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Idaho citizens concerned with Syrian refugee resettlement plan get organized

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 1, 2015

This is an update of all of our earlier news on Twin Falls, Idaho and the refugee resettlement contractor’s controversial plan there to resettle Syrian refugees in Magic Valley in FY2016 which begins on October 1 of this year.

Refugee program changing rural America by changing the people! Magic Valley, Idaho.

Here is the news about a citizens’ group forming to try to close the refugee center in Twin Falls.

It is amazing to me that Reuters and others, who are reporting on this controversy, say that Syrians are not in the mix of refugees expected to add to the thousands already in Idaho when there are many stories, including this one with the headline: ‘CSI refugee center expects influx of Syrians‘ from the biased (which I am not allowed to snip from!).

None of the national coverage of this controversy I’ve seen has mentioned House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul’s warning either.  Don’t these reporters know how to google?

From Reuters (hat tip: Joanne):

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – A long-standing refugee welcoming center in conservative Idaho has found itself at the center of a campaign by adversaries seeking to force it closed, citing fears that the immigrants it hosts could include Islamist extremists.

The backlash comes amid an uptick in anti-Islamic protests and advertising campaigns in the United States, including a high profile May rally outside an Arizona mosque that saw more than 200 protesters, some armed, berate Islam and its Prophet Mohammad.

The ‘Magic Valley’ region of southern Idaho.

The newly formed Idaho group, whose 100 members plan a door-to-door information drive*** in July to win support for closing the refugee center in Twin Falls, said it was concerned the center will welcome Syrians displaced from that country’s civil war who may not have been adequately screened by the U.S. government for security risks.

“Bringing in Syrians, who are predominantly of Muslim background, may be opening the door to terrorists pretending to be refugees,” said Rick Martin, head of the so-called Committee to End the CSI (College of Southern Idaho) Refugee Center in nearby Buhl, a conservative agricultural area.


But center director Zeze Rwasama said his group had no immediate plans to serve Syrian refugees, adding that he did not know the origins of the refugees it will serve for the upcoming fiscal year.

Read it all.

No mention from Reuters that the House Homeland Security Committee chairman, Rep. Michael McCaul, has called the Syrian refugee resettlement plan by the United Nations (for 65,000 Syrians!) a potential “jihadi pipeline” to America.

Mr. Rwasama has a very good idea of which refugees they will “serve” this coming fiscal year because at this very moment they are working on their R & P Abstract for FY2016 which will list the nationalities of those expected to come to Twin Falls beginning in October.

The contractors everywhere (like CSI which is under the umbrella of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants) have been instructed by their lobbying arm in Washington (the Refugee Council USA) to keep secret their FY2016 plans.

Local elected officials should demand to see the plans for FY2016 and Mr. Martin’s group should insist they do!

In addition to the security concerns and the veil of secrecy surrounding refugee resettlement, Mr. Martin and his group should also look into the enormous cost of the refugee program being shifted from the federal government to the state of Idaho.  Idaho taxpayers are on the hook for education, health care, housing etc. for the impoverished refugees being brought there at the behest of the UN and US State Department.

And, while they are at it, find out which large employers are driving the resettlement in order to tap into a steady supply of cheap (captive!) labor.

*** By the way, I like this door-to-door drive idea necessary in most places where the media is biased in favor of more immigration/diversity and thus unwilling to fairly explain American citizen concerns.

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Greenfield: “We’re the underdogs. We’re the political guerrillas.”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 30, 2015

One of the most instructive and heartening things I’ve read in a long while is this post (hat tip: Sam) by Daniel Greenfield at his blog Sultan Knish:  Be the best saboteur you can be.   I’m sure most of you reading RRW lately are getting pretty demoralized as the hard Left seems to be winning the war to control America politically and culturally while the establishment Republicans simply cower.

You are the Swamp Fox now….

Greenfield tells us that we are the guerrilla warriors now and they (the Left and the eunuch Republicans) are the power we must fight using skill and cunning. 

Greenfield gives us the prescription and it is similar to what I have been telling those audiences I speak to (but Greenfield says it more clearly and fleshes it out!).   There is no silver bullet, there is not one leader who will rally us all, there is no national group or movement that will do it for us, it’s up to you individually and in small guerrilla bands!   Choose small battles, create chaos and work to win where you live!

Here is some of what he says, but please read it all.  Emphasis below is mine:

The only way conservatives can get anything done now is by threatening business as usual.

Washington D.C. is never going to be the solution, but to the extent that its business as usual is threatened, sabotaged and held hostage, it will have trouble putting its boot on ordinary people. Until the Republican establishment changes its ways, populist saboteurs are the best conservative weapon.


2. Fight the small stuff

You don’t have to think in terms of a national movement. You don’t even have to think in terms of an organization. Those are things that we need, but you can fight the left in small ways at home.

I’m not talking about Sign X or donate to Y.

Just obstruct any liberal initiative, policy or program in your community. It doesn’t matter what. It doesn’t matter if it’s innocuous. It doesn’t matter if you agree with it.

Undermine it on principle. If you can, vote it down. Encourage others to vote it down. If you can’t, look for ways to tie it in red tape by attaching other agendas to it.

The left wins its biggest victories at the planning stage. Its activists come early and stay late. They propose their plans, rig meetings, use kids and the elderly as human shields, and get their way. They are not used to any real opposition. Particularly the kind that doesn’t bluster, but finds ways to tie their proposals in knots, to make them expensive and drag them out as long as possible.

Oppose them when you can. Concern troll them when you can’t.

If you don’t have that kind of position, think of the origins of the term ‘sabotage’. Workers threw their shoes into machines and stopped the machine. Don’t do anything illegal. Don’t do anything that will get you fired.

But if you have the opportunity to make a liberal program work badly, if you have a legal way to put more stress on it, to tie up the energy and time of the people running it, to make it worse… do it.

We’re the underdogs. We’re the political guerrillas. This is not our system. It’s their system.

Our job is to make it run as badly as possible.

Continue reading here.

Please find your little piece of the battle and work on it every day, a little at a time.  It is going to be a long war!

And, just a reminder for those of you who want to join forces and throw shoes into the machine that brings hundreds of thousands of third world migrants to America every year, people who will not find work, people who have no intention of assimilating, but every intention of changing America, people who will need you to feed and care for them, people who will vote for more goodies for themselves and who will join the Democratic party in order to vote for more big government programs, please sign up at the Center for Security Policy and join our band of political guerrilla warriors especially so we can help facilitate your alliance with others where you live.

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Calling all activists!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 25, 2015

Since your numbers are growing so rapidly, I can’t keep track of you all; and because we now need to step-up the resistance by becoming better organized locally and within states, the Center for Security Policy has offered to help me/us find you.   Right now we just want to locate those of you wishing to get more deeply involved in this all-important issue.

Here is the Center for Security Policy:

In response to growing interest in spreading knowledge about our deeply flawed refugee resettlement policy, and building resistance to it, we have started to collect contact and geographical data from those who wish to stay engaged. Fill out only the fields you are comfortable filling below. At this time we are collecting data to gauge interest and we will keep you updated with news and action items as they come in. In the near future we hope to use this data to connect activists in their local areas to run with their own initiatives going forward. In the meantime, take advantage of the following resources:

Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch blog, monograph Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America and YouTube videos on the subject.

Also check out Jim Simpson’s drill-down on the topic on Kindle: The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America. A paperback version of the book and a promotion YouTube video will be available very soon. Thank you so much for your interest.

Now please go to the website and send us your contact information. Please know that this is not for fundraising purposes.  It is to facilitate organizing on a state-by-state basis. We will never begin to reform or roll-back this out-of-control immigration program without your help, so please step up and join the fight!

Traveling again!

I’m leaving today for a family gathering in California, but plan to post throughout the week.

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Texas: number one refugee resettlement state in the nation (primer part III, what to do!)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 9, 2015

Because I’m going to Texas tomorrow, over the last two days I posted a couple of information posts on Texas (see Part I and Part II).  I really only skimmed the surface, but hopefully provided information many of you had not seen before.  But, now I hope that isn’t the end of it!

I believe with all my heart that if we don’t get immigration under control immediately, and I mean both LEGAL and illegal immigration we won’t recognize America in the next decade.  Our unique American culture does matter and western civilization is superior and we are going to have to work to keep it.  You need only look to Europe to see what is in store for us if we don’t get to work now!

Cecilia Munoz, Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett are winning! They are changing America by changing the people. You have 16-17 months to regain control and elect a president willing to turn this around.

So for Texans, and everyone, first find a few like-minded citizens in your state to help you.   Don’t wring your hands if there aren’t a hundred people willing to give up a little time shopping, watching TV or barbecuing, you only need 4 or 5 to begin your community organizing!

Yes, just like the Left, you have to ‘community organize!’  There is no silver bullet to stop this.  It is going to take a lot of plain old hard work!

* I recommend keeping your organization(s) loose.  You don’t need to run right out and try to get a 501(c) IRS designation which will only slow you down.  You don’t need a tax designation to proceed with using your free speech! Come up with a name for the group.  But, don’t discourage others if they want to form their own groups.  The Left does that all the time—2 people here is a group, and three over there!

* Do your homework.  Get the facts about refugee resettlement in your state.  The other side has for years kept this program as secret as they could for a reason.  That reason is that when people learn how it works, they are stunned and they don’t want it!  Knowledge is power.  The refugee industry doesn’t like it when you know how it works!

* In addition to learning how the program works, find out who is pushing refugee resettlement in your community.  Find and expose the elected officials, the business leaders (the Chamber of Commerce!), industry leaders (meatpackers for one!), rich foundations and the church leaders responsible for pouring immigrants into your town or state.  This is one of Barack Obama’s favorite Alinsky rules—the name and shame rule.  We can use it too!

* And, this is my number one harangueYou must have some way of posting or reporting on everything you learn and for that I recommend a blog or website where you can keep an archive of reports and documents as well as the latest news.  Facebook works too, but it is somewhat limiting as some people don’t use facebook.  You need to get your information out around your local media to your people and to new people who join you, or would like to join you, along the way.  And, for goodness sakes, if more than one person in the state wants to maintain a website, go for it!  Many voices are better than one because they can’t then shut you all up!

* But, you must use your local media too!  You need to use every avenue of the media that you possibly can.  Letters-to-the-editor and opinion pieces in local newspapers will get the information outside of your circle.   Local talk radio is great on this subject.

* Look for opportunities to get press—a rally, a guest speaker or even the release of a new report from your group are all reasons to put out press releases.  The goal is to spread the message to ever-widening circles.

* Find someone (or several) in your group willing to be speakers for civic groups around the state.  Develop a power point presentation and take it from town to town speaking to tea parties, American legions, or even rotary clubs.  This is why your facts are so important, especially the economic facts.  People will be really concerned when they see how much of the US Refugee Program is being foisted off on to local taxpayers.

* Elected officials hate noise!  Like it or not, you are going to have to bug every elected official at all levels of government.  Your mayors and city leaders will try to get out of any responsibility claiming this is a federal issue, don’t let them get away with that.  The truth is, if the federal government meets a lot of local organized resistance including from the local elected officials, the feds and their resettlement contractors will move on to other softer targets.

Letters and e-mails to elected officials are not enough anymore. You will have to get in their faces when they are in the district or state, and for goodness sakes get in the faces of the Presidential candidates as they tour the country.  Ask them where they stand on refugee resettlement and other LEGAL immigration programs that have gotten way too large and way too out of control.  Don’t let them get away with that tired old line:  Legal immigration is good, illegal is bad!

And, I am sorry to say, for Texas, your governors and your US Senators for the last decade and more have allowed the immigration mushroom cloud to grow over the state, why?  Why are they willing to see Texas turned BLUE?

* Last but not least, join forces nationally.  Hopefully we will be setting up a data base (state by state) of activists on this issue, so we can connect you within your states, and so we can act swiftly when national action is required.   Stay tuned for more on that.

We are up against a lot of power and a lot of money, but don’t let that discourage you!

Again, if we don’t get immigration under control and soon, nothing else matters!

Don’t be afraid!  Who cares if they call you names!

Calling you names is the only power the other side has over you, take that power away by not cowering to their name-calling!  Consider it a badge of honor if they call you a racist, a xenophobe or an islamophobe!

Editor:  This was not meant to be an exhaustive list of organizing ideas.  If you have others, please send them as comments and I’ll add them here as updates to this post.

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‘Welcoming America’ comes to Long Island, is it in your town yet? Find out!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 8, 2015

It’s been almost exactly two years since I first heard that the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Dept. of Health and Human Services had hired a community organizing contractor (with your money!) to tamp down any “pockets of resistance” to the seeding of immigrants (legal and illegal) in your towns and cities.

Read my original post here.

The ORR spokesman at the meeting in Lancaster, PA actually used the phrase “pockets of resistance” to describe any of you questioning what Washington was doing to your community.

Wanted! Bloggers to track and report on what David Lubell is doing! He is the founder and head honcho at Welcoming America. Obama honored him in Nashville last year. His community organizing group was started with seed money from George Soros and he is working to change your communities across America forever.

Since then of course we have learned that the whole seeding idea is part of Obama’s New Americans initiative.

I’m bringing you this post at a website called the Independent Sentinel for a very specific reason (in addition to educating you about how ‘Welcoming America’ is working to control anyone in Nassau and Suffolk counties that might object to being replaced by 526,000 immigrants with more on the way).

First, please read the post by Sara Noble, here.

And this is why I am posting it:  Sara Noble is doing something!

She is investigating, writing reports and publishing them on national issues and on her local community.

Everywhere I go, people ask, what can I do?  What can I do? This is what you can do—become an investigative blogger!  Or, a regular letter-to-the-editor writer, a facebook page editor (not just yak about personal stuff), tweet on a specific subject.

We must do the work old fashioned investigative reporters used to do.  And, we have to get our research out beyond our own circle of like-minded people.

Here is what Sara says:

Independent blogs like this one provide an opportunity for common folk to battle the corrupted mainstream media in a search for truth. We are searching, always searching…

I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but it does you no good to be a great reader of the news, or even a researcher and then send me e-mails (filled with links) that fill up my in-boxes!   Remember it is just me here!

The other day I suggested someone start an investigative blog on food stamp fraud at immigrant-run convenience stores—someone please tell me you will soon launch that!

We can help save America, but we have to get our facts and get them out far and wide because the mainstream media (even Fox News) is controlled by the establishment.

Welcoming America Watch!

Now that would be a great title of a blog or website!  One of you looking for something to do from home could easily do this….

Track Welcoming America around America!

Report what they are up to!

See our archive on Welcoming America by clicking here.


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More on Spartanburg refugee plan and Rep. Trey Gowdy’s entry into the fray

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 17, 2015

There are two good news stories out since yesterday about what is happening in Spartanburg, SC where the citizens there are demanding to know how it came to be that their small city was secretly targeted as a new refugee resettlement site.

By the way, it is so important to note that Spartanburg is not alone.  In December, the US State Department referenced the fact that their resettlement contractors*** had offices in 180 cities, and just about three months later the State Department is saying they have offices in 190 cities.  So they have found more new sites—is your town one of them?

Call Rep. Trey Gowdy and ask him to investigate the Refugee Admissions Program!


If you think we are being too casual in using the word ‘secretive,‘ some of you may remember the incredible admission by the board of Lutheran Family Service Rocky Mountains in March 2014 (revealed in a letter to the editor), that the reason there was a public controversy over opening a resettlement office in Wyoming (the only state in the nation without a program) was because word of what they were planning leaked to the public before they were ready to spin it.

Here is what I said then, and say now about Spartanburg:

We can’t stress to you enough that federal contractors, like Lutheran Family Services, cannot sell a refugee resettlement plan to a community by telling citizens the whole truth up front! 

In fact, the driving force behind this blog from day one has been our fury over this very point—if it’s a good program, then dammit tell the public the whole plan.  If you can’t sell it with the truth, then it shouldn’t be done with secrecy (or emotional appeals using refugees as poster boys and girls).  In fact, this is exactly why citizens everywhere are sick of government at all levels, government-funded non-profits like this Lutheran bunch, and our so-called leaders.

Maybe we have finally gotten a leader in Washington!

Here are the two stories making the rounds today about Rep.Trey Gowdy’s excellent letter to Secretary of State John Kerry. If you see more stories let us know.

The Daily Caller:  ‘Gowdy demands halt to refugee resettlement in his district’

Frontpage Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, ‘An Invasion of refugees’

Many of you ask:  What can I do?  

Today you can call Gowdy’s office (202-225-6030), thank him and tell him to hold hearings (he is chairman of the House subcommittee responsible for the Refugee Program as it is now being administered).  It is secretive, complicated, expensive and unfair and must be either scrapped or completely overhauled.

***These nine major contractors (who receive the majority of their funding from you, the taxpayer) oversee 350 subcontractors in 190 US cities and towns:

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PEGIDA planning to march in the UK at the end of this month

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 9, 2015

PEGIDA coming to the UK…


The UK Mirror has a story here, apparently designed to make readers think the worst of PEGIDA:

A notorious ‘anti-Islam’ movement is coming to Britain with its first ever demo and a march likely to attract thousands.

Pegida has sparked huge controversy in Germany.

Under the banner of ‘Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West’, it claims it is trying to defend countries from the spread of extremism at the hands of Muslim immigrants.


It is advertising its first ever UK demo for Newcastle upon Tyne on February 28, however, with a Facebook campaign expected to attract ‘thousands’.

It is the first of a series of demos planned for the UK, with others due to take place in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Obviously designed to chill interest in the event, you can read the rest of the PEGIDA vilification story here.

For our entire ‘Invasion of Europe’ series click here.  Our posts on German immigration problems are here.

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Will wonders never cease! Washington Post report on Germany admits Muslims aren’t assimilating

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 28, 2015

This is an article the Washington Post ran last Saturday that I am just getting around to mentioning.  I didn’t even read it for a couple of days figuring it would be the usual mainstream media slam of “rightwingers” and “Islamophobes,” but check this out.  Right in the middle of the article is a section (below) which asks how can this be that second and third generation Muslim immigrants aren’t “assimilating?”

Could it possibly be that the Muslim immigrants, having reached critical mass, are more interested in advancing Islam than they are in acquiring the trappings of the ‘good (material) life?’



From the Washington Post on PEGIDA (emphasis is mine):

As the movement has grown, tens of thousands of Germans also have risen up to condemn Pegida, taking to the streets in counter-demonstrations that have often been far larger that the anti-Islamic, anti-immigrant rallies they are opposing. Yet the Pegida movement has seemed to tap into a hidden vein of German angst.

Not assimilating! 

Some here are worried not only about the new asylum seekers, but also about the growing numbers of other migrants entering Europe’s largest and strongest economy. Equally vexing to many is the lack of assimilation among a significant number of Muslim immigrants, some of whom came to Germany decades ago. Last September, for example, Germans were outraged after a stunt in the city of Wuppertal in which 11 devout Muslims wearing the words “Sharia Police” on bright orange vests approached Turkish nightclubs and cafes and warned young partygoers that they were violating Islamic law by drinking.

Such fears have surfaced as security concerns are mounting in Germany and across Europe over the threat of homegrown terror. As in France, hundreds of radicalized young Germans — many of them the second- and third-generation sons and daughters of Muslim immigrants — have left to fight with extremists in Syria and Iraq.

“How is it possible that parallel societies are forming in Germany?” Pegida spokeswoman Kathrin Oertel said on German TV last week. “That Islamic judges have the right to administer justice, and that Islamic schools are inciting hatred against German citizens?”

It is because Islam and the advancement of the Caliphate is stronger and infinitely more important than anything (jobs, nice homes, fashionable clothes) Germany can offer!  Get it!

And, it goes on because most Western governments are chicken!

See our complete archive on the growing internal discord in Germany by clicking here.

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Letter: Why aren’t we taking care of our own poor people first?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 12, 2015

If there is one question people new to the whole refugee process in America ask, it is that sensible, logical question.  Below is a letter to the editor from the New Hampshire Concord Monitor from someone who is apparently helping the homeless with a true charitable spirit and not as a paid refugee resettlement contractor.

Hat tip: ‘Pungentpeppers’ (emphasis below is mine).

To the editor:

We have been avidly following the series of articles on the homeless population in Concord.

Living in close proximity and volunteering within the community serving both the homeless and the refugees, it has become sadly apparent that our homeless population consists predominantly of American citizens. Many of them veterans and many without benefits.

Without a valid address or residence, one does not qualify within our system for food stamps or assistance. Why is it that we seem to continue to encourage and subsidize the constant influx of immigrants and refugees for whom we seem to always find living and housing accommodations for? Our food pantries are overwhelmed, supplies are diminished and dwindling.

Thank heavens for our local churches for stepping up to the plate, and providing both food and warm, safe shelter to our most needy, particularly during our cold and harsh winters.

As we continue to not only exist, work and volunteer within the capital city of Concord, we wonder why it is disturbingly apparent and profoundly troubling that the homeless population consists of American citizens.

We have yet to see a refugee sleeping in a tent or under the railroad tracks. Why is that?



Concord is a federal “preferred community” for refugee resettlement.  I bet most Concord residents did not know they merited that distinction!

Readers ask me all the time what they can do, this is one thing that is easy enough and you should do it while we still have free speech in America—write letters to the editor!

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Uh oh! Monday could be hot in Germany as Muslims plan counter-demo against Islamophobes

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 3, 2015

The demonstration from both sides is planned for Cologne which saw a huge outpouring of concern for the Islamization of Germany last October.  However, the largest demonstrations against further Muslim immigration to Germany have occurred in Dresden on recent Mondays.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s New Year’s message: If you question Muslim immigration you have “hatred in your hearts.”

From the World Bulletin (emphasis is mine):

At least 13 non-governmental organizations of Muslim and ethnic-Turkish immigrants in Germany announced Thursday their joint decision to protest against the right-wing populist PEGIDA movement.

“We are calling on all citizens to join demonstration in Cologne on Jan. 5 and take a stance against racism, xenophobia, hatred against foreigners and hostility against Islam,” the organizations said in a joint statement.

“We will support all democratic initiatives and allies that oppose PEGIDA and other groups inspired by it,” the statement added.

Germany’s Muslim Coordination Council, a platform of four large Muslim organizations in the country, signed the joint statement along with associations representing Turkish-German businessmen, TUMSIAD and MUSIAD-NRW.

Union of European Turkish Democrats, one of the most influential organizations among Germany’s three million Turks, also backed the call for joining the counter-protests in Cologne, organized by a German citizen initiative supported by political parties, trade unions and church organizations.

Cologne is one of Germany’s most populated cities known for its multi-cultural plurality and large number of immigrants.

A recently formed right-wing anti-Islam movement, Cologne Against Islamization of the West, is also planning a demonstration in the city Monday. The initiative is a copycat group inspired by the Patriotic Europeans Against Islamization of the West or the PEGIDA, which gathered more than 17,000 protesters in the city on Dec. 22. The rise of the right-wing group made headlines in Germany and abroad.

Germany witnessed an increase in suspicion and negative feelings towards Muslims in recent months as far right and populist parties sought to benefit from a growing fear of Islam and Muslims, largely influenced by reports of murders and atrocities committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorist group in the Middle East.

Nearly 30 percent of Germans polled by the Stern magazine said they believed anti-Islam demonstrations organized by PEGIDA were justifiable.

Meanwhile, Merkel says we love our Muslims (underlying message, our economy needs those cheap laborers!)

From OnIslam:

CAIRO – Addressing the nation on the eve of the New Year, German chancellor Angela Merkel urged people to help refugees fleeing conflicts, telling them to turn their backs to the “racist”, “full of hatred” anti-Muslim grass-roots movement.

“It goes without saying that we help them and take in people who seek refuge with us,” the chancellor said, Deutsche Welle reported.

Merkel also urged Germans to welcome immigrants, adding that Europe’s biggest economy must welcome people fleeing conflict and war.

She also lamented the rise of the new movement, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA), that has been holding weekly rallies in the eastern city of Dresden for weeks.

Referring to protests that took place before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Merkel said, “Today many people are again shouting on Mondays: ‘We are the people’. But in fact they mean: You do not belong – because of the color of your skin or your religion,” Reuters reported.

“So I say to everyone who goes to such demonstrations: Do not follow those who are appealing to you! Because too often there is prejudice, coldness, even hatred, in their hearts.”

She really does have that Leftist lingo down!

Don’t you think it’s interesting that some never learn from history.  Germany, of all places, should know the perils of silencing speech.

See our ‘Invasion of Europe’ series for more information.

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