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Canada now says it will “welcome” 50,000 Syrians by the end of 2016

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 6, 2015

They have been all over the place with their numbers especially since they realized they couldn’t get 25,000 relocated to Canadian towns by the end of December (less than 4 weeks from now).


The boy wonder’s immigration chief is a former banker, John McCallum: 35,000-50,000 Syrians by the end of 2016.

So to make it look like Trudeau’s campaign promise isn’t a bust already they are now throwing around the number 50,000 over the next twelve months. (To get to that number they need to be bringing in around 1,000 a week! Good luck with that security screening!)

And, we better be beefing-up our northern border! (Maybe Donald should start adding that border to his campaign speeches!)

See our previous posts on Trudeau’s dumb (and dangerous) idea by clicking here.

Among our top posts for the last couple of weeks is this one about Canadian military men being thrown out of barracks to make room for Syrians.

Now here is the mention of 50,000! (the first 300 arrived a few days ago). From The Desert Sun:

As Canada prepares to welcome the first of 25,000 Syrian refugees, the government suggests that number could double over the next year.

“The number of refugees is likely to be in the order of 35,000 to 50,000” by the end of next year, Immigration Minister John McCallum said.

The first “mass flight” of up to 300 refugees from Turkey and Jordan is expected to arrive by chartered aircraft*** on Thursday.

The new Liberal government made a commitment to resettle 25,000 refugees, along with those privately sponsored by churches and families, by the end of February.

Those coming to Canada are undergoing security, immigration and health checks.

The article goes on to tell us that most of the Syrians will come from UN camps, thus they will be nearly 100% Sunni Muslims just as are those entering the US now.

***There have been rumors of chartered flights bringing large numbers of refugees to the US.  Surely someone has a photo if this has occurred!

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Libs in Canada change their minds: let’s not rush into this Syrian refugee thing we promised

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 29, 2015

You knew it had to happen, the new Trudeau government couldn’t possibly get it done—-bring in 25,000 Syrians by the end of THIS December.

Justin Trudeau, his wife Sophie Gregoire and their children Xavier and Ella-Grace celebrate after he won the Federal Liberal leadership Sunday April 14, 2013 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Does Canada’s boy wonder know what he has done to his children and grandchildren?

They still want 25,000 (actually now they are saying 35,000) but over a longer time and apparently what is happening south of the border, in the US, has influenced the decision to slow down.

As they colonize Canada, Canadian immigration officials, working in the new government, have said they will take refugees selected by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees which means they will take mostly Sunni Muslims.

Here is Christian Today on the decision. They say they will focus on women and children. Young single men won’t get in unless they are gay, or traveling with Mommy and Daddy.

Now this is the question I have been asking for years as this rush to save the homosexuals of the Middle East has gotten underway—how are they going to know they are gay?  Take their word for it? (ISIS leaders are laughing their heads off!).

Canada has delayed its plans to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to the country after New Year amid concerns in the U.S. over the vetting-system and the possible embedding of Islamic State (ISIS) militants among the refugees.

Immigration Minister John McCallum made the announcement early this week, saying the refugees will come in batches with only 10,000 expected to land by Dec. 31 this year, an additional 15,000 in January and February 2016, and some 10,000 more later in 2016 for a minimum of 35,000.

“I’ve been saying time and time again, that yes we want to bring them fast, but we also want to do it right,” he said, according to Fox News. “We’re happy to take a little more time.”


McCallum said the Trudeau government will this time give priority to the “most vulnerable” such as families, women at risk and members of the LGBT community.

Single men will only be granted admission if accompanying their parents or if they are part of the LGBT community, according to Canadian newspapers.

LOL!  And, here is that word “robust” again.  Would someone please explain “robust security screening.”  Do they really think the voters are that dumb?

President Pierre Trudeau has said robust security screening continues to be a high priority in Canada in the light of recent terror attacks.

Continue reading here.

I’ll wager they can’t even get 10,000 admitted by year-end.

Meanwhile Montana ranchers take up watch on US northern border.

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Canada: Military thrown out of barracks to make room for Syrian refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 24, 2015

The new hard Left Canadian government is hell-bent on bringing in 25,000 Syrians in a little over a month.  Apparently unable to find housing for them, they will be housed in military barracks across Canada.

From CTV News:


Canadian military moving out of barracks so Syrians can move in!

Soldiers and military personnel at a Kingston, Ont. base are being asked to clear their barracks to make room for an early wave of Syrian refugees arriving in just over a week, CTV News has learned.

Multiple residences at CFB Kingston are being cleared for Nov. 30 to house the refugees, according to an internal memo obtained by CTV News.

The orders will also affect some officer cadets attending the Royal Military College, many of whom are nearing exams.

Where will the military be resettled? CTV News continues….


When boys run countries….

And while the memo warns of the fast-approaching deadline, it does not indicate where military personnel will be resettled.

However, it does say a place will be found for the personnel.

The notice comes just two days after Minister of Immigration and Refugees John McCallum reaffirmed the government’s plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2015.

There is more, read it all!  The story mentions “health” concerns, so it appears they are a little worried about containing some potentially contagious diseases.  Lucky Canadian citizens!

Note in the story that the UN is picking their refugees, so the vast majority will be Sunni Muslims.

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Canadian Libs to announce Tuesday how they will bring in 25,000 Syrians in next 6 weeks

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 22, 2015


The boy wonder, Justin Trudeau, promised 25,000 Syrian refugees would be admitted by year-end. If they take the ones picked by the UNHCR they will be virtually all Sunni Muslim. Photo:


Sigh…. Really feeling sorry for Canada.

From The Spectator:

OTTAWA — How the Liberal government intends to bring thousands of Syrian refugees to Canada by year’s end will become clear Tuesday with the rollout of the plan for the largest rapid resettlement program in the country’s history.

Federal ministers would not divulge any elements of the proposal Friday or comment on a document obtained by The Canadian Press that suggests the cost of the program could hit $1.2 billion, far more than the $250 million the Liberals budgeted in their platform to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees.

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Canadian Left all excited by prospect of 25,000 Syrians to arrive before end of THIS year

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 14, 2015

….But, don’t place them in resort lodgings in the woods!

Beaverfoot Lodge

Learn more about the beautiful setting of Beaverfoot Lodge:

My alerts from yesterday (BP=Before Paris) are filled with many stories from Canada, from provinces across the entire continent, where citizens are gearing up to “welcome” the Syrian Muslims—25,000 of them—promised by Canada’s new President who is sticking by his pledge to get them relocated in Canadian towns and cities by the end of December.

Lucky Canada!

I had to laugh though about this story—don’t put them in the woods!

We previously reported on how Sweden had made a mistake by offering rustic resort lodgings to Muslim migrants, here.  We were told by readers that it has to do with the trees (where spirits hide!).

Doesn’t that old line—beggars can’t be choosers—come to mind!

From CBC News:

Some refugee advocates have applauded a B.C. resort manager’s offer of accommodation for incoming refugees, but others are now questioning whether a lodge in Golden is the best place for the newcomers.

Beaverfoot Lodge is located about a half an hour away from Golden, and resort owner Raphael Assaf believes it would be an ideal location for new refugees to live temporarily once they’re in Canada.

Marilyn Perry, chair of the Central Okanagan Refugee Committee, disagrees.

“Refugees have already been in refugee camps — they don’t need something else temporary. They need to be able to find a group and a house and get located in a city and begin to integrate,” said Perry.

Refugee support groups are scrambling to prepare for the 25,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq Justin Trudeau promised his government would accept by the end of the year.

Perry, who’s based in Kelowna, thinks the new Canadian government will begin processing applications from people fleeing Syria and Iraq quicker once the logistical challenges of the government hand over are dealt with.

That’s when it will become difficult for “isolated situations” like Beaverfoot Lodge to handle the influx of people, she says.

Continue reading here.

Our complete archive on Canada is here.

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Canada: newly elected liberals working day and night to get 25,000 Syrians in to Canada in next 7 weeks

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 8, 2015

Considering airlifts and naval transports!

Liberal MP John McCallum gestures during a news conference about upcoming government cuts in Ottawa, Thursday Feb.23, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

John McCallum the new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship: we are working overtime to make it happen this year. Bio:

Oh, poor Canada….

From CBC News:

The Liberal government intends to honour its promise to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada over the course of the next seven weeks, says newly-appointed Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship John McCallum.

“It certainly remains our objective to get them here by the end of the year,” said McCallum during an interview on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics Friday.

“Military bases are a possibility… air transport… even naval transport has not been ruled out.”

“It’s a large amount of work to do in a very short time,” he said.

There is more, here.  By the way, the previous government (Harper) had said Canada would take 10,000 over the course of the next year.

For our America readers, be prepared, Obama isn’t going to like being upstaged!   Every one of you must continue to pound your elected officials in Washington (I know they are weak), but they seem to be the only thing standing between us and a mass invasion from the Middle East.  World ‘leaders’ are going mad!

For new readers, we have 160 previous posts in our Canada category, here.

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Canada ramping-up for challenge of extensive mental health needs of Syrian refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 28, 2015

Since we are on the subject of the costly health needs of Syrian refugees (Netherlands in previous post), here is some news about how Canadian mental health providers are getting ready for the huge influx of mostly Syrian Muslims expected to be settled from coast to coast in the coming year.


Doctors in a handful of clinics across Canada are preparing for the arrival of many thousands of refugees fleeing the war in Syria. So far only a few have arrived, but more are expected as part of the new government’s commitment to settle 25,000 Syrian refugees through 2016.

meb rashid

Dr. Meb Rashid co-founded Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care.  Photo from twitter:

“The most significant part of our practice is dealing with mental health issues,” says Dr. Meb Rashid, who works at the Crossroads Clinic, a refugee clinic in Toronto, and is currently working with Lifeline Syria to establish clinics for the expected influx of Syrian refugees in Toronto.


Meeting the health needs of thousands of Syrian refugees will not be easy, Rashid admits. “It’s really the scope of this. If we’re looking at tens of thousands of people, we haven’t seen those types of numbers before.” As well, he and other doctors are concerned that the current lack of full health coverage for privately sponsored refugees under the Interim Federal Health Program will make it difficult to meet Syrian refugees’ health needs.

Despite this, Rashid and his colleagues across the country, from Toronto to Vancouver to Halifax — where a new clinic for refugees has just opened — say they are ready for the challenge. “We’re starting to ramp things up,” says Rashid.

Continue reading here.

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All of our posts on Canada are archived here (159 previous posts!).

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Canada: Libs want 25,000 Syrians (mostly Muslims) admitted before the end of 2015!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 26, 2015

I’ve not posted much from north of the border recently, but Canadian readers continue to be at the top, or nearly at the top, of the list of faithful readers from around the world who visit RRW regularly, see here yesterday.


Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrates with supporters.

We knew as soon as we heard the news about Justin Trudeau being elected Prime Minister last week that this meant more Muslim migration to Canada.

What is interesting about this news from the National Post is that it dances around a critical issue that effects both Canada and the US and that is that we are allowing the UNITED NATIONS to almost exclusively choose our refugees.  That means that in the case of the Syrians, they will come from UN camps that house mostly Sunni Muslims.

97% of the Syrians who entered the US in FY2015 were Muslims chosen by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Thus even if Canada wanted to select truly persecuted Christians and/or Yazidis, they have no system in place to do so in large numbers—neither do we in the US!  We have given that power to the UN!

From the National Post (emphasis is mine):

TORONTO — As the Liberal government gears up to meet its promise to bring 25,000 government-sponsored Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of 2015, experts say time may be too short to effectively settle refugees and navigate security concerns.

“The numbers are not difficult numbers. The timeline is a difficult timeline,” said Naomi Alboim, a Queen’s University professor and former deputy minister of citizenship in Ontario.

With more than four million Syrian refugees in need, the first order of business will be identifying those to bring to Canada. Government-sponsored refugees are typically referred to Canada by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which confirms their refugee status and passes on the most urgent cases. Canadian visa officers then review their claims, and put refugees through security checks and health screenings. The process can take months, if not years.


These alternative approaches require Canada to pick refugees and decide whether to focus on groups that have been especially brutalized by ISIS, such as Syria’s Yazidi minority, or on everyone fleeing the dangerous civil war, said Guidy Mamann, an immigration lawyer based in Toronto.

“Normally, in refugee law, we are looking to protect those who are persecuted, those who suffer the greatest,” he added.
But Canada, which relies on UNHCR for refugee referrals, has no system for picking refugees by itself. In addition, most Syrian refugees are outside of camps, making them harder to identify.

Continue reading here.

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Canada to take 10,000 Syrian refugees, but not necessarily UN-chosen ones!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 20, 2015

Back in December 2014, Canada said they would accept Christian (and other minority) Syrians over Muslims and all hell broke loose.  They were beaten over the head in the media by the human rights industrial complex.  So, I’m wondering if this proposed new policy on Syrian refugees does the same thing by loosening Canada’s apron strings to the UNHCR.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper takes part in the Globe and Mail leaders' debate Thursday, September 17, 2015 in Calgary.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

Harper dared to reference “old-stock Canandians” in recent debate. Conservative leader Stephen Harper takes part in the Globe and Mail leaders’ debate Thursday, September 17, 2015 in Calgary.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

Just a reminder, in the US we have completely given over all responsibility to the UNHCR to choose our Syrian refugees and they are choosing mostly Muslim Syrians from their Muslim-populated camps.

Here is the news at the Wall Street Journal:

TORONTO—The Canadian government said Saturday that it will accelerate the processing of Syrian refugees to resettle 10,000 in the country by September 2016, more than a year ahead of its original target, as it contends with criticism over its response to the resettlement crisis.

In January, the Canadian government said it would resettle 10,000 Syrians over a three-year period. But faced with mounting pressure to work faster, the ruling Conservative Party now plans to complete the process 15 months earlier by designating all Syrians who have fled their home country as “prima facie” refugees. That means Canada will no longer require proof of official United Nations documentation to accept them as refugees, shortening the review process and broadening the pool of refugees Canadian groups can sponsor, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced at a press conference.

I read that to mean that Canadian immigration authorities could pluck Christians and other religious minority refugees from where ever they are hiding right now, not having to pick from an approved UNHCR list.


At the same time, Mr. Alexander stressed security screening of refugees remains a government priority.

Election year issue!

The incumbent Conservatives are in the throes of a tight three-way election campaign ahead of an Oct. 19 vote. Polling suggests its response to the refugee crisis, while facing heavy criticism among his political rivals, hasn’t played a role in eroding support.


Mr. Harper has said there is no “refugee-based solution” to the conflict in Syria, and added Western allies must plan for a long-term military presence in the region to defeat Islamic State. He’s also warned of the security risk to Canada of immediately taking on additional refugees without proper security screening.

Unlike the US 2016 Presidential debate this past week, in Canada they actually uttered the words “Syrian refugees.”

In a party leaders’ debate this past week, Mr. Harper accused his political rivals of having a “reckless approach” on Syrian refugees, as they are content to “throw open our borders and let in hundreds of thousands of people without any kind of security check.” His main rivals accused Mr. Harper of fear mongering, and demanded he stop using the issue of security to limit Canada’s role.

I see the US resettlement contractors and the media latching on to the 10,000 Syrians in one year figure and using it to say that the US can take many more than 10,000 without noticing the distinction being made by this policy that would, by taking mostly Christians, reduce the security concerns greatly for Canada (although it will still be expensive!).

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Dead toddler’s father wanted to go to Europe to get new teeth!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 7, 2015

Invasion of Europe… isn’t going to end soon!

The world has been riveted by the sad photo of a dead toddler on a Turkish beach.  In fact, that very photo, being used as propaganda, may ultimately be responsible for the destruction of Europe as we know it and ultimately for the resettlement of 65,000 or more! Syrian refugees (mostly Muslims) in your towns in the coming months.

father of drowned boy

The disgusting man who risked his family’s life to get his teeth fixed for free in Europe!

Now, here comes none other than the Wall Street Journal telling us that the family was safe in Turkey and that the selfish father wanted to get a new set of teeth in Europe.

But, first here is ‘Bare Naked Islam’ with a more colorful telling (hat tip: Joanne):

The little Syrian boy drowned because his father wanted to get a full set of teeth implants for free in Europe.

The images of the toddler’s lifeless body on a Turkish beach have reverberated across the globe, stirring public outrage and embarrassing political leaders as far away as Canada, where authorities had rejected an asylum application from the boy’s relatives. (They were NOT fleeing Syria, they were safe in Turkey, so no reason for Canada to take them in)

So, this Syrian family, the Kurdis, was safe and secure in a Turkish town for 3 years after leaving Syria. They were well fed, sheltered and so on. Then the father of the family, Abdullah, was like “oh man, I need new teeth. These Turks are not going to give me squat. Let’s all get in a rickety boat and go to Greece, where we’ll find some good-hearted Christians to give me a new set of teeth implants…for FREE”

From the Wall Street Journal:

From his hospital bed on Wednesday, Mr. Kurdi told a Syrian radio station that he had worked on construction sites for 50 Turkish lira (roughly $17) a day, but it wasn’t enough to live on. He said they depended on his sister, Tima Kurdi, who lived in Canada, for help paying the rent.

Ms. Kurdi, speaking Thursday in a Vancouver suburb, said that their father, still in Syria [presumably still safe!—ed], had suggested Abdullah go to Europe to get his damaged teeth fixed and find a way to help his family leave Turkey. She said she began wiring her brother money three weeks ago, in €1,000 ($1,100) amounts, to help pay for the trip. [to pay people smugglers!—ed]

Shortly after, she said her brother called her and said he wanted to bring his whole family to Europe, as his wife wasn’t able to support their two boys alone in Istanbul.

“If we go, we go all of us,” Ms. Kurdi recounted him telling her. She said she spoke to his wife last week, who told her she was scared of the water and couldn’t swim.

“I said to her, ‘I cannot push you to go. If you don’t want to go, don’t go,’” she said. “But I guess they all decided they wanted to do it all together.”


Do you think this truth will ever get out to all those who are using that sad photo for their political ends?

For more on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ go here.

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