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All eyes on Texas today, the number one refugee resettlement state in the nation

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 22, 2018

As the President heads to Texas and the Central American migrant caravan marches on toward our southern border, I can’t help but say ‘told you so.’

Between illegal immigration and legal refugees, the hard Left Open Borders activists and agitators are turning a red state blue.


refugees_Texas (1)

Big enough for everyone?


They might not succeed this year (then again they could!), but it is happening, and proud patriotic Texans better get in gear to stop it!

A little over two years ago I reported that Republican Governor Greg Abbott withdrew the state from the US Refugee Admissions Program, but little good it did as I reported last week that Texas is now solidly, and by a large margin, the top refugee resettlement state in the nation.

No time for more on this today.  But, if you want to see how Texas has come to this place in its history, see my Texas archive here.

11 Responses to “All eyes on Texas today, the number one refugee resettlement state in the nation”

  1. paleodrone said

    If Texas, “True Heart of Texas” can give out unlimited funds to unlimited immigrants, when do the banks go bust? Why are these demonic protesters in such need of a nightmare?!


  2. Dina Char said

    If you welcome them then you have to house them and feed them at you own expense.

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  3. The raucous mob of colorful, well-dressed, well-fed, middle class invaders from Latin America, subsidized and led by Globalist Socialist activists, bloated with false entitlement, all no doubt following their own progress on their phones, is an unprecedented hostile invasion by a potentially violent and criminal mob, no doubt hiding real criminals, and must be treated like a military invasion. They look neither starving, nor poor, nor endangered by anything other than their own foolishness. THEY MUST BE STOPPED. This is now an existential threat for our country; a historical turning point; High Noon on Ground Zero of the immigration crisis: the Rio Grande (our Mediterranean). If any of these people get in, against the strident, unmistakable opposition of most of the country, the law, the Constitution, and the fierce, unprecedented fury of the president, then we are well and truly f****d as a nation. Stick a fork in us: we’re done. They will be pouring in by the millions, from S. America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, forever. The border must simply be shut down. This is the true manifestation of the uncannily prophetic Camp of the Saints. But then again you could have seen it–and many of us did see it–60 years ago.


  4. I noticed that many people who get granted refugee status actually take fly back and forth between the country they claimed they were persecuted in. For example, Beverly Hills, CA is now around 40% Middle Eastern refugees. Not all the Middle Eastern refugees are on food stamps or benefits, yet many of them spend much time either complaining about the USA or avoiding non Middle Eastern people. Sadly, the local press avoids talking about the problems in Beverly Hills. Here are some links which vaguely mention the Middle East population in Beverly Hills:

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  5. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Yes, the true Texans had better be getting informed of what’s happening, and the islamic-run UN needs to stop telling us what “refugees” go where and how many, and needs to get kicked out of New York.


  6. David R. Helt said

    Their signs should read: “We can’t get enough Americans to vote for authoritarian socialism. We will buy the illegal votes of foreign nationals with freebies over freedom. — Welcome Comrades!”


  7. grayjohn said

    If you welcome them then you have to house them and feed them at you won expense. Otherwise, they are not welcome and not wanted and not legal. And possibly an act of war.


  8. Robert K Pavlick said

    Texans better wake up and learn to be a little less accepting of the “friendly Invasion” that is going on or they will end up, down the line, as good as annexed by Mexico, once 60% of the population is Mexican !!!!


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