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Breaking news from France 24: Eight suspected terrorists arrested in Turkey posing as “refugees”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 18, 2015

Invasion of Europe news…..

Everybody is pretty jumpy (assume you are watching news about the terrorist take-down in Paris last night), so not exactly sure where this story is going.  But, for now, something is very suspicious about these eight arrested in Istanbul a few hours ago.

Obama and Erdogan

Obama with pal Turkish Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan. I would love to know if in their recent meeting Obama had the guts to ask him why his country is allowing the launch of boats that bring ‘refugees’ to Europe by the thousands every day. If Turkey stopped the boats there would be no invaders arriving in Greece!

From France 24:

Turkish police detained eight suspected members of the Islamic State jihadist (IS) group, state media said Wednesday, adding they were planning to sneak into Europe posing as refugees.

Counter-terror police detained the suspects in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport after they flew in from the Moroccan city of Casablanca on Tuesday, the official Anatolia news agency reported.

The police found a hand-written note on one of the suspects detailing a migration route from Istanbul to Germany via Greece, Serbia and Hungary, including smuggler boats across the Mediterranean Sea, as well as several train and bus journeys.

The eight men told police that they were just tourists who had been planning to spend a few days in Istanbul and had booked rooms at a hotel, but no reservations were found under their names.

Turkey is the main launching point for migrants coming to Europe, and currently hosts over two million Syrian refugees.

Watch for more news today on this and let me know if you see any updates.

Our ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.  Go here and see the interactive map of the daily movement of migrants toward Germany. Yesterday over 3,800 arrived in Greece from Turkey.  BTW, Turkey is one of our major processing countries for refugees entering the US.

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White House secret: Governors (even Democrat govs) can’t find out where refugees are being resettled

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 18, 2015

However, the non-profit resettlement contractors*** and the US State Department key staff know because they sit down together every week and divvy them up as the cases come in!

Representatives of non-profit federal contractors are deciding which towns will “welcome” refugees.

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown gestures as he campaigns supporting Proposition 30 at James Lick Middle School in San Francisco, Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2012. As Brown kicked off his campaign for Proposition 30 last week, he sought to emphasize that most of the revenue from the tax increases would come from Californians who are among the wealthiest; an extra $4,500 a year for millionaires, he said. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

California Gov. Jerry Brown was on the call and couldn’t get information, but apparently says CA will take them anyway! CA is the top receiving state so far in FY2016:

Think about how outrageous this is—governors can’t find out, but un-elected NGO operatives have the information!

As I have been saying for eight years, one of the major problems with the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program is its SECRECY!

First here is the story at Bloomberg.  Obama Administration keeping it secret!

In a call with senior Obama administration officials Tuesday evening, several governors demanded they be given access to information about Syrian refugees about to be resettled by the federal government in their states. Top White House officials refused.

Over a dozen governors from both parties joined the conference call, which was initiated by the White House after 27 governors vowed not to cooperate with further resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states. The outrage among governors came after European officials revealed that one of the Paris attackers may have entered Europe in October through the refugee process using a fake Syrian passport. (The details of the attacker’s travels are still murky.)

The administration officials on the call included White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, State Department official Simon Henshaw, FBI official John Giacalone, and the deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center John Mulligan. [Henshaw definitely knows where they are going!—ed]

On the call several Republican governors and two Democrats — New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan and California’s Jerry Brown — repeatedly pressed administration officials to share more information about Syrian refugees entering the United States. The governors wanted notifications whenever refugees were resettled in their states, as well as access to classified information collected when the refugees were vetted.

“There was a real sense of frustration from all the governors that there is just a complete lack of transparency and communication coming from the federal government,” said one GOP state official who was on the call.

Now this is what you need to know!  Directly from the US State Department’s own website (emphasis is mine):

The Department of State works with nine domestic resettlement agencies that have proven knowledge and resources to resettle refugees. Every week, representatives of each of these nine agencies meet to review the biographic information and other case records sent by the overseas Resettlement Support Centers (RSC) to determine where a refugee will be resettled in the United States.

*** The nine major federal resettlement contractors determining the futures of your cities and states and which like to call themselves VOLAGs (short for Voluntary agencies)—a joke considering how much federal money they receive:

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House Immigration Subcommittee to hold hearing on Syrian resettlement Thursday

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 17, 2015

This is a hearing we have been wondering about literally for months.  What took them so long?

Trey Gowdy is Chairman of the Subcommittee, go here for details.

Here is the witness list (what is this “invited,” haven’t they agreed to show up?):

Anne Richard cctv

Asst. Sec. of State for PRM Anne Richard. See bio:

Ms. Anne C. Richard (Invited)
Assistant Secretary
Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, United States Department of State

Ms. Barbara L. Strack (Invited)
Chief, Refugee Affairs Division, Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations Directorate
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Mr. Seth Jones
International Security and Defense Policy Center, RAND Corporation

Mr. Mark Krikorian
Executive Director
Center for Immigration Studies

Mr. Mark Hetfield
President and Chief Executive Officer
HIAS  (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, one of nine federal resettlement contractors)

Go here to our archives to learn more about Anne Richard, and here for Mark Hetfield.

See Subcommittee members here.   I’m assuming the hearing will be televised by C-Span.

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A reader suggests we repeat the appeal to sign the White House petition

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 16, 2015

So here is our post from a couple of days ago.  Heck if all the readers arriving at RRW today signed it, it would be close to being done!  You did a great job with governors today!  Don’t forget to call Congress (scroll down)!

Send the message to Obama that we don’t need any more colonization of our towns and cities.

Gates of Vienna reports that a petition in the wake of the Paris terror attack seeking the halt of all refugee resettlement to the US from Middle Eastern countries has been placed on the White House ‘We the People’ petition site.  Please go to GoV, see comments and follow links!

And, don’t forget that a sure fire way to stop the influx is to persuade Congress to use the POWER OF THE PURSE.  Go here for our post yesterday on that effort.  We must make our voices heard in a big way!

Sign the petition!

And, then call your members of Congress and US Senators and tell them to pull the plug on the funding!   Unload especially on Speaker Paul Ryan.  (Remember that US Senators Patrick Leahy and Lindsey Graham are pushing for $1 billion to be ADDED to a funding package to reach the Senate floor on or before December 11th to increase the Syrian flow to America).

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OK everyone take a breath! The numbers are getting a bit wild!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 16, 2015

I’ve been out all day but have had a chance to listen to talk radio inbetween other things (there is life away from the computer!) and some of the numbers I’m hearing talked about are just crazy—the craziest number I heard was Trump saying Obama wanted 250,000 Syrians in the US in the next year or so.  Now, perhaps deep down Obama would like nothing better, but he hasn’t said that yet!

Please consider that although this issue is extremely important, it is also important to be factual in our criticism.

And, just a reminder this has been going on for 35 YEARS through Republican and Democrat administrations.  It didn’t start last month or the month before that!

By the way, if you seriously want to know what Obama is looking for this year, read his State Department’s PROPOSED REFUGEE ADMISSIONS FOR FISCAL YEAR 2016 REPORT TO THE CONGRESS, by clicking here.

He is vastly underestimating the $1.2 billion price tag, but presumably Congress will be wrangling with him over that (Senator Lindsey Graham and Patrick Leahy want to add ONE billion to get more Syrians in here!)


Just a brief overview of where the numbers I’m hearing come from (in addition to the 65,000 the Jihad Caucus asked for and we reported on in the above June 2015 Youtube clip):

~70,000 is the number of refugees the Obama Administration has been proposing for resettlement in recent years, and they have been coming close to that (that is for refugees from all over the world).

~85,000 is the number of refugees he has proposed for FY2016 (from all countries). He said he would propose 100,000 for FY2017 which would be his last opportunity to set the ceiling, but he can’t and won’t do that until September 2016.

~10,000 of the 85,000 is earmarked for Syrians for FY 2016.  10,000 are not being sent to Louisiana.

We have brought around 2,000 Syrians since the civil war began (but I will next be rechecking that number)

~65,000 Syrians is a number that was initially proposed by the federal resettlement contractors (aka volags) earlier this year (and that was after an earlier proposal to bring in 15,000 for each of five years, which we reported here in 2014).  They wanted the 65,000 relocated here before Obama leaves office.

~65,000 Syrians is also the number 14 Democrat Senators*** (we called them the ‘Jihad Caucus’) proposed bringing in before Obama leaves office.

~100,000 Syrians is now the number being proposed by the refugee resettlement contractors.  They want them here before Obama leaves office.

~250,000 Syrians is what Pres. candidate Trump says Obama wants. ***Update*** a reader sends this, it is Hannity who was talking about 250,000 first.  See how Hannity gets to that number, here.

If anyone wants links for any of the numbers I’ve mentioned, please ask, because I don’t have the energy to put them all in here.

*** These are the 14 members of the Senate Jihad Caucus who last May (at the behest of the resettlement contractors) sent a letter to Obama indicating that 65,000 Syrians was a good number:

Dick Durban (D-IL)

Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)

Al Franken (D-MN)

Patrick Leahy (D-VT)

Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

Patty Murray (D-WA)

Robert Menendez (D-NJ)

Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)

Christopher Coons (D-DE)  LOL! Delaware hasn’t taken a refugee in a couple of years!

Tim Kaine (D-VA)

Edward Markey (D-MA)

Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

Mazie Hirono (D-HI)  LOL! Last I looked Hawaii took a whole 7 refugees last year!

I hope that helps clear up some confusion.  Let me know if more numbers are being bandied about so we can run those down too!

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AP (After Paris) two Governors say don’t send Syrian refugees to my state

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 16, 2015

….and a third, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, wants answers from the federal government.

I had hoped to spend a lot of time this morning writing about the Governors, but unfortunately I have other duties today (of all days) that will keep me from posting all of the breaking news that is coming to us in the wake of the Paris massacre.  But, LOL!, there are so many people writing about refugees now that I can soon retire!

Here (below) is the NYT on the governors (we told you about Michigan yesterday, here).  What is so important about this news is that we are going to learn whether the governors have ANY POWER AT ALL TO SAY “NO” because we have long been told that they don’t by the federal refugee industry and its contractors.

If you are in one of these three states (Alabama, Michigan and Louisiana), you need to shore-up your governor now, because I suspect they are going to get hounded by the No Borders agitators and the refugee contractors (and so-called ‘church’ people) working there.   Even if no Syrians have been admitted, or only a small number, you must make your voice heard now!

From the New York Times:

The governors of Alabama and Michigan said on Sunday they would not allow refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria to be resettled in their states, citing the attacks on Paris.


Alabama Governor Bentley: American citizens’ security comes first.

“As your governor, I will not stand complicit to a policy that places the citizens of Alabama in harm’s way,” Gov. Robert J. Bentley of Alabama, a Republican, said in a statement.

In Michigan, which has a sizable Arab-American population, Gov. Rick Snyder, also a Republican, said his state would not accept Syrian refugees, and he urged the State Department to review its procedures.

Syrians have already settled in Michigan, with one agency relocating about 200 of them in the past year, The Detroit Free-Press reported.

“Michigan is a welcoming state and we are proud of our rich history of immigration,” Mr. Snyder said in a statement. “But our first priority is protecting the safety of our residents.”

Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has asked White House officials for information on how many Syrian refugees have relocated to his state, The Associated Press reported. Governor Jindal, a Republican, said he sought the information “in hopes that the night of horror in Paris is not duplicated here.”

I wish I had more time to talk to you about Alabama and Louisiana as so-called ‘Wilson-Fish’ states (learn what that means here) because in those states (there are 12 of them), the state government has been cut out of the refugee resettlement decision-making process altogether with the program administered from Washington through a non-profit group.  I’m not saying governors in other states have much (or any control), but in these 12 states, the state and local taxpayers are completely unprotected.

If Jindal and Bentley really want to do something they need to begin to understand the system in their states, and stop it!

We are going to see now if governors have any say at all!

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White House Petition: Moratorium on all Middle Eastern refugee resettlement to America; sign it!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 15, 2015

US President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign event at the Apollo Theatre in New York on 19 January 2012.

Tell Obama! No more refugees. Tell Congress! No more $$$ for it!

Gates of Vienna reports that a petition in the wake of the Paris terror attack seeking the halt of all refugee resettlement to the US from Middle Eastern countries has been placed on the White House ‘We the People’ petition site.  Please go to GoV, see comments and follow links!

And, don’t forget that a sure fire way to stop the influx is to persuade Congress to use the POWER OF THE PURSE.  Go here for our post yesterday on that effort.  We must make our voices heard in a big way!

Sign the petition!

And, then call your members of Congress and US Senators and tell them to pull the plug on the funding!   (Remember that US Senators Patrick Leahy and Lindsey Graham are pushing for $1 billion to be ADDED to a funding package to reach the Senate floor on or before December 11th to increase the Syrian flow to America).

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Carson and Cruz, first Presidential candidates to speak out on Paris slaughter—say no Syrian refugees to America

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 14, 2015

There may be others by now, but here is the first story I’m seeing before dawn today reporting on reactions by US Presidential candidates.  ***Update*** Here is a story at Breitbart that must have been posted before terror erupted in Paris last night—see where the Presidential candidates were yesterday afternoon BP (before Paris).  Bush, Kasich and Rubio all said they want MORE refugees.

***Update #2***  Mediaite reported on Ann Coulter tweets last night (after Paris):  “Donald Trump was elected President tonight,” here.  Paris may in fact have been a clarifying moment for many—try to imagine each of the 2016 candidates as President of the US if a similar horror happens here.  Who would you wish to be in the Oval Office?

From Buzzfeed:

carson cruz

Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson: No Syrian refugees should be admitted to US. Where is your candidate?  Let us know and I’ll update this post.

Following the deadly attacks in Paris Friday night, two prominent Republicans have called for the United States to table plans to accept thousands of Syrian refugees, citing terror concerns.

Sen. Ted Cruz wrote in a statement on Friday that the U.S. needs to “immediately declare a halt to any plans to bring refugees that may have been by ISIS to the United States.” Cruz has raised security concerns before about the prospect of accepting more refugees at this point from Syria.

Presidential candidate Ben Carson said in Orlando, Florida, that Congress should act to block the Obama administration’s plan to accept more refugees.

“If we’re going to be bringing 200,000 people over here from that region — if I were one of the leaders of the global jihadist movement and I didn’t infiltrate that group of people with my people, that would be almost malpractice,” Carson said, according to the Washington Post.

Congress can act to block Obama’s Muslim migration plan (refugee resettlement) in just a few weeks as Congress must act by December 11th to fund the government through fiscal year 2016 (this is separate from the dept ceiling issue of just a few weeks ago).

Congress could do its job for once by using the POWER OF THE PURSE to restrain Obama!

***Update*** This is what you should tell Congress to do!  Cut the funding!

They will pounce on Carson for the 200,000 number, however…..

As for Carson’s mention of the 200,000, note he said “from the region.”  It isn’t that high for one year, but Obama was talking about 2016 and 2017 when he said 85,000 refugees this year and 100,000 next year.  Don’t forget we are taking tens of thousands of other Muslim refugees from Iraq, Somalia, Burma and Afghanistan in that number as well—it is not just Syrians—from the region.

Consider that you rarely hear of the 30,000 plus coming as asylum seekers annually by first getting across our borders illegally or overstaying a visa and then asking for asylum.  Then there is Temporary Protected Status and that astounding monstrosity—the Diversity Visa Lottery—which brings in another 50,000 legal migrants a year, many from countries that hate us!  And, we haven’t even mentioned student visas!

So before someone latches (with criticism) on Carson’s high number, demand that the Administration give an accounting of how many Muslim migrants are being admitted legally to the US each year!  It is probably approaching 200,000, but no one (on the outside) knows for sure.

For more on the 2016 Presidential candidates see our category entitled, ‘2016 Presidential campaign.‘  (We have older categories for both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns as they related to refugees and immigration generally.)  I was surprised to see that we have already written 91 posts on the 2016 campaign.   Without a doubt, immigration is THE issue for 2016!

Endnote:  Watch this video!

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Obama Administration to Supreme Court on DAPA (amnesty for parents)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 11, 2015

We told you yesterday that a decision by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to stop a portion of Obama’s amnesty would actually be welcomed by the NO Borders lobby as they see it as an opportunity!

Remember the famous line:  “Never let a good crisis go to waste!”

Marielena Hincapie

“This is the moment we have been waiting for.”

If the Supreme Court accommodates the Leftist community organizers like Marielena Hincapié there will be a major battle on the steps of the Supreme Court early next summer just in time for the Presidential convention campaign kick-offs.

For those of you in the immigration restriction movement, better plan next summer’s vacation around a trip to Washington especially if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee (the No Borders agitators say they will bring out hundreds of thousands)

Here the New York Times spells it out:

WASHINGTON — President Obama will ask the Supreme Court to clear the way for his far-reaching overhaul of the nation’s immigration system, administration lawyers said Tuesday, setting up a battle in the nation’s highest court over whether nearly five million undocumented immigrants can legally live and work in the United States.

A year after the president asserted the power of his office to provide work permits and protection from deportation for those immigrants, his plan remains under assault by conservatives who have tied it up in legal limbo. On Monday, a federal appeals court said the president had exceeded his authority.

If the Supreme Court agrees to hear the president’s case during the current term, a ruling could come by next summer, just days before the two political parties hold their nominating conventions for the 2016 presidential campaign. A June decision could ensure a fierce debate on an issue that is critical to partisans on both sides.

“This is the moment that we, along with millions of families, have been waiting for,” said Marielena Hincapié, the executive director of the National Immigration Law Center. “We are more than ready to take this case to the Supreme Court.”

Continue reading here.

And, pray that the Supreme Court drags its feet and does not play politics by giving them the organizing opportunity they so greatly desire.

Just so you know, Hincapie’ bragged about her connections with the press at the Georgetown event we attended.  I’ll have to watch the tape, but I think she specifically said the NYT.

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Obama plan to use executive amnesty for a half a million illegal aliens, blocked in 5th Circuit Appeals Court decision

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 10, 2015

However, don’t get too excited!

It is very likely that the Obama Administration will appeal to the Supreme Court just in time to turn the whole thing into a spectacle in the run-up to the 2016 Presidential election a year from now.

In fact, the 5th Circuit has played right into the hands of the No Borders activists who told a Georgetown audience here, the week before last, that they plan to bring hundreds of thousands of pro-amnesty activists for a massive display of power to the steps of the Supreme Court in the critical months just ahead of the election.  If the Appeals Court had delayed a decision by several months, there would not have been time to get the case before the High Court before Obama leaves office.


Marielena Hincapie (National Immigration Law Center) said they are gearing up for a massive action if/when the DAPA case gets to the Supreme Court  in advance of the 2016 Presidential election.  You could almost see her rubbing her hands with glee at the Georgetown gathering at the prospect of a hundred thousand sign-carrying Latinos and their Leftist friends on the steps of the High Court.

And, if you are wondering what all this has to do with the legal refugee program, I’ve been mentioning recently that all of those FOR amnesty for illegal aliens are working very closely with the nine federal ‘non-profit’ resettlement contracting agencies in a quest to change America’s demographic make-up.  So there is no sense in us keeping the two issues separate any longer.

Here is the Huffington Post on the decision:

A federal appeals court on Monday agreed to keep on hold President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration — nearly a year after he announced it as a backstop measure to Congress’ failure to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

The divided, 124-page ruling deals a blow to the administration’s Deferred Action for Parental Accountability program, known as DAPA, and there may be just enough time for a formal appeal to the Supreme Court to be resolved ahead of the 2016 election.

In ruling against the government, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit largely agreed with a lower court judge, who in February issued a “nationwide injunction” that effectively stopped DAPA from taking effect, and concurred that Texas and other states that sued the president over the program had legal “standing” to challenge its constitutionality in federal court.

The appeals court accepted Texas’ argument that an expansion of immigration relief to include a wider class of undocumented immigrants would cause the state to “incur significant costs in issuing driver’s licenses to DAPA beneficiaries” — a basic “harm” requirement for any litigant seeking standing to sue.


Based on how the high court accepts and decides cases on appeal, advocates and experts have warned that undue delays from the 5th Circuit would foreclose administration lawyers from appealing the ruling in time before Obama leaves office — which in turn leaves the fate of DAPA in the hands of his White House successor.

But supporters of Obama’s immigration policies said there’s still time for the Supreme Court to get involved.

Let the cheering begin!

They are cheering at La Raza, and at the National Immigration Law Center, and at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (and at its legal arm CLINIC), and at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and at the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society as a big show on the steps of the Supreme Court could advance their mass migration agenda for years to come if it results in assuring a Republican (like Trump) is not the next President.  No doubt—immigration will be THE issue of 2016!  (This Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision has just assured us of that!)

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