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South Korea: No refugee status, but Yemenis can stay for awhile

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 17, 2018

Oh boy, big mistake!  If they have been denied asylum they need to go.

I’m guessing that South Korea hasn’t been paying attention to the Australian mess or even our mess in the US with Temporary Protected Status.

See my post from this summer on South Korea’s Muslim migrants.


jeju protester

Citizens get it, government doesn’t!


From Reuters (headline is slightly deceptive!):

South Korea denies refugee status to Yemeni asylum seekers

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea has denied refugee status but granted temporary stay permits to hundreds of Yemeni asylum seekers who arrived on the southern island of Jeju this year, the Ministry of Justice announced on Wednesday.

More than 500 Yemenis sought refugee in South Korea between January and May, having fled the war that has engulfed their homeland.

Asian countries including China, Japan and South Korea grant very few asylum claims and take few refugees from the UN.

The influx of asylum seekers to South Korea – which has only granted refugee status to 839 of 40,470 applicants from various countries since 1994, not including defectors from North Korea – sparked a backlash and led to the government tightening immigration laws in June.

A total of 481 Yemenis have applied for asylum, with 362 granted temporary humanitarian stay permits, the ministry said in a statement.

Another 34 applications were rejected with no permits issued because officials determined they had criminal records or were seeking asylum for economic reasons, the ministry said.

A final 85 cases are still being processed.

Most of the Yemenis flew into the resort island of Jeju, where they have largely been blocked from leaving for mainland South Korea.

But get this:

Under the humanitarian stay permits, the refugees will be able to leave Jeju.

I presume that means to the mainland!

More here.

In my humble opinion, South Korea will never be able to remove them now!

6 Responses to “South Korea: No refugee status, but Yemenis can stay for awhile”

  1. They have a lot more sense than many of our governments.


  2. Why doesn’t North Korea take in some of these oppressed proletariats? you would think that they would be welcome in a socialist paradise like North Korea.

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  3. Lee Roberts said

    There goes the neighborhood, they have their “foot in the door”.

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  4. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Have the globalist elitists and the islamic-run UN and–wait for it!–George Soros, even gotten to the leadership of South Korea, until NOW a bastion of good sense?

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  5. paleodrone said

    Yemenis could be enemies of freedom and the state

    Yemenis could be enemies of women’s rights and fate!

    Saw a sad video with interviews stating that women and the elderly are staying inside because of fear and crime in S. Korea now.

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  6. I’m sure the liberal progressive Americans will demand we take these Muslims in.

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