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Muslim Brotherhood affiliated charity, Islamic Relief, says UK must step up Syrian resettlement

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 6, 2015

Invasion of Europe news…..

And, you can bet they would scream bloody murder if the Cameron government ever had the guts to put persecuted Christians at the head of the line.

BTW, Islamic Relief is working in the US to help Syrians get resettled in your states—Kentucky and Maryland that we know of (so far).

I wanted to learn more about the new UK Director of Islamic Relief, Imran Madden.  I didn’t find much, but am posting this 2012 Al Jazeera interview I found informative…..a bit off-topic!



Here is the surprising (not!) news from Islamic Relief (UK must dramatically accelerate Syrian resettlement):

The new UK Director of Islamic Relief will use his speech in a fringe debate at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester to urge the Government to inject greater urgency into resettling Syrian refugees in the UK and leave ‘no diplomatic stone unturned’ in the search for a lasting peace in Syria.

At a conference fringe debate organised by Islamic Relief and World Vision (details in Notes to Editors along with details of separate Muslim Charities Forum fringe event), Imran Madden will speak alongside the Minister of State for International Development, Desmond Swayne MP, to highlight the enormous human cost of forgotten crises around the world – and the Syrian conflict in particular.

They recommend 5 prescriptions for the crisis, this is #5:

A dramatic acceleration of planned refugee resettlement in the UK.

Related:  First Syrians headed to Northern Ireland, here.  They will be mostly Muslims as the UK is working with the UNHCR to pick its refugees.

About the video (and maybe too much in the weeds for most readers!):   I’ve been following the Rohingya refugee issue for nearly eight years.  In the most recent years, the reason for the original outbreak in the latest wave of violence in Burma (Myanmar) which broke out when three Rohingya Muslim men raped a Buddhist woman, has been long forgotten.  I have been so annoyed over the years to see that original spark for the latest violence between the ethnic groups expunged from media coverage. The media and humanitarian agitators (including the OIC) have made it look like the Rohingya were pure as the driven snow.

I was thus surprised to see this 2012 Al Jazeera piece (an interview with Imran Madden) that actually does mention the rape that started it all.

For Hillary watchers out there, one of the few foreign policy success stories that Hillary was earlier mentioning was supposedly bringing some democracy to Burma. She even sent the ‘Podesta Group’ there to help shore-up her legacy.  Dead silence now as Burma is still in internal conflict.

If you are interested in the Rohingya issue we have enough posts here that you could write a book (see Rohingya Reports category).

For all of our posts on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ go here.

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“Refugee Warriors” populate United Nations camps (where we get our refugees)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 6, 2015

Last week the Washington Examiner published a lengthy piece by Jonathan Foreman entitled, ‘Does foreign aid really do good?’ It addresses in great detail what we already know—mostly ‘humanitarian aid’ is a waste of money!


Zaatari: A hotbed of radicalism and sinkhole of crime and violence. Is it any surprise that the UN isn’t providing enough security there.

We take the majority of our Syrian refugees from UN camps!

I urge you to read it all, however, here (below) is one section I wanted to highlight because: the US State Department is taking the vast majority of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) refugee referrals from those camps—-Zaatari is one of them.

BTW, I see a lot of misunderstanding in the mainstream media. We will not be taking very many of the migrants who have invaded Europe (except perhaps a few from places like Malta where we are breaking the law by bringing their illegal aliens here).  The majority of our refugees are first “screened” by the UN elsewhere—like in Jordan.

Last I heard the UNHCR had 17,000 in a pipeline to America.

Remember, UN camps for Syrians are populated primarily by Sunni Muslims (ISIS and Al-Qaeda are Sunnis).  Therefore, we are taking mostly Muslim Syrians and not the Christians.

This is what caught my eye (emphasis is mine):

There are many other examples of conflict being fomented and prolonged by those housing and aiding refugees, accidentally or deliberately. Refugee warriors, as some have called them, operating from the sanctuary of camps established by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and others, have created mayhem everywhere from the Thai-Cambodia border to Central America and the Middle East.

Sometimes aid agencies have allowed this to happen as a result of ignorance. Sometimes it’s a matter of Red-Cross-style humanitarian ideology taken to the edge: a conviction that even the guilty need to be fed or a belief that providing security in refugee camps would be an abandonment of neutrality. And sometimes it’s because those providing aid are supporting one side in a conflict. The U.S. and Western countries did so from Pakistan during the Soviet-Afghan war.

For decades, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan allowed or encouraged Palestinian refugee camps to become bases for guerrilla and terrorist activity. This should make it clear that the aid world’s traditional ways of dealing with refugee flows are inadequate. Even purely civilian camps such as Zaatari, the sea of tented misery in Jordan that houses a million Syrians, quickly became hotbeds of radicalism and sinkholes of crime and violence, not least because they are unpoliced and because they are filled with working age men with nothing to do.

Read it all here.

They are leaving Zaatari!

There is an AP story yesterday about how ‘refugees’ are leaving Zaatari.  Some are going back to Syria and some are headed to (you guessed it!) Europe.

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As popularity drops,”Mama Merkel” stands by decision to invite Syrians to Germany

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 5, 2015

Invasion of Europe news…..

There is so much news out of a struggling-to-cope Germany that I suggest readers wishing to learn more simply search for ‘Merkel and refugees’ and take your pick of many news articles from around the world.

Horst Seehofer

Merkel critic Horst Seehofer sees his popularity rising as Merkel’s falls

Here is the Financial Times on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plunging popularity.  There is even a reference to the government commandeering private property to house the 10,000 or so refugees entering Germany EVERY DAY!

Angela Merkel has defended her decision to make Germany a haven for refugees, despite sliding public support and mounting criticism of the policy from within her ruling coalition.

Speaking as Germany marked the 25th anniversary of reunification, the chancellor on Sunday urged people to apply the same energy to the unprecedented migrant wave as was shown in bringing together West and East Germany.

“We stand before new tasks . . . the scale and scope of which we do not yet know,” Ms Merkel said in a radio interview. She insisted that if she had to review the move she took a month ago to relax asylum rules for refugees from war-ravaged Syria, the biggest source of migrants, she would take the same decision again.

Her comments come as opinion polls reveal a sharp drop in support for Ms Merkel’s leadership. A survey for ARD television last week showed that the share of Germans satisfied with her work plunged 9 percentage points in a month to 54 per cent — the lowest level since December 2001.

Meanwhile, Horst Seehofer, head of the conservative Bavarian CSU party, partner to Ms Merkel’s CDU, who has called the chancellor’s refugee policy a “mistake”, saw his support rise 11 points to 39 per cent.

The commonsense German citizen knows this rate of migration is unsustainable, and the mystery continues about why Merkel made this disastrous decision in the first place.

Read the whole article here.

Our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive may be found by clicking here.  And, we have been following the German ‘experiment’ for years, go here for more on Germany and ‘Mama Merkel’—the nickname given to Chancellor Merkel by the migrants.

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Germany: Diversity not so beautiful after all

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 2, 2015

Invasion of Europe news…..

Reader ‘domstudent11’ directed us to this Washington Post story yesterday—The Washington Post is actually reporting this! That is probably the big news!

tent city near Berlin

Tent city being constructed near Berlin. If this was happening in America, citizens would not tolerate it!

Germans not so welcoming now as ethnic groups clash in tent cities!

CALDEN, Germany — This German town renowned for its rococo palace threw open its doors to arriving waves of refugees.

Donations from clothing drives filled four garages. The volunteer fire department pitched in to build a tent city at the airport that now teems with 1,400 migrants.

But like other Germans in a country that has rolled out the welcome mat for Europe’s largest wave of asylum seekers since World War II, residents here are having second thoughts.

That is especially true after the riot. In this quaint municipality of 3,000 inhabitants, the chaos started at lunchtime Sunday when a 19-year-old Albanian cut in the food line at the town’s new tent city, prompting a reprimand from a 43-year-old Pakistani.

Pushes degenerated into punches. Soon, 300 migrants wielding pepper spray and metal pipes were attacking each other in rival mobs.

A caravan of ambulances and SWAT team vans careened down streets lined with gawking residents. More than 50 police officers struggled for hours to restore order, with three hospitalized with injuries, according to witnesses and local officials.

“You know, when the refugees started coming, I was one of those who saw people needing help and I thought we have to help,” said Harry Kloska, 46, a shaggy-haired instructor in the skydiving club based at the airport. He and his stunned clients huddled inside his office as the violence flared, Kloska said.

“But it’s been weeks [since the refugee camp opened], and I have a different opinion now,” he said. “I am not sure that we’re going to be able to do this, to help so many people from so many different countries.”

No kidding!

Read it all here.

More here at the BBC.

See our complete archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ by clicking here.  All of our posts on Mama Merkel’s mess are here.

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Germany: Forget this humanitarian B.S. We want workers!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 1, 2015

Invasion of Europe news….

While looking for something else, I came across this article from Der Spiegel from August in which it is made very clear that Angela Merkel’s welcome to the migrants is all about the cheap and abundant labor German industrialists need.  (This was written before the invasion crisis began in earnest and there was still a certain glow to the notion of inviting ‘refugees’ to Germany).

As we highlighted in a story from Twin Falls, Idaho—just follow the money!

See Angela Merkel’s prospective workers arriving via Hungary (be prepared to be sick!)  Hat tip: John

German Companies see Refugees as Opportunities!

The German economy is dependent on immigration, both from Europe as well as people entering the country due to asylum rights in Germany. With the German population shrinking, businesses are unable to fill many jobs, and specialized workers are increasingly rare. This trend will only be exacerbated in the coming years. It’s a development that jeopardizes the country’s future prosperity.


A smaller workforce translates into fewer people paying into the pension fund and health insurance systems, fewer people consuming and producing goods, and fewer people paying taxes to pay for expenses like schools and road construction. Fewer people also translates into a reduced potential for growth and less affluence.


The skilled trades have already started recruiting refugees and migrants. When Christoph Karmann is not sitting in his office in downtown Munich, he is visiting vocational schools, where he encounters young migrants with many questions. What can I do, they ask? What opportunities will I have? How does the vocational training system work in Germany?

As one of two so-called training canvassers with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Karmann places refugees and migrants in companies with training programs. Bavarian skilled manual labor enterprises are urgently in need of trainees and workers. This spring, the chamber of trade wrote to 7,000 businesses in Upper Bavaria to ask whether they would hire a refugee. In response, it received offers for 1,200 internship and traineeship positions.

There is much more, read it all.

Obviously Germany is willing to trade its cultural and religious future for cold hard cash!  What good is “future prosperity” if Germany becomes New Syria!

See our complete archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ by clicking here.  All of our posts on Mama Merkel’s mess are here.

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It’s official: Presidential Determination for FY 2016 published yesterday—85,000 refugees for the US starting tomorrow

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 30, 2015

Obama sad

I think they are mad at me—85,000 isn’t the 200,000 they wanted!

Here is the White House announcement (posted in full below).

(I’m still looking for the very detailed report, like this one for FY 2015, that is supposed to have been available weeks ago.  If you see it let me know!)

One thing I would like to know, and you probably would too, is WHY ARE WE STILL BRINGING ANY ‘REFUGEES’ FROM CUBA?

Human Rights First (first out of the box) criticizes Obama, here.

Miliband al jazeer

The nerve of highly paid (by you, the US taxpayer) Brit David Miliband of the International Rescue Committee on Al Jazeera lecturing Europe and America to take more refugees.

International Rescue Committee next in line to criticize the O-man.

Presidential Determination — Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2016


SUBJECT: Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2016

In accordance with section 207 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (the “Act”) (8 U.S.C. 1157), and after appropriate consultations with the Congress, I hereby make the following determinations and authorize the following actions:

The admission of up to 85,000 refugees to the United States during Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 is justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest; provided that this number shall be understood as including persons admitted to the United States during FY 2016 with Federal refugee resettlement assistance under the Amerasian immigrant admissions program, as provided below.

The admissions numbers shall be allocated among refugees of special humanitarian concern to the United States in accordance with the following regional allocations; provided that the number of admissions allocated to the East Asia region shall include persons admitted to the United States during FY 2016 with Federal refugee resettlement assistance under section 584 of the Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 1988, as contained in section 101(e) of Public Law 100-202 (Amerasian immigrants and their family members):

(Editor:  I have added the 2015 numbers in red for comparison)

Africa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000   (17,000)

East Asia. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13,000 (13,000)

Europe and Central Asia . . . . . . . . . . . 4,000 (1,000)

Latin America/Caribbean. . . . . . . . . . . 3,000 (4,000)

Near East/South Asia. . . . . . . . . . . . 34,000 (33,000)

Unallocated Reserve . . . . . . . . . . . . 6,000 (2,000)

The 6,000 unallocated refugee numbers shall be allocated to regional ceilings, as needed. Upon providing notification to the Judiciary Committees of the Congress, you are hereby authorized to use unallocated admissions in regions where the need for additional admissions arises.

Additionally, upon notification to the Judiciary Committees of the Congress, you are further authorized to transfer unused admissions allocated to a particular region to one or more other regions, if there is a need for greater admissions for the region or regions to which the admissions are being transferred.

Consistent with section 2(b)(2) of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962, I hereby determine that assistance to or on behalf of persons applying for admission to the United States as part of the overseas refugee admissions program will contribute to the foreign policy interests of the United States and designate such persons for this purpose. Consistent with section 101(a)(42) of the Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 (a)(42)), and after appropriate consultation with the Congress, I also specify that, for FY 2016, the following persons may, if otherwise qualified, be considered refugees for the purpose of admission to the United States within their countries of nationality or habitual residence:

Persons in Cuba
Persons in Eurasia and the Baltics
Persons in Iraq
Persons in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador
In exceptional circumstances, persons identified by a United States Embassy in any location
You are authorized and directed to publish this determination in the Federal Register.


If you are wondering what that last bit is about, it is this:  refugees by definition are supposed to have left the country of their persecution.  We are not supposed to be plucking them from the place they claim to be persecuted, but over time this list has expanded (like everything else with this program!).

Don’t forget, the first hearing (since 9/11!) to address refugee resettlement in either the House or Senate will be tomorrow.  Click here for more.

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Scottish first minister changes her mind about inviting Syrians to share her home

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 28, 2015

Invasion of Europe news……

No surprise is it!  A lot of political big shots as well as Lefties in the entertainment business bragged in recent months that they would invite Syrian families to live in their homes.  Now that Syrians are actually on the way (in this case to the UK) there is much backtracking on that obviously politically motivated promise of just a few weeks ago.

Case in point is this story about Nicola Sturgeon, first minister of Scotland and head of the Scottish National Party.

Let me be clear!  Anyone who is willing to open their home to indigent people and use their own private resources to care for them is to be greatly commended.  However, and this is a driving force behind my writing, stealing money (yes stealing!) from taxpayers to fund one’s charitable endeavors is an abomination in my view.

Why should some struggling family, with two parents working to just get ahead, have to be taxed so some rich big shot do-gooders can don their white hats of humanitarianism and pat themselves on their backs for being charitable?

And, I find it shameful that this Pope and his US Bishops are also stealing from taxpayers to fund their faux ‘Christian charity.’

The Pope has invited one Christian Syrian family to live at the Vatican—big deal!

Here is the story at the Daily Mail (but I see it reported lots of other places as well).  Emphasis below is mine:

Nicola Sturgeon was accused of backtracking last night after it was revealed she had ‘no plans’ to let Syrian refugees live in her home despite promising to do so during a television interview.

The Scottish First Minister made national headlines after she claimed she would be ‘absolutely happy’ to open her home to people fleeing war and violence in the Middle East.

But as the first of the 20,000 Syrian refugees due to come to Britain by 2020 arrived on Tuesday, Ms Sturgeon said she would not be offering them the chance to stay at her home.

Her spokesman said: ‘She said she would be willing to do it if that’s what it took, but she did not say that there were any plans for that to happen. So if you’re phoning to find out if there’s an update, then there is no update.’

Asked in an interview on Sky News on September 6 if she would house Syrian refugees in her own home, Ms Sturgeon replied: ‘Yes, I would.


Thousands of people have offered to house refugees in their homes in recent weeks, among them Live Aid founder Bob Geldof, politician Yvette Cooper and actress Emma Thompson.


Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said: ‘This just demonstrates the dangers of politicians making glib promises to get favourable headlines, when they have no intention of delivering. First Nicola said she’d welcome a refugee family to her home, obviously for political gain.

‘Now she is quite clearly back-tracking. It is very insincere indeed, but this is what we’ve come to expect from the SNP. The public now see they’re a party that will say anything for a headline, then when it doesn’t suit them, they do the complete opposite.’

Continue reading here.

By the way, since the UK is going to rely on the UNHCR to pick their Syrian refugees, the vast majority will be Sunni Muslim Syrians that inhabit UN camps in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.  Christian Syrians, we are told, do not go to these camps out of fear for their safety.

Inhabitants of those camps (in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon) will not be permanent residents with citizenship, however, all those coming to the US, the UK, Canada, etc. will become voting citizens of our western countries.

Click here for our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ series.

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Iraqi headed to Germany: “Inshallah, we hope to be rich there.”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 27, 2015

Invasion of Europe news…..


That little line is a quote at the end of an AP story that appeared in the print edition of my hometown newspaper yesterday.  The headline is ‘Croatia lifts blockade with Serbia.’  I found the link for the story, here.  The man who uttered that line will surely be disappointed.  Then what?

“I just want to go only to Germany,” said Adnan Habbabi, a 36-year-old from Basra, Iraq….”Inshallah [Allah willing–ed], we hope,” he said. “We hope to be rich there.”

The line of course is a warning that Germany hasn’t seen the real problem yet!  What happens when tens of thousands of young men aren’t granted asylum let alone get rich there?

See the Daily Mail story from Friday:  ‘Germany in a state of SIEGE!’  German women told to cover-up as migrant men roam the streets.

For all of our ‘Invasion of Europe’ posts extending back several years, click here.  For more on ‘Mama’ Merkel’s mess, go here.

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Death by demography….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 27, 2015

If you haven’t read Mark Steyn’s 2008America Alone,’ you must.  He spells it out in very clear terms. Western civilization is doomed unless people of European descent get busy and start producing large families, now!  (I wish I were young enough to help!) But, sadly, in America, and probably Europe as well, many of the well-educated (intelligent?) young people of forty years ago bought the notion that we would be greedy and hurt the planet if we produced more than two children (our replacements!)—less then two and you were a hero!

While the third world never got that message, as you will see by scrolling through this list of World Fertility Rates for 2015 (thanks to Kurt for bringing this to our attention).

It is no surprise that African nations dominate the list of the most fertile!  Here are a few selections:

America Alone

Niger: 7.27 children per family

Somalia: 5.99

Ethiopia: 5.81

Rep. of Congo: 5.31

Those three (Somalia, Ethiopia, and Rep. of Congo) are all now supplying the US with large numbers of ‘refugees.’

From the Middle East/Asia:

Afghanistan: 5.33

Iraq: 3.32

Pakistan:  2.75

Syria:  2.6

Then the US is still holding its own (I expect they are counting our Mexican immigrant fertility rate as well):

US: 2.06

And, here we see why Europe is dying (I wonder if they take into account the African and Middle Eastern immigrant births that would explain France and the UK still sort of up there).  Imagine if they only factored in the white European fertility rate!

Ireland: 1.99 (get it up just a bit higher!)

France: 1.94

UK: 1.89

Netherlands: 1.78

Norway: 1.76

Denmark: 1.73

Sweden: 1.67

Spain: 1.49

Switzerland: 1.49

Russia: 1.45

Germany: 1.44 (in deep trouble!)

Austria: 1.43

Italy: 1.43

Poland: 1.34

Check out the whole list here—fascinating!

For the year 2049 they estimate much more reasonable fertility rates, but I don’t see how they get there (perhaps just fabricated to make us all feel better).

Remember this guy?   He says they are coming not as workers to Germany, but as conquerors to breed with the European women as “Germany is old and decrepit!”

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Invasion of Europe: In Germany they are all claiming to be Syrians!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 26, 2015

Invasion of Europe news…..

Look at this photograph!  Can you imagine how Americans would go mad if this was coming down their streets!

A police vehicle leads migrants as they walk towards the Austrian border from Hegyeshalom, Hungary September 24, 2015. The European Union migrant quota system approved in Brussels is "seriously flawed" and Hungary is considering challenging the decision in court, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's chief of staff said on Thursday. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

How could you call these young men anything but invaders! A police vehicle leads migrants as they walk towards the Austrian border from Hegyeshalom, Hungary September 24, 2015. The European Union migrant quota system approved in Brussels is “seriously flawed” and Hungary is considering challenging the decision in court, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff said on Thursday. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY


No surprise that German authorities are being snookered as the world’s economic migrants have magically transformed themselves into Syrian refugees—the most desirable category of migrant you could possibly be these days—as they make a mad dash for Deutschland!

From the UK Telegraph:

Germany estimates that 30 per cent of incoming migrants claiming to be citizens of war-torn Syria are in fact from other countries, an interior ministry spokesman said Friday.

“It’s an estimate based on the observations of officials on the ground, especially the federal police, the Office for Migration and Refugees and (EU border protection agency) Frontex,” he said.

The spokesman stressed that Germany keeps no official statistics on asylum-seekers believed to be misstating their nationality.

Germany is Europe’s top destination for people fleeing war and misery amid Europe’s greatest migrant influx since the Second World War and expects between 800,000 and one million newcomers this year.

Numbers have surged since Germany declared it would admit Syrians, even if they technically should have applied for refugee status in the first EU country they set foot in on their way to Germany.

A market in fake Syrian passports has sprung up, particularly in Turkey, to help migrants and refugees enter the EU, Fabrice Leggeri, the head of Frontex, said earlier this month.

For lots more and to follow links, go here.

See Geert Wilders give a warning to the Dutch Parliament about the ‘Hijra’ here.  (Hat tip: Cathy)

For all of our ‘Invasion of Europe’ posts extending back several years, click here.  For more on ‘Mama’ Merkel’s mess, go here.


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