Refugee resettlement is a major issue in several Minnesota races

Three Republicans have said they will work to stop or at least curtail further resettlement to the state if elected.

From Twin Cities Pioneer Press:

Some Republican candidates want to suspend refugee resettlement in Minnesota. Can they do that?


Minnesota has welcomed thousands of refugees since the federal resettlement process was set in 1980. So why does a trio of key Republicans up for election want to stop the program now?

Well, it depends on whom you ask.

Jim Newberger, Jeff Johnson and Jim Hagedorn (Courtesy photos)
Jim Newberger, Jeff Johnson, Jim Hagedorn

Jeff Johnson, Jim Newberger and Jim Hagedorn have each said they will ask the federal government to pause refugee resettlement in Minnesota if elected Tuesday. And they’ve each made it a key issue in their campaigns.

Johnson, who is running for governor, said he is concerned about how much it costs taxpayers, as well as high unemployment rates among Somali men.

Hagedorn, who is running for U.S. House in the 1st Congressional District, claims refugees are poorly vetted and pose a threat to national security.

Newberger, a candidate for U.S. Senate, alleges that some refugees don’t want to follow American law.

The Democrats running against them support the state’s openness to refugees, arguing that they strengthen local communities. Immigration experts and advocates say that Republicans’ opposition to the program is purely political and misses the benefits the newcomers provide.

The story goes on to tell us that all the Democrats running in the state have spoken out in favor of more refugees for the state claiming that the refugees have benefited the state by bringing cultural diversity and that the refugees fill cheap labor needs (of course that last is my phrase).

More here.

As for the question: Can they stop resettlement if elected?

I’m not going to wander in to the legal weeds on that. There is still a lawsuit pending in Tennessee on the issue of State’s Rights that holds some hope for relief.

Suffice it to say, if Minnesotans elect these outspoken Republicans, and they forcefully take their concern to the President and his US State Department, the flow could be diverted away from Minnesota for now (as long as Trump is in the White House).

Of course the open borders Leftists (and the federal resettlement agencies) will say that its the ‘unwelcoming’ attitude in the state that requires the slowdown in placement there.  (Code for calling you racists!).

I guess what I am trying to say is that there is no easy legal avenue that would allow Minnesotans to take a break from the contentiousness there now.

However, I know for sure if enough Minnesotans make enough political noise and elect candidates willing to speak as strongly as these three, you have a fighting chance of saving taxpayer dollars, staying safe, and maintaining some control of who is placed*** in your state by Washington and federal resettlement contractors.

In other words—there is no rest for the weary!

*** Of course, as Minnesota knows all too well, secondary migrants are moving in from other states to be with their own ethnic ‘community’ there and there is no way to stop that migration.

6 thoughts on “Refugee resettlement is a major issue in several Minnesota races

  1. The Department of State may avoid settling refugees in a certain state, if the President wants them placed elsewhere, but nothing stops them from later relocating. Because certain states have received a particular high number of a single nationality, that state serves as a magnet to others that follow as refugees.

    As we well know Minnesota has a large population of Somalians.

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  2. I don’t know why a State cannot refuse refugees if it KNOWS that it already has homeless CITIZENS that need to be their first priority and they do not have housing or funding for any more people at this time.

    A State needs to Live Within It’s Means ! They cannot simply keep raising taxes on an already overburdened population, many of whom are seniors on fixed income !

    Many of these so-called refugees are in the situation that they are in because THEY LIVED BEYOND THEIR MEANS AND FAILED TO PRACTICE FAMILY PLANNING ! That is why their countries are vastly overpopulated without enough jobs or homes or funds to provide for them.


    1. There isn’t a state in the nation that doesn’t have American poor, unfortunately.

      You are right, states, cities, and counties don’t, and can’t budget for an influx of refugees, or those folks that come under “Temporary Protective Status”(TPS), and there are loads of them. Trump just ended the TPS for Haitians, who were granted the status back in 1999, following a hurricane.

      TPS is granted by the sitting president, and requires no Congressional approval. If a country suffers a catastrophe of any sort the President can grant TPS to it’s citizens. If the alien from such a country is in America, legally, or illegally, they are eligible for the status. When they apply, they receive a work authorization card, and a temporary social security account. If they have children, they are entitled to enroll in public school.

      The BIG problem with TPS, is that it is rarely rescinded. Another BIG problem is that granting the status is a hge magnet, which the alien smugglers love. The smugglers go to the country getting the status, and recruit people to be smuggled. They can truthfully tell the people that if they can get illegally into America, they can go immediately to any USCI office to get their cards.

      You can make a visit to the USCIS website, and type “TPS” in the search engine. You will see how many countries have the status, and when it began.

      Americans are suckers!


  3. Just look at the EU and see how much Europe has been transformed into an Islamic extremist territory. The crescent moon now flies over the EU and dominates its people.

    Once your white blood cells cannot contain and eliminate any virus. Eventually, the virus will overtake your entire body. Our immune system is waning, will the globalist virus overtake us? Only time will tell, so far, the prognosis is dire.


  4. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Of course, new immigrants are good–and that’s the bottom line. America takes in 1,000,000 hew immigrants every year who have applied and done it the right way!
    We don’t need any more basically unvetted “refugees!”
    Especially no more from Somalia.


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