UN Migration Compact expected to say migration is a “human right”

That would mean there would no longer be various migrant categories like refugees, asylum seekers, economic migrants and certainly no more illegal aliens.  If the UN-supported planners have their way, anyone can move anywhere effectively, of course, wiping out borders.

The last is what they have been after for eons.  No borders.

Free West Media explains from Berlin (hat tip: Joan):

UN will soon try to enforce open borders as a ‘human right’


German AfD MP Markus Frohnmaier says he is most disconcerted by the latest developments. Piled up on his desk, is a mountain of papers with the headers showing the logo of the United Nations.

UN logo

“Every MP of Europe, every MEP and even every mayor should be forced to read this”, says 27-year-old Frohnmaier, one of the youngest deputies in the Bundestag.

In September 2017, he was elected to parliament on the list of the Eurosceptic party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). “If there had not been the AfD in the German parliament, no other political force would dare to criticise this monstrous document.”

The document in question, is the draft text for the so-called Global Compact for Migration for UN member states. It is more or less a globalist project where all signatory states declare their will to abolish the current different categories of migrants in order to declare migration a blanket “human right”.


Trump and Orban
So far only President Donald Trump and Hungary’s Viktor Orban have said they won’t sign it.  Leaders of Italy and Austria are signalling their disapproval of the “human right” declaration and considering not going along with it.


The only leaders unwilling to go along are US President Donald Trump and Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban. They have both declared that they would not sign the Global Compact.

“This document will enforce migration to Europe. It is open-border propaganda on steroids,” says Frohnmaier. The young politician is part of a European alliance of politicians of sovereignist conservatives who have been organising the political opposition against the “crazy concoction” as Frohnmaier calls the final draft of the Global Compact.

Screenshot (1500)
AfD’s Frohnmaier:   “It is open-border propaganda on steroids,”

Indeed, if this international agreement is implemented by signatory states, it practically means an end to controlled migration and borders as we we know it.

The agreement does not distinguish between refugees and migrants anymore.

Thus even illegal migrants can no longer be deported. In fact, it will be the end of the very notion of an “illegal migrant”. Illegal border crossings will no longer be considered a crime – since migration will be considered to be a “human right”.


The starting point for the Global Compact was a summit on flight and migration that took place under the aegis of the UN in September 2016, with Barack Obama issuing the invitation.


The Inter-Governmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Migration will take place in Marrakech, Morocco on the 10th and 11th of December. Most of the European states will sign the document there.

More here.

For Americans watching the violent 4,000-strong caravan headed for the US, if this compact were to be accepted as international law, those illegal aliens could keep right on marching to your towns and cities because they would have a human right to be there.

As for Europe, countries like Hungary, Poland, Austria, and Italy better get their fences in place and build their military!

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11 thoughts on “UN Migration Compact expected to say migration is a “human right”

  1. Please remember what this is really all about:

    The so-called “refugee” invasion and the continued toleration of the INVASION of aliens (legal and illegal) – particularly from Third World countries – constitute the “shock troops” of the globalist, oligarch New World Ordure cabal. The plan: destroy whatever hegemony the nations of the West still retain. Destroy – with their “diversity” – their ability to be self-governing. Destroy their sovereignty. Cause as much strife, economic hardship, crime, mayhem and murder as possible. The brainwashed zombies of the Left are just the current “useful idiots” helping this to occur.

    When the situation gets bad enough the sheeple of the once-free nations of the West will beg their so-called “leaders” to “do something”. Then the NWO cabal will come out with their “solution”: WORLD GOVERNMENT. (Translated: enslavement of all who are not part of their cabal or the government drones that do their dirty work.)

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  2. UNHCR have effectively been saying this for years, There’s nothing that any country can do in its own interests to mitigate the bad effects of unwanted immigration to western countries without attracting condemnation from the UN and its agencies. It’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster, most likely to lead to widespread violence. The UN’s main supporters in our Western countries are most likely also supporters of the insane ‘open borders/one world’ ambition.

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    1. UNHCR should start filing complaints against the arms industry, energy, mining industries as well as the big banking interests which fund the wars overseas. If there were fewer wars, there would be fewer legitimate refugees. Secondly, the UNHCR needs to examine corruption within its own ranks. The UNHCR has done nothing for nobody. The UNHCR never complains about the scammers who actually pretend to be refugees either. How come UNHCR never helps the huge numbers of homeless in the USA? What has the UNHCR done to help the USA with the opioid epidemic?


  3. I am beginning to wonder where MY human rights begin and end. Surely a fair question? For instance – do I have the ‘human right’ to NOT like somebody? Is it my human right to prefer people of my own kith and kin rather than someone I consider to be a leech, or perhaps someone who is trying to force THEIR form of religion down MY throat? Do I have the right to defend the soldiers of MY country against the mobs who defile their heroism and courage? How far do MY rights extend when beasts of one religion or ‘heritage’ rape and abuse those of my own – and those being paid to protect my little sisters, police and Officials who fail to carry out their responsibilities and CONTINUOUSLY ignore the cries from those innocents, and allow their cries to go unanswered? At what point am I within my human rights to defend these children from systematic abuse when they call to me from ‘ the wilderness’? Rights, rights, rights – it seems to me that the only ones who are denied their RIGHTS are those who are actually right!

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  4. Then what is the point of Nations at all, if the citizens cannot control who they want as neighbors and who they clearly do not want ?

    Perhaps Hitler would have been wiser just to send three million German men without uniforms into Poland in 1939 ! Then no one could have complained and we could have averted WWII !!!!

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  5. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Still another (outstandingly-good) reason to dump the worthless, islamic-run UN.
    It appears obama raised his “very” UGLY HEAD about this in September, 2016, just one more raised middle finger in his goodbye wave that he was hoping would not happen–in fact, in September he probably was CERTAIN he wouldn’t be saying goodbye.
    When his eulogy is written his name will be right up there with the top villains of all time, but worse, king o was all set for 1984.

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  6. This is absolutely NOT wanted in our country…their message is to knuckle-under to their DEMANDS and take over!

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    1. Refugees are not all really refugees. I was shopping in a high end women’s clothing store. A man from Eratrea was shopping and saleslady asked where he was from, he told her. I chimed in are you here on refugee resettlement and he said “Yes, it is good”. I made sure I waited till he went to purchase the clothing and watched him pull out a wad of bill and paid many many hundreds of dollars in cash. WHERE did he get the money. Was he wealthy in his country and snuck it into the US as he claimed he was a refugee. UGGGGGHHHHH


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