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South Africa: Is the Rainbow Nation headed to black on black riots again?

Posted on February 25, 2017

But wait! This can’t be, South Africa is the mecca of welcome, haven’t we been told that for decades?  And, haven’t we been told that blacks cannot be racist and xenophobic?  That is what the mainstream media wants us to believe even as South Africa’s ongoing xenophobia proves the lie!     There are a […]

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Posted in Africa, Colonization, Community destabilization, Immigration fraud, Refugee Resettlement Program, So what did they expect?, Trump, Who is going where | 1 Comment »

South Africa: Blacks attack black migrants as “xenophobic” violence returns

Posted on September 9, 2018

It probably never went away, but several news accounts of recent days suggests the attacks on immigrants to the “Rainbow Nation” have picked up lately.   We have chronicled (see my archive here) the fact that South Africa’s black citizens are not welcoming to their fellow black Africans (they didn’t get the Nelson Mandela message […]

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Posted in Africa, Changing the way we live, Colonization, Community destabilization, Crimes, diversity's dark side, Reforms needed, Refugee Resettlement Program, Trump, What you can do, Who is going where | 12 Comments »

436 ‘refugees’ came to US from S. Africa (so far) this fiscal year, zero are South Africans

Posted on June 7, 2017

So who are they?  They are 436 economic migrants, mostly from elsewhere in Africa (and some Asians and Middle Easterners), that the country of South Africa does not want in their country! So presto! They are turned in to ‘refugees’ destined for Anytown, USA! Communist-inspired*** country is crumbling! There is no way (that I know […]

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Posted in Africa, Changing the way we live, Colonization, Refugee Resettlement Program, Who is going where | 7 Comments »

So much for “welcoming the stranger” in the socialist dream land of South Africa

Posted on September 20, 2013

Dubbed the “Rainbow Nation” by the world’s communist and socialist dreamers, South Africa is anything but a mecca for all people.  They call it “xenophobia” here instead of “racism” because the crimes being perpetrated on Somalis (and vice versa) are black on black crime. Oh, the irony! From the Global Post: More than 150 Somali-owned […]

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Posted in Africa, Asylum seekers, Crimes, diversity's dark side, Muslim refugees, Who is going where | 1 Comment »

Minnesota Somalis protest Somali murder in South Africa

Posted on June 14, 2013

The South African xenophobia has further upset American Somalis who are protesting in solidarity with their Somali kinfolk in S. Africa.  First a protest in Columbus, Ohio and now one in Minneapolis. They need to tell Obama to put pressure on the Socialist Rainbow Nation he admires so much when he visits later this month.  […]

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Posted in Africa, Changing the way we live, Crimes, diversity's dark side, Muslim refugees, Refugee Resettlement Program, Resettlement cities | 1 Comment »

Tel Aviv: Attempted rape of a child by African migrant stirs controversy again

Posted on March 20, 2013

I wonder if Obama heard about Israel’s illegal alien problems when he landed there today? We’ve been reporting the on-going controversy in Israel about African refugees, asylum seekers, illegal aliens (whatever!) coming across Israel’s borders especially now that Egypt has become even more unfriendly to the Jewish state.  See our category Israel and Refugees. In […]

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Posted in Asylum seekers, Israel and refugees | 6 Comments »

More on those anti-African migrant riots in Israel

Posted on May 28, 2012

Netanyahu:   Africans threaten the social fabric of Israel. See my earlier post here on the riots.   This one is from the LA Times: It was the latest in a string of attacks, disturbances and incidents of harassment in the last month, after three Eritrean migrants were arrested in connection with the rape of an […]

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Posted in Africa, Crimes, diversity's dark side, Israel and refugees | 2 Comments »

Forget South Africa! White nationalist lawyer murdered in Mississippi by black neighbor

Posted on April 24, 2010

Note to readers!  I am not relating this to anything involving refugees (except maybe white ones)!  But, because I have written about the trouble on-going in South Africa, about the Brandon Huntley case, a white South African seeking refugee status in Canada, and most importantly because I have written about Mark Potok of the Southern […]

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Posted in The Opposition | 5 Comments »

UNHCR being blamed for continued refugee crisis in South Africa

Posted on November 10, 2008

Rains are now making South African refugee camps into a living hell.   We’ve written on many previous occasions about deadly riots in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ last spring that resulted in the mostly illegal aliens being driven into camps for their protection. Now the government, which had sent its Red Ants Security Service to dismantle the camps, wants the […]

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Posted in Africa | 1 Comment »

Stalemate in South African refugee camp

Posted on October 29, 2008

If you have been reading RRW for some time, you know we have been following the implosion in South Africa where native South Africans (mostly blacks) rampaged last spring and attacked fellow Africans (blacks) who have illegally made themselves at home in South Africa. Some of those aliens are still living in makeshift refugee camps and are […]

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Posted in Africa, diversity's dark side | Comments Off on Stalemate in South African refugee camp