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Boo hoo! Canada’s boy wonder, Justin Trudeau, has immigration problems too

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 4, 2018

If you’ve forgotten all about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s now infamous 2017 tweet inviting refugees to Canada to stick it to President Trump, I’m here to remind you!




Canada’s 2019 election is expected to be contentious, to say the least, with immigration at the forefront.

Soooo… Trudeau now wants to speed up deportations, presumably to make it look like he is not an immigration pushover.

From Voice of America:

Canada to Step Up Deportations of Undocumented Migrants

Canada’s border agency said Wednesday that it planned to increase its deportations of undocumented migrants by 10,000 a year.

These are to include not just failed refugees and asylum-seekers but those authorities regard as national security threats.

“While Canada is a humanitarian country that has welcomed many immigrants and asylum-seekers over the years, those coming to our country are expected to abide by our laws and processes,” a border agency spokesperson told the state-run Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Screenshot (780)


There is a backlog of about 18,000 migrants listed for deportation, with 5,300 so-called actionable cases, meaning there are no legal appeals or other reasons for them to stay.

Opposition conservatives call the number of asylum-seekers entering Canada through unmanned U.S. border crossings a crisis. They say the government does not take the matter seriously and has no plan.

Liberals call the border situation a challenge.

More here.

By the way, fearing Trump, many who have gotten in to Canada illegally in the last few years crossed in from the US.

His deportations better send them home to their own countries and not to the US.

See my Canada category for many more posts on the topic.

10 Responses to “Boo hoo! Canada’s boy wonder, Justin Trudeau, has immigration problems too”

  1. ELN said

    Reblogged this on TORONTO News & Views.


  2. speakupsally said

    All I have to say to Justin Trudeau and his supporters is DUH. IT was a no brainer that massive migrants were going to be a problem. These are to include not just failed refugees and asylum-seekers but those authorities regard as national security threats.”

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Like Typhoid Mary promising to wear a hairnet on her next restaurant job.


  4. stp479 said

    Their PM is among the very worst of the virtue signaling SJW elites. Within minutes of Canada’s most recent fake hijab incident he was tweeting his signal everywhere looking for his dopamine high of recognition yet said nary a peep when the expected fraud was proven out by police, meanwhile one of his “expedited” Syrians, who had next zero vetting, went on to murder a little Chinese girl and he refuses to recognize the community or family with a note of apology.

    Liked by 2 people


    Diversity means war


  6. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    OK, guys, I don’t see ANY actual quotes here from trudeau with quotation marks, so, I suspect he’s lying, has no plans to deport ANYBODY (unfortunately) and this is just a huge pile of political BS!
    I hope I’m wrong, because we shouldn’t have to build a wall across our northern border too.
    Conservative, sensible, Canadians, call a special vote and get RID of that guy, the worst thing ever to happen to Canada.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. said

    This adult-child is “a very sick puppy” as they say.

    He is willing to sacrifice (just like Obama and all the rest here) his country and his countrymen, for the sake of his adolescent political pathology..

    He should be in a padded cell..

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Like the newly elected radical leftist president of Mexico, AM:O. (Andres Manuel Lopez Abrador) Trudeau is a constant pain in the United States rear. Assisting and beckoning illegal immigrants to their countries, encouraging them to cross into our precious country simply adds to our problems.
    Attempts to eliminate illegal entry into our country does little good because 2017’a 700,000 visa overstayers that come in legally and then disappear into America’s vastness. Add Obrador and Trudeau to the miscreants who encourage entry to their country knowing that they will eventually cross over into the United States.
    While Obama smiles, (this is a quandary he initiated 10 years ago) hate America foreigners know our laws are toothless. We don’t have the numbers of law enforcement personnel to track the illegals.
    Paul Ryan, a likely eventual candidate for President, already makes noises that signal a softness on illegal immigration.


  9. I guess all of those “draft dodgers” have no room left in their cowardly hearts. Poor Canada, such a Beautiful and hearty country.

    That’s what happens when you allow yourself to forget what it took for your ancestors to settle and thrive.

    Liked by 1 person

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