What the heck! Armenians brawl with Blacks and Hispanics in California high school


You learn something new every day.

Did you know that the center of the Armenian immigrant community in America is located in Glendale, California and that we are still bringing Armenian ‘refugees’ to the US to be placed mostly, where? in California, in and around Glendale where there are obviously ethnic and racial cultural clashes going on.

According to wikipedia, Glendale has the highest concentration of Armenians in the US.

Glendale, just a few miles away from Downtown Los Angeles, has a population of about 200,000, of which, according to some estimates, 40% is Armenian.

Thanks to reader ‘ganjagrandma’ for sending this story from the Atlanta Black Star.

It is several weeks old, but this news about racial and ethnic tensions at Glendale’s Hoover High sure didn’t make the national news.

So much for the mythical American melting pot!

Shocking Video Shows Brawl Parents Described as a ‘Race Riot’ at California High School

Several students have been disciplined after shocking footage of what concerned parents called a racially-motivated melee between dozens of teens at a Glendale, California high school.



Students involved in last Wednesday’s brawl at Hoover High School were remanded to separate rooms Monday and spoke little during “restorative circle” sessions with school counselors, according to KTLA.

The fight reportedly erupted during lunch period Wednesday, starting as a dispute between two students and quickly growing to involve dozens. That’s when police arrived to restore order, as the fists continued to fly.

No serious injuries were reported.

Parents said their kids tell them there’s been mounting racial tension on campus between Armenian students, the largest ethnic group at the school, and members the football and baseball teams who are mostly Black and Latino, among other ethnicities.

Ah, the joys of diversity.

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9 thoughts on “What the heck! Armenians brawl with Blacks and Hispanics in California high school

  1. Definition of Multicultural Diversity: n., state of artificial, state-installed heterogeny so concentrated and severe all parties become alienated from authority, the law, and even the rest of the community. So as far as I’m concerned the school situation is almost like that of the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980’s: you don’t even take a side, cause you don’t care who wins—they’re all foreign!


  2. I am not certain about the religious leanings of Armenians, I would imagine a fair number of them have taken up Islam, but I know there are quite a few Christians. Are the ones causing trouble the Muslims? I know Armenia was taken over by Turkey which is Muslim, and millions of Armenians were murdered.


    1. I believe Armenia is Christian: Eastern (Greek) Orthodox. No doubt that’s why the Ottoman Turks murdered millions of them in WW1. And yet to this very day the ultra-conservative Turkish Govt. will not admit to it.


  3. Thank you for alerting people about problems of the Northeast area of Los Angeles County. Glendale is a city which has severe problems. The local press seldom covers the ethnic tensions because of censorship either from politicians or business interests:


  4. Such race riots are a long-time staple of LAUSD. School demography often
    changes as outnumbered minorities transfer/drop out to avoid further violence.
    At one high school Hispanic boys bit parts of ears and noses of black boys.
    The latter disappeared. Often there is no media coverage of these school
    riots in LA.


    1. High schools in the Glendale area have now cancelled homecoming football games because of fears there will be further racial conflicts between Armenians and non-Armenians. Here is a link:

      The mayor of Glendale has made homophobic and racist statements against non-Armenians too:


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