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Top Posts for the last week; road trip review (so far!)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 24, 2016

rrw-logo-1Oh gosh, where do I begin to tell you about Refugee Resettlement Watch‘s road trip.  My head is spinning with all I’ve heard and seen and it would take me hours to tell you.

First, though, below are the top three posts of the week.  Sorry I haven’t written much, but between driving and meeting, I’m finding little time for the computer.  By the way, I am now 1,500 miles from home and am taking the day off. I got a beautiful hotel room at a bargain price and can spend all day here just catching up. (The room has a long counter-like work station and I am spread out!).

The number one post here surpasses the others by a huge margin:

Twin Falls elected officials getting blow back in rape case; they are NOT the victims

Our fact sheet***

Refugee news roundup! Trump is the only hope for America on most important issue—immigration



Road Trip News!

Because mostly I don’t know where to begin in sorting through what I’ve learned and seen in the last week, I’m going to give you my general impressions (and am not going to give out any names of patriots working in these areas, except for Congressional candidate AJ Kern).

First, if all of you could see Toledo, Ohio and Dearborn, Michigan, you would be shocked.

Obviously both are struggling, grimy places where more refugees are being placed by the US State Department.  The feds and their contractors are setting up more refugees to fail by placing them in the dilapidated towns.  It seems that there are mosques every few blocks and in Dearborn the storefront signs are in Arabic.  I’m told the first Arabs were brought to Dearborn by the Ford Motor Company looking for laborers (a recurring theme in my travels).

Any ideas you have about this program being one of compassion and humanitarian concern for the downtrodden must be wiped out of your heads! The refugee program is about changing America and about MONEY and labor!

Most disturbing in this part of Michigan is that Arabs are spreading out throughout the nicer counties nearby and buying up properties and homes in mid to upper class neighborhoods (and building mosques).

There are some great people working to save Michigan against great odds and I thank them profusely for several days of tours and briefings by those who are living it.

Create a blog or website! Information is power!

For a model on what you should do where you live (I am going to hound you all to do this)—get a website or blog on which to post all of your research and news so that others in your state can learn from you and know that they are not aloneSecure Michigan is a great example of what you should be doing!

Also, some of you must begin running for local elected office because almost everywhere I’ve been local elected officials are in the tank for more immigrant labor to be brought in to your communities mostly driven by the ‘leaders’ of the local Chamber of Commerce!

As I reported earlier this past week, I stopped in Janesville, Wisconsin to give a little help to the Paul Nehlen campaign. Nehlen, as you know, is attempting to unseat Speaker Paul Ryan and I wanted to tell citizens there that Ryan is a long-time backer of the Refugee Admissions Program and did nothing last fall to help slow the flow of Syrians now entering the US at an accelerated pace.  If he and Hillary are running Washington next year we are finished!

And, then ‘oh my gosh’ I traveled to Owatonna, Minnesota where an aluminum window company is being sued by CAIR on behalf of Somalis over the issue of prayer break times.  And, in what can only be called ‘providential’ I met a woman who has followed the conflicts involving the Somalis in Owatonna since Somalis first arrived there in 1992/93!  And, guess what, that is the year the US State Department says the first Somalis went to Minnesota! Their destination was Owatonna!  Now guess who wanted the Somali workers? This same window company now being sued!

I then had a good visit with citizens in Willmar, Minnesota where the Jennie-O plant is responsible for the large Somali population there.  Go here to our archive of posts in which we mention Willmar.

AJ Kern

AJ Kern is running for Congress (primary August 9) against the RINO who took former Rep Michele Bachmann’s seat.

Next on my travels, I stopped in the now infamous St. Cloud, a city we visited previously and wrote about on many occasions (see archive here, I think it goes back to 2008). The city was part of former Rep. Michele Bachmann’s district.   It is now represented by  Tom Emmer who along with Rep. Keith Ellison created the Somali Caucus in the House of Representatives.

Also see Emmer’s score on immigration generally at NumbersUSA, here.  And, he has an F on the Liberty Score Card here at Conservative Review.

After hearing from citizens there, I had the pleasure of meeting Emmer’s opposition in the August 9th Republican primary—AJ Kern.  So many of you are focused on the Nehlen v. Ryan campaign in Wisconsin, but don’t overlook Kern’s challenge of Emmer.  If you have a little extra funds, please send a contribution to Kern! Click here for her website.

By the way, see what the local pro-Somali newspaper has to say about Kern, here.  This should be enough to fire you up to help her!

One of the most profound impressions I’ve gotten on this road trip so far, is that fear of speaking up against the invasion of America is holding citizens back—they fear for their jobs, they fear for their safety and they fear for their reputations as the NO Borders political activists and their groupies (including the big businesses looking for cheap slave labor) call them racists and xenophobes when they know they are not!

For new readers arriving here for the first time today, see our May roundup for instructions on finding stuff here at RRW where we have posted over 7,700 posts since 2007.

And, last but not least, thanks to everyone who has donated to Refugee Resettlement Watch. I promise to try to thank you all individually today! I’ve been asked who is funding this road trip—the answer is me (with a little help from readers).  I don’t work for any nefarious organization as I am sure my critics believe!  (Update: Forgot to remind you that your contributions are not tax deductible!)

***My apologies on the fact sheet! It is out of date and needs to be updated, but I’ve had no time.

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A quick comment from the road….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 21, 2016

….I am now over 1,200 miles from home!


It is hard (harder than I anticipated) finding time to put up a few posts, meet with activists, and then get in the car and drive for hours.  I hope to get a breather soon with a little extra time at the computer.

Do you remember the craze—‘Where is Waldo?’—that is how I’m thinking of this road trip (Where is Ann?).

Go to my woefully neglected blog—American Resistance 2016—to see where I was yesterday.

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Top posts for the last week

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 17, 2016

rrw-logo-1Well, I am finally on the road—so far I’ve traveled about 400 miles from home on my month-long RRW road trip. As time goes on, and if I have interesting news to report, I’ll have more details.  But, I am mostly on a listening tour to hear directly from citizens concerned about the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program and how this federal program is impacting their towns (both culturally and economically).

I’m hoping I will be able to sneak a little time each day to post other news, but yesterday’s struggle with a hotel wi-fi was pretty discouraging.  As you saw though I was able to get a few bits of news posted and tweeted some other information as well. (Find me on twitter @RefugeeWatcher)

Here then are the Top Three most-read Posts of the last week at RRW (top daily posts are in the right hand sidebar):

Minnesota ‘sharia law’ billboard causing a stir

Massachusetts: Alleged assault by Syrian refugee exposes secretive nature of refugee program

Minnesota victim speaks in case of roving Somali gangs in upscale neighborhood

Thank you!!! I want to sincerely thank everyone who sent a donation in the last ten days.  I promise to e-mail each of you individually soon.

For new readers!  If this is the first time you’ve visited RRW, you might want to go back to the May roundup where I provide a long list of all the ways to research the refugee program at RRW where we have now written over 7,700 posts.  Go here for that information!

All previous roundups are archived here.

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Top posts of the last week and misc. news

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 10, 2016

I’m trying each week to take a few minutes to let readers know which posts were the most popular in the preceding week.  I’ll tell you shortly, but first a couple of other bits of information.


Heading West!

This coming Friday I will be headed out across America on RRW’s first (maybe only because my plans are pretty ambitious/nuts!) Road Trip!

I’ll be stopping in 14 or 15 states to see (first hand) how the UN/US State Department refugee resettlement program is changing American towns.

I’m especially interested in the economic drivers of the program.  It has long been my contention that this 35-year-old federal plan to distribute third world refugees to hundreds of towns has several drivers with the humanitarian motive serving only as a cover story for more powerful forces to hide behind.

As time permits (I’ll be driving a lot of hours every day), I will write from the road.  I assume I will still be able to keep up with the general refugee news around the country in addition to providing some insights about what I find. I do intend to continue to tweet (for those of you not on twitter see the right hand side bar for tweets) and to post to facebook.

And, although I haven’t had the time I hoped to keep up with my other blog—American Resistance 2016!—maybe I’ll see some Election 2016 news I’ll want to share while on the road.

To be clear! This is a ‘listening tour’ (a fact-finding trip) not a speaking tour!

Note to commenters!

If you are wondering why some of your comments haven’t been posted, perhaps its because you were threatening some sort of violence. Cut it out! We have three rules about commenting: no threats of violence, no foul language, and no ad hominem (personal) attacks on another commenter.  It is not that difficult to address the ideas and views of another commenter without calling them a ‘jerk’ or something worse.  Otherwise, I don’t mind views that I don’t particularly agree with.

Here then are the Top Three posts of last week (daily most read posts are in the right hand side bar):

Minneapolis Somali ‘youths’ invade suburban neighborhood, threaten homeowners

Minnesota victim speaks in case of roving Somali gangs in upscale neighborhood

How the Idaho story confirms what we have been saying for years: it is about MONEY!

Speaking of money…

You may have noticed that I have now added a ‘donation’ button here at RRW.  People have been urging me for nearly nine years to do it, so we will see how it goes.  Thanks to all who have donated to date. Just remember that your donations are not tax deductible because I don’t want the IRS dictating what I write about, and I will pay whatever taxes are due.

Also, I assume you have noticed that I don’t have ads popping up all over the place to interfere with your reading.

For my critics, let me be clear, I don’t work for anyone or any organization. I clearly have a bias, but it’s my own!

All previous weekly and monthly roundups can be found in our ‘blogging’ category by clicking here. Some of those roundups include discussions of how to find stuff at RRW.  With over 7,700 posts archived here, it can be daunting to find information. Tip: Simplest way to find something is to type key words into the search window.

Thanks as always for your continued interest in this critical issue!

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RRW roundup for the last week, last year and the last nine years!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 2, 2016

rrw-logo-1Yesterday, Refugee Resettlement Watch turned NINE years old.  I can hardly believe it!

In those nine years we (initially my good friend Judy and I) have written 7,700 posts in a quest to educate citizens about the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program and how it has, for over 35 years, been changing your communities.

My driving focus was and continues to be this:

You have a right to know what Washington bureaucrats and unelected federal contractors are planning for your town.  And, you have a right to question what they are doing without being labeled a racist, a xenophobe or a hater of any sort!

In those nine years in addition to archiving over 7,700 posts we have had over 5 million visitors, with the highest one day tally of 73,280 (that was in November of last year)—3 times more visitors in one day than we received in the whole first 6 months (from July to December 2007).

Just now I checked to see from which countries readers arrived at RRW and found that 208 countries and territories are on the list!

I hope to continue to educate you for many years to come!


RRW road trip!

Before I tell you what the top posts were last week and last year, I have some news!  If nothing unexpected happens, in two weeks I’m planning to head out on a tour of the heartland (and beyond) to visit towns and cities overloaded with refugees so that I can see and report back to you firsthand what is happening to our country. I will be blogging and tweeting from the road.

(My fantasy is to write a book!)

If you wish to donate a small amount, a tank of gas, see that I do now have a place to donate to this work (upper right hand sidebar).*** LOL! The Open Borders Leftists can’t believe I’ve been donating my time to this project for the last nine years. They are sure I’ve been funded by some dastardly Rightwing extremist organization. I haven’t been!

Anything is greatly appreciated, but not necessary because I am doing this no matter what!

***Update*** A few of you have asked how to donate privately and have sent comments to this post.  I will get back to each of you over the weekend (and obviously not post your comments!).

Here are the Top Three Posts for the last week:

How the Idaho story confirms what we have been saying for years: it is about MONEY!

Asheville, North Carolina! You are next! Federal refugee contractor has come to town

Secrecy surrounds refugee program in Tennessee (your state too!)


I thought you might also be interested in seeing what the Top Three Posts of the past year are:

Amarillo, TX being destroyed by refugee overload

Brussels is coming to a town near you! Time for a moratorium on Muslim migration to America!

Are you within a 100-mile radius of a resettlement site? If so, you are in the (ever-expanding) target range

For new readers, all of our past roundups are archived here.  You might want to visit this post (the May roundup) to see how to get the most out of your visits to RRW (and how to find stuff!).

Thanks for your continued support and kind words.  Follow me on twitter @RefugeeWatcher.

***Your donations are not tax deductible because I don’t want the IRS restricting my speech in any way and I definitely want to write about Election 2016!  If you are looking for a charitable donation opportunity consider Judicial Watch, NumbersUSA, ACT for America Education, or the Center for Security Policy, others! Or, find a local non-profit organization you are confident is doing work you care about!

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Top posts of the last week

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 25, 2016

rrw-logo-1I guess it should be no surprise that posts about Twin Falls, Idaho topped our list of the three most read posts this past week.

Here they are with one additional sleeper post that was virtually tied for number three:

Update on Twin Falls, Idaho sexual assault case, boys are refugees

Is there a cover-up in Twin Falls, Idaho involving refugee boys raping a little girl?

Missoula, MT refugee arrivals could begin in August, most will be Muslims

And then this post from more than a year ago has been discovered by new readers and has crept up to the three top posts from this week in terms of visitor numbers, and thus deserves a mention:

Somalis colonizing Nacogdoches County, TX; internationally-owned Pilgram’s Pride meat packer drawing them there

In last weeks round-up of top posts we reported on a few ‘housekeeping’ items that should be of interest to any new readers who have begun following RRW this past week (there are many of you!).  Please visit last week’s round-up here.

Next week watch for not only the June round-up, but also a celebratory round-up on our 9th Anniversary!  To date, we have written 7,683 posts in the last nearly nine years!  Look for a big announcement!

Also, thanks to readers who sent a donation this week, as you may have noticed, I finally broke down and added a donation button (but will continue to have no advertisements!).   On that last point, you should not be seeing ads generated by wordpress on my blog posts since I some time ago got rid of wordpress’s “free” option.

My youtube video, if you have never seen it, has now surpassed 2.5 million views, here.

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Top posts of the last week (and miscellaneous stuff)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 19, 2016

rrw-logo-1Refugee Resettlement Watch is two weeks away from our 9th anniversary!

Where has the time gone? I had to laugh (sort of) just now when I looked at an early post during our first week in July 2007.  I was asking about whether it was a good idea to begin to bring in large numbers of Iraqi refugees.  Well we are now over 100,000, maybe even 150,000 Iraqis (mostly Muslims) spread out across America. (We can’t give you the exact number at the moment because I fear that the State Dept. has withdrawn their data base from public view!)

Has it all been a waste of time?

No, not at all!  I couldn’t have imagined a year ago that the word ‘refugee’ would be on the nightly news and indeed is becoming a critical Presidential election year issue.  So I hope this blog has played some role in educating you about what we are up against.

A few housekeeping issues….

I’ve had some questions lately about sharing buttons. When you subscribe to RRW, wordpress sends you an e-mail which includes the text of the post.  Many of you have asked for a place to tweet or send the text you get to facebook.  If you go to RRW itself (and I recommend that) each post has sharing buttons at the bottom so I am not sure what else I can do to facilitate your request.

Also, if you are on twitter, and so am I, know that everything I post I also tweet. So follow me @RefugeeWatcher and retweet my post if you like. (For those not on twitter, you can still see all the stories I tweet in my right hand side bar.)

making hay when the sun shines

Making hay when the sun shines and why I can’t always answer your e-mails!

For our facebook page click here.  I don’t put every post on facebook, but I do share the ones I consider most important there. Know that I have a partner at facebook who places stories as well that she thinks will interest you.

And one more thing before I get to the top three most-read posts of the week—did you send US State Dept. testimony I have not yet posted? I apologize but again my in-box is so completely jammed that I can’t find more testimony in the mess.  If you still would like your POLITE testimony published please resend it.

My e-mail address is, but please have pity on me and don’t send me e-mails morning, noon and night on every issue facing America at the moment! I would love to chat with you all day, I just can’t or nothing would ever get written.

And, for all of the new readers especially in towns where you’ve gotten the word that the federal government is going to place refugees in your community, be sure to see our Frequently Asked Questions, here.  And, see this post which I recently re-posted: Ten things your town needs to know!

So here are the Top Three Posts of the last week:

Story about Somali woman who attacked Georgia Mom is surreal

Amarillo, TX being destroyed by refugee overload

Copenhagen: Islamic gangs intimidate bar patrons, tell them no drinking in Sharia zones

P.S. RRW is a blog, a news site, a library of sorts, not an organization with staff and interns and offices etc. etc.  You may have noticed that I finally broke down and installed a ‘donation’ button, but we are not a 501(c)3 designated non-profit, so your kind donations are not tax deductible.

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Top posts of the last week

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 11, 2016

rrw-logo-1Before I get to those, I want to mention twitter.  We tweet as @RefugeeWatcher and every day we get new followers which is exciting, but for those of you who don’t tweet, please see the right hand column here at RRW for my twitter feed.

There is so much news surrounding this issue (refugees, immigration, Islamic terrorism, the European invasion, Election 2016, etc. and some of it you send me), that I couldn’t possibly post all of it, but so as not to lose it, I tweet it. Therefore, I urge you to have a look at that twitter feed for stories that interest me and might interest you!

Here are the top three posts of the last week (the week of June 6th) that were the most visited here at RRW:

Düsseldorf in the news again as migrants burn down asylum center

Ten things your town needs to know as it is targeted for refugee resettlement

No break for NH as feds approve just short of 500 new refugees for the state

See our category simply called ‘blogging’ for all of our previous roundups.

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RRW Monthly roundup for the month of May 2016

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 1, 2016

Only one more month and we celebrate our 9th birthday here at Refugee Resettlement Watch. (I say ‘we’ because RRW was started with the help of my longtime good friend Judy.) Time flies when you are having fun they say!

Thanks all of you for staying with RRW (some of you for years)!

Posting is going to be a little light in the coming days because it’s hay-making time on the farm and my family has an important gathering coming up.

I have been planning to write a post about the comments (the reviews) at Amazon about my little book, but never got to it. You might want to check them out if you have a few minutes (there are 94 reviews). The ones I liked best are the critical ones especially:

This is what fear-mongering looks like. And she gets paid for it (Christine Heller)

Deliberately arousing public fear without meaningful contribution (Chris P.)

Ann Cprcoran makes me throw up (B.Davin)

As for the first comment, Christine, I don’t get paid for what I do.  A small stipend to write the booklet, but you can get it free at the Center for Security Policy website!  I have also received an occasional small honorarium to speak (from private organizations and not from the US taxpayer!).

The work I do has been my charitable contribution to America all these years, however, that may change as readers have urged me to add a donation button to RRW. I’m still thinking about it.

Now, to the Top Three most visited posts in the month of May:

Canada: Muslim Imam admits refugee resettlement is caliphate-building!

Amarillo, TX being destroyed by refugee overload

Nevada: Ready or not refugees on the way to Reno

And here are the Top Ten Countries from which visitors arrived at RRW (in descending order and not including the USA):






South Africa






For New Readers (or longtime readers who have forgotten!)

I’ve started a new blog so that I can write about Election 2016, immigration (the only issue that matters!) and any fun thing I feel like posting.  Go to American Resistance 2016! and subscribe.

We have over 7,600 posts archived at RRW extending back to the summer of 2007.  Use the search window with a few key words to look for information (LOL! before you send an e-mail asking me to find things for you!).

Also, see our Frequently Asked Questions and our fact sheet (out of date but still useful) in the header.

I’ve been tweeting a lot and sometimes if I can’t write about a story you send, I tweet it.  See my twitter feed (3,124 followers at this moment) in the right-hand side bar. Even if you aren’t on twitter, you should be able to open the links to the news embedded in the tweet.  I am@RefugeeWatcher.

Likewise you might want to ‘like’ and follow RRW’s facebook page, here.  See it also in the left-hand side bar. It is over 20,000 likes now.

If you are looking for fellow grassroots activists in ‘pockets of resistance’ see the Refugee Resisters facebook page here (Jim Simpson).

All previous round-ups and this one are archived in a category simply called ‘blogging.’

My video about how the refugee program works is here (over 2.4 million views as of this writing).

All comments you submit are screened and we don’t post threats of violence, most foul language, or ad hominem attacks on other commenters.  Sometimes I am away from the computer for many hours, so you may not see your comment posted quickly.  And, lately I’ve noticed a delay by wordpress in sending me your comments.

As much as I would love to see you all in your hometowns, I hate speaking. I think I am more useful right here researching and writing.  However, I am thinking of a project for this summer that might take me to other states, but that is still in the ‘planning’ stage. I’ll know more soon.

Refugee Resettlement Watch is an entirely volunteer project by me—I haven’t raised funds or advertised. I am a free agent! No one pays me (in case my critics think I work for some monstrous evil outfit).  Therefore, I have no staff, no help, and so if I don’t answer the hundreds of e-mails I get every day, you know why!  And, I do apologize!  ***Update*** I recently added a donation button to RRW to help defray some of my costs of producing this website. Small donations are greatly appreciated!

P.S.  There is so much happening on this subject that I would welcome (I encourage!) others to start blogs on the topic, either to cover your local and state issues or even to pick up more of the load nationally!  It does your community no good if you research, find important information (perhaps damning information) and then don’t share it widely!

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Top posts of the last week

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 28, 2016

rrw-logo-1Hope you are all having a nice Memorial Day weekend with family and friends and take a few minutes to remember and honor those in the military who have kept you safe.

As I mentioned last week, several readers have asked that we let you know which posts garnered the most attention here at RRW over the preceding week.  Here they are:

Think about Utica, NY before you jump on the “welcoming refugees” bandwagon

Too funny! Mayor of Rutland, VT says we got our heroin epidemic under control, so now let’s take some Syrian refugees

Speaker Paul Ryan complicit in Syrian migrant surge to America

twitter logoWe reached a milestone this past week at twitter.

We passed the 3,000 followers mark!   That’s not much compared to some of you, but it was a milestone I was tickled to have reached!  (See my twitter feed in the right hand sidebar because even if you aren’t on twitter, you can still access the news stories I post there.) I am @RefugeeWatcher.

We have 20,000 likes at our facebook page, here.


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