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Canadian poll: majority of Christians and Jews believe that Islam is incompatible with Western values

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 16, 2015

Canada has a huge and growing Muslim population. The public battle over the Niqab adds to angst among Canadians. Learn about a recent lawsuit here at BareNakedIslam:

Continuing our posts from around the world, see Kenya, South Africa, Australia and Spain from yesterday.

Breitbart this week reported on the results of a poll taken in Canada before the recent Islamic terror attacks in that country.

Even the Muslims themselves in large numbers agree that Islam and Western values are incompatible.

Breitbart (hat tip: John):

Two recently-released polls found that 42 percent of Canadian Muslims agree that Islam is “irreconcilable” with Western society.

The surveys also found that over 60 percent of Jewish and Christian Canadians believe that Islam is incompatible with the West. Among secular Canadians, 46 percent shared the “irreconcilable” viewpoint, the Vancouver Sun reported.

The polls asked 2,000 individuals and its surveying took place in 2013 and 2014.

Jack Jedwab, who’s Association for Canadian Studies commissioned the poll, said of its results: “It’s quite disconcerting that our poll results consistently show about 60 percent of Canadians see the West and Islamic society as ‘irreconcilable.’ It puts you up against a dead end.”

“It’s a huge blow to interfaith dialogue,” he added.

Yup, it sure is!

See our ‘Canada’ category here.

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Canadians ask: Why are we importing impoverished refugees? Why can’t we put our own poor and elderly people first?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 7, 2015

Those are the questions asked by any sensible person in any town in America, and obviously in Canada, once they learn about how their government is bringing in (and planting!) thousands and thousands of refugees annually who are in need of government ‘services.’

(I get asked those questions every time I speak with someone just being introduced to this issue!)

One day this situation is going to boil over into social unrest, if it isn’t already in certain pockets of the western world, and chaos will rain down upon us.  (Or is that the plan?)

This is from The Vancouver Sun (hat tip: ‘Pungentpeppers’).

The gist of it is that an earlier piece about how much elderly refugees in Canada receive from the government brought out a firestorm of criticism from the public.

Here is how the story begins:

On Monday, The Vancouver Sun print edition ran a front-page piece by reporter Tara Carman about elderly refugees receiving $11,000 annually as a “baseline entitlement” from the provincial government.

That money, directed only to those refugees in B.C. with no financial means of support, matches the provincial welfare rate of $906.42 a month.

Some of the refugees interviewed by Carman survived horrific experiences, including one Afghan woman who lost her husband and three brothers to the war. She was raising five children here — two of her own, the other three children of her brothers. Her husband was killed when she was two months pregnant.

Did the woman deserve our compassion?

One would think so.

But judging by the heavy email response the story generated, the answer to that question, Carman found, was overwhelmingly negative. Instead of compassion, there was anger.

Then this near the end (after citing several critical e-mails received by the paper):

And one wrote:

“Why don’t you start looking around at all the seniors that have paid taxes all of their working lives and are trying to live on $1,300 a month on the GIS? There are thousands of us coming down the pike but I guess because we are not of a new immigrant group we do not count?

Now there’s a question worth asking.

Read it all here.

We have several stories from Canada in our posting queue which I hope to get to in the next few days.  See our Canada category for our previous coverage of refugee problems in Canada.

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Syrian refugees: UK beat down, but where is the beat down of Obama?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 6, 2015

There is something really really strange going on! 

Either the United Nations, Amnesty International or the myriad members of the NGO humanitarian gang can’t bring themselves (yet!) to criticize America’s first black President, or Obama has another surprise coming for our citizens already disgusted with his open door policy to migrants of every stripe.

(Despite letters from Members of Congress, here, Obama could at any time expand refugee resettlement of Syrians claiming an emergency! Is that the next shoe to drop?)

The largest resettlement country in the world—the US—is missing and not a peep in any of the news reports on Amnesty’s latest guilt-trip report.

Why is the US left out of any blasts (like this one) coming from groups such as Amnesty International, entitled:  UK offers just 90 places for Syrian refugees! Abject failure says Amnesty?

From Russia Today:

As Syrians continue to face the horrors of war and displacement, the UK government has failed in welcoming its “fair share” of Syrian refugees in urgent humanitarian need, a damning report warns.

The 24-page report, entitled ‘Hardship, Hope and Resettlement: Refugees from Syria tell their stories,’ was published by Amnesty International on Wednesday.

Germany is asking for further destabilization:

While Germany has set a positive example by resettling 30,000 refugees, other European states have failed to open their doors sufficiently, Amnesty warns.

Britain has offered a paltry 90 places, while Denmark and Spain have offered 140 and 130 respectively.


Over the next three years, the British government is expected to resettle several hundred Syrians in the UK.

This contrasts sharply with UN recommendations.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is urging governments worldwide to offer 130,000 resettlement places to Syrian refugees in the next 12 months alone.

Here is another report on the story which tells us something we already knew, but not a peep about the US.

The six Gulf Cooperation Council countries have offered no places to Syrian refugees since the onset of the conflict.

No complaints about the US here either.  However, lots of complaints against the Canadian government for saying it will take religious minorities over Muslims!  Those Islamic Caliphate expanders at the UN and in the international Left are fuming over that!  Canada is “discriminating” they say!

Numbers are out! through the first of February (4 months into fiscal year 2015)!

The US has admitted 249 Syrians this fiscal year (compared to thousands and thousands of Somalis and Iraqis). Homeland Security and the State Department are definitely foot-dragging, but why?

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Iraqi Refugee Helped Terrorists Kill U.S. Soldiers In Iraq

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 24, 2015

Sergeant First Class Bryan E. Hall, 32, of Elk Grove, California. Loved camping, fishing and hunting and was very proud of serving his country.

Editor:  This is a very sad story from our indispensable reporter ‘Pungentpeppers:’

A Kurdish Iraqi man, who settled as a refugee in Canada while still a teen, has been extradited to New York and is facing terrorism charges. Sayfildin Tahir Sharif, 36, who also goes by the name Faruq Khalil Muhammad ‘Isa, is accused of helping orchestrate an April 2009 truck bombing in Mosul, Iraq. Five American soldiers died in the attack, and two Iraqi policemen.

Muhammad ‘Isa admitted he corresponded by email with two of the terrorists while they were in Syria, and that they were on a mission to kill Americans. He wired $700 to a “facilitator” who helped one of the attackers, a Tunisian, enter Iraq.

On wiretaps last year, Muhammad ‘Isa was overheard explaining to someone in Iraq how he used code words when discussing the Iraq operation.”For example, when I want to name the brothers, I say the farmers — because they plant metal and harvest metal and flesh.” He also explained that he used the term “married” to mean “in the afterlife.”

Muhammad ‘Isa pleaded “not guilty” to the charges on Saturday.

Although the press describes him as “Canadian” – he arrived in Canada in 1993, and became a Canadian citizen four years later – he is Canadian on paper only.

This turncoat needs to get “married” and see “the afterlife” – but first he’ll spend his time in prison.

The five American servicemen who were killed in the attack:

Staff Sgt. Gary L. Woods, 24, of Lebanon Junction, Kentucky;
Sgt. First Class Bryan E. Hall, 32, of Elk Grove, California;
Sgt. Edward W. Forrest Jr., 25, of St. Louis, Missouri;
Cpl. Jason G. Pautsch, 20, of Davenport Iowa; and
Army Pfc. Bryce E. Gaultier, 22 of Cyprus, California.

To learn more, here are the links for this breaking news:

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Canada must welcome more refugees with HIV, says human rights group

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 20, 2015

Since I was on the subject of refugee health and university professors in my last post, here is a story from Canada (one of few stories not discussing Islamic terrorism and immigration!).

By the way, if you didn’t know, the US refugee program admits refugees with HIV and we supply their meds in your local health departments.  I had forgotten, but we have a fairly large archive on HIV and refugees, click here to learn more.

Renu Mandhane, the program director International Human Rights Program at the U of Toronto: Canada should provide asylum and medical care to HIV positive refugees.

From Metro News:

Canadian refugee and resettlement policies are negatively affecting would-be refugee claimants abroad who have HIV or are at high risk of contracting the virus, a University of Toronto program has alleged.

The International Human Rights Program at the university’s faculty of law is launching a research project to advocate for changes on the immigration policy that has created the “designated countries of origin” list.


“Having HIV when you’re a refugee living in a camp bordering Syria is potentially a death sentence,” she said. “Canada can play an important role in the global fight against HIV by providing asylum to people affected or at high risk, and provide them with access to medical treatment.

The research project will focus on Mexico and Syria as case studies. Syria is not on the list of countries deemed to be safe, but there are many refugees on its borders that need equal attention due to the vulnerability surrounding them, said Mandhane.


The program, which recently got a $75,000 grant from Elton John AIDS Foundation, is expected to conduct field research this summer and come up with the findings next fall.

See our Canada category here, and our Health issues category here.

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Private groups in Canada expected to pay for 60% of the Syrian refugees Canada is agreeing to take

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 13, 2015

And, frankly, this is how it should be!  Private groups should put their money where their mouths are!

The Reverend Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd is “disappointed” that private sponsors will have to foot the bill for the Syrian refugees.

In the US virtually 100% of the refugees are resettled with taxpayer money that is laundered through private groups masquerading as mostly “religious charities.”   Our Refugee Resettlement Program was supposed to be a public/private partnership but gradually the public has come to be almost the sole source of funding as some “charities” are 90% and upwards funded from the US Treasury.

Canada has got the right idea!

From Winnipeg Free Press (hat tip: ‘Pungentpeppers’):

Groups that sponsor refugees welcome — and question — Canada’s latest commitment to resettle another 10,000 people forced to flee Syria and 3,000 from Iraq.

“The announcement was short on details,” said Brian Dyck, chairman of the Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Agreement Holders Association.

“We want to get more clarity.”

He said they hope to get some answers during a teleconference Wednesday with officials from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The federal government has agreed to assist 40 per cent of the refugees it has committed to take from Syria and Iraq. It will be up to private sponsors — individuals, faith groups and charitable organizations — to take responsibility for the other 60 per cent.

That means the federal government will pick up the tab for 4,000 of the 10,000 Syrians it’s pledged to resettle in the next three years.

“When you strip away the smoke and mirrors represented by talking big with that 10,000 number… you see that it’s really only 4,000 and the rest is ‘maybe,’ ” said Tom Denton, executive director of Hospitality House Refugee Ministry in Winnipeg.

Rev. Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd of Westworth United Church said she was happy to read about Canada stepping up to welcome another 10,000 Syrians but “disappointed” to learn private sponsors are expected to help most of them.

Maybe the good Reverend has a spare room or two at her house!

For more on Canada, see our entire category here.

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Toronto Catholic leader: We won’t request Christian Syrians for resettlement first to Canada

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 11, 2015

….. we support taking “vulnerable” Muslims!

As Canadian readers know, your government recently came under fire by the UN and the elements of the worldwide ‘humanitarian industrial complex’ for saying Canada would prioritize Syrian resettlement by selecting Christians and other persecuted minorities as a first priority.

Consumed by political correctness?

The “furious” Martin Mark, Executive Director of the Archdiocese of Toronto would never ask the Canadian government to protect Christians first! Photo:

In all the years we have followed the refugee program in the US, we have never seen any of the so-called ‘religious’ charities which are also resettlement contractors*** ever say they were concerned first for the Christians of the Middle East.

Now comes a very definitive statement by the Executive Director of the Archdiocese of Toronto confirming that the Roman Catholic Church indeed does not place Christians first in their concerns.  They call it refugee “discrimination!”

From the Western Catholic Reporter:

Religion should never be used to prioritize Syrian refugees for resettlement, said Catholic agencies amid reports that the Canadian government intends to give preferential treatment to religious minorities.

The CBC and Post Media both reported that the government intends to accept into Canada only Syrian refugees who face religious persecution.

Quoting sources inside a United Nations High Commission for Refugees pledging conference in Geneva, the media outlets claimed Canada clashed with the UNHCR over the government’s intended policy.

Neither the Canadian churches that privately sponsor refugees nor Syrian Christians themselves have asked the government to give special treatment to religious minorities.

In question period Dec. 12, Costas Menegakis, parliamentary secretary to Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, refused to say if the government intended to limit the resettlement program based on religion.

“We will prioritize persecuted ethnic and religious minorities, those at demonstrated risk, and we will make no apologies for that,” said Menegakis.

Speaking to The Catholic Register from a massive refugee camp in Jordan, the executive director of the Archdiocese of Toronto’s Office for Refugees said he would never ask the government to restrict refugee sponsorship to Christians or other religious minorities.  [The UN camp from which Mark speaks is almost exclusively housing Sunni Muslims.  Why isn’t he in Turkey talking to the Christians?—ed]

“It would be a big mistake to say we have to check the religion on the refugee. No. We have to check the reason why somebody has become a refugee,” said Martin Mark.


Need, vulnerability and the immediate risk to individuals and families are the only proper criteria to determine which refugees should be resettled, said Father Nawras Sammour, Jesuit Refugee Service country director for Syria.

I’ll bet a buck that there are 10,000 (the number Canada now says it will take) very vulnerable Christians and other minorities in “immediate risk” they could readily take rather than the mostly Sunni Muslims which are housed in UN camps.

By the way, as we debate this Muslim vs. Christian resettlement issue, don’t lose sight of the fact that resettling any refugee is enormously expensive to the taxpayers of the receiving country and that there are many considerations, other than religion, that should limit the numbers to be taken anywhere in the first world.

I would like to know more about the refugee responsibility split in Canada where supposedly 60% of refugees are supported privately and 40% by the government.  Of course in the US it is 100% government supported as the feds funnel taxpayer money through so-called ‘religious’ charities.  If we in the US went back to complete private support of refugees entering the US we would learn very quickly who is, and who isn’t, interested in true Christian charity.  You know that old maxim!  Put your own personal money where your mouth is!

There is nothing that lights my fuse more than the wealthy Catholic Church virtually stealing money from struggling taxpayers so that they can play humanitarian big shots!  The USCCB (below) migration program is 98% funded by the US taxpayer.

See our entire category on Canada by clicking here.

*** US resettlement contractors:


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Pay attention to Qatar! Funding and promoting the Muslim migration to the West?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 5, 2015

Blazing Cat Fur has a post yesterday entitled: ‘Al Jazeera ‘Voice of Qatar’ nags Europe and Canada about taking Syrian refugees’, with this commentary:

Qatar has been blamed for financing the Islamic fanatics that are making a solution impossible. They have also not taken in any refugees themselves.

Looks like a plan to Islamize the West.

It is true, that like Saudi Arabia, Qatar takes no refugees.  Read it all.

By the way, in 2013, Daniel Pipes penned a logical piece suggesting that Muslim refugees go to appropriate cultural zones and mentioned wealthy Qatar as one of the most desirable resettlement countries:

To place Syrians in “countries better able to afford to host them,” as Guterres delicately puts it, one need simply divert attention from the Christian-majority West toward the vast, empty expanses of the fabulously wealthy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the smaller but in some cases even richer states of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. For starters, these countries (which I will collectively call Arabia) are much more convenient to repatriate to Syria from than, say, New Zealand. Living there also means not enduring frozen climes (as in Sweden) or learning difficult languages spoken by few, such as Danish.

Why don’t they take in their fellow Muslims?  Because this is not about humanitarian brownie points!  The migration of Muslims is about the Hijra—the responsibility of all Muslims to migrate and to colonize the West—to create the Islamic State worldwide.  They know it, why don’t we?



Yesterday a reader directed me to this important website about the role Qatar is playing in funding the advance of the Islamic State throughout the Western world.  I have to admit, I hadn’t been focusing on Qatar, but I will now!  So should you!

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Immigration changes coming in Canada; first large group of Syrians arrive

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 3, 2015

Sorry I don’t have time to report more, but Canadian and other readers interested in the future of Canada, should go see the latest changes to immigration policy expected for Canada this year.   See CBC News via Huffington Post Canada (Immigration Changes To Watch For In 2015).

A big batch of Syrians has arrived, no mention of whether they are Muslim or minority refugees.   Remember Canada announced it would put Christians and other religious minorities at the top of the welcome list outraging the UN and other members of the international humanitarian industrial complex.  The UN wants Canada to take 10,000 Syrians (no doubt mostly Muslims) in the next two years!

And, I don’t see anything in the list of changes that will help stop the Somali gang violence plaguing western Canada.

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Canada: Did more Somali gang violence lead to New Year shooting death?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 3, 2015

Ho hum!!!  Here we go again, we hadn’t seen one of these Somali shootings in Western Canada for awhile (and then we weren’t looking) since back in around 2012 (here is one post) when we reported on several gang-related violent deaths of Somali young men.

In 2013, this Somali mother (and others) called for a federal task force to figure out why their kids were being killed in gang violence. They want more jobs for the youth too.

No one is cooperating with police, so what else is new!

From CBC News:

A Toronto mother has travelled to Calgary where her son Abdullahi Ahmed, 26, was slain in an early-morning New Year’s shooting that sent six other people to hospital.

Ahmed died after he was shot Thursday morning at a New Year’s Eve party that went well into the morning at a residence in the city’s southwest.

Ahmed left Toronto for Calgary six years ago.

News of his death spread quickly through Toronto’s Somali community.

“My reaction is one of sadness,” said Ahmed Hussein, national president of the Canadian Somali Congress.

He said Toronto’s Somali community is worried about the shooting given the history of young men from his community who get hurt or are killed in Alberta gang violence.

“In the past there were the deaths of over three dozen Canadian-Somali males in Alberta,” Hussein told CBC News. “This had continued from 2008 to 2011.”

It’s not yet clear if the New Year’s Day shooting in Calgary was gang-related.


Police don’t know if the shooting was targeted or random. At least 50 people were at the party when the shooting started.

Calgary police questioned at least 15 people and report that many are not cooperating with their investigation.

Isn’t it wonderful how diversity brings beauty and strength to otherwise boring communities.

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