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Italy says it may take military action in Libya (with UN leadership); wants to stop the boats

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 14, 2015

Invasion of Europe News….


Rescuing the African migrants which launch from the “failed state” of Libya


Fearing that ISIS is only a short boat trip away from Italy and Malta, Malta’s President is cheered by an Italian suggestion that they might join a UN-led “force to battle” in Libya.  I wouldn’t hold my breath!  I think the UN is perfectly O.K. with the on-going ‘Invasion of Europe.

From the Times of Malta:

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat welcomed an announcement by Italy this evening, that it would be ready to join a UN-led force to battle “an active terrorist threat” after recent advances by a faction in Libya that has sworn loyalty to Islamic State militants.

In a tweet, Dr Muscat said:

“Glad #Italy willing to intervene in #Libya under UN mandate. #Malta will play it’s part to ensure #Mediterranean stability -JM @matteorenzi”

Earlier, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said in an interview with SkyTG24 television, that Italy backed efforts by United Nations special envoy Bernardino Leon to bring warring factions to the table to try to broker a ceasefire.

But he said should talks fail, Italy “is ready to fight naturally in the context of an international mission”.

“We cannot accept the idea that there’s an active terrorist threat only a few hours from Italy by boat.”

The situation in Libya, already chaotic, “is deteriorating”, Gentiloni said, adding that Italy “cannot underestimate” the possibility of an attack by Islamic State militants.

In the meantime, those Malta Millionaires are busy fundraising to rescue the next batch of North African invaders, here.

Remember who we can thank for the fall of Libya—Hillary, Rice, and Power (the humanitarian Vulcans)!

For American readers, if you think this has nothing to do with you—think again!  Some of those illegal aliens arriving on Malta are being transformed by our US State Department into “refugees” being resettled in your towns!

See our extensive archive on Malta by clicking here.   It is interesting how motivating the prospect of Islamic terrorists getting into Europe can be, yet most political leaders are blind to the slow creep of Islamic migrants into their countries and cultures that in the long run will have a more devastating impact then some individual terrorist acts will have.

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Mass exodus from Muslim Kosovo into Europe; did US play a role in creating the crisis?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 11, 2015

Editor:  Little did I know when I posted a short news story about the ‘invasion of Hungary’ last evening that the situation in Kosovo has become untenable and a mass exodus was so advanced.  ‘Pungentpeppers’ has again pulled many threads together to give us the big picture of what is happening in Eastern Europe.  Is the US responsible?  An Austrian political leader says so!

Mass exodus from Muslim Kosovo into Europe

~150,000 or more Kosovars on the move since summer

~Hungarian Police catch 1,000 Kosovars daily – a small fraction of the total

~Hungarian mayor calls for fence as Kosovars overwhelm village

~Austrian politician blames America for Kosovar march into Austria

~Kosovar Muslim extremists active in the U.S., Germany and Iraq

~Kosovar culture is Albanian. Many follow the “Kanun”, Code of Honor and Blood Feuds

~Future of Europe: Kosovization and Jihadization?

Kosovo is witnessing an exodus of Biblical proportions.

Since the beginning of the year an estimated 50,000 people have left the Muslim state. This current surge is on top of an estimated additional 100,000 Kosovars who departed for Europe as of the middle of last year.

Kosovar migrants – young adults, families, and young teens – are fleeing neither famine, nor war. Their quest is employment and “a better life” in European countries. More than half of able-bodied Kosovars are unemployed in a country where only the right connections can guarantee a job.

Every night busloads full of Kosovars cross the Serbian countryside and stop just outside Hungary.

After a rest, the travelers form groups to cross the Hungarian border on foot.

During a recent six-day period, nearly 8,000 Kosovars were detained at the Hungarian border after trying to illegally enter the country. The police estimate they catch only 20% of them.

The mayor of a Hungarian village is calling for a fence as migrants overwhelm his village.

“Many [migrants] have smart phones and follow their progress by GPS. Few of my constituents, whose doors they knock on in the middle of the night, can afford phones like those.

On the road to Hungary and ultimately to Germany and Austria. BBC story and photo:

“I cannot understand why in mid-winter they set out to walk tens of kilometres in freezing conditions. Every week we have to call the ambulances to fight for the lives of babies with hypothermia.” (The BBC).

“There are so many migrants on the buses from here to Szeged that our own residents are unable to get to their jobs on time,” Toroczkai said. (

The Kosovars don’t want to stay in Hungary. Most of them will head towards Germany, Austria and other European countries.

U.S. needs to accept responsibility!

An Austrian politician, named Johann Gudenus, says the U.S. needs to accept responsibility for the influx (here).

Now it is clear that Kosovo’s secession from Serbia, as well as its hasty recognition as an independent state, was a mistake. The current wave of refugees confirms that Kosovo cannot endure as a state,” Gudenus said.

He recalled that the creation of “the state of Kosovo” was the wish of the United States, adding that international law was not respected during the process of gaining independence because there was no referendum, and that is why the U.S. must take responsibility.

He also said that Austria’s reception capacities are packed, adding that if the country continues to accept economic refugees, “it will not be able to accept those who need protection.”

Gudenus said it is also necessary to ask why there is “a striking number of Muslims” among immigrants in Austria lately, and named Chechens, Afghans, “Kosovars,” and others.

Worries About Extremism: A Sampling of Terror Plots Involving Islamic Radicals From Kosovo

In 2014, a Kosovar (who had previously worked at Camp Bondsteel, a U.S. military base) took part in a suicide attack that killed 52 Iraqi soldiers. (

In 2013, in Raleigh, NC, a Kosovar was sentenced to life for a beheading plot. He was one of several other Kosovars involved in the Triangle Terror group that plotted to attack the Marine base at Quantico, Va., and other targets overseas. (

In 2012. The terrorist who plotted to blow up bridges in Tampa, Florida, was a Kosovar. (Tampa Bay Times)

In 2011, two American airmen in Germany were murdered by a Kosovar who shouted “Allahu Akbar” when he opened fire on a military bus.  (ABC News)

Old Traditions, Such as Blood Feuds, Sometimes Travel With Them

Kosovars are ethnically Albanian, and thus share with Albanians the same traditions regarding honor and blood feuds. For example, a Kosovar family in Ireland has asked for asylum on the basis of a blood feud. (Irish Times)

The blood feuds travel – as the Swedes have discovered. The attempted brutal murder of a 12-year-old boy in Borås, Sweden, on New Year’s Eve, 2013, was linked to an Albanian Blood Feud that migrated to Sweden. The boy survived, but spent six weeks in the hospital recovering – and bears many scars. (

Future of Europe: Kosovization and Jihadization?

Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirovic, a professor at Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania, warns that Europe is in danger of “Kosovization” and “Jihadization” and draws on the Kosovo experience:

In 1455, Kosovo was only 2% Albanian. The Albanian percentage of the total population grew to 30% by 1878, 50% by 1913, 70% by 1945, 90% by 1991, and today Albanians are the vast majority in Kosovo at 97% of the population. (In Serbia)

Back in 1878, the idea of a Muslim Albanian majority in the traditional Serb homeland of Kosovo may have sounded preposterous. However, the Albanian population grew due to high birth rates. As the Albanians’ numbers increased, they allied themselves with other Albanians outside Kosovo, and forced Serbs out of the region. As a result, Kosovo – once overwhelming Serb – is now an almost 100% ethnic Albanian state.

Because all Muslims, whatever their ethnic background, are taught to consider themselves as one “Ummah” – or one Islamic Nation – Europe is in danger of suffering a Kosovo-like fate.

Those who don’t learn from the past, are condemned to repeat it.

Editor’s note:  For more on the US role with Kosovar refugees see one of the most outrageous chapters of the Clinton Administration’s refugee program history (during Clinton’s phony-baloney war in the region)—we told you about it here in 2012.  The contractors wanted warm bodies to resettle and Clinton and Gore wanted a “humanitarian” photo op!

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Millionaire couple based in Malta rescuing illegal migrants in the Mediterranean Sea

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 11, 2015

More on the Invasion of Europe, or shall we call this archive the European death spiral?


30-something-year-old millionaires from Malta helping to destroy Europe! Photo and story:


Reader Robin sent us this story from Yahoo News. Yes one more story about the tens of thousands of mostly economic migrants arriving in Europe after crossing the Mediterranean Sea with the help of human traffickers.  One paragraph (ten paragraphs in to a twelve paragraph report) caught Robin’s attention and ours. It is this one:

Some people, however, will continue to help the seemingly endless flow of migrants who leave the shores of Libya daily, such as U.S.-born Chris and Regina Catrambone and their Malta-based rescue operation, the Migrant Offshore Aid Ship. This couple self-funded the purchase of a 40-meter former coaster and employed a crew of 18 during the summer of 2014. They rescued more than 3,000 people found drifting in cramped boats in the waters off Malta and Libya.

Who are these “Americans” who are actually encouraging more illegal migration attempts with their supposed generosity?

Frankly, the only thing that will save Europe now is if the boats leaving North Africa are intercepted and turned back, just as Australia is doing.  Even just turning a few back would likely have a chilling effect on the invasion.  However, there is no sign that European leaders understand the calamity they are unleashing by their cowardice.

Here (at the BBC) is what we learned about the Catrambones:  Only Chris is American, they are multimillionaires, they live on Malta (poor Malta), and they have outfitted a ship to rescue boat people—Somalis, and other North Africans, as well as Middle Easterners, ISIS terrorists?—who launch from hellholes like Libya every day trying to reach Europe.

By the way, see our Malta archive here, it is seven-years-old and chronicles the outrageous perversion by our own State Department of the US Refugee Admissions Program which is admitting to the US (as refugees!), illegal aliens who got to Malta.   See especially this recent post.

We have taken as “refugees” 196 of Malta’s illegal aliens in the first 4 months of FY2015.

Any Member of Congress concerned about this should be drafting legislation to stop this unlawful practice.  (Yes, I believe it is unlawful).

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Invasion of Hungary under way now too….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 10, 2015

As the ‘Invasion of Europe’ continues, 1,000 ‘asylum seekers’ arrive in one day!

From Hungary Today:

The Hungarian Police detained 1,022 illegal immigrants during a single day at Hungary’s southern border with Serbia, a local police spokesman said on Sunday. A total of 991 of them were Kosovar nationals, 18 were Afghans, seven Iraqi, three Cuban, two Syrian and one a Somali national. The biggest group, 157 Kosovars and eight Afghans, were apprehended at noon on the outskirts of Ásotthalom. All the migrants applied for asylum.

There is a bit more.

Update February 11th:  Extensive look at the mass movement of Kosovars, here.

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Germany: Asylum seeker numbers skyrocketing

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 10, 2015

More fuel for PEGIDA’s fire?

Most are from Muslim countries.

The big question left hanging for me is what is happening to those rejected (around 4,000 just in the first 18,000)—is Germany shipping them ‘home?’

From Deutsche Welle (oops! had the wrong link in here earlier, thanks to ‘PP’ for the catch):

In January, 25,042 people applied for asylum status through Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), the Interior Ministry announced Monday in Berlin. The total includes 21,679 first-time applications and 3,363 follow-ups. That represents an increase of 73 percent over January 2014 and 23 percent over December 2014.

There has already been a decision on almost 18,000 of the applications made in January. Forty-four percent were accepted as refugees, and the government has prohibited the deportation of 137 more applicants. The applications of just over a quarter were rejected.

In 2014, Germany received 203,000 applications for asylum, 60 percent higher than in 2013 – the third-highest total in national history and more than any other EU country last year.

Go here for all of our posts on Germany’s migration tragedy.  And here is our archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ which we follow closely because we are headed to the same place, just a little bit behind Europe.

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PEGIDA planning to march in the UK at the end of this month

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 9, 2015

PEGIDA coming to the UK…


The UK Mirror has a story here, apparently designed to make readers think the worst of PEGIDA:

A notorious ‘anti-Islam’ movement is coming to Britain with its first ever demo and a march likely to attract thousands.

Pegida has sparked huge controversy in Germany.

Under the banner of ‘Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West’, it claims it is trying to defend countries from the spread of extremism at the hands of Muslim immigrants.


It is advertising its first ever UK demo for Newcastle upon Tyne on February 28, however, with a Facebook campaign expected to attract ‘thousands’.

It is the first of a series of demos planned for the UK, with others due to take place in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Obviously designed to chill interest in the event, you can read the rest of the PEGIDA vilification story here.

For our entire ‘Invasion of Europe’ series click here.  Our posts on German immigration problems are here.

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Maine Governor LePage says immigrants pose a health threat to America, gets slapped around

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 9, 2015

I like this photo of Gov. LePage holding the Heritage Foundation’s copy of the US Constitution.

Update! Reader Dana sent us this link16 Test positive for TB at Sacramento area high school—wonder where it came from???

Not physically slapped around, but verbally in the Bangor Daily News which apparently wants to debunk his claim.  Note the first sentence of the story by Christopher Cousins—if you don’t read beyond that, you have been told what the media wants you to believe.

….however, there are a large number of ACTIVE TB cases in Maine!

Regular readers may remember that Maine has become the go-to state for asylum seekers—migrants who got into the country one way or another and are now seeking ‘refugee’ status.  In Maine, while they are waiting for the decision, they can get various social services that are not available elsewhere.

There may be other states that give out welfare to asylum seekers, but I haven’t read about those.  Gov. LePage has been attempting to remove the sweetener that Maine has been providing.

From the Bangor Daily News:

AUGUSTA, Maine — The consensus among public health experts regarding Gov. Paul LePage’s comments linking illegal immigrants to the spread of infectious diseases during his State of the State address on Tuesday is that they have seen no data to back up his claims.

Officials from the LePage administration have provided no substantiation for the comments and have not responded since Wednesday to the Bangor Daily News’ requests for data and comment on the matter.
Here’s what the governor said:

“When a refugee comes here from a foreign country, they get a medical assessment, and we know their health. But when they come here illegally, they don’t get medical assessments. And one thing that we don’t want to see is the uptick of hepatitis C, HIV and tuberculosis. But it is here. We are dealing with it. And it is very costly. So if nothing else, they should be getting a medical assessment when they get here.”

By the way, even if a refugee gets a medical assessment before entering the US, the presence of TB or HIV is not a bar to entry.

So, after many paragraphs of making light of the governor’s comments we come to this one (below) on TB.  I was blown away by the number of ACTIVE Tuberculosis cases diagnosed in Maine.  Do you remember when one guy with active TB got on a plane somewhere a few years ago and all hell broke loose in the media — well, heck, why isn’t there a lot of news about these ACTIVE cases in Maine?  How many are there in other states?

The resettlement industry mouthpieces are quick to tell us that LATENT TB is no big deal.  O.K. but what about all these active cases getting in here?  Twenty plus cases of ACTIVE TB over three years is a lot of cases—and, you are paying for their meds!

Active tuberculosis cases were higher in 2012 and 2013 than they had been since 2009, with 15 reported cases in 2013. There were less than 10 new cases reported in 2014, according to Hannan’s data. The CDC also tracks latent cases, which means the tuberculosis bacteria is present but the patient shows no symptoms (untreated latent tuberculosis is a precursor to full-blown tuberculosis in up to 10 percent of cases). There were 433 latent cases recorded in 2013, up from 398 in 2012. The CDC report also includes the country of birth for people recorded to have latent tuberculosis. The top countries of origin for latent tuberculosis cases were Angola (41), Burundi (43), Congo (51), Iraq (41), Rwanda (38), Somalia (53) and the United States (78). The 2013 CDC report contains no information about how long the patients had been in Maine before their diagnosis.

See our ‘health issues’ category for more on diseases, mental health problems and other medical issues involving refugees.  I’ve often said that health concerns are going to have a far greater impact on American attitudes toward immigration than the fear of terrorists getting in here.

Our extensive archive on Maine is here.

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NPR does Swedish “backlash” against Muslim migrants story

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 6, 2015

More in our ‘Invasion of Europe’ series….

“Don’t touch my mosque!” (Stockholm)

“The Muslims want to change us!”

Finally the news is creeping into American mainstream media—Sweden is in turmoil because it has virtually opened its borders wide to any Muslim migrant who could get to that wonderful world—the generous socialist welfare state of Sweden!

From National Public Radio:

In the 1990s, the face of immigration to Sweden was someone like Robert Acker. His family emigrated from Bosnia when he was 6 years old.

“I got along with the Swedes early on,” he says in American-accented English from his years playing basketball in Kentucky and New York. “But now, I believe it’s a totally different thing.”

Acker lives in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, an industrial center that has become the power base for the far-right Sweden Democrats.

“They want us out,” says Acker. “They just want Swedes here.”

Across Europe, far-right anti-immigrant parties are gaining political power. This is true from the Slavic countries to the British Isles, and from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.

The change has been especially dramatic in Sweden, which for decades has been known for its openness and tolerance.

Thousands of refugees from Iraq and Syria have settled there recently. Many of them are Muslim — and the ethnic tension is palpable.

“We can’t take care of all the people in the whole world who have needs in their lives,” says security guard Filip Wennerlund.

Wennerlund didn’t mind Christian immigrants, but he believes it’s not working with the Muslims, even though Sweden has had a Muslim population for decades.

“Often they don’t want to come here and change,” he says. “They want to change us. And we don’t want to be changed. So that’s a conflict.”

There is a lot more, read and listen here.  Especially pay attention to the discussion about the rise of the Sweden Democrats and how Muslims are trying to tie them to recent mosque fires.

For our complete archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ go here.  Our large archive on Sweden is here.

BTW, my guess is that Sweden will be the first European country to fall to the invasion.  Why do Americans not see what is coming for us?

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France: EU shaken by rise of Le Pen in polls

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 3, 2015

As the ‘Invasion of Europe’ by mostly Muslim asylum seekers (aka illegal aliens) continues unabated, it naturally increases the popularity of  Marine Le Pen’s Front National party.



From The Spectator:

…. the country that most worries European policymakers isn’t Greece or Spain but France. Its economy is showing no signs of recovering and its politics are threatening to become very ugly indeed.

A new poll published this week shows the Front National’s Marine Le Pen topping the first round of the French presidential election. The poll by Ifop for Marianne magazine has Le Pen on 29%, Sarkozy on 23% and Hollande on 21%. Now, the polls do show her losing in the second round to both men. But, in a sign of how much has changed since 2002 when her father polled a mere 18% in the final round against Jacques Chirac, she is on 45% against Hollande and 40% against Sarkozy.

The US needs a party like this one!

See our entire ‘Invasion of Europe’ series by clicking here.

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Afghan military officer denied asylum in US; left his US base last September

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 3, 2015

Remember the story:  concern was raised when three Afghan military trainees went AWOL in Massachusetts.

Maj. Jan Mohammad Arash, 48, Capt. Mohammad Nasir Askarzada, 18, and Capt. Noorullah Aminyar, 20. (not sure in which order!)


The first one to go before an immigration judge has been denied refugee protection in the US.  He says he fears the Taliban.  Well, he shouldn’t!  According to Obama and his State Department the Taliban is not a terrorist group!

From Olean Times Herald:

BUFFALO (AP) — An immigration judge denied asylum Friday for an Afghan military officer who sneaked away from a U.S. training exercise in Massachusetts to avoid returning to Afghanistan, where he said he had been threatened by the Taliban.

The judge ruled that Maj. Jan Arash did not qualify for certain protections because the Taliban is not a government, his lawyer said, nor had he proven that he would be persecuted, rather than legally prosecuted, by the Afghan government.

“If he gets deported and hung for desertion, that’s OK under the law,” attorney Matthew Borowski said.

“We have no choice but to appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals,” the attorney said. The process could take several months.

In the meantime, Arash will continue to be held at the Buffalo Federal Detention Center, where the asylum case was heard.

Arash is one of three Afghan military officers who were detained in September after being denied entry into Canada, where they had planned to seek refugee status.


The three soldiers took a cab more than 500 miles from Massachusetts to the Canadian border in Niagara Falls while in the United States for a training exercise at Joint Base Cape Cod. In interviews with The Associated Press shortly after they were detained, they described being targeted by the Taliban because of their work with U.S. soldiers.

If granted asylum, Arash will be eligible for the Cadillac treatment all refugees receive—virtually all forms of welfare, healthcare, job counseling and training, etc. by one of the hundreds of federal contractors operating in over 180 cities in the US.  He would be able to bring his family from Afghanistan to join him.

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