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Australia: Tony Abbott cracking down on radical Muslims and mosques; welfare mooches

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 25, 2015

Sigh!  How wonderful it would be to have a real leader….

From Top Right News (Australian Leader Abbott Slams Muslim Imams, Launches Crackdown on Radical Mosques, Muslims Furious) thanks to Fatherjon:

Australian Muslims were outraged on Tuesday after Prime Minister Tony Abbott hurled criticism at their leaders to “get with the program” to combat Islamic extremism, and launched a nationwide crackdown on radical Muslims and mosques.

It was a speech that many Americans wish their own leader might give.

In an address to the nation about security, Abbott slammed Islamic leaders and their attitudes toward extremism:

“I’ve often heard Western leaders describe Islam as a ‘religion of peace’,” the conservative leader said. “I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often, and mean it.”

Abbott’s speech comes in the wake of a hostage siege by a Muslim radical Imam in a Sydney cafe that left three dead last December.

Abbott also announced a national security crackdown that would deny welfare payments to people seen as potential threats, strip the passports of those with dual nationality and curb travel overseas — a move designed to curb Australians from fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

[Actually on this bit—stopping them from leaving Australia—I wouldn’t stop them.  In fact, I might offer a free ride out to the Syrian wilderness and revoke their passports.  All aboard!—ed]

He linked welfare to terrorism

Abbott said new laws would remedy failings on the immigration, welfare, policing and intelligence fronts by clamping down on supporters of radicals, especially Muslim welfare recipients, and also target “hate preachers.”

He explicitly linked welfare to terrorism, accusing dozens of Australians fighting in Syria and Iraq of having been on the dole, and adding that payments to “individuals assessed to be a threat to security” could soon be cancelled.

We have an extensive archive on Australia, here, one of the only countries in the world actively trying hard to save itself from Muslim migration (from the Hijra!).

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Armed smugglers threaten Italian Coast Guard as 2,200 more migrants brought to Europe from Libya

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 16, 2015

Historians (if there are any!) in the future will wonder how on earth Europe allowed itself to be overrun!

Is it time to follow the Australian example?


One of many rescues by the Italian government.  What will Italy, Malta and other European countries do with the migrants? None of these mostly young men will be sent back!


And, readers, let me ask you, how often do we hear about the African/Middle Eastern invasion of Europe from the US mainstream media?

The only way to stop this now is for the Italian military to turn these boats back to the African coast!

From the Malta Independent:

Four smugglers brandishing Kalashnikovs threatened an Italian Coast Guard motorboat involved in one of several operations that rescued more than 2,000 migrants leaving Libyan shores on Sunday.

Italian Transport Minister Maurizio Lupi said the gunmen used a small boat to speed to the scene some 50 miles off the coast of Libya, where security is rapidly deteriorating.

After threatening the rescuers who had taken aboard the migrants, three of the smugglers jumped onto the then-empty migrants’ boat and took off with it.  [So they were allowed to recover the boat and will use it again—ed]

Nearly 2,200 migrants were rescued in several operations Sunday, the Coast Guard said. They were being taken to Italian ports. Hundreds were also rescued Saturday.

Turn them back!

Simon Kent writing at Breitbart news tells us the only thing that will stop the invasion is if European leaders grew a spine and followed the lead of the Australian government by turning back the migrant boats full of faux ‘refugees.’

If illegal immigrants knew that simply arriving on European soil would be no guarantee of staying, would they still risk it? If people smugglers also knew that, would they be able to extort huge amounts of money from the desperately vulnerable in the vain attempt to try? Australia provides an example of how Europe’s expensive, public display of overt compassion is killing the very people it is trying to help.

Under the current coalition government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the flow of refugees seeking to enter Australia by boat has stopped. Abbott’s government tows any vessel found straight back to where it started from. In most cases that is Indonesia. The policy of immediate return has been well publicised and those who do make it into Australian territorial waters are sent to offshore islands in New Guinea or Nauru for processing.

Australia then uses its famous ‘points based system’ to decide who is a genuine refugee and who is an economic migrant. End of story. The Abbott government went to the September 2013 polls promising to ‘stop the boats’ on the basis that the journey the asylum seekers make is dangerous and controlled by criminal gangs and they have a duty to stop it.

For our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ series, go here.

See also who wrecked Libya, here.

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Bacha Bazi and Islam: Devilish Deception, The Mullah’s Response, and Beyond Heaven’s Pearly Gates

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 8, 2015

Editor:  This is the 4th in a series of guest posts by ‘Pungentpeppers’ about Bacha Bazi, the Afghan pedophile practice targeting boys that has made its way to the West (including possibly to the US).  Go here, here, and here to see the previous reports.    Part II (Australia grapples with Bacha Bazi compulsive predators) was our top post last week.

Bacha Bazi & Islam: Devilish Deception, The Mullah’s Response, and Beyond Heaven’s Pearly Gates

Why does Afghanistan, an Islamic country, allow men to prey on boys – men such as Ali Jaffari who came to Australia, bringing his immorality with him? Do these men operate under some grand delusion? Their behavior is perplexing because Islam expressly and clearly and repeatedly forbids homosexuality. Yet in Afghanistan so many men – regardless of ethnic origin – actively engage in sexual activity with underage boys, contrary to religious law. This Bacha Bazi culture also pervades the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Afghanistan’s population is mostly tribal. The prevailing values system, which includes Bacha Bazi, is tribal. The people have values and morals – but their values system is very different from Western values. Their morality also differs from socially acceptable norms found in other Muslim societies. Afghans have adapted Islam to fit their own tribal values and customs. In so doing, they twist certain Islamic teachings into something peculiarly Afghan.

Afghans pedophiles do not admit that they are breaking Islamic law. Incredibly, they claim that Bacha Bazi is permitted and sanctioned by Islam. As usual, the Devil finds ingenious ways to let people deceive themselves.

Some of the deceptions: Women are “impure”; boys without beards are not men; the men are not “in love”, just having sex; the men are not homosexual since they have wives. Such silly arguments are not worth airing. Instead, let’s explore some puzzling Koranic references Afghans use to justify Bacha Bazi.

The Rewards of Paradise: Young, Beautiful, Eternal Boys like Pearls

Bacha Bazi perpetrators say that the Koran allows pedophilia with boys, per passages in the Koran that describe the afterlife in Paradise:

There will circulate among them [servant] boys [especially] for them, as if they were pearls well-protected. [52:24]

There will circulate among them young boys made eternal with vessels, pitchers and a cup [of wine] from a flowing spring. [56:17-18]

There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. When you see them, you would think them [as beautiful as] scattered pearls. [76:19]

These passages, that supposedly justify Bacha Bazi, mention neither sexual rewards nor boys on earth. These eternal beings compared to “pearls”, who are circulating and moving in Paradise and offering refreshments, are called “boys” in English, but the words used for them in Arabic are not identical. Other English translations say they are “youths” or “young men” or “menservants”. The words chosen depend on what the translators think was meant. In Persian, a language used in Afghanistan, the Koran translation for the first entry shows “boy” (in Persian the word is applicable to many different ages), while the second and third ones make use of a term that refers only to pre-teens and teens. You cannot take these translations literally, for they contradict each other. But nowhere do they say that Bacha Bazi is allowed. I will share with you a very different translation in a bit, but first let us make a visit to Afghanistan.

A Mullah’s Dilemma

Islamic cleric Hayat Ed-Din Sahibi

Imagine you are a Mullah (an Islamic clergyman), in Mazar-e-Sharif, where Bacha Bazi is rampant. Yours is a Persian-speaking congregation. Some of the devout have an unshakeable belief that in Heaven, men have sex with pearly pre-teens and teen-aged boys. They grew up with this belief, and if you deny it, they may accuse you, the Mullah, of denying what is in the Koran! Does the Koran lie?! Other members of your congregation have their own Bacha Bazi boys – these men also have guns. Dare you tell them they are not allowed to keep their boys? (Powerful Afghans don’t take kindly to authority.) You know though that boys are being abused and want to discourage Bacha Bazi. What should you tell your congregation?

A cleric named Hayat Ed-Din Sahibi, who preaches in Mazar-e-Sharif, came up with an Afghan approach to discourage his flock from trying to replicate Heaven here on Earth. Speaking in Dari, he preached, “Those who do not get caught in the sins of Bacha Bazi will have God give them beautiful boys in Paradise.” Now I don’t know what his motivations were, or what he really believes. Yes, he told his followers there are benefits to abstinence; but he told them also, in essence, that there is pedophilia in Heaven.

Because this Mullah’s sermons are on YouTube, and they are shared on Facebook, word about this and some other of his unusual sermons got around to Iran, the country next door. Some people reacted fiercely – Mullah Hayat Ed-Din was labeled a liar, and accused of deceiving and misleading uneducated people into thinking there was room in Heaven for the sins the Prophet Lot forbade (i.e., sodomy). They stated he was symbolic of the hopeless backwardness that is Afghanistan.

Typically Afghans were reluctant to criticize the Mullah. Though some denied he said certain things, his words are recorded and on the internet. Others said it was a “mistake” or he spoke thus because of where he preaches. However, it is apparent that they don’t like ignorance and wrong things being said. Perhaps, eventually – though it may take a very long time or a miracle – Bacha Bazi will become unacceptable in Afghanistan. But in the meantime, keep an eye open, in case it arrives to your shores!

What Really Awaits the Faithful Behind Those Pearly Gates?

Islamic scholars differ on the meanings of certain passages in the Koran. The knowledge gap is especially wide because the origins of the Koran go back 1400 years. In any language, the meanings of words and phrases change over time. To understand the true meaning you must understand the historical context. Further, since the Koran’s references to Christian beliefs are numerous, Christian teachings can be studied along with the Koran to see whether they shed light on puzzling passages of the Koran.


Pink grapes, pink pearls

Scholars have given many different explanations for the Koran’s unusual references to “boys” who are “like pearls” and are circulating. I have put some of them in the links. Historical linguists, however, say the “boys” are not boys in the sense of humans, but are instead “fruits”, specifically grapes. Grapes are the refreshment in Paradise that is circulating, not boys or youths.

At the Last Supper, Jesus said in Aramaic, “But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.” (Matthew 26:29) The “fruit” of the vine are grapes that are pressed to make new wine.

The language of Jesus, Aramaic, has a dialect called Syriac. Syriac became the language used by Eastern Christians. Jesus’ word was spread throughout the Near East through the Syriac Bible. Syriac was also the major medium of communication in the regions north of the Arabian peninsula and was used by Arab traders. The Syriac language is a close cousin to Arabic.

The Syriac Bible relates the above passage from the Last Supper. For the word fruit it gives “yalda”. The word “yalda” means “child” or “birth” or “that which has been born” – i.e., the “child” of the vine is its fruit. In an odd coincidence, we have the word “yield” in English that is also used to mean the product of a crop. In Arabic, the word boy, “walad” is similarly close in sound, but some of the verb forms referring to “giving birth” and “production” drop the “w” and replace it with “y”. At the winter solstice, Persians celebrate the festival of Shab-e-Yalda (night of “Yalda”) and eat the fruit of pomegranate, but the word “Yalda” itself comes from the Syriac for “birth” and “Christmas”, and is related to our “Yule”. Thus, our discussion about Heaven yields all good things: fruits and festivals and feasts.

And yet the Afghans say they are allowed on Godly authority to harm young boys. Truly, theirs is a Devilish deception.

In the next segment, we return to Australia. How will the Australian Parliament protect boys from arriving Bacha Bazi predators?

For additional reading ‘Pungentpeppers’ has forwarded the following links:

Sufism and same-sex relations:
In English, Misunderstanding Sufism

In Persian, Sufism and pederasty:

About Heaven’s “boys” in Islam:

Islamic teachings on homosexuality:

About those “Grapes” beyond the Pearly Gates:
“Boys of Paradise” An excerpt from “The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran: A Contribution to the Decoding of the Language of the Koran” by Christoph Luxenberg

“Virgins? What Virgins?” “The Guardian” book review:

“The Qur’an: Misinterpreted, Mistranslated, And Misread. The Aramaic Language Of The Qur’an” by Gabriel Sawma.

See Part One for a link to a short YouTube video on Bacha Bazi in Mazar-e-Sharif, Hayat Ed-Din’s region:
Article about Hayat Ed-Din and Bacha Bazi in Heaven (Persian)

Opinion piece about Hayat Ed-Din (Persian):

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Attitudes on Islam: The great awakening has begun says ‘Citizen Warrior’

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 7, 2015

Please check out the summary of many polls taken in Western Countries about citizen’s negative views on Islam—here at Citizen Warrior and re-posted at The Counter Jihad Report earlier this week.  Hat tip:  Judy.

Be sure to open one for the USA, here, and note that Republicans are less “warm” about the Islamic faith than they are about any other religion, however, Democrats rated Mormons lowest on their ‘warmness’ scale. Figures!  (Know any Mormons killing and maiming in the name of their religion?)

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Old story: Muslim populations rising rapidly in Australia and New Zealand; maybe not so much?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 7, 2015

I’ve been thinking lately that we need other demographic researchers to either back Pew or challenge Pew on its findings on the spread of Islam to the West.  I don’t like relying on one organization (related to Pew Charitable Trust that I know for a fact leans Left).

I just now told commenter, FatherJon, that maybe Australia would be alone one day in standing against the Muslim migration (since the government there has been steadfastly turning the illegal alien boats away).

I don’t know why this old news popped up in my alerts today, but since it is before the Abbott government took on the boat people, maybe there is still hope for Australia!  Will it be Australia Alone?

After Paris it became clear that Pew and others need to get on the stick and begin revising their out-dated demographic data!

From The Australian (2011):

THE number of Muslims in Australia will grow four times more quickly than non-Muslims over the next 20 years as the continued instability in developing Islamic countries in Southeast Asia drives migrants and refugees to these shores.

A major new study by the US-based Pew Research Centre has forecast a global surge in the Muslim population, with Australia and New Zealand among the nations expected to see the biggest rises.

In Australia, the Muslim community will grow from about 399,000 to 714,000 by 2030, an increase of 80 per cent.

In that time the non-Muslim population will increase by about 18 per cent.

This trend is even more dramatic in New Zealand, where there will be a 150 per cent rise in residents who adhere to Islam.

The projections, by the Pew Research Centre’s Forum on Religion and Public Life, have been calculated using fertility, mortality and migration rates.

But while the study confirms the continued spread of the Islamic faith — Muslims will comprise 26.4 per cent of the world’s population of 8.3 billion in 2030 — it anticipates that this growth will level off.

As living standards rise, more Muslims gravitate towards cities and women gain access to education and employment, the fertility rates in these communities will fall.

Bob Birrell, a sociologist and immigration expert from Monash University, said that while Middle East migration had plateaued, the forecast rises were “very plausible”. Family reunion, the refugee program and high levels of net migration would contribute to the growth, especially with the pressures to migrate in countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan and Malaysia, he said.

The Muslim population in Australia would still remain relatively low. At present, Muslims comprise 1.9 per cent of all Australians. That figure will rise to 2.8 per cent.

Don’t get too comfy!  My guess is that the tipping point of the ‘civilization jihad’ for a country comes at around 3%—the point where the Muslim population is emboldened and begins to demand shariah compliance.

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Part Three: A Culturally Clever, Bacha Bazi Predator

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 3, 2015

Editor:  This series of guest columns by ‘Pungentpeppers’ about refugees who are also child predators has been wildly popular.  Part II went through the roof yesterday via facebook.  Below is the next installment as we pick up the story of perhaps Australia’s most infamous pedophile.  (You may want to read Part I  first about America’s own Bacha Bazi predator.)

Part Three: A Culturally Clever, Bacha Bazi Predator

In Part Two — It’s May 2014. Child predator Omid Roshan sits behind bars, but Ali Jaffari is roaming free. Melbourne residents report sightings of the Afghan sex offender. He seems to be everywhere! The public is on high alert.

Afghan men do not think of women as sex objects, how could they when the women are covered. Woe to the young boys. Photo:

“Jaffari should not be on the streets,” child protection activists agree. But amid calls for his deportation, one Melbourne-area activist is concerned that, if Australia deports him, Jaffari will harm children in his home country. She says, “We can’t let child abuse travel.” (See the Herald Sun, here).

But child abuse has already traveled — from Afghanistan to Australia.

Bacha Bazi, or sexual abuse of boys, introduced in Part One of this series, is pervasive and culturally accepted in Afghanistan. The country has more pedophiles per capita than any other place on earth. It has been going on there for centuries, and is so ingrained that Afghan men do not think of women as sex objects. After all, “How can you fall in love with a woman if you can’t see her face?!”

The abusive practice is most common among Pashtuns – perhaps as many as 50% of Pashtun men take boys for lovers – but it is also prevalent among other Afghan ethnic populations, including the groups to which our two featured sex offenders belong. Omid Roshan is likely a Tajik; while Ali Jaffari is a Hazara.

Jaffari is not the naive and innocent bumpkin he pretends to be…

The widespread acceptance of Bacha Bazi in his country may have given Ali Jaffari the idea that he could exploit his cultural background to evade punishment for misbehaving in Australia. Thus, after his arrest for molesting the boys in the pool, two months later he feigns innocence and disingenuously tells police in Geelong, as he is stopped after trying to kidnap the little girl: “for us is not an issue”.

Jaffari is not the naive and innocent bumpkin he pretends to be, albeit he grew up poor and uneducated in a rural part of Afghanistan’s Ghazni province. After his father was shot dead in 2003 (Jaffari was in his mid-20’s), his family fled to Pakistan. Although the odds were stacked against him, Jaffari found opportunity and exploited it to personal advantage. Motivated to travel to Indonesia, he collected the immense sum demanded by smugglers to pay for passage by boat to Australia – no small feat. During 15 months of detention, Jaffari learned the stratagems required to win permanent asylum and benefits from the Australians – and was successful.

Given his past wins at the Australian game, it’s no surprise that during the long intervals between arrests and court appearances, the ever resourceful Ali Jaffari devises his “cultural” strategy. And the Australian magistrates, oh so understanding and wanting to be culturally aware, lap up Jaffari’s concocted tale of innocence, deprivation and loneliness — and so they fail to lock up the conniving predator who had the audacity to frighten a woman and her children by following them through a park at night, making noises and touching himself.

Will the courts finally stop Jaffari? Or will the government step in?

And why won’t the Afghans stop the hideous practices that bring shame to their nation? Does the reason have something to do with Islam?

More to come, in Part Four!

For the above photo of Jaffari:

Here is more reading on Bacha Bazi:
Pervasiveness of Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan

“Stop Enabling Pedophilia”

“Afghanistan’s Dirty Little Secret”

“Bacha Bazi: An Afghan Tragedy”

U.S. State Department calls child abuse “endemic”, child sexual abuse “pervasive”, and notes most child sexual abusers are “not arrested.”
“Afghanistan Executive Summary”

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Australia grapples with Bacha Bazi compulsive predators

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 1, 2015

Editor:  This is another important guest post from ‘Pungentpeppers.’  If you are new to Refugee Resettlement Watch and think you can dismiss this horror story because it is in faraway Australia, think again!  It has happened right here in America and reminds us of the dangers of falling for cultural relativism and that the old tired line about diversity bringing us strength is propaganda.  We have enough child predators of our own, we don’t need to be importing more and then excusing them because these acts aren’t criminal ones where they come from!

See Part One, “In the West: A Modern Form of Afghan “Bacha Bazi” Pedophilia?” for arrest of Qayed Shareef, a California CEO, and the insidious Afghan practice of targeting boys for sexual abuse called Bacha Bazi.

Map depicts Melbourne suburbs of Geelong and Dandenong where the sexual crimes occurred.

Australia grapples with Bacha Bazi compulsive predators

Around the time Qayed Shareef was role playing with 9- and 10-year olds via the internet in the U.S., Afghan natives Ali Jaffari and Omid Roshan were on the prowl in Australia’s Greater Melbourne area. As events build on each other, Australia wakens.


2010 – Ali Jaffari, aged 30+, arrives in Australia via smuggler boat. He seeks asylum and is detained 15 months.

Jan. 2012 – Jaffari is granted a permanent protection visa.

2012 – Omid Roshan, age 19 or 20, arrives late in the year via smuggler boat. After 1-month detention, he is granted a temporary bridging visa. Thus, two boy-seeking sexual predators are released into the general population.

Nov. 2012Jaffari molests 12- and 13-year old boys at a swimming pool in Geelong (near Melbourne). [A number of years ago another Afghan refugee creep did something similar: as soon as Hussain Haidari was released from detention, he swooped into the Adelaide Aquatic Center where he found his 13-year-old boy prey – at the swimming pool.] Jaffari remains free pending trial.

As an asylum seeker Jaffari was granted permanent protection by the Australian government. Photo:

Jan. 2013Jaffari tries to kidnap a 4-year-old girl at a Geelong cricket field. Grabs her hand and starts to lead her away. He tells police, “for us is not an issue”.

Aug. 2013 – Geelong swimming pool molestation trial. The boys testify that Jaffari approached them and, at first, was “mucking about” with them in the pool:

One witness said things changed when he started grabbing at them, cuddling one boy, kissing him on the neck and telling him he was “sexy”. He also rubbed himself against a boy. The victim told the court Jaffari followed them to the showers, where he cornered one boy, asking him if he “wanted company”. He said Jaffari then tried to pull him out of sight of his friend. The boys fled and reported the matter to their parents.

The court heard both suffered nightmares after the attack and one mother broke down while giving evidence, telling the court her son’s first words to her were, “I was nearly raped”.  (See facebook here)

Verdict: Jaffari found guilty on 6 counts indecent acts with child & 1 attempt.

Sentence: NO JAIL TIME! 300 hours community service. Magistrate Ann McGarvie takes into account Jaffari’s refugee status and that he had previously spent 15 months in detention. She deems him to have low chance of reoffending (despite already facing charges for the separate kidnapping and his unknown history in Afghanistan and Pakistan). Jaffari appeals.

November 2013. At child-stealing hearing, politically-correct Magistrate Ian von Einem says about Jaffari holding little girl’s hand and leading her away: “If a middle-aged, friendly woman did this, I doubt she’d be charged.”

February 2014. Jaffari is reconvicted on appeal of swimming pool case. Police withdraw the child-stealing charges because Magistrate Ron Saines says he’d have trouble finding Jaffari guilty, citing “cultural differences”.

Afghan refugee Roshan is charged with raping nine-year-old boy. Photo and story here:

March 2014. Afghan Omid Roshan of Dandenong (southeast Melbourne) kidnaps a 9-year-old boy from a soccer match, rapes him, and then flees the Melbourne area to Sydney. (See previous post at RRW, here) Detectives track him down and charge him with 2 counts of rape and other offenses. Roshan does not ask for bail.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison promises to keep the temporary visa holder in detention if the court should release him pending trial. … Meanwhile bloggers in America pick up the story of how Ali Jaffari, the other Afghan sex- and asylum-seeking predator, avoided prosecution because of “cultural differences”.

Australian media figure and blogger Derryn Hinch is outraged. He posts a piece on “cultural insanity” showing Jaffari’s photo. He writes:

“Apparently Jaffari is an Afghan refugee with cultural differences. Is it culturally acceptable there for adults to sexually assault children? I doubt it. But even if it were, it is abhorrent here and our laws say so.”

Hinch’s post reaches 130,000 people. Australia’s “Pickering Post” piece on Jaffari is so popular that its servers shut down; the Facebook version logs over half a million hits. The people are roused. But Jaffari himself causes the coming commotion.

April 4, 2014. Police spot Jaffari in a St. Kilda public library (suburban Melbourne) viewing child porn on his laptop (violent sexual images of children). April 7, a passing cyclist notices and photographs a man behaving in “a not quite right” manner near public toilets, at the rear of football changing rooms used by under-8 to 10-year old boys at Albert Park Lake Reserve (Melbourne area). Police identify the suspicious person as Jaffari and caution him. Within weeks, Jaffari is back, again hanging around the site.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison wants to revoke Jaffari’s permanent visa, but is stymied by Australian law. The current character test requires a “substantial criminal record” including at least a 12-month jail term, something that does not apply to Jaffari. Clearly, there is a mismatch between criminal law and immigration law. In Australia, cases involving child sexual abuse are often handled by magistrates rather than judges – shockingly, they are considered low level crimes. The magistrates who were involved in Jaffari’s cases were extremely lenient and made reckless allowances for Jaffari’s foreign origins and foreign customs — they effectively put Australian children at risk, and the Government found its hands tied. Morrison tells the public they are working on a solution.

May 2014. A member of the public is alarmed by the potentially dangerous situation developing at Albert Park and contacts Derryn Hinch whose piece about the roaming Ali Jaffari, called “Help …. please” reaches over 170,000 Australians (here).

Mainstream Australian press runs editorials – Herald Sun: “Send abuser back home”. Daily Telegraph: “Old tribal customs no excuse for crimes.”

WHERE’S ALI JAFFARI? HE’S EVERYWHERE! Mass awakening of public concern follows Jaffari’s re-arrest and release on porn charges. Police investigate his behavior towards young children at footy training (Australian football practice) near Albert Park. Worried parents report seeing Jaffari loitering near a school, parks, and playground. TV and radio personality Kate Langbroek tweets that Jaffari was loitering at her children’s school and MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre). “So there’s a pedo hanging around our kids’ school. Seriously. And at MSAC. Apparently he has ‘a right to pursue fitness’. Holy moly.” Jaffari is also seen at a Beaconsfield Parade playground where an irate parent confronts him. “A mother left shaken after she claims Jaffari followed her and her two children through Albert Park after dark, making noises and touching himself.” She is horrified he’s back at large.

What’s to be done? How will Jaffari be kept off the streets, and out of parks, and pools, and libraries? Can he, should he, be sent back to Afghanistan? How about Derryn Hinch’s question: Is it culturally acceptable in Afghanistan for adults to sexually assault children? ….

More to come in Part Three. Subscribe by email, so you won’t miss it!

***Update***  Part three is here.

For further background see the following links used in the preparation of this post:

Two other Derryn Hinch editorials:

Pickering Post:

News on Jaffari and Roshan:

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Iranian refugee in Sydney: Had Problem With the “Revealing Garments” of Australian Women

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 25, 2015

Editor:  Moving on from Africa (here and here) this morning, here is another excellent news analysis from ‘Pungentpeppers:’



A distressingly large number of sexual assault cases have been coming up in my internet news searches. The perpetrators are mostly Muslim Middle Eastern men. Some are refugees or asylum seekers. Some are well educated. However, all appear incapable of adapting to our Western society and mores. These men, in committing their crimes, may be acting on impulses rooted within their own religion and culture and upbringing – and doing irreparable harm to our citizens. Here is one such case.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran women must be covered by law. Even in the middle of summer, women wear the jet black veil called the chador in order to “protect” themselves from attack by lustful males. Uncovered Western women are portrayed as whores. Such was the society where Amir Mohebbifar, age 27, was raised. His name in Persian has a nice and pleasant meaning: “Prince of the Lover’s Light”. However, his behavior once he reached Sydney, Australia, was horrid and despicable.

Mohebbifar left Iran purportedly out of concern for himself and his girlfriend. Although he was university educated and came from a middle class family, the girl’s parents did not approve of their relationship, and he was afraid they would harm her or him. He left the girlfriend behind and joined the flood of other migrants who were traveling to Australia on smuggling boats. He arrived to Australia’s Christmas Island in March of 2013 and received a bridging visa. [At that time – not having had enough experience with Middle Eastern asylum seekers – Australia was still handing out “bridging visas”, or temporary permission to stay in the country, to migrants who arrived by boat. The practice has since been stopped.]

In Australia, Mohebbifar was increasingly out of his element. Frustrated and bored, he felt excluded, depressed and socially isolated since he did not know, and could not know, how to make friends in Australian society. He also had issues with the way Australian women dressed.

Last January (it was summer in Australia), Mohebbifar, having finished most of a bottle of whiskey, saw a 19-year-old woman headed home late at night on a pathway leading to Sydney’s Anzac Bridge. He approached her in his drunken state and asked, “Hi, are you walking home?” The young woman refused to make eye contact and walked fast to try and remove herself from the situation. She thought she had lost him, when she heard footsteps as he ran up to her and grabbed her. He then attacked her and dragged her off the path and into the bushes, where he sexually assaulted her while she was kicking and screaming and fighting and biting him. His attack lasted some 20 minutes when he suddenly stopped and started walking away. The girl called triple-zero (the equivalent to our 911) and he ran. Police arrived and, using CCTV footage, located Mohebbifar hiding under a car and sweating profusely.

Last July, Mohebbifar pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated sexual assault. The charges of sexual intercourse without consent and indecent assault were withdrawn. Sentencing was last week.

Mohebbifar told the court he had found it difficult to “adjust” to Australian women’s “revealing garments” but had been taught to “respect people”. In sentencing him, Judge Donna Woodburne said Mohebbifar had preyed on a vulnerable young woman who was simply trying to get home. “To be accosted, seized and dragged off the street by a complete stranger must have been terrifying.” She added, “She was doing nothing more than peacefully going about her business walking along public streets to go home.” “There’s a gap between the concern he felt for his Iranian girlfriend and the utter lack of concern he felt for the welfare, safety and security of his 19-year-old victim,” the judge said.

Mohebbifar trembled and cried throughout the sentencing. He was sentenced to a maximum term of eight years, and will be eligible for parole in January 2020.

He should never have left Iran!

For more on the story here are several links to the news:

Daniel Greenfield writing at Frontpage magazine weighed in on the story here also:

For our ever expanding archive on Australia, go here.   Remember that the Sydney coffee-shop terrorist was also an Iranian refugee.

By the way, the US has taken a lot of Iranian refugees in recent years and I assumed most were religious minorities.  I think I had better do a little research on how many are Muslims.

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What is going on with the UNHCR in Malaysia, and why are we taking all these “refugees?”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 29, 2014

I wish I knew who we were processing into America from Malaysia.  As I told readers here recently we have already “welcomed” to America, 1,504 “refugees” from the safe Muslim country in only the first two months of the fiscal year.

Why is it in our national interest to relieve Malaysia of some of its asylum seekers/illegal migrants?

This is what I said on December 20th:

If you go to this fiscal year’s (FY2015) State Department statistics you can see that we took a huge number of “refugees” from Malaysia in the first two months of this year (October and November)—1,504.  Again, Malaysia is a safe Muslim country so who are we taking?

I bet we took thousands from Malaysia in FY2014, but those stats are no longer available to the general public.

Who are those “refugees?” Are they persecuted Malaysian Christians? Are they illegal aliens (Muslims) who got to Malaysia hoping to make it to Australia?  Is this like our Malta situation where we are taking another country’s illegal aliens?

The State Department does not make public the nationalities of those coming to America from Malaysia!  We can only guess that they are Burmese Muslims, or Somalis, or more Middle Eastern Muslims.  Again, persecuted minorities (like the Christians) won’t be seeking protection in Malaysia.  And, if they are why is the State Department keeping it secret?

If migrants have a valid UNHCR ID card, they can stay. Imagine what the fake ones must cost on the black market.

Two articles about problems the UNHCR is having in Malaysia caught my eye yesterday.  The first one was about how 365 migrants were caught carrying FAKE UNHCR identification cards.  Those “Myanmar nationals” mentioned are likely mostly Muslims, possibly Rohingya.

From the Sun Daily via UNHCR News on December 23rd:

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 365 illegal immigrants, mostly Myanmars, were caught by the authorities, possesing fake United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) cards to stay and work in the country.

They were among 416 illegals nabbed in the six-hour integrated operation called ‘Op Bersih’ led by the Kuala Lumpur police contingent and other security agencies, including the Immigration Department, Registration Department, UNHCR, Rela, and the Civil Defence Department at the Selayang Wholesale Market, here, that began at midnight.

Kuala Lumpur police CID deputy chief, ACP Khairi Ahrasa in a statement said the operation to reduce the number of illegals in the country managed to detain 351 Myanmar nationals, 20 Bangladeshis, 30 Indonesians, seven Indian nationals and six other nationals for illegal entry and using fake UNHCR cards.

And the funny part (not really funny) is that just a week before, the UNHCR was blasting authorities in Malaysia for harassing those poor “refugees” carrying UNHCR ID cards.  Here also at the Sun Daily:

PETALING JAYA: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is concerned over the arrests of UNHCR card holders in the country for various Immigration-related offences.

UNHCR External Relations officer Yante Ismail said these card holders are at risk of being arrested by the authorities as currently there are no domestic laws that can make a distinction between refugees and undocumented migrants.

She said they will intervene with the authorities whenever the registered refugees are arrested for various Immigration-related offences to advocate their release.

According to UNHCR statistics, there are over 150,000 refugees and asylum-seekers in the country from countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Somalia and Pakistan.

In an immediate response, an Immigration Department spokesman did not deny that Malaysia lacks a legislative and administrative framework to address refugee matters, adding that all of the refugees are allowed to stay in the country only with the government’s compassion.

However, he refuted the allegation of UNHCR card holders being arrested saying that it is always their standard operating procedure not to arrest registered refugees.

“Even if we (mistakenly) detain the refugees, we will check with the UNHCR to find out whether the card is valid or not, if it is valid, then we let them go,” the spokesman told theSun.

Can you just imagine the amount of corruption going on in a place like Malaysia with 150,000 mostly Muslim “refugees” and “asylum-seekers” hanging around waiting for the big prize—a ticket to Australia or America!


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Indonesia wants to put Muslim asylum seekers on an island; blasts Australia for lack of welcome

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 28, 2014

This is actually pretty funny!  Indonesia, a Muslim country, has long served as a transit route for the Middle Eastern and African illegal aliens (boat people) wanting to get into Australia, but Australia has been attempting to stop the illegal migration and is now guarding its borders.  Consequently, the pile-up of “asylum seekers” in Indonesia has become a problem.

Here is a thought—let Indonesia give refuge to fellow Muslims.

Australian Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison: We are taking the “sugar off the table!” Where is America’s Scott Morrison?

From the Global Post (emphasis is mine):

 JAKARTA — Senior Indonesian officials say they are looking for an island to accommodate some 10,000 asylum seekers and refugees waiting for resettlement in the country, as they have become a “burden.”

Asylum seekers flock to Indonesia from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, hoping to reach Australia. But Indonesia’s southern neighbor has recently announced that all refugees registered at the Jakarta office of the UNHCR refugee agency from July 2014 will now automatically be banned from resettlement in Australia.

Australia’s immigration minister Scott Morrison compares the ban to “taking the sugar off the table,” and says it’s in Indonesia’s interest. “We’re trying to stop people thinking they can go to Indonesia and wait around till they get to Australia,” he told Australia’s ABC Radio late November. “This is designed to stop people flowing into Indonesia. It will help Indonesia.”

But Indonesian authorities don’t see it that way. “It’s Australia’s right, but it’s creating a burden for us,” said Indonesia’s Justice and Human Rights minister Yasonna Laoly on Australia’s ABC News. “There are 10,000 foreign citizens, which becomes a burden for us.”

Indonesia has never signed any refugee treaty with the UN!  So, why isn’t UNHCR Antonio Guterres blasting Indonesia?  Is it because it is already a Muslim country and it is Australia that should be Islamized?  (LOL! is that a word?).

As a signatory to the United Nations’ Refugee Convention, Australia is bound by international law to protect refugees. Indonesia has not signed the treaty.


Faisal, a 23-year-old Somalian who calls Australia’s policy “inhumane” and “cruel”…


Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s anti-immigration “Operation Sovereign Borders” was launched shortly after he took office late 2013, and has created tensions with Jakarta. Indonesian authorities haven’t been happy with Australia towing back boats of migrants en route to Australia towards Indonesian waters.

There is more, read it all!

Hang tough Australia!

We are cheering for you as a model for all Western societies!  See our complete archive on Australia by clicking here.

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