Lexington KY: Catholic Church and Interfaith group stage refugee “pilgrimage” tomorrow

Here is what I don’t get:  Why does their love of “the other” always have to be demonstrated via a political event— a staged event to show how good they are and how bad you are?


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Social justice warriors: The Catholic Church and an ‘Interfaith’ group hold a political event in Lexington tomorrow.


Can’t these Catholics simply (quietly!) help refugees and immigrants without making a show of it?

Here is news from Lexington, KY about such an event tomorrow entitled: “Share the Journey with Migrant, Refugee, and Marginalized Sisters and Brothers” pilgrimage.

Implicit in the advertising is the political message:  in the Trump era immigrants are suffering.

Maybe the good Catholics could help them privately and quietly with food and private loving care!  (We assume that they have run out of poor and homeless Americans to care for in Lexington!)

Does it really help immigrants personally to showcase them, or is this all about the midterm elections?

From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Show solidarity with migrants, refugees at Saturday pilgrimage, service

This is a time of great and increasing uncertainty for immigrants living among us, whatever their citizenship or country of origin. In fact, it is an extremely difficult time for the marginalized and members of minorities living among us, whether they were born in this country or not.

While immigrants from some countries have been welcomed over the years, too often refugee and immigrants from other countries have faced indifference or hostility. This has happened while we have often relied on them to do difficulty and sometimes dangerous jobs for long hours and for very low wages. [How about if the good Catholics find them work other than in low wage meat and poultry plants!—ed]

Recent changes in immigration and enforcement policies have left many of these people with very little sense of security or, sometimes, hope. Those of us in more fortunate circumstances must, in conscience, step up and offer them both expressions of solidarity and practical help.  [How about some serious practical help without the showboating!—ed]

One important chance to express solidarity is the “Share the Journey with Migrant, Refugee, and Marginalized Sisters and Brothers” pilgrimage taking place Saturday, Oct. 20, starting at 10 a.m. at the Courthouse Plaza and ending at Historic St Paul Catholic Church, where there will be a brief service, beginning with song and dance by our Congolese sisters and brothers.  [They love to bring out the refugees as props for their political message!—ed]

The intention of the event is “to promote a just and inclusive community, especially in this climate of enhanced danger for immigrants, refugees, and the marginalized. We stand together, walk together, and pray together as a public witness to the dignity of the human person and the obligation we have as companions on the journey to accompany one another and build the culture of encounter.”  [They have that social justice lingo down pat, don’t they!—ed]

This event is sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington with Lexington UNITED Interfaith Encounters, Catholic Charities, The Catholic Action Center and others.

More here.

Kentucky is a ‘welcoming state’!

What do the Kentucky refugee admission numbers look like?

When I wrote this post yesterday, I learned that Kentucky ranks #14 in the list of states with the most resettled refugees.

In fact, according to Wrapsnet, since October of 2008, Kentucky ‘welcomed’ 16,901 refugees!

Here is a list of the top twelve countries whose refugees, Catholics and other ‘religious’ resettlement agencies, have added to Kentucky’s diversity (mostly chosen by the UN).


Syrians to KY
See first Syrians arrive in KY  in 2015 with the help of an Islamic charity.     https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2015/02/15/first-syrian-refugees-arriving-in-louisville-ky-helped-with-grant-from-islamic-charity/

Burma (3,964)

DR Congo (3,040)

Bhutan (2,592)

Iraq (2,435)

Somalia (2,171)

Cuba (827)

Syria (495)

Sudan (231)

Burundi (210)

Eritrea (127)

Afghanistan (120)

Pakistan (107)

Go here for my Kentucky archives.  Don’t miss the story about the Iraqi refugees arrested a few years ago in Bowling Green, now doing life in prison on terrorism charges.

10 thoughts on “Lexington KY: Catholic Church and Interfaith group stage refugee “pilgrimage” tomorrow

  1. Who remembers Vietnamese immigration, also sometimes not entirely welcome, in the 1970’s? An American family or a church could sponsor a Vietnamese or other SE Asian family displaced by war. The sponsor was responsible for mentoring its guests – finding housing (which had to be in place before they arrived), English classes for adults, children/teens enrolled in local schools, showing where familiar food and other necessities might be obtained & how to pay, etc. It worked then, why not now? If this church is so concerned, then let them do as I’ve just described? No march, no promo. No hoopla. Go down there. Find a family. Be a Christian. Yes, it will be difficult. That’s where God comes in.


    1. Everything changed with the Ted Kennedy/Jimmy Carter Refugee Act of 1980. The Catholic Church is now paid (with taxpayer $$$) on a per head basis to resettle refugees and get them signed up for welfare. In 3-6 months they move on to the next paying clients.

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  2. Families DO belong together, so let’s start demanding that unwed mothers give the names of their babies fathers to DSS, either that or let’s start DNA testing the children to see how many in each family have the same father or different fathers to see how promiscuous these mothers ARE. Perhaps they are not fit to have children in their custody !


  3. Matthew 6.2: ““So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others.”


  4. Why don’t these Catholic do-Gooders not send their missionaries to these countries who are abusing and killing their populations and teach them about Catholicism THERE? Why do these mistreated by their own politicians not STAY in their countries and fight for freedom THERE. They are damned good at telling US how to change OUR ways – why don’t they RISE UP and demand the freedoms we so willingly offer them here and which they abuse at EVERY turn? Plus, how come most of them who get here fail to hold down a job or learn our language? All that will happen is they will breed until they reduce OUR countries to the primitive levels they are trying to get away from. total madness ON OUR PART.

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  5. In Central MN the Marxist group, ISAIAH, is doing a MARCH TO THE POLLS for the “people and people and communities we care for”. They’re a so-called “faith” group who pull out all the stops to pressure and bully their communist/Marxist political agenda.


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