German government dragging its feet on admitting migrants they promised to take

Invasion of Europe news…

And, German hypocrisy alert!

Well what do you know, Germany made a big show a few months back when it said it would take migrants from ships docked in Italy and Malta.  Those countries were not letting the wannabe Europeans disembark until other countries promised to take them.

Now we learn that 115 are still in Italy and Malta as Germany must thoroughly screen them!


Sea Watch
In a Mediterranean ship version of whack-a-mole, the German ‘Sea-Watch’ migrant transport ship will be back in business soon!


From Deutsche Welle:

Rescued migrants in limbo while waiting for resettlement in Germany


One hundred and fifteen migrants who were rescued in the Mediterranean Sea have been waiting for months in Italy and Malta for Germany to take them in as promised, the German government has said.

The migrants needed to undergo a medical examination, be registered and attend interviews before they could be transferred to Germany, according to a statement made in response to an enquiry by German parliamentarians of the Left party. They also required checking by German intelligence services before the German federal refugee agency BAMF could arrange a transfer, the statement added.

Salvini grim
What will Italy’s Salvini say? We will be watching!

It said some of the migrants were saved by two military ships on July 13 and taken to Sicily, and others rescued by the NGO ship Aquarius on August 10 and brought to Malta.

Italy and Malta allowed them to disembark only after other EU member states had promised to take them in.

Ulla Jelpke, a spokeswoman for the Left’s parliamentary party, commended Berlin for having pledged to take in the migrants, but called for quick action to fulfill the promise.

“There is no plausible reason for their entry to be put off because of bureaucratic measures,” she said.

Several other EU states have already received the migrants they pledged to take.

Meanwhile, they are baaaacck!

At least one NGO migrant transport ship will soon be back in business on the hunt for African migrants launching from the coast of North Africa.

In another related development, the German NGO Sea-Watch said on Saturday that its vessel Sea-Watch 3 would return to migrant rescue operations after Malta allowed it to sail to Spain for maintenance work, having impounded it for three months.

Sea-Watch accused Malta of having acted “without any legal basis” and said more than 500 people had drowned at sea while the ship was being “illegally detained.”

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  1. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    How hard would it be to stop these “refugee” transport vessels (shot over the bow if necessary) and then turn them around and send back to Africa?
    If some innocents get hurt in the process that’s too bad.
    But then, America has her own major migrant problem and I could care less what the happens to Germany which is on borrowed time anyway,

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  2. Clearly the people of the UK, given a focused vote in the Referendum of 2016 showed their fears of an immigrant invasion, which tipped the balance in favour of the ‘Leave’ vote, but now the losers are trying desperately to reverse that momentous decision. THEY WILL FAIL! Enormous amounts of money have been given to those who voted Remain, THE LOSERS, by no less a ‘criminal’ than GEORGE (Big Brother) SOROS. He is the one who made his many millions betting against the UK Pound during our financial crisis – and may I remind those who are now accepting his ill-gotten gains,,that the money he is spreading around within our political system is actually British money. How blind the UK is to this attempted foreign subversion of the will of the people! Check the record and it is patently clear that other ‘subversives’ such as Sadie Khan are also in the pocket of Soros, not to mention the deviants of the ghastly LGBT ‘community’. Let me remind everyone that it was the silent majority who won Brexit for us – and it will be that SAME silent majority who will defend that decision – not the losers! RIGHT WILL PREVAIL!


  3. Well of COURSE they are ! Let’s be honest here ! Germany and England brought written language, hospitals, government, and civilization in general to Africa and many parts of the Middle East. And as the “chickens come home to roost”, all they are bringing with them is dependency, tribal violence and religious sect violence and overpopulation !!!!!


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