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Minnesota trial of Somali refugee jihadist wannabes ignored!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 20, 2016

As Brenda Walker reports here at VDARE, the trial of nine Somali refugees who plotted to leave the US to join ISIS is wrapping up and long sentences are being handed down.  (Take note all of you refugee advocates who say there is no connection between the Refugee Admissions Program and Islamic terrorism.)


What are these Somali refugees costing us?

Here is Walker:

The Trump-obsessed press has paid little attention to important news like a major terror trial wrapping up in Minneapolis: nine Somali men were sentenced last week in Minnesota for their jihad terror crimes. But the liberal media ignores Muslims terror trials in America no matter what else is going on.

For more continue reading here.

Think about this and consider taking the challenge!

First, think about the fact that your tax dollars raised these budding jihadists. You paid for their food stamps, their medical care, their schooling, subsidized their housing, and you might even have fixed their teeth, so I ask what are you getting for your investment?

More expenses! 

Just imagine what these trials cost the taxpayers of Minnesota and America! And, more importantly, since several of them are getting 30 years plus behind bars, imagine what that costs us!

I don’t even know why we bother stopping these punks when they try to leave the US. They are cannon fodder for ISIS, might as well let them go.

What value are they for us as they languish behind bars and are fed special halal diets for decades? What will they contribute when they come out at say 55 years old? Do we put them on welfare again?

I’m wondering if when Jeff Sessions becomes Attorney General, can he stop this madness?  Just let them go and take away their US passports!

The challenge!

And, maybe to help Sessions and law enforcement generally reconsider whatever policy it is that we follow by stopping the jihadist wannabes from leaving the country, someone should do an economic analysis of what each of these Somali convicted Al Shabaab/ISIS sympathizers cost us.  I bet one of you could do this!  And, remember there are more than nine of these mostly Somali refugees who have attempted to leave the country since about 2007.

See if you can figure out what they cost the American taxpayer!

And, one more thing! I know it would never happen, but it’s fun to fantasize! I would love to see the resettlement agencies (the contractors), which failed to assimilate their refugees, financially responsible when one of their darlings breaks the law!

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If Trump only knew Utica, NY story, says resettlement agency employee, he wouldn’t be so misguided

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 19, 2016

But what is the real Utica story?

Easily one of my greatest concerns about the whole resettlement process in the United States, is how can there be such widely divergent views on whether refugees have brought a “robust” economy and multicultural nirvana to a community, or not!


Read the 2005 UN propaganda report used to entice (embarrass) other cities into ‘welcoming’ refugees.

Is there no real investigative journalist willing to go to Utica, spend a little time, talk to everyone involved and report an accurate story about what has happened in the ‘Town that Loves Refugees’ (according to a 2005 United Nations propaganda campaign).

This is one more in those warm and fuzzy stories about how everything  is copacetic in Utica. Of course the election of Donald Trump is the news hook for a reporter to once again tell the ‘good’ news about rebuilding cities with refugees.

Take a side trip now to Politico’s county by county breakdown and see that Trump actually won most of New York state including Oneida County (Utica) by a large margin.  Presumably Trump’s views on refugees and immigration are in line with the largest numbers of voters in most of the state. Surely if the ‘good’ news on Utica was true after 11 years of beating that drum, the citizens there should all be on the side of more refugees.  They apparently are not!

Back to Utica and yet another account of how refugees have supposedly brought boom times to the struggling city.

From the Gloucester Times:

UTICA — More than anywhere else in New York, this city in the Mohawk Valley has embraced people fleeing strife-torn countries.


But, now, Donald Trump’s election as president is stoking fear among refugees and their advocates, given his anti-immigrant rhetoric and focus on curtailing immigration.

A wall proposed for the Mexican border was a rhetorical fixture of Trump’s campaign, and he’s called refugees a “Trojan horse” whose ranks are infiltrated by “terrorists.”

“It is concerning to us,” said Shelly Callahan, director of the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees, which coordinates the resettlement of newcomers here. [Mohawk Valley Resource Center is a subcontractor of primary federal resettlement contractor Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service—ed]


Over the past three decades, Utica has rolled out the welcome mat to an estimated 16,000 refugees.

Here we go again with Chobani Yogurt changing America to supply its labor needs (with the help of a fake ‘charity’):

In Utica, foreign-born people and their children account for about a quarter of the city’s population of 62,000, earning it the United Nations’ distinction as “the town that loves refugees.”

Refugees represent a new pool of immigrant labor, which Callahan said has been a major asset for regional businesses looking to expand or simply trying to fill jobs shunned by workers already living here.

In some cases, businesses that hire refugees are targeted.

One upstate employer that has taken on some refugees living in Utica, the Chobani yogurt plant in Chenango County, has been sharply criticized in recent weeks by a right-wing, pro-Trump website, Breitbart, for hiring Muslim immigrants.

Those reports have unleashed racist rants against Chobani and its founder, Turkish immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya.



Democrat Assemblyman Anthony Brinidisi: we have “robust” small business growth. But would someone please do a real unbiased economic and social impact study about Utica. LOL! I should do a post just on their favorite words, robust is near the top of the list. Everything from business start-ups to security screening is robust!

In the last decades of the 20th century, Utica shed more than 20,000 jobs with the closings of two nearby General Electric plants, Griffiss Air Force Base in nearby Rome and a Lockheed Martin plant.

Its population of 100,410 people in 1910 had shriveled to 60,000 by 2010.

“Without them, we would have a city with less population, less cultural diversity and not as robust in terms of small business growth as it has been over the past couple of decades,” Brindisi said in an interview.

More here.

I have all sorts of questions and suspect that some economic growth (if it does exist) may well be that federal welfare dollars (remember when Nancy Pelosi famously said food stamps boost the economy!) are flowing to Utica with the refugees which is not real growth but just a redistribution of wealth from one group of taxpayers elsewhere to supply social services for the refugee flood to Utica.

And, here is why I’m posting this story:

There is not one bit of anything negative in here about what changes have been brought to Utica that are not welcome.  Reporter Joe Mahoney must not know how to google! (And, this is why local newspapers are going belly-up! The NYT too!)

Where is the mention of how the school system there had to sue the state for more money to manage all the kids in the school system?

Think about Utica, NY before you jump on the “welcoming refugees” bandwagon

Utica (the town that loves refugees) is suing the state of NY for their refugee-generated school funding crisis

How about the story from last summer where the feds gave grants to the Utica area for summer jobs for special teenagers (refugees):

Utica: Give refugees summer jobs or pay for it later

Then, how about:

Utica NY: Latest concern is refugees driving drunk

Utica, NY: Burmese Karen refugee murdered

Large numbers of refugees bring food stamp scammers to town:

More Muslim food stamp scammers arrested, Utica, NY this time

From elsewhere in New York state:

Syracuse, NY refugee story confirms imported immigrant poverty does not revitalize cities

In refugee-saturated Buffalo, NY, violence leaves Burmese refugee paralyzed

New York boosts school budget $1.1 billion to cope with refugee overload

Buffalo, NY: Christians and Jews declining in number, Muslim population increasing

Syracuse: Catholic Church becomes mosque update

Heads up Poughkeepsie, New York: ‘Christian’ charity to bring you Syrian Muslims likely before January 2017

You know what! Go back and look again at how red New York state is, here. Someone in New York should be writing a blog about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program and pulling all this together!

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Ho-hum another Trump fear article reveals an interesting bit of information

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 16, 2016

Apparently some refugee advocates blame the US State Department’s decades old secrecy about the Refugee Admissions Program (RAP) for the backlash against it!

He (resettlement contractor Christopher George) places some of the blame on the State Department, which encourages resettlement programs to operate at a low profile (in secrecy!).




US STATE DEPT. NO-SHOW! More than 100 people came out to a refugee forum in Bloomington, Indiana last week. Experts Don Barnett and Jim Simpson debated one lonely pro-refugee immigration lawyer, when Barbara Day, representing the US State Department, was a no-show and purportedly discouraged refugee agencies in the state to not participate as well, thus confirming what Connecticut contractor George told NPR. Photo and story from Bloomington, here:



This is from NPR (no surprise), but buried in its many paragraphs of sad stories about poor Muslim refugees we found a point of agreement with a resettlement contractor (emphasis below is mine):

Donald Trump’s election has sent tremors through America’s refugee advocate community, and caused fear and uncertainty among the most recently resettled refugees, the Syrians. They listened with alarm as candidate Trump called them “terrorists” and blamed them, incorrectly, for violent attacks in America.

“That rhetoric has had an impact,” says Becca Heller, director of the International Refugee Assistance Project, a legal aid program. “Trump has been successful in politicizing refugee admissions in a way that they have not been politicized before.”


Advocates argue that backtracking on American commitments could encourage other countries to follow the U.S. example, deepening a humanitarian crisis for allies and giving talking points to Muslim militants who claim that the West is hostile to Islam. [Is our goal here to make Muslim militants happy and prove we are good anti-hostile people or to help legitimate refugees, I wonder—ed]

But bipartisan support for refugee resettlement unraveled after last November’s Paris terrorist attacks, when early reporting erroneously identified one of the attackers as a Syrian refugee. Support further declined following last December’s terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif., and a mass shooting in June at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Remember this is about money (your money!)

These so-called charities can’t help refugees until they have wads of your tax dollars in their pockets!  I say if the general public is supportive, people should contribute private money, not steal from tax payers!

NPR continued:

Now that Republicans control both chambers of Congress and the White House, refugee advocates fear there will be severe funding cuts for their work.

Note in the following paragraph from the NPR story,  how an employee of a resettlement agency spins his rhetoric about fears of terrorism by saying there have been no arrests for domestic terrorism in the refugee community.  He is completely discounting all of the arrests and convictions of refugees for planning terrorism abroad.  


Somali refugee Hamza Ahmed sentenced to 15 years just yesterday for attempting to join ISIS.

We gave you a few cases here the other day (including domestic jihadists like the Somali Christmas tree bomber, and don’t forget the St. Cloud knife attacker!), but here is news just this morning about another terrorism conviction of a Somali refugee.

You raised this Islamic jihadist wannabee with your tax dollars.

NPR (apparently reporter Deborah Amos is too lazy or too biased to get the facts about refugees and terrorism, so George spins unchallenged!):

Refugee advocate Chris George says the campaign rhetoric could undermine a program that has resettled 750,00 refugees since Sept. 11, 2001 — with not one arrest for a domestic terrorism charge.

However, here is the part of the story I found most useful:

“This all goes back to a fundamental lack of information about the refugee program and lack of contact,” he says.

George is the executive director of Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services***, a nonprofit agency in New Haven, Conn. His organization has resettled more than 250 refugees this year in a distinctive program that partners with private groups to place refugee families in communities, “so people can meet them and have them live down the street and walk to school with their children.”

Most Americans have never met a refugee, says George, and that is part of the problem.

He places some of the blame on the State Department, which encourages resettlement programs to operate at a low profile.

And, why does the US Department of State operate in secrecy? I maintain it is because if the general taxpaying public knew the full story about the RAP it would be rejected almost everywhere!

*** IRIS is a Church World Service subcontractor.  Go here to learn about CWS finances.

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Poughkeepsie: Church World Service official spins about refugee Islamic terrorists

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 12, 2016

We told you on October 28th that Church World Service is planning to bring refugees, mostly from Syria and the Middle East, to Poughkeepsie, NY, and the plans were kept secret from the city elected officials and the public in general until very recently. The arrival of the first Syrians is apparently only a month or so away.


Erol Kekic, Director Immigration and Refugee Program Church World Service

Because most citizens don’t fully understand how costly resettlement is and they don’t know (because all mainstream media is silent) how disruptive to the social make-up of communities large numbers of refugees have been, they don’t know enough to ask enough good questions so they naturally focus first and foremost on the security issue.  They want to know if Islamic terrorists could be hiding among them?

Refugee industry spokesmen are quick to make a joke, asking why would a terrorist want to go through such a lengthy process to get here, when they can simply fly in or walk across the border (a question which invariably brings laughs in the audience).

One thing we never hear about outside of certain circles is the fact that some Muslim refugee children in America have grown up to be jihadists—-dozens of them from the Somali community in Minnesota, for example, have thumbed their noses at your good will and left for battle in Africa or the Middle East. Others have tried to show their jihadist ‘skills’ here.

Read about the Poughkeepsie meeting and pay close attention to how an official of Church World Service attempts to answer security concerns.

From the Times-Herald Record:

Former refugee Erol Kekic, executive director of the Immigration and Refugee Program, told attendees that refugees are vetted vigorously, especially those from Syria.

“We have not had one single refugee commit an act of terrorism,” Kekic said to a large round of applause.


Mohamed Mohamud a Somali refugee who came to the US as a child is serving a 30 year sentence for planning to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, OR.

Apparently no one in the audience was knowledgeable enough to ask the follow-up question:

How many refugees have been arrested and convicted of planning terrorist attacks—arrested before they could commit the act?

The answer is a larger number than we should find acceptable!

Off the top of my head:  There were the Iraqis men arrested in Kentucky in 2011 who were working with Al Qaeda in Iraq (doing life in prison now). ABC News did cover this story! Indeed the whole Iraqi flow to America was disrupted for a year or so in the wake of that revelation and all Iraqis on the way in were re-screened.

Then here are some of the kids you welcomed:

There was the Somali Christmas tree bomber sentenced in 2014.

Most recently there was the Iraqi refugee who admitted to planning an ISIS bombing in Houston, here.

And, we can’t forget an ISIS sympathizer (Somali refugee) who was successful in attacking and wounding shoppers in a mall in St. Cloud, MN, here.

Although they have never admitted it (to my knowledge), I believe the Chattanooga killer’s family was a resettled refugee family, see here.

There are others, visit our crimes category here with over 2,000 refugee crimes and terror attacks/attack planning from all over the world.

I know many of you will cite the Boston Bombers. Yes, they were ‘refugees’ who entered the US with their parents who were granted political asylum (which made them refugees).  Kekic would argue that they don’t count because they didn’t come through the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program run by contractors like Church World Service.

Be sure to revisit my post of last week on Church World Service’s finances. Poor Mr. Kekic is not being paid very well (he doesn’t make the top employees’ list on their recent Form 990) compared to other top execs of the organization. What’s up with that, he has been around for a long time—almost 17 years according to LinkedIn.

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Charleston, WV ‘Interfaith’ leader and lawyer setting up new refugee resettlement office, planning rally

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 7, 2016

Funny, it was only yesterday I told you that local ‘Interfaith’ groups were primary promoters of the expansion of refugee resettlement beyond the two hundred or so offices already up and running, here, into dozens of new towns and cities primarily to receive massive new numbers of Syrian Muslim refugees, among others from dozens of countries.

Now we learn from the Charleston Gazette-Mail that Episcopal Migration Ministries is applying to the US State Department to expand resettlement from the small number of refugees placed in the West Virginia capitol now by Catholic Charities (about 25 last year) to add 100 from EMM in the 2017 fiscal year.


‘Interfaith’ leader/lawyer Lynn S. Clark. Photo and bio here: Go here to see what she said in 2015 about her WV ‘Interfaith’ group:

A local activist ‘Interfaith’ group is incorporating as a non-profit supposedly for the purpose of being the local resettlement subcontractor.

(If this is your first visit to RRW, be sure to see Ten Things your town needs to know…’ because once opened the office will expand each year even if the city of Charleston begs for a reprieve in the number being placed.)

For background, see this previous post on Charleston, WV and follow links to earlier posts.

There is a ‘pocket of resistance’ getting firmly established there.

Wonder where the phrase ‘pocket of resistance’ came from? That is what I heard officials of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement call any community where citizens were demanding answers about the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program. Go here for that 2013 post!  Imagine that! Government bureaucrats referring to citizens who might disagree with their plan for America as being in ‘pockets of resistance.’

From the Charleston Gazette-Mail:

A national refugee resettlement agency has submitted an application to the U.S. Department of State to turn Charleston into one of its “resettlement communities.”

Episcopal Migration Ministries, one of nine national refugee resettlement agencies that works with the U.S. government and local groups to place refugees, and the West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry have been working together in hopes of making Charleston a safe haven for refugees.

The West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry aims to create greater understanding of the Muslim community [assumption here for this group is that they will get Syrian Muslims–ed] and the plight of refugees, including those fleeing Syria, where millions have been displaced and hundreds of thousands have been killed.


Episcopal Migration Ministries submitted an application to the State Department last month to resettle 100 refugees in the first year in Charleston. Duvall noted the State Department will determine the number if the application is approved.


Kendall Martin, spokeswoman for Episcopal Migration Ministries, said that the agency has not recently submitted any applications for resettlement communities anywhere else. She said that if the application is approved, they will hold quarterly meetings with the community.

Asked how often their applications are typically approved, Martin said they had only submitted one other site application, for Wichita, Kansas***, to the State Department in the past five years, and it was approved.

Lynn Clarke and Ibtesam Sue Barazi, two of the local volunteers, said they are working on bylaws for their group and preparing for the possibility of establishing a nonprofit organization if the application is approved.

A pro-Syrian refugee rally is scheduled for 5 p.m. on November 15th.

There is only one reason for such a rally and that is to create the impression that West Virginia is wildly welcoming of refugees from the third world and from countries that hate us!  It is about swaying the media and the US State Department.

Barazi, a Syrian immigrant who has lived in West Virginia since 1975, said they also are planning a “West Virginia Welcomes Refugees” rally to be held at 5 p.m. on Nov. 15 at Haddad Riverfront Park, followed by a candlelight vigil. The rally follows a similar event last year that drew hundreds of people. Organizers say they want to “respond to fear with love.”

Visit the Charleston Gazette-Mail for more information and to see the cool graphic showing the other locations around the country where EMM has offices.

One more thing! If Clark and her cohorts succeed and get an office open, they won’t be choosing the refugees, but will be required to take what Washington sends them.  Ultimately, refugees will come from dozens of countries, thus, in some ways, making it harder and more expensive for the city and county to deal with the myriad languages.  Remember local and state taxpayers are responsible for providing interpreters for medical care, schools, and the criminal justice system!

P.S. If you are a West Virginian reading this and getting angry, there are 3 people to complain to: Rep. Alex Mooney (R) who represents Charleston in the House of Representatives and the two US Senators: Shelley Moore Capito (R) and Joe Manchin(D). By the way, if anyone talks to Mooney, tell him to get his history straight about that damn plaque on the Statue of Liberty. It was added later, the original statue had nothing to do with immigration.

***Wichita, Kansas is a prime example of refugee overload as the school system is swamped with refugee kids speaking many languages and it is subsequently BROKE, see here. Do you want this problem in Charleston?

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German ministry: send illegal migrant Africans back immediately to send message, discourage more!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 6, 2016

…Blame Hillary for African invasion of Europe!

Where are you Tony Abbott (former Australian Prime Minister)?  Gee, about time that the dim bulbs in Europe are beginning to see the sense of a your suggestion from the spring of 2015—turn back the boats!  But, it strikes me that such a suggestion now is about a million migrants too late!

Here is the story at Reuters:

The German Interior Ministry wants to stop migrants ever reaching Europe’s Mediterranean coast by picking them up at sea and returning them to Africa, the Welt am Sonntag newspaper reported on Sunday.

In this photo made available Thursday, April 23, 2015, migrants crowd and inflatable dinghy as rescue vassel " Denaro " (not in picture) of the Italian Coast Guard approaches them, off the Libyan coast, in the Mediterranean Sea, Wednesday, April 22, 2015. European Union leaders gathering for an extraordinary summit are facing calls from all sides to take emergency action to save lives in the Mediterranean, where hundreds of migrants are missing and feared drowned in recent days. (Alessandro Di Meo/ANSA via AP Photo) ITALY OUT

Rescuing African men in the Mediterranean Sea in 2015. Why are rescuers wearing protective suits and gloves? You can guess. (Alessandro Di Meo/ANSA via AP Photo)

In what would be a huge shift for a country with one of the most generous asylum policies, the ministry says the European Union should adopt an Australian-style system under which migrants intercepted at sea are sent for processing at camps in third countries.

“The elimination of the prospect of reaching the European coast could convince migrants to avoid embarking on the life-threatening and costly journey in the first place,” the paper quoted a ministry spokeswoman as saying.

And so why would these African nations want the hordes parked in their country making trouble? (Wishful thinking on the part of Germany!)

The ministry’s proposal calls for migrants picked up in the Mediterranean – most of whom set off from conflict-torn Libya – to be sent to Tunisia, Egypt or other north African states to apply for asylum from there.

If their asylum applications are accepted, the migrants could then be transported safely to Europe.

If they turned only a few boats back to the African coast, or we bused back across our southern border a few busloads of illegal aliens immediately upon their arrival in Texas or Arizona, advertised it far and wide, the flow would slow immediately!

Our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.

Blame Hillary!

Do not forget that it was Hillary Clinton who was responsible (Obama had to be persuaded) for destabilizing Libya and creating this migration route to Europe through Libya.

See one of our many posts on Hillary’s role in helping to create the European migration crisis by clicking here. Col. Gaddafi controlled Libya’s borders, now no one does!

Note when you visit that post that the longer video of Hillary gloating over the 2011 death of Col. Gaddafi has been removed. Here is the short version:


Hillary’s legacy and the death of Gadaffi…..

Yikes watch this prelude to the same interview (see Huma hand Hillary a phone):


For readers seeing this post in an e-mail. You are going to have to come to the blog itself, to RRW, to see videos if they do not appear in your e-mail.

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So-called ‘Interfaith’ groups pushing refugee program just about everywhere

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 6, 2016

As you study what is happening in your community and its plan to ‘welcome’ refugees, especially the newly targeted towns and cities***, look for the presence of an ‘Interfaith’ group as part of the secret plan to change your town by changing the people.

Take a few minutes to watch Stephen Coughlin, a fellow at the Center for Security Policy and expert on Islam in America speak about the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of those groups and especially of the Catholic Church.

Of course if you are a long-time reader here at RRW you know that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, and a network of Catholic Charities offices across the country, resettle (for a fee) the highest number of refugees of any of the nine federal resettlement contractors. To my knowledge, not one of those Catholic ‘charity’ migration activist groups have ever questioned the ‘wisdom’ of resettling mostly Syrian Muslims to the exclusion of persecuted Syrian Christians.  Maybe , as Coughlin suggests, they have already been subverted.



If the video does not appear in your e-mail, here is the link:

Note in the video that Coughlin talks about Sayyid Qutb.  Learn how Greeley, Colorado (a town being colonized by Somalis now) played a role in the development of ideas that underpin the Muslim Brotherhood (click here) and the group’s views of America.  Too bad Donald Trump didn’t speak in Greeley yesterday!

***These are just some of the new sites the US State Department has chosen to become key resettlement cities to add to their list of hundreds already being seeded with third worlders.  Wonder why states that once were reliably red are now turning blue?—it is immigration stupid!

Asheville, NC

Rutland, VT

Reno, NV

Ithaca, NY

Missoula, MT

Aberdeen, SD (may have been thwarted as a primary resettlement site!)

Charleston, WV

Fayetteville, AR

Blacksburg, VA

Pittsfield, MA

Northhampton, MA

Flint, MI

Bloomington, IN

Traverse City, MI

Poughkeepsie, NY

Wilmington, DE

Watertown, NY (maybe)

Youngstown, OH (maybe)




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US considering taking Australian illegal boat people, housed on Nauru, to US as refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 4, 2016

This is a BFF and should be vigorously opposed. (Where is our incompetent Congress?)

We have no responsibility for saving Australia from its hundreds of illegal aliens who attempted to reach Australia by boat and converting them to refugees to be seeded into your US towns and cities.

These are questionable asylum seekers that Australia does not want! They are not our problem!

This is Australia’s political hot potato.

That damn George W. Bush set a precedent about 9 years ago by taking illegal aliens who arrived on the island nation of Malta to the US as refugees. I was told (by insiders!) at the time that it was illegal!

Now we are going to pick up Australia’s illegal aliens!!!

See our huge archive on Malta by clicking here.  And, btw, there is no way to screen the boat people who arrived in Australian waters any better than there is those who we have taken from Malta.

Please elect Donald Trump and tell him to stop this madness!

From the Australian:

The US has strongly hinted that it has been in discussions with Australia about the possible resettlement of refugees from Nauru to the US.

The Australian last week revealed that refugees on Manus Island and Nauru will be offered permanent new homes in a handful of third countries, which could include northern hemisphere countries such as the US and Canada, as part of a multilateral resettlement deal the Turnbull government hopes to announce by the end of the year.

The resettlement deal would enable it to drastically downsize the processing centres on Manus and Nauru by offering permanent settlement to most of the 1800-odd recognised refugees on Manus and Nauru.


Read more about what US rep Connie Paik had to say about the negotiations at the Australian. Photo:

Sources told The Australian the government was in the final ­stages of negotiating the deals, of which several are understood to be in the northern hemisphere, suggesting the US or Canada may be being considered.

In response to questions about whether Australia and the US had held discussions over the issue of refugees on Nauru, the US State Department’s East Asian and ­Pacific Affairs Bureau spokeswoman Connie Paik appeared to confirm that talks had taken place.

Continue reading here(I am now getting a subscription requirement, hope you can read the story at least once before you do!)

Again, if these are good and honest refugees why isn’t Australia taking them to their own mainland???

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Why is North Carolina a swing state while South Carolina is still RED?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 3, 2016

It is because the demographic change (remember they are changing America by changing the people) is far advanced in North Carolina while it is only beginning in South Carolina.


Trump and Clinton are both in North Carolina today. Is it a swing state because of its huge refugee/immigrant population? I think so!

Of course all that will change for SC in a few years as Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham and Rep. Trey Gowdy are making little to no effort to hold the line in terms of the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program, and Graham himself was one of the Senate ‘Gang of Eight’ that pushed through an amnesty bill for illegal aliens a couple of years ago.

I don’t understand how Rs like Graham don’t see that as the immigrant population grows it will be attracted to the Democrat Party which promises to keep their welfare goodies flowing and will ultimately lead to the downfall of the Republican Party in states like his.

But, it isn’t SC I want to tell you about.

Trump and Clinton going to North Carolina today!

***Update*** November 4th: 1/2 million federal grant to encourage ethnic separation awarded in Raleigh.

I’ve wondered how North Carolina, the land of Senator Jesse Helms, is now a toss-up state and today as both Hillary and Trump head there, we see very clearly that it is a traditional red state turning blue and both parties are fighting for it.

So, I did a little numbers research.  And, I am not saying that there are enough refugee voters to swing the election, but the vast disparity between the states is stunning.  Also, NC has obviously thrown out the welcome mat to illegal aliens. (Note in my previous post that it is clearly in the top ten for the placement of the ‘unaccompanied alien children.’)

All of the following data can be found at the Refugee Processing Center.  And, I found a bit more at an ORR annual report to Congress.

From 1983 to 2001, North Carolina resettled 16,640 refugees, while South Carolina only got 1,925.

Then from FY 2003 to FY 2016 the states break down this way: NC (27,748) and SC (2,042).

Total refugee tally for NC is roughly 44,388 to SC’s 3,967. 

(In between those two documents, I was too lazy to look up 2002, but you get the idea).

So, I am maintaining that it is the influx of vastly more immigrants and refugees to North Carolina than South Carolina that makes the difference—why NC is turning blue and SC isn’t (yet!).

***Update*** And, I should have mentioned all those worker visas for NC, here.

We have a pretty substantial archive on North Carolina and problems there with refugees, go here to learn more. Don’t miss a stunning murder case, contractors not taking care of the refugees, companies looking for cheap labor and posts on how NC colleges lured Arab students, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, to the state to boost their student enrollment.

Then I found this stunning. From FY2003 to FY2016, North Carolina received refugees from the following 56 countries. This list does not include illegal alien-sending countries like Mexico and some from Central and South America. Can you imagine the problems with languages in the medical system, the school system and the criminal justice system!


Where were they placed?

I started to look at all the towns and cities and when I got to 35 I quit.  Bottomline, I bet there were at least 50-60 towns and cities in North Carolina that received refugees.  Maybe only a couple in some towns, but they were very widely distributed and surely helped destroy community cohesiveness.

Eight of the nine major resettlement contractors are operating (competing!) in North Carolina. The only one missing is the International Rescue Committee. Go here for office locations.

The wild card for Trump and Clinton is whether the African American community there gets it—that they are being out-competed in the job market by tens of thousands of refugees pouring in to the state. And, if Hillary is elected there will never be a slowdown.

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Denmark: Syrian refugee woman and two daughters found dead in freezer

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 2, 2016

Invasion of Europe news….

Authorities are looking for her husband.  Honor killing is always my first thought.

From ABC News:

Danish police say the remains of a 27-year-old Syrian woman and her two daughters, aged 7 and 9, were found in a freezer inside their apartment in southern Denmark.

Police made the gruesome discovery Sunday in the town of Aabenraa after a relative of the woman told them he hadn’t been able to reach her for a few days.

Investigators said Monday that the victims were killed but didn’t give any details.

The woman’s husband wasn’t in the apartment and is now being sought by police.

The family arrived in Denmark in 2015 and received refugee status.

The refugee invasion of Europe (our extensive archive is here) is keeping law enforcement busy, busy, busy.  There are lots of stories this morning from Germany about police working overtime due to increased crime in the refugee ‘community’, but I have no time to write about those.

Click here for our past posts on Denmark.

If you wonder why we often bring you news from Europe, it is for two reasons: We want you to know what could happen to us (in America) if we fling open our gates as Europe has done, and secondly we have thousands of readers who arrive at RRW from around the world every week and we want to inform and educate them as well.

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