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RRW Weekly roundup for week ending August 29, 2015

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 29, 2015

As you probably have gathered, I’ve been away. Am back now and trying to get a handle on so much news that happened while I was out of the country.  I was able to sneak in a few minutes to post in the last ten days, as you’ve seen, and am frankly surprised to see that our readership did not drop off while posting was light.

I see my first youtube is over 1.3 million views, and my second one (about the 65,000 Syrians the UN and its operatives want to plant in America) is incorporated into a petition at GoPetition.   To learn more, please visit my earlier post this morning and consider signing it!

Here are the Top Three Posts of the last week (Top Daily Posts are in the right hand side bar):

        1.Somali day care fraud cases piling up in Minnesota

2.  Our still very popular fact sheet, here.

3. Is there a plan to resettle Somali refugees in St. Maries, Idaho? How does one find out?


Here are the Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived at RRW this week (excluding the US):









EU (don’t ask me why wordpress is now counting EU visitors as somehow separate from the individual countries)


For New Readers:  In many previous weekly roundups, we have given further information on how to get the most out of your visits to RRW.  For the sake of time (there is so much happening I need to get posted), go here and scroll down to the new reader information.

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Away message (maybe)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 19, 2015

Update August 23rd:  Yippee have found internet connections good, so am able to post a bit when I find a few free minutes.

I’m traveling again today.  This time it will be out of the country.  Not sure what I will find in terms of internet access. I’m hopeful I will be able to continue to post because there is so much happening right now.

However, this might be the last day you hear from me until August 28th or 29th.

That means that your comments won’t be posted until I get back.

If you are arriving here for the first time, or are a regular visitor who might not have ever looked around, just use our search function by typing in key words.  I think you will be amazed at what is here in over 6,000 posts and eight years of blogging history. You might learn some things that happened right where you live, but had never heard about, so try it!

Last minute urgent update!

We have learned that Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration Anne Richard is headed to Spartanburg, SC next week to address community concerns in that Pocket of Resistance.   She will be there August 24 and 25.  This is a big deal PR move for the State Department.  Contact Christina Jeffrey at for more information!  

Or, find  her on facebook, here.

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RRW weekly roundup for week ending August 15, 2015

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 17, 2015

Ah well, late again.

For new readers, every week we try to let everyone know which posts were our Top Three most-read posts of the previous week and use the opportunity to fill you in on other news we want to share.

Before I get to the three top posts, we want to let you know that ‘Pockets of Resistance (POR)’ are mushrooming (see my earlier post this morning for instance).  Some of you may hear from (or have already heard from) Jim Simpson who is working to connect grassroots activists.  Jim reports that he has now identified citizens concerned about the colonization of their communities in 24 states!  It is not too late to get in on the action!

Go here and sign up (Center for Security Policy) to be included in the new network.

To all of you reaching out to me to find out what you can do, remember, I’m a blogger and have no organization (no staff etc) behind me.  I love my charitable work of researching and simply reporting the news and educating you on this increasingly hot topic!  And, I am so sorry, although I spend some time each day answering e-mails, I have so little time to answer all of your questions and requests.

By the way, that first youtube video of mine which I reported last week had passed the 1 million viewer mark, is up to 1,132,419 views this week.

Here are our Top Three Posts of last week (Top daily posts are in the right hand sidebar).   That second one is an old post from back in May.

1)  Before you get too excited about Presidential candidate Ms. Carly

2)  36,144 refugees admitted to US in first seven months of FY2015 (fiscal year)

3)  Our fact sheet

I don’t know what the interest was in that #2 post but surely it must have been this map (refugees admitted 2009-2012) that tells us what we knew intuitively, that some states—notably Idaho, North and South Dakota and surprisingly Vermont—are getting huge numbers of refugees in relation to their population size.  Both Idaho and North Dakota have recently developed ‘POR.’

map refugees distorted

  Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived at RRW last week (excluding the US)






New Zealand




South Africa

For a recap of information on how to find things at RRW (we now have 6,829 posts), click here and then scroll down to ‘For new readers.’

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RRW weekly roundup for week ending August 8, 2015

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 10, 2015

Sorry, just getting to this today.

But, it is just as well because as of the 8th our youtube video had not passed the 1 million views mark, but by late yesterday it had!

See it here!  It is at 1,012,702 (at this minute) having attracted over 12,000 viewers since yesterday afternoon when it passed that million-viewer milestone!  Who are all these people?

St. Cloud, MN news last week brought thousands of new viewers to RRW as posts about St. Cloud (a Pocket of Resistance) were two of our three top posts for the week.

Top Three Posts for the week (Top Daily Posts are in the right hand side bar):

1) St. Cloud, MN: Tiny pro-Somali group at Courthouse, large gathering at the VFW, media focuses on tiny group

2) Texas Congressman introduces bill to suspend Refugee Resettlement Program!

3) St. Cloud, MN: AFL-CIO operative using intimidation tactics, stirs racial unrest….

Top countries from which readers arrived at RRW this week (excluding the US):





Dominican Republic (why ???)





New Zealand

For new readers!  

I started posting the weekly roundup just so it would give me an opportunity to tell new readers who had arrived during the week about how to get the most useful information from visits to RRW.  You can see those instructions by visiting this weekly roundup (scroll to New Readers).

This is also an opportunity for me to get messages to you and to apologize (for example) for not being able to answer all of your e-mails.  I try as best I can, but know that RRW is just me, a blogger, and not some massive heavily-funded organization like those that the NO Borders people run. (See for example the moneybags at NEO Philanthropy, here. )

There is a lot of money and power arrayed against us, but do not be deterred.  You have every right to speak up and organize to protect our values and cherished way of life.

Pockets of Resistance are springing up and growing around the country (see our category where we archive posts about ‘Pockets of Resistance’).  Through the Center for Security Policy we are trying to find you all and get you connected with each other.

P.S.  Follow me on twitter!  Did you see our new feature in the right hand side bar, it shows my twitter feed!  I’m trying harder to use twitter to get articles and other news to you that I don’t have time to post. I am @refugeewatcher.

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RRW weekly roundup for week ending August 1, 2015

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 2, 2015

For new readers, we try to report every week on which of our stories garnered the most interest during the previous week.

This week’s number one post is from 2013!  I usually am never able to figure out why some old post, all of a sudden, makes the big time.  This one obviously struck a cord and someone sent it out through social media. Maybe something new happened in Noel, Missouri (where Tyson Foods is destroying the town) that I missed?   I don’t know.

Or, could it be that since Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is making sense and saying that immigration DOES HURT AMERICAN WORKERS some people are finding examples of it?  Here is how our Number One post for this week begins:

It is not often I agree with anything from “Progressives,” but when a reader sent me this piece from Progressives for Immigration Reform I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It is more on the report we posted the other day on Noel, Missouri and the poverty the town is experiencing as it is flooded with mostly REFUGEE laborers for Tyson Foods.

How on earth our federal CHURCH contractors can be aiding and abetting this travesty continues to be beyond my understanding.

So here then are the Top Three Posts of the week (Top Daily Posts are in the right hand side bar):

1) Progressives: Tyson Foods exploits immigrant labor, destroys small towns

2) Texas Congressman introduces bill to suspend Refugee Resettlement Program!

3) St. Cloud, MN: AFL-CIO operative using intimidation tactics, stirs racial unrest….

By the way, on #3 here, I think Ms. Jane Conrad is out of step with Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders.  She hasn’t gotten the message yet that American workers (and wages!) are hurt by the flood of immigrant low-skilled labor coming into Minnesota—imported with the help of federal contractors like Lutheran Social Service and Catholic Charities!  I wonder when these union organizers will focus on the big fat salaries of CEOs like the one leading Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.

Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived at RRW are these (excluding the US):





New Zealand







Youtube video headed to One Million Views!

And on my first Youtube that we are trying to push to 1 million views—-it is up to 878,219 as of this morning!  And, this will give you a laugh, it seems that the federal contractors have an internal document that seeks to rebut each of my points.   They are that concerned that they feel they need to answer what I say!

Don’t miss the video on 65,000 Syrians, it is actually more important than the first video.  See also Jim Simpson’s 5-minute presentation on the Red-Green Axis to erase America, here.

For new readers, please go to a previous weekly round-up here for instructions on how to get the most out of your visits to RRW.

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RRW weekly roundup for week ending July 25, 2015

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 27, 2015

I’m late, I know, but I just got lazy this weekend.  This is my charitable work after all, so I figure I can goof off now and again. Right!

This morning I’m waking up to news that Donald Trump may have shot his campaign in the foot when he slipped into the mumbo-jumbo about pathways to citizenship for illegals last week.  See Daniel Greenfield here.  It is one thing to stand up for the American people with his broad brush approach up to now, but he must begin to understand the issues in a deeper way (pretty quickly) or his lack of understanding will show on the debate stage on August 6th.

If I could tell Mr. Trump what to do, I would tell him to consult the experts and study—morning, noon, and night—from now until August 6th!

I’m digressing.  Here are our Top Three Posts of last week (Top daily posts are in the right hand side bar).

1) How did Chattanooga shooter’s family get here?

2) Center for Security Policy releases ‘Red-Green Axis: the agenda to erase America!’

3) Refugee Resettlement Fact Sheet

I’m interested to see that our Fact Sheet is back in the top three, but we really need to update it …one of these days!

Here are our Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived at RRW last week (excluding the US):





New Zealand






* Last week I commented about Turkey making the top ten and a reader from Turkey, who says he/she is interviewing prospective refugees to be sent to the US, commented saying he/she is responsible for some of those visitors from Turkey.  I think you should read the comments and my responses, here.  It became pretty clear that whoever this is working for a non-profit contractor interviewing refugees to come to America holds a low regard for Christians as he gloats:

(Btw, Christians make up about 30% of Middle Eastern refugees I currently process. Bad newz for you though: Above half are illiterate and suffer from congenital diseases observed in much higher frequencies than in rest of Iraq and Syria. Hold on to your local health budget folks! Fellow Christians are coming!)

For new readers, please visit a recent roundup here for instructions on how to make the most out of your visits to RRW.

One last thing, follow me on twitter.  I am trying to use that social media format to get stories out that are related to this issue which I don’t have time to post on, and I also tweet all of my posts if you don’t want to subscribe.  I’m here @refugeewatcher.

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RRW Weekly Roundup for week ending July 18, 2015

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 19, 2015

From the editor (from Ann):  it occurs to me that new readers coming to RRW may not know that Refugee Resettlement Watch is a blog and not an organization with staff!  I say this because I get so many requests from people to speak around the country, to speak on radio shows and conference calls, to read reports, news articles and documents, to help people find other activists, etc. as if I had staff here to help me stay organized.  I don’t!  

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the interest, but it is just me here!  I know I should be glad the issue is finally becoming a serious national issue, but I can’t answer everyone’s requests and still get the news out!

And, I especially don’t want to look rude by not responding to my hundreds of e-mails every day! 

I think we will have some reinforcements on the way soon, and I will definitely be the first to tell you when they have arrived.  In the meantime, please don’t take it personally if I miss your requests! 

By the way, the radio interview requests are probably the most productive and least time-consuming, and I try to do those as much as possible!  It is a way to reach many many people without having to get on a plane!

Sincerest thanks for your continued concern for this critical issue at this pivotal point in US history (world history!).


Here then are the Top Three Posts of the week (daily Top Posts are in the right hand side bar):

1) “Pockets of Resistance” growing and spreading

2) Trump speaks out on Syrian refugees: we aren’t saving Christians, just the Muslims

3) Comment from refugee insider: it is all about the money as US refugee program imports Muslims


I’m happy to report that my first Youtube video is now above 742,000 views as we try to reach the 1 million mark!  The second one may be even more important to send around because if we get 65,000 Syrian mostly Muslim refugees before Obama leaves office it will be disastrous for hundreds of US towns and cities.


The Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived this week are here in descending order (excluding the US):





South Africa



New Zealand


Turkey  (this may be the first time Turkey is in the top ten)


For New Readers

For those of you who subscribe, I try not to write too many posts a day (sometimes I don’t have the time to write many!), so as not to overload your e-mail inbox (e-mails are automatically generated by wordpress).  However, with everything happening now, I might be at least trying to get more news out.  If it is too much, then simply unsubscribe and visit here every day to see what is new.  Or, better still, follow me on twitter where I am tweeting all of my RRW posts as well as other articles that interest me and are related to the topic.

Go here to last week’s roundup for more information and background about RRW and how to find information among our over 6,500 posts.

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Calling all activists (again!)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 15, 2015

Since your numbers are growing so rapidly, I can’t keep track of you all; and because we now need to step-up the resistance by becoming better organized locally and within states, the Center for Security Policy has offered to help me/us find you.   Right now we just want to locate those of you wishing to get more deeply involved in this all-important issue.

We have had a very good response and hope to soon be able to start helping you find each other.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please do!

Here is the Center for Security Policy:

In response to growing interest in spreading knowledge about our deeply flawed refugee resettlement policy, and building resistance to it, we have started to collect contact and geographical data from those who wish to stay engaged. Fill out only the fields you are comfortable filling below. At this time we are collecting data to gauge interest and we will keep you updated with news and action items as they come in. In the near future we hope to use this data to connect activists in their local areas to run with their own initiatives going forward. In the meantime, take advantage of the following resources:

Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch blog, monograph Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America and YouTube videos on the subject.

Also check out Jim Simpson’s drill-down on the topic on Kindle: The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America. A paperback version of the book and a promotion YouTube video will be available very soon. Thank you so much for your interest.

Now please go to the website and send us your contact information. Please know that this is not for fundraising purposes.  It is to facilitate organizing on a state-by-state basis. We will never begin to reform or roll-back this out-of-control immigration program without your help, so please step up and join the fight!

Traveling again!

I’ll be away from my computer tomorrow and Thursday (sorry won’t be able to post your comments).  If you are arriving here for the first time, just use our search bar in the top left hand side bar, enter a few key words (you might try your state or city first) and see what we have said over the last eight years on that topic.

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Catch me on Cleveland radio tomorrow morning!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 13, 2015

Tomorrow morning at just after 9:30 a.m. Eastern you can listen to my live interview with Bob Frantz at The Bob Frantz Authority 1420 AM.  I’ll be talking about how ‘Welcoming America’ has targeted Cleveland (and really all of Ohio) as a prime refugee resettlement site as well as other news about how the Obama Administration is changing America by changing the people!

As time goes on, I’ll try to be better about letting you know about interviews in advance.

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RRW weekly roundup for week ending July 11, 2015

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 12, 2015

Perhaps the most interesting thing (to me anyway) that we reported this past week was yesterday’s post on “Pockets of Resistance.”

However, we’ll see if it turns up in the Top Three Posts next week.

In the meantime, here are the Top most-viewed posts this past week.   Top daily posts are in the right hand sidebar.

1)  Aljazeera article about Temporary Protected Status for Syrians tips us off—thousands of Syrians in US illegally

2) St. Cloud residents hammer Rep. Emmer on Refugee Program; Somali teen murders African American

3)  African population booming in Minnesota; sending millions of dollars back to Africa

Also, much to my surprise, my introductory Youtube video is now over 700,000 views, help it reach 1 million!

Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived at RRW, excluding the US of course:

Germany (Germans must be worried and they probably can’t talk about their worries as freely as we can)






European Union

New Zealand



For new readers!

Since we get new readers every day, here is my usual spiel with two points I need to continue to make:

First, we do screen our comments (sometimes I don’t get to them right away!) and I don’t post any that threaten any kind of violence or ones filled with foul language.  An occasional expletive might slip in if the comment is otherwise a good one.  You are always free to disagree with our point of view if you follow those two simple rules.

And the other thing I want to mention is about e-mails that come to you every time we post.  They come directly from wordpress to subscribers.  We don’t send out e-mails.  So, if we are posting too much for your e-mail inbox, then just unsubscribe and visit RRW when you have the time I understand completely about too many e-mails!  You might want to simply follow us on twitter or on facebook (below).

This is where you can find information (in addition to our fact sheet). We have over 6,700 posts.

*  See our categories (left hand sidebar, now a drop-down)

*  Also, we have a great search function and since the categories go all the way back to our first posts more than eight years ago, use the search window with a few key words.  You might want to first try your city, state, or country to see what we have reported from there over the years.

Readers from Europe should search for key words ‘Invasion of Europe’ for all of our many posts on the migration crisis on the Continent.

By the way, our category entitled ‘where to find information’ is filled with reports and documents, but with 358 posts archived there, it is pretty unwieldy now.

Past weekly roundups can be found in our category entitled ‘blogging.’

If you wish to be notified when we post, consider subscribing or follow us on twitter (@refugeewatcher) or facebook (RefugeeInfoResource).  ‘Like us’ on facebook! (We are no longer posting every story we write at RRW to facebook so as not to overload your facebook feed either.)  We also have some content on facebook that isn’t posted here first, so like us and follow us (I do have a volunteer helper at facebook—Kelly Monroe Kullberg).

I’m trying to be better about tweeting, so please follow me!

And apologies to all who e-mail and comment, sorry if I don’t respond much, there are just not enough hours in my day!

Thanks to all of you for following RRW.  The subject is on fire (maybe you have noticed)!

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