Italy: Sale of Christian chapel to a Muslim group will be blocked

“Centuries of history risk disappearing if Islamisation, which up until now has been underestimated, gains the upper hand.”

(Matteo Salvini)


They are fighting hard in Italy to save Western Civilization.  We just hope it isn’t too late.

From Reuters:

ROME (Reuters) – Italy’s far-right League party intervened on Sunday to block efforts by a Muslim association to turn a former hospital chapel into a mosque.

The Muslim group last week made the highest offer for the chapel in the northern city of Bergamo at an auction organized by a local hospital, outbidding the Romanian Orthodox Church which had been using the building for its religious services.

map Bergamo

But the project proved short-lived, with League leaders in the wealthy Lombardy region, which includes Bergamo, announcing they would halt the sale by using a 2004 law that enables them to intervene and safeguard cultural sites.

“I would never put a Church on sale and I am amazed that the hospital management did not realize what a sensitive issue this is,” Lombardy President Attilio Fontana, a League politician, wrote on Twitter.

“However, we will exercise our right of first refusal (for the sale) and there will be no space for any appeal,” he added.

Salvini grim
Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini

His decision means the region must now buy the property.

League leader Matteo Salvini warned earlier this year that Italian culture and society risked being eradicated by Islam. “Centuries of history risk disappearing if Islamisation, which up until now has been underestimated, gains the upper hand,” he said in a statement.

More here.

There is a discussion in the Reuters story about the demographic change in Italy.

The story suggests that the Muslim population is still relatively small, but we know that the size doesn’t have to grow that much before demands for religious accommodation begin.

Mosques become a place around which Muslim communities build (even if there aren’t many practicing Muslims in the area when the mosque is first opened).

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6 thoughts on “Italy: Sale of Christian chapel to a Muslim group will be blocked

  1. In St. Cloud, Mn there is a large Somali Muslim population. There is a new tax payer funded Tech High School being built right now. It is set to open next fall. The school is over 50% Somali. I haven’t seen this but it is being said that their are foot washing stations and other prayer related amenities being built into the school. Can you imagine if Christians asked for a bible study room with a crucifix in it. What ever happened to the left’s insistence on separation of church and state. In St. Cloud, lots of newly built buildings are very accommodating to the Muslim religion. My hometown is so changed, not for the better. Lori

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    1. Lori,

      The left are now “leftists” meaning hard driven ideologues who’ve formed an alliance with Islamists, illegal aliens, and radical feminists in pursuit of their goal of a socialist utopia where our American promise of equality of opportunity is destroyed in favor of their fetishized equality of outcome. It is a remarkable state of affairs and genuinely startling to me, a lifelong democra,t (formerly) who began researching it once I learned that the no-go zones of Europe are very real and very large despite our MSM going to great lengths and months worth of on-air lies to program Americans into believing otherwise. Have a look at The Iconoclast who has done an excellent job chronicling this massive leftist effort in Europe:


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