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RRW Weekly round-up for week ending May 12, 2017

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 14, 2017

As you may have noticed, I am trying to add some other legal immigration news and information on programs that must be reformed as we have the best window ever for reform in Washington.

In fact, the Trump team should be at this very minute crafting legislation to send to The Hill to abolish or reform several legal immigration programs that have outlived any usefulness they may have ever had—the US Refugee Admissions Program, Temporary Protected Status and that truly insane Diversity Visa Lottery.  All the worker and investor visa programs should also be rewritten or trashed (but I don’t have enough energy for those, and others, like NumbersUSA, are doing good work there).

Frankly, if Trump’s Administration doesn’t take the initiative on reforming our legal immigration system, it will never happen.  See my post yesterday about the six REPUBLICAN Senators eager for more refugees (can you say cheap labor!).

Here are the Top Three Posts of the past week. 

Note that one of those is about the insane Diversity Visa Lottery. (Top three posts of the last day are in the right hand side bar):

If your city has low income housing (or a greedy meatpacker nearby!) you could get refugees

Another 50,000 wannabe migrants to US learned if they won the lottery to America this week

Minnesota Dept of Health needs $5 million to fight infectious diseases in immigrant population

I haven’t mentioned Top Ten Countries lately, so here below are where readers hailed from who read RRW this past week. There were 134 countries on the list, but here are the top ten (excluding the US):




South Africa








For new readers!

In this older round-up I outlined how to learn more about RRW and the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program. All of my round-ups may be found in my ‘blogging’ category by clicking here.  Yikes! I see that my first video is now at 2.9 million views!

Thanks as always for your notes, your gifts of books, donations, and e-mails of support, even if I don’t acknowledge every communication know that I try, but there aren’t enough hours in the day here on the farm.

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RRW monthly roundup for the month of April 2017

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 5, 2017

It was a slow posting month for me here at RRW due to pressing family and farm responsibilities, so you may have noticed my usual (self-imposed) goal of writing three posts a day has gone by the wayside (until today).

Does Trump even know what is going on in the Dept. of State? For that matter, without an Asst. Sec. of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, does Rex Tillerson even know?

And, frankly, as my garden beckons, I’m feeling pretty disgusted at the way the Trump Administration is unfolding.

I can only speak on the issue of refugees, but honestly he is dropping the ball.  His defenders, like ‘Nancy’ here, can continue to make excuses about the various roadblocks the Left is throwing in his way, but he isn’t even speaking up about how they are rolling him on refugees from terror-producing parts of the world or showing any outward sign of fighting back.

Let’s hope I will be proven wrong and that much is going on behind the scenes, but I wonder…..

Does he even know what is happening?

This is going to be a quick update, I really just want readers to know what the Top Three Posts of the month were.

I also want to emphasize again that there are 8,428 posts here at RRW and I’m going to have to leave it to you, if  you are seriously interested, to mine that information.  ‘Nancy’ in a follow-up e-mail suggested I write something simple for beginners to catch up, but short of Frequently Asked Questions in the header, it is pretty hard to re-cap nearly ten years of writing. And, I don’t want to bore longtime readers to death saying the same things over and over.

As I have told you often in these monthly updates, like this one, use RRW’s search window with a few key words, read every day and eventually you will catch on.

And, I don’t say it enough. My heartfelt thanks for contributions readers send.  I see those as confirmation that my work is useful to you.

Here were the Top Three Posts for the month of April:

Pence in Australia: Sure! We will be taking over 1,000 illegal aliens now held in Australian detention

Trump Department of State supports the Muslim Brotherhood, White House caves

7,000 Africans made it to Europe over the Easter weekend as invasion heats up

Thanks for reading RRW! Follow me on twitter @RefugeeWatcher!  I’ve been trying to educate people with a few tweets headed with the phrase: “Finding facts!”

All of my weekly and monthly updates are tagged ‘Refugee Resettlement Watch.’ Or, you can find them in the category called ‘blogging’ here.


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RRW monthly round-up for March 2017

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 2, 2017

The most important news I have this morning is that I am taking a short break.  As of my ‘Muslim Brotherhood supported by Trump State Department‘ post two days ago, I have written 8,402 posts since 2007 and I need some time off right now!

I’m mentioning the number of posts because I have so many new readers and some ask me to get them up-to-speed on the issue, and frankly I can’t do that.

It’s up to you to research posts I have written.

Start with Frequently Asked Questions linked at the top of this page (sorry fact sheet is out of date).  You can use the categories in the drop-down in the left hand column or tags at the end of individual stories.

And, the search function here at wordpress is very good, so use a few key words in the search window.

LOL! I also have new readers referring to my “organization” or to my “staff.”  There is no organization and no staff, just me and this blog!

When I take a break now for a week or two (unless there is some earth-shattering news), I urge you to follow me on twitter (my twitter feed @Refugee Watcher is also in the right hand side column of this blog and I tweet much more news than I could possibly write about), or follow my facebook group page, here, and in the left hand column of this blog page.

I’ll be updating the ‘Refugee Admission Numbers’ in the right hand side bar during my break.

Also, although there are many good writers who are writing about the refugee program, you should follow especially Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily, Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart, Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review, Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, Pamela Geller at The Geller Report, and Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish. Others?

So, as I do at the beginning of some months, here are the Top Three Posts of last month:

Church World Service announced yesterday that it is launching anti-Trump campaign (to raise $$$)

Hawaii: Muslim Brotherhood-backed imam dictating US refugee policy

“Battle of Rotterdam” on eve of historic election in the Netherlands

All weekly and monthly roundups are archived in my ‘blogging’ category, here.

Oh, and one more thing, wordpress seems to dump subscribers from time to time.  I don’t control those e-mails that come directly to you each time I post.  I recommend that you simply visit RRW every day or so and see what is new, and, for now, while I am taking a break, to use the blog as a research tool as described above.

p.s. Although I don’t say it enough, your gifts and notes of thanks are gratefully received.

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RRW Weekly round-up for week ending March 17, 2017

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 19, 2017

I’ve been terrible about keeping up with weekly round-ups, so I figured it was about time I put one up!

For my last round-up (it was for the month of February, click here).

The Top Three Posts of the last week are these (top daily posts are in the right hand sidebar):

“Battle of Rotterdam” on eve of historic election in the Netherlands

Michigan: More confirmation that refugee resettlement is an industry

Hawaii: Muslim Brotherhood-backed imam dictating US refugee policy

And, I want to mention that another post just skyrocketed yesterday.  It is this one:

Refuting, once again, the big lie about 18-24 months of vetting!


BTW, I’ve added a new sidebar widget: Refugee Admission numbers for FY17.

For new readers: I wrote this little book in 2015. Although a bit out of date now, it might help you get up-to-speed on an issue that is dominating the news today.

Fiscal year 2017 runs from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.  As you know Donald Trump has set the CEILING at 50,000 for the year.  As of the March 16th, the day Trump’s 120-day moratorium on resettlement was to go into effect, we were at 38,106.

The Hawaii judge placed, illegally in my opinion, a restraining order on the refugee ceiling  portion of the order.  So, I will track the numbers every few days (assuming Wrapsnet is working) and post the latest number in the right hand sidebar.

For new (and some long-time readers): Sorry for the repeat on some of this, but I get e-mails and comments about these issues all the time!

RRW is on twitter.  I am @RefugeeWatcher.  As of this morning I have 8,996 followers.  My tweets are also in the right hand sidebar here at RRW.

RRW is on facebook, my page is here. It has 42,000 likes as of this writing.

I am here by myself, no staff, just me, so I can’t answer every inquiry I receive.  I’m sorry. I hate to look rude, but I can’t.


Increasingly readers are telling me that they subscribe to RRW, get a few e-mails with new posts, then all of a sudden they don’t get them anymore.  I don’t control that, wordpress does.  First, check your spam folder to see if your e-mail server is sending them there.  Next, resubscribe and try again.  And, there is the possibility that some e-mail server is blocking RRW.

But, you can always visit RRW directly every day or so and scroll back to see what I have written in the last few days.  It seems to me that that is the best option—less e-mail in your inbox and you can then see all the other features here at RRW most especially Frequently Asked Questions in the header.

Commenting rules (for the zillionth time!):

I screen comments. I check them a few times a day.  I post NO comments threatening violence or those with foul language.

If you attack another commenter with an ad hominem attack, it won’t be posted either. You can tell them they are wrong without impugning their character.

I’m not posting conspiracies of any sort.  I deal in facts.

And, please, please stop sending ‘off-topic’ comments.  If you want me to see a link that does not relate to the story I’ve posted, you can send it, but don’t expect to see it posted as a comment.  And, I am going to have to shorten comments when you post the entire text of another article.

Search RRW for topics that interest you!

I’ve written 8,372 posts in the last nearly 10 years.  There is a lot of material here at RRW. Please use the search window, upper left, using key words that relate to your interest and see what I have said in the past on the topic.  WordPress’s search function is very good! LOL! I know because I have to use it all the time to see what I’ve said over the years!

Also, for new readers, you might want to see my first youtube video from 2015, I see it is at 2,889,554 views as of this morning, here.

And, again thanks to all of you who have sent kind words of encouragement.  Know how much I appreciate it even if, for lack of time, I don’t respond directly.

This post, and all past roundups are at my ‘blogging’ category.

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RRW round-up for the month of February 2017

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 1, 2017

Having a look at the numbers of readers arriving at RRW in the month of February, I am happy to report that the numbers of you arriving here in January and February added up to more than arrived in the whole of 2011 and 2012 combined!

The education of the American people is increasing exponentially about the completely out of control UN/US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).


Nixon: Say it over and over and over again, even if you want to barf!

Before I get to the top three posts of the month (and the top ten countries from which readers arrived at RRW), I want to talk about repetition.

As I have said so often, someone once told me that people need to hear things seven times before it sinks in. So, if you are a regular reader, you might be getting really sick of the fact that I keep repeating many key points about the USRAP and how it effects your communities.

But, if I repeat some things it is because I am mindful of the need for repetition which won’t end because every day we get new readers (and they need to get their seven repeats!).

Reader Paul confirmed the admonition about repetition in an e-mail to me recently with a quote from David Gergen about what he learned from Richard Nixon:

He learned the importance of saying the same thing, over and over and over: “Nixon taught us about the art of repetition. He used to tell me, ‘About the time you are writing a line that you have written it so often that you want to throw up, that is the first time the American people will hear it.’ “

Now here are the Top Three Posts of the month (top three posts of the last day are in the right hand side bar):

Open borders left, refugee contractors plan days of action

Repost: US Cases of refugees arrested or convicted on terror charges, and other heinous crimes

The nerve! UN Secretary General goes to Saudi Arabia and says “Islamophobia” to blame for world’s worst violence

BTW, our fact sheet, linked at the top of the page, gets thousands of hits a month, but I feel bad about that because it is out of date, and frankly I haven’t the time or the interest in updating it.

Here are the Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived at RRW in the last month (in descending order and excluding the US):





South Africa






Some reminders:

When I get around to posting comments, know that I don’t post any comments that suggest violence in any way against anyone. Those with foul language or personal attacks on other commenters are also trashed.  I don’t want to hear anything about Zionist conspiracies and because this is my blog I don’t have to be fair and balanced.  If you have a particular conspiracy you are pushing, then I recommend that you write your own blog!

As a matter of fact, one thing I have said more than seven times is that instead of spending your days commenting on blogs and reading news on Drudge, why not start your own blog?

More single-issue bloggers are desperately needed because there seems to be no such thing as investigative journalism anymore. How about disciplining yourselves and rather than being a news junky (a gadfly!), focus on some specific topic and make news yourself by exposing some federal, state or local government program gone awry!

RRW is not a group.  RRW does not have employees. I don’t make any money from traffic coming to RRW.  RRW is my personal contribution to America and I am trying to avoid burnout!

So, while I am venting, nothing bugs me more than readers telling me I need to cover this issue or that issue in the immigration arena—YOU do it!

RRW is on facebook and twitter!

At the end of each blog post there is a facebook and twitter icon so that you can send my posts out to those other social media outlets.  I do a lot of tweeting, so follow me there @refugeewatcher.

RRW’s facebook page is here.

If you subscribed to RRW, know that I don’t send out those e-mails, wordpress does it automatically, and I apologize if somehow you initially received my posts in your inboxes but don’t any longer. Either try re-subscribing or simply visit every day to see what else is new.

Sorry for venting, but spring has arrived early in Maryland and I am enjoying it!

Thanks and appreciation to all of you who send kind words of encouragement both to my e-mail address and to my post office box. Even if I sound cranky, I really do appreciate all that you are doing to spread the word where you live and that you take time to tell me about it!

Thanks for listening!  Happy Spring!

This post is archived in my ‘blogging’ category here.

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RRW weekly roundup for week ending February 3, 2017

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 5, 2017

Another exciting week with Donald Trump in the White House! Never a dull moment! Right!

And, welcome to all of you new subscribers this past week!

At the end of each week (most weeks) I report on what the Top Three most-read posts of the previous week were so everyone can see what interested readers here in the US and in over 100 countries worldwide!


Besides educating yourselves here at RRW, the most important thing you can do is to let Donald Trump know that you have his back. We must make sure he knows we want the Refugee Admissions Program trashed or reformed. There will never be a time like this again for a very long time, if ever. See what else you can do here:

But, first big apologies for my very outdated Fact Sheet in the header above. I know many of you clicked on it this week. I just don’t have time to keep it up, plus I have a hard time motivating myself when there is so much more interesting stuff to write about each day.

You might want to try the Frequently Asked Questions which leads you to some other places where you can find information.

See also recent monthly round-ups for instructions on getting the most out of RRW (at the end of both the October roundup, here, and at the end of the November roundup, here.)

I’ve been writing RRW since the summer of 2007, so there is a lot of information here (over 8,000 posts).  I recommend that you just follow along for awhile and eventually you will catch up. I do try very hard to link back to older posts in each article I write. Also, you might want to try the search window (upper left hand column). It is pretty good.  If you are really new to the issue, start with typing in your state and see if I’ve written about it over the years.

Enough of that.  Here are the Top Three Posts of the week ending on Friday, February 3rd (top daily posts are in the right hand side bar):

Repost: US Cases of refugees arrested or convicted on terror charges, and other heinous crimes

Aberdeen, SD: Somali refugee found guilty of sexual assault in December is supposed to be sentenced today

Open borders left, refugee contractors plan days of action

If you are on twitter maybe you saw some of those criminals whose mugshots I tweeted from that #1 post above. I did individual tweets in a series one evening and had hundreds of thousands of impressions that night! I am @RefugeeWatcher if you would like to follow me.

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RRW Weekly roundup for week ending January 27, 2017

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 29, 2017

It has been a big week here at RRW!


Just last Monday the ORR published the 2015 report to Congress. These reports are treasure troves of information. Serious students of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program should have a look:

This weekly roundup ended on Friday, the 27th before the big news hit the fan Friday evening.

Knowledge is power!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that two (out of the top three posts of the week) were widely read because it means that you were more interested in educating yourselves last week than in the hot juicy news coming out of Washington.

That is good, that you are so interested in continuing to educate yourselves (in pockets of resistance!), because it sure looks like there is no time to rest now.

For all of you new readers (and there have been thousands in the last few days, many from around the world), I try every week to get something posted on which posts interested readers the most in the previous week.

So here are the Top Three for the week ending on Friday.  (Top daily posts are in the right hand side bar):

Is there a Refugee placement office in your town? Updated list available

Breaking news! Reuters is reporting that President Trump will sign executive orders on refugees tomorrow

“New site development guide” for those attempting to make your town a new refugee resettlement site

For new readers:

See recent monthly round-ups for instructions on getting the most out of RRW (at the end of both the October roundup, here, and at the end of the November roundup, here.)

A word about comments….

I don’t post any comments with foul language, threats of violence, or comments that are personal attacks on other commenters. I am also sick to death with comments about the Jews/Israel being responsible for every problem in the world, so don’t bother sending those.

As I have said repeatedly, for nearly ten years, I have no obligation to be LOL! ‘fair and balanced,’ I try to be as factually accurate as I can, but I am a blogger!  I have a point of view.

If you don’t like what I am saying and you feel strongly about an issue or several issues, write your own blog on your own time! I do this on my time, no one pays me, and so this is my time, my charitable work! If you don’t like what I say, don’t read RRW!

One more thing! I have been a supporter of Donald Trump from the beginning. I never had another candidate. But, that does not mean I won’t criticize him and his administration when I don’t like what they are doing (like that Australia deal if Reuters is being accurate).   You know the other side is going to attempt to pull him in their political direction so there must necessarily be a counter pressure from us.

Thanks to long time readers for all of your kind words. I apologize for not always responding!

Update! Oopsy, put the wrong year in the title, corrected now!

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Weekly round-up for week ending January 13, 2017

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 15, 2017

I’m going to make this a quick post because I have too much other important news to write about.

Before I get to the three top posts of the week, I want to talk about facebook.  Truthfully, I never really got into it and so I’m not very savvy about using it and I don’t have enough hours in the day to answer your many comments and inquiries  at my Refugee Resettlement Watch facebook page here.  (Remember it is just me here, this is not an organization and I have no staff).


This is my logo at RRW’s facebook page:

I haven’t posted everything I write at that facebook page, but I think I will from now on.  At this point in time, the page has 37,000 likes and a friend posts some additional news items on it.

I believe you can go there and follow me there.

As for my ‘friends,’ I get many requests every day and I will try harder to add you, but I don’t post much on my personal timeline anyway, I post at the page!

And, as I have said many times, I am on twitter (@refugeewatcher) and I tweet often (average around 8 tweets a day).  I place every post I write on twitter plus many other related news items every day (some that you send me, but that I have no time to post on the blog itself).

You can see both my twitter feed in the right hand column here and my facebook page in the left hand column right here on RRW.

Enough of that!

Here are the Top Three Posts of the last week:

Aberdeen update: Efforts abound in South Dakota to keep citizens in the dark about refugees

Rochester, NY: Confirmation that the US State Department has packed the pipeline with refugees in advance of Trump

HUGE! Food stamp fraud bust in Baltimore, check out the names, see a pattern?

For more weekly, monthly and annual round-ups go here.

For new readers:  See recent monthly round-ups for instructions on getting the most out of RRW (at the end of both the October roundup, here, and at the end of the November roundup, here.)

Yippee! This time next week, we will have a new America!

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Annual RRW round-up for 2016

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Just short of 2 million views were recorded at Refugee Resettlement Watch this past year—only a tiny number less than our top year so far (2015) when the refugee issue broke through and became a major political issue widely discussed in government circles and around kitchen tables (just as I am writing this, Fox News is doing a refugee segment based on a recent Breitbart story).  That is not a lot of viewers by big blog standards, but for a single issue blog, I’m thrilled by those numbers.


Purchase of my booklet benefits a national security organization.

In July of 2017, Refugee Resettlement Watch turns ten!  In our first full year, 2008, we had just short of 200,000 views and the numbers have grown ever since. The largest number of our readers arrive simply through search engines, followed by facebook and twitter users who send around our posts.

To date we have written 8,143 posts (I’ll give you the top three for the year shortly).

I checked my first youtube video yesterday for the first time in a long time and see that it has 2,651,000+ views.  And, I had a look at Amazon to get some information about my little book.

Wow! I have never looked at the reviews and now see that there are 117 of them.  Only 9 are critical.  So thanks to all who took time to give a thumbs-up to ‘Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America.

This will make you laugh! Amazon placed this comment in the 9 critical ones:

3.0 out of 5 stars Good little book
ByChelsea M.on July 10, 2015
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Good little book! Glad the author gave information such as this – more people should care. Only gave a 3 because it made me mad – the book deserves a 5.


The highlight of my year was the summer roadtrip I made where I met so many of you, some for the first time! I put 6,000 miles on my car over 30 days. Thanks to all who welcomed me and took time to tell me about what is happening in your communities and what you are doing about it.

Another highlight of 2016 was receiving this coveted award from the Southern Poverty Law Center.  What the SPLC doesn’t get is that by listing me in this esteemed group, they actually further encourage me to keep doing what I am doing!

Drum roll for the Top Three Posts of 2016!

Amarillo, TX being destroyed by refugee overload

Brussels is coming to a town near you! Time for a moratorium on Muslim migration to America!

HUGE! Food stamp fraud bust in Baltimore, check out the names, see a pattern?

On this third top post of last year….

For years I followed food stamp fraud (trafficking) stories (like this one), but because the refugee issue was exploding, I had to necessarily curtail my interest in this HUGE form of fraud on American taxpayers. We aren’t talking about the little fraud involving purchasing items not allowed in the SNAP program, but huge multi-million dollar food stamp fraud called trafficking mostly at immigrant owned/managed convenience stores.  I cannot understand why no reporters are interested in what could be Pulitzer Prize worthy investigative work (assuming the PP went to politically incorrect journalism!).  To date, to my knowledge, no real journalist has taken on this major scam on America!

If anyone wants to get a start, type ‘food stamp fraud’ in to RRW’s search window and get some background on trafficking.

Next, here are the Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived at RRW in 2016 (excluding the US of course):





South Africa






For new readers:  See recent monthly round-ups for instructions on getting the most out of RRW (at the end of both the October roundup, here, and at the end of the November roundup, here.)

More comments from me on commenting….

Always looking for a way to find more time to research and write (and have a life!), I’m making a change in how I handle your comments. I’ve always moderated comments and excluded ones that include foul language, ad hominem attacks against other commenters, and threats of violence, but I am going to further limit them.

First, not wanting to sound too unkind, but RRW is written by me alone and as most blogs do, it reflects the blogger’s political views (in other words my political views).  Although I am happy that so many people want to hear what I have to report, I don’t make a living at this. This is a labor of love and I am not paid for my work by anyone. Notice I have no ads here at RRW, so traffic is not an issue for me. If you don’t like my views, don’t visit!

A prime example of the point I am making is about Israel and Jews. I have said this before and I guess I may have to keep repeating it!  I am a supporter of the state of Israel and I don’t believe there is a Jewish conspiracy to change AmericaIt is my opinion that it is progressive political ideology that is attempting to change America by changing the people.  Progressives come from all major religious groups and includes those with no religious beliefs as well.  So, I have not been, and am not going to, post any comments about a Jewish conspiracy.

RRW isn’t a forum for you to write a blog within my blog.  How about creating your own blog!

Increasingly, so many of you are sending many links in each comment and often the comment does not relate in any way to the post where the comment has been placed. I can’t look at all your links and still find time to write and research.

So (starting today) I am asking you to limit comments (you can disagree with what I have said, with the above exception) to about 150 words and to include only one or two links.  If you have something longer to say, write to me at and ask me to consider your longer piece as a guest post.

I’ll try harder to check that e-mail address if you promise to not send me e-mails all day long on every subject under the sun! (I have no staff, no interns!)  I too am interested in many issues, but there is not enough time in the day. I’m a firm believer in focusing on one or two issues in order to accomplish something. I don’t think being the most well-read person on the internet accomplishes much!

Enough!  Again Happy New Year (and sorry to sound so mean and opinionated, but I want to not burn out!)!

P.S. This is no time to sit back, or burn out! Keep the pressure on Donald Trump to do what he promised during his Presidential campaign!

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Weekly round-up for week ending December 23, 2016

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 24, 2016

Note: As I began writing this post, Firefox appears to be blocking access to RRW.  I don’t know what is up with that, so I’ve switched to Chrome for now….let me know if you are having problems too!

I debated whether to post this photo—I’ll call it the photo of the week—but decided to do it because there is no sense sugar-coating where the western world is this Christmas.

In the wake of the Berlin Islamic terror attack…..



Posted at Drudge a day ago….


Here are our Top Three Posts of the week (top daily most popular posts are in the right hand side bar):

Somalis pouring in to US in first 10 weeks of the fiscal year, could be biggest year ever for Somalis

What the hell! Somali American goes HOME for visit to Somalia!

Austin, TX mayor works with White House to welcome Syrians against official state position

For new readers, I have a good summary of how to use RRW and find information at the end of both the October roundup, here, and at the end of the November roundup, here.

And, many thanks to everyone who has suggested that I might be useful to the Trump team. I am flattered, but there are several good people I know who hope to be placed in agencies involving refugee resettlement in the Trump Administration, so let’s hope the Trump Transition Team has the good sense to hire them!

As for me, who would write RRW if I was busy in DC battling bureaucrats every day? And, besides, I need to be right here, not only informing you, but ready and willing to keep Donald Trump and his people honest if they stray from Trump’s campaign promises on immigration!

Merry Christmas! 

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