Is Minnesota lost? That has to be the question many are asking this morning

I woke up this morning with my head spinning about the results nationwide, and couldn’t at first figure out where to dive in to tell you what I think about the midterm election results.

Over time, I’ll have more to say about what it all means, but I do know this—there will be no legislative reform of the US Refugee Admissions Program in the next two years.

Now that the House is controlled by the Dems, that means that each committee will revert to Democrat control.  And, they will never open for review the Refugee Act of 1980.

Screenshot (1510)
Minnesota not-so-nice power duo: Keith Ellison with US Senator Amy Klobuchar (will she run for Prez in 2020?)

Any further reform of the refugee program will have to come from the White House and if I were a betting person, I would bet that they have done about all they will do before 2020 which is to keep the numbers low.

Enough of that, I could be wrong.

As for my friends in Minnesota, don’t get angry at me for asking, but was outgoing governor Dayton right when he famously said in 2015, if you don’t like immigrants find another state?

See my post yesterday on Minnesota.

Here is just one of many stories this morning from Minnesota with Keith Ellison, the state’s new Attorney General saying—-if you mess with Minnesota we will fight back. Which sounds like a veiled threat to silence speech.

From The Minnesota Sun:

Keith Ellison Defeats Doug Wardlow Completing DFL Sweep of Statewide Offices

An emotional Keith Ellison took the stage at St. Paul’s Crowne Plaza hotel late Tuesday night to deliver his victory speech after defeating Republican Doug Wardlow in the race for Minnesota’s Attorney General Office.

The race has been a constant source of controversy on both sides of the aisle, though Republicans were hopeful that Ellison’s past affiliations as well as a domestic-abuse allegation made against him by an ex-girlfriend would keep him from winning the state’s top law-enforcement job.

Polls frequently showed a tight race with large numbers of undecided voters, but Ellison managed to squeak out a victory over Warldow, winning 49 percent of the vote compared to Wardlow’s 44 percent.

Ellison began his victory speech by praising the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party as one based on the “values of love, respect, transparency, and accountability.”


“We don’t care who it is—if anybody is messing with somebody in Minnesota, your Minnesota attorney general is going to stand up for them and fight back,” he concluded. “Tonight is a good night. Every statewide elected official is a Democrat in Minnesota.”

More here.

Minnesotans, tell me what you think by commenting to this post.  Send me links to other news from the state in the wake of the midterm election.

26 thoughts on “Is Minnesota lost? That has to be the question many are asking this morning

  1. It’s simply unacceptable. Nothing is ever lost. It will be reclaimed. It is simply a matter whether the aliens leave peacefully or whether they attack us.


    1. The second thing our new democrat Governor states was that he wanted to revisit gun control. So they’ll take our guns and then overrun us with immigrants who hate us. Sounds like a great future for a once great state. So glad I pay exorbitant taxes so an elite class of bullies can run my life.

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      1. They look to follow the British method of self destruction, now 75% of their burglary occurs when an unarmed homeowner is present and has their wallet and purse available for theft versus only 17% of the time stateside where they are likely to be shot.


  2. When I heard the results of the MN elections, my stomach sank. I’ve been active in a local political unit and finally realized this state is a total loss. The socialism, communism and liberal phony inclusiveness is a disease here and to hope for rational governance is folly. The first thing said by the new elected governor is he will raise taxes. Ellison has stated he wants hundreds of thousands of immigrants (all muslim, of course) and will make this state welcoming to all and those of us left (who haven’t fled) will have to support them. It is very sad, as I’ve loved living here most of my life. But now, at 69, will need to find somewhere else to live to feel free. These people do not ever change their minds. Imagine a peaceful, snow covered park bathed in moonlight and suddenly the peace is blasted with an amplified call to prayer. When will the time come when it’s realized their goal is not to become Americans, but for us to become islamists?

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  3. I feel very badly for my sister-in-law’s mom and anyone who has a lake house there. Isn’t this also the state who elected an Islamist to the federal legislature, who draped herself in a Palestinian flag, is married to her brother?? Insane.

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  4. In Minnesota, “Changing the way we live” may turn into “Community destabilization” and “Colonization” by the time Ellison, Omar, Tlaib, CAIR and the Muslim sympathizers get to work

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  5. My family is from southern Minnesota and some of the cousins, nieces and nephews still farm in the Austin and Hayward areas. They think Democrats are wrong for Minnesota. They believe the importation of Somali Muslims was part of a deliberate effort to give Democrats power in perpetuity.

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  6. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    The ONLY way muslim Keith Ellison won is that he LIED!
    Most people in minnesomalia probably did NOT realize he was muslim, or maybe they did but are so braindead and brainwashed by the left that they voted him in in full knowledge.
    He also used his four children to LIE: Three have not only English names but Biblical ones.
    And did anyone in minnesomalia CARE that he beat up his girlfriend? THAT got swept under the rug by somebody.

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    1. It is ok that he beat his girlfriend, it is condoned in the Koran. Except that is says you can beat your wife. He must have missed that part of the translation. And since that is his religion, it should be ok. NOT So now he will be enforcing Sharia law in Minnesota. Welcome to America.

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  7. Thanks to the Liberal Democrats, our country is now being partly run by a Lesbian, a Gay, a Muslim, and a full-blown Communist just to round things out. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be an American at this moment.

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  8. I’m not Minnesotan but I do have family there and nearby. In a word, yes. It’s lost. It was lost years ago. The rest of our nation is lost as well. Demography is destiny.

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  9. Minnesota’s eager to repeat the Malmo, Sweden disasters. In just a few generations this state will be a no go zone. Voters seem to have a horizon as short and limited as their understanding of destiny via demographics.

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  10. Minnesota is a no go zone. I remember booking some flights for my wife and deciding to avoid routing through Minnesota. I would not drive through the state either, and for sure would not travel to any of the big cities.

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  11. Mn is an absolute Mecca for airheads. They have sponsored many tens of thousands of Somalians to invade their state and take over their resources: Mpls’ Cedar Riverside area is gone, downtown Willmar is gone, they have driven down property values in St Cloud as white residents try to get away from them, and the same is true for most of the regional towns there. At last count (2016) The state taxpayers spent $200,000,000 that year to support their parasitism! This does not include the local costs including e.g. a new elementary school to support their rapid breeding program, while the airheads endure the associated rapidly increasing property taxes,all of which is insanely stupid on the part of the burdened airheads. Dan Butler PS Do you ever wonder why the airheads believe themselves entitled to steal YOUR money to support their fairy dreams???

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  12. Indeed, the midterm carnage that enabled Democrats to sweep the elections is proof-positive that Minnesota is lost, like lemmings jumping over the cliff. A 30-something white man told me he was voting out the “old white men.” I told him the only difference between them and him was 20 years or so, and a whole lotta wisdom, of which his seemed in short supply.

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  13. I am from Minnesota and I am sickened by the outcome of the elections, I believe there was illegals voting. Kieth Ellison is a radical along with Ilhan Omar. Doug Wardlow won the debate against that angry Muslim Brotherhood, domestic abuser, cop hating, Farrakhan following b&$$$d Kieth Ellison. Karen Monahan tweeted that she is getting death threats so her and her son are thinking on moving. I wish she would come out with the video maybe then Ellison will have to give up the AG. I hope I don’t sound like I’m rambling I am just so damn mad. I hope trump gets to call out cair, ISNA, MSA ETC. maybe then Ellison will be in handcuffs. Help Minnesota Please!!!!! Also, I have idiot family members who just don’t believe what I say some are liberal loons, some voted Democratic for so many years they don’t want to change even if the Democrats went far left. I guess I have to look forward to 2020. God Help Us!!!! We may become Sweden.

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