages or separated families back then…”

    Later another commented “Sinema doesn’t have near the votes she thinks. She is going to be the Hillary this time.”

    My sister mentioned the subject in her work place in Florida. Not much was mentioned but one said, “We were wondering.
    Not all DACAs live in California.”

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  2. We have rights also. As a sovereign nation, we have the right to decide how many people we allow to immigrate, who we let in our country, and what procedures to use to screen those we allow to immigrate, to protect ourselves and our families. My rights are violated every time some third world parasite sneaks in here and bypasses those protections, and I am getting fed up with the abuse of the asylum process, that was never intended to be extended to people who simply want better living conditions, and who therefore think they are entitled to the resources that create mine.

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  3. I don’t understand why the US allows this to happen ! Why are we obligated to let them cross the line and then have to process and house all of them for months and months awaiting trial? Why let them in in the first place? They should be turned back before they put one foot over the border.

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  4. Be interesting to see what the Mexican President does to deter their march. If he does nothing then I’m wondering if POTUS Trump is preparing to defend our southern border with US Troops. The Dem’s will say or do nothing because this is a movement put together by the same leftist fanatics that control them.

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  5. Well now – this is what happens when the country loses all control due to idiot ‘politicians’ who are simply self-serving – the Clintons are a perfect example. When Political Parties are filled with Communistic/Socialist dumb-heads who for the most part have never worked in their lives and are the last to feel the impact of having to struggle for an existence – world-wide they are a bed apart. Most are either current or ex-lawyers who leech on the public at every turn. The best lawyer, remember, is the one who lies the best.

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    1. Because we are living in and putting up with a dictatorship composed of a group of dictators called circuit court Judges each of whom hold more power than any President or the entire Congress. Dictators who can erase the rule of law, the will of the people the laws of congress without anyway of stopping them.

      How did it happen than these self appointed dictators got so powerful? Why aren’t they limited to getting at least a majority vote of their group why even the Supreme Court has not as much power as this collection of Hitlerites.

      One so called Judge in Hawaii literally has unchecked unlimited powers over this immigration business when Hawaii onloy took in three immigrants in the whole of last year? Their OPINION should hold no action without that majority vote of their low level then sent on to the next highest the Supreme Court before it becomes anythinig more than opinion and it should never be an edict of a group of dictators much less Nine Whole Circuit Courts each with those dictatorial powers.

      Of all people they should know better. They are not Constitutionalist and fit for nothing but serving time in jail.


      1. Well we won’t get rid of them short of calling on our military to uphold their oath of office by supporting the Pelosi’s and Schumer’s of the world themselves violators of their oath of office. Get enough of the opposite side in the Congress and they can eject this disease from their own bodies and cure themselves.

        It only takes two to file internal imipeachment and hold them to trial as the enemies of the state they are. Both Houses of Congress can eject them and send them back to their home states saying “Send us someone suitable not these left over crumbs of the Pelosi/Schumer Regime.


    1. MSM That’s Fox and a few blogs. The others haven’t been mainstream for a number of years they are left wing extremists.

      Most of the 18-25 group that sign up for government college loans don’t realize they just signed up for changing their draft status to volunteering for the military when needed.

      In retrospect as a regular army retiree I never had to be drafted but I understood what it meant. Involuntary military conscription thinly disguised. There is no choice. Failure to sign up at 18 means jail and fines.

      My personal belief after 24 years infantry and related units NONE in the rear echelon non combat units is a quote from Robert Heinlein. If it’s important enough will volunteer. If enough do not volunteer it’s not important. A third comment is at age 18 how many are asked “Do you want to be a full citizen with the rights of a full citizen or not?” Those who do not would not be allowed to vote or run for or hold any public office. But no one could be refused regardless of physical affliction.

      Unfortunately only one party was in favor of keeping the draft operating ready to go and the mandatory sign ups and the college money/government job carrot meant the stick of jail and fines would not have to be mentioned. Main proponent was Rep. Charles Wrangel D and his party.

      To make that decision a pending 18 year old would have to have a great deal more education than they get today. But ‘rights mean corresponding responsibilities.’

      That includes women. they get a free ride on the money and jobs deal and don’t have to sign up. Rights but No Responsibilities and that’s wrong.

      Someone asked where you going to get people to do the fighting? The Draft. Where else?

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