Texas is top refugee resettlement state in the nation since 2008 (blue state here we come?)

I’m working on a post on Kentucky which sent me back to the Refugee Processing Center for some numbers.

So, I saw this data and figured it would be a useful bit of information for you especially as there is much talk these days as a result of the US Senate race there about Texas turning blue.

refugees_Texas (1)
Big enough for all?

Of course, refugee numbers alone aren’t going to be the deciding factor, but as refugees come in (along with all of the other migrants coming in to Texas) they help to change the political landscape by eroding the long-standing cultural cohesiveness and character of the state.

So here is a map from Wrapsnet.¬† I know the numbers are hard to read but below you will find the numbers for the top ten resettlement states in the US from the beginning of Obama’s term in office up to today.


Total refugee admissions to the US from the fall of 2008 to the present day are 634,460:


Screenshot (1493)

Screenshot (1494)



Here are the top ten states with Texas at 64,198 refugees since October of 2008:


Screenshot (1495)_LI

Screenshot (1496)


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8 thoughts on “Texas is top refugee resettlement state in the nation since 2008 (blue state here we come?)

  1. It’s as if a clash between cultures was deliberately being staged, but the rules of engagement hobble the Americans and are stacked in favor of the invading hordes. Texas has long been the epitome of American independence, self sufficiency, small government, and the free market economy while the “refugees” typically come from collectivist cultures that emphasize dependence on social welfare, group thinking, big government and the redistribution of wealth. So is it the Texans who are supposed to change and restructure society to accommodate these foreigners dumped there, or is it the refugees? as we have seen in Minnesota and other places infested with unwelcome refugees, it is usually the unfortunate communities, and not the foreigners, that are forced to change. I’m sure that turning Texas into a southern outpost of California would be quite a victory for the left. Hopefully Texas will remember the Alamo and do something it before that becomes possible, because the left is definitely messing with Texas.

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  2. Ann,

    Most of our Texans are trying desperately to not allow our state to turn blue. I feel like November will tell the tale for many states in our beloved USA.

    Liberalism is a bedmate of socialism and we want to keep our beloved state of Texas conservative.

    Thanks you for all you do in getting news out to our public of what is going on behind the scenes in our country regarding immigration/refugees.

    Prayers and blessings,

    Dee Winter

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  3. Hard to read is right! Very hard to see the cold facts of where our money has gone, is going, and the erasure of our population. These refugees breed like roaches and know how to take from the state like bandits!!!!

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