UN Migration pact: Austria out, Poland and Czech Republic to follow?

That UN Global Compact for Migration could crumble as more countries signal they won’t sign the document in Morocco in December.

We told you about it here recently.  President Trump took us out at the very beginning and then Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban also said no way.

Sounds warm and fuzzy, so what is the problem?  Those who have studied the draft say it would make migration a human right.  In other words everyone would have a right to move wherever they wish.  There would be no more legal migration process.

From the liberal Irish Times (so they don’t clearly mention the real crux of the problem):

Poles and Czechs follow Austria and Hungary in rejecting UN migration pact

Anti-immigration leaders in central Europe follow US lead in opposing global framework

Poland and the Czech Republic are set to join Hungary and Austria in pulling out of a United Nations pact on migration, as populist central European governments attack the deal before it is even signed.

Screenshot (1508)
Arbour: But we just want to control migration chaos via the United Nations!

The Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was agreed in July by all UN members except the United States, and sets out norms for protecting and integrating people who migrate and ways to help them return home.

The pact is non-binding and recognises each state’s right to its own migration policy, but a growing number of anti-immigration leaders in central Europe are now rejecting it ahead of next month’s signing ceremony in Morocco.

“It is very likely that, like Austria, the Czech Republic and the United States, we will not be part of the UN global compact,” Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Friday.

“We believe that here our regulations, our sovereign rules on border protection and migration control are our absolute priority.”

A day earlier, Czech prime minister Andrej Babis declared that he also opposed the pact.

“It’s not clearly interpreted and it could be abused. The United States has pulled out, Hungary too, now Austria, and Poland is debating it as well,” he said.

“I don’t like the fact that it blurs the distinction between legal and illegal migration. . . I will propose to partners in the government that we should do the same as Austria and Hungary,” he added ahead of cabinet talks on the pact next week.

I would like to know exactly what was left out of Babis’s statement in that previous quote!

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7 thoughts on “UN Migration pact: Austria out, Poland and Czech Republic to follow?

  1. Many countries are still willing to welcome refugees! I am posting a link to an article about the most welcoming country for refugees, Uganda:

    I strongly advocate promoting countries such as Djibouti, Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia as outstanding alternatives to resettlement in the USA. Those places have great weather, beautiful scenery, and rapidly growing economies.

    Next time a VOLAG criticizes RRW or the USA, we should remind them of the excellent resettlement work that countries such as Djibouti or Uganda have accomplished. I DEMAND people start writing letters to the presidents of Djibouti, Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia to both praise them for welcoming so many diverse people in need and encourage them to accept the refugees that America cannot accommodate such as the caravan folks of Central America or the refugees from Myanmar and the Middle East.

    As further evidence that America cannot properly accomodate refugees anymore, I am posting a comparison of videos showing the contrast between the poverty of Los Angeles and the beautiful country of Djibouti:


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    I’ve heard about this latest BS from the islamic-run UN, but didn’t really ‘get it’ until now.
    The islamic-run, worthless, UN is forcing NO BORDERS, which they and the elitist NWO people desperately want.
    The NWO wants their one world government.
    The islamic-run UN wants their Agenda 21/2030.
    The two basically the same.

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  3. Thank God, that in the end, there will still be some places on earth that are not controlled by the EU or the UN and that are not sattellites of The Caliphate !!!! There need to be at least some refuges where European Christians and Jews can feel at home and safe from being attacked as “infidels” !!! Places where women and children are not personal property and subject to cruel punishments should they “dispelease ” their owners. That is slavery, my friend, pure and simple.


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