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In advance of Obama’s visit to Burma, the NYT does the Rohingya as victims story

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 10, 2014

Burma, one of the only countries in the world with the guts to stand up to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Monks protest in 2013:


I would have to write a book to tell you why this story is so infuriating to me.  I don’t have time for books!  But, I have followed the Burma (Myanmar) Rohingya Muslim issue for years (174 previous posts in our Rohingya category) and it makes me want to explode when I see the one-sided portrayal of the issue by the mainstream (leftwing, pro-Islamist media).

By the way, my initial interest in the Rohingya story was that our refugee resettlement contractors are pushing for the US to take more Rohingya refugees (USCCB here), and in fact have already resettled some in America.  Esar Met, convicted of killing a Burmese Christian girl earlier this year in Utah, was almost certainly a Rohingya.

Oh, how times have changed.  Here is Time magazine on the Rohingya in 2002 (see our 2009 post here to see how Time got with the Rohingya as ‘victims’ meme by 2009).  In 2002:

Today, southern Bangladesh has become a haven for hundreds of jihadis on the lam. They find natural allies in Muslim guerrillas from India hiding out across the border, and in Muslim Rohingyas.

Interestingly, the US State Department removed its link where Rohingya had been previously linked to Islamic terror groups.

I don’t see one single word in the New York Times article from last Thursday about what started the latest round of violence between the Buddhist majority and the Muslim Rohingya minority—the rape and murder in 2012 of a Burmese girl by a gang of Muslim men. Not a word about outside Islamic agitators (Muslim “pilgrams”) working among the Rohingya population, and definitely not one word about the Organization of Islamic Cooperation attempting to get an Islamic/sharia foothold in Burma.

Remember everywhere is fair game for the creation of a Sharia state.

Here is the New York Times carrying water for the lecturing Obama again and the Islamist agenda:

SITTWE, Myanmar — The Myanmar government has given the estimated one million Rohingya people in this coastal region of the country a dispiriting choice: Prove your family has lived here for more than 60 years and qualify for second-class citizenship, or be placed in camps and face deportation.

The policy, accompanied by a wave of decrees and legislation, has made life for the Rohingya, a long-persecuted Muslim minority, ever more desperate, spurring the biggest flow of Rohingya refugees since a major exodus two years ago.

In the last three weeks alone, 14,500 Rohingya have sailed from the beaches of Rakhine State to Thailand, with the ultimate goal of reaching Malaysia, according to the Arakan Project, a group that monitors Rohingya refugees.

The crisis has become an embarrassment to the White House ahead of a scheduled visit by President Obama to Myanmar next week. [Obama off to Asia here—ed] The administration considers Myanmar a foreign-policy success story in Asia but is worried that renewed conflict between Buddhist extremists, who are given a free hand by the government, and the Rohingya could derail the already rocky transition from military rule to democratic reform.

Mr. Obama called President Thein Sein of Myanmar last week, urging him to address the “tensions and humanitarian situation in Rakhine State,” the White House said.

In his most public appeal to the government yet, Mr. Obama asked the Myanmar leader to revise the anti-Rohingya policies, specifically the resettlement plan. Myanmar must “support the civil and political rights of the Rohingya population,” he said.

The Rohingya have faced discrimination for decades. They have been denied citizenship and evicted from their homes, their land has been confiscated, and they have been attacked by the military. After one such attack in 1978, some 200,000 fled to Bangladesh.

Many paragraphs of blah, blah, blah and this:

The latest flare-up began with an outbreak of sectarian rioting in 2012, in which hundreds of Rohingya were killed and dozens of their villages burned to the ground by radical Buddhists. Since then, close to 100,000 have fled the country, and more than 100,000 have been confined to squalid camps, forbidden to leave.

No discussion of how the latest flare-up started!  Or, how the Rohingya set Buddhist villages on fire and killed innocents.  Typical biased and disgusting coverage!

See our Rohingya Reports category.  And, you could write a book!

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No one wants the Rohingya Muslims either, why is that?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 11, 2014

In our previous post this morning we learned that no Muslim countries want to take in their fellow Syrian Muslim Palestinians and the same applies to the Rohingya of Burma and Bangladesh.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we see the Washington Post on Friday published a lengthy AP sob story on the poor and downtrodden Rohingya people with this large photo centered above the fold on the print edition.

Rohingya mother (“too poor to afford food”) with malnourished 2-month-old featured on the front page of the Washington Post. Photo: Andre Malerba/Getty


I can here the shrieking from critics as I ask this question:  So why is this obviously well-equipped and not underfed mother not breast-feeding her 2-month-old child?

If there is some other medical problem with this child then tell us!  Or, is the purpose of the photo to say that Buddhists starve Muslim children?

The article goes on to tell readers how bad the Buddhists in Burma treat the Rohingya with Buddhist mobs burning villages and killing Rohingya with abandon.  I have been following the news from both sides of this controversy for nearly seven years and frankly it is difficult to tell who started the conflict, but I put my money on Rohingya Muslim agitation for creating most of the problems.

However, of course, the Buddhists get the blame from the Islamic agitators at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation who wanted to open an office in Burma (aka Myanmar).  The Buddhist monks may be the smartest and bravest people in the world to stand up to the politically-correct media, the OIC,  and the humanitarian industrial complex demanding that they turn over part of their country to Muslims.

Read the whole WaPo story if you feel like it.  Then read this story from last month (that I didn’t get to previously) about Rohingya waiting in Indonesia for third country resettlement that never comes.

Indonesia and Malaysia don’t want them!

Two of the stars of this story at IRIN News (Rohingya refugees in Indonesia await resettlement that never comes)  tried to break into Australia, their boat broke down and now they are in “detention” in Indonesia (a Muslim country!).   So why don’t well-off Muslim countries take in their co-religionists?

Rohingya couple in “detention” in Indonesia. Looks like they are safe and comfortable to me!

We even had a report in 2012 that Saudi Arabia did not want Rohingya in the kingdom!

Rohingya to America?

The drumbeat to bring Rohingya Muslims to America has been pretty quiet recently (I expect there is lobbying behind the scenes though!).  Last year we heard the US Conference of Catholic Bishops testify to the State Department that it was time to bring in more Rohingya.

There are Rohingya mixed in with the Christian Burmese we have been resettling for most of the last decade.  One Burmese Muslim refugee of note was Esar Met who was found guilty of raping and brutally murdering a little Christian girl in Salt Lake City earlier this year.

Stories, like the one-sided Washington Post/AP report, are published in an effort to put pressure on the Burmese government and to ultimately soften you up to the idea of “welcoming” Rohingya to your neighborhoods.  It is pure propaganda.

For new readers:  We have an entire category on the Rohingya issue with 173 previous posts.  Someone should write a book because it’s a great example of how the Open borders Left with its “humanitarian” cover and the Islamists have manipulated the news.  One day Americans will be scratching their heads and wondering where did all these Rohingya Muslims come from?  (Just as they are doing now with the burgeoning Somali population in certain US cities.)


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Oregon: Ho hum! Another convenience store, another Burmese criminal….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 12, 2014

….and further confirmation that we are admitting Burmese Muslims to the US (and dumb ones to boot!).

In our previous post we reported Burmese in Michigan ripping off the food stamp program, a few days ago it was a Burmese murder in Pennsylvania, and now it’s a murder-for-hire plot in Oregon in the busy (and growing***) Burmese “community” of America.

Diversity is strength alert!  Bringing their culture to a town near you!

From Oregon Live  (Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

Mohdsidek Habibullah

Mohdsidek Habibullah claimed the plot to kill his 45-year-old business partner — who ran a Southeast Portland convenience store with him — was all a big joke.

That was despite secretly acquired audio recordings of Habibullah talking about wanting to use a .357 handgun to shoot business partner Mohammed Absar in the head, a part of the body he thought would make less of a bloody mess.

And that was despite the recently purchased black shirt, pants, gloves and mask police found in the trunk of his car. Habibullah claimed they were gardening clothes.

And Habibullah — a 50-year-old immigrant from Burma — continued to proclaim his innocence despite the $1,100 prosecutors say he handed over to a known criminal to buy him a gun and a car that would be used to dispose of the body. Prosecutors say that when the criminal showed up with the car and it was red, he asked him to spray-paint it black to make it less conspicuious.

After two days of trial, Multnomah County Circuit Judge Jerry Hodson didn’t need a recess before finding Habibullah guilty Thursday of the attempted aggravated murder and attempted murder of Absar. The men had known each other for about 10 years, and Habibullah spent the bulk of the day running the Stop-N-Go Market off of Southeast 122nd Avenue while Absar would often spend a few hours at the end of each day closing it down.

Read the whole story to see why I say Habibullah is dumb—remind me why we are letting people like this into the US!

*** So how many Burmese have we settled in your cities in a little over a decade?

Here is one accounting of how many we have resettled over the last 12+ years from Burma (Myanmar) and camps in Thailand.  They are still coming by the thousands!

*Burmese refugees resettled in the US since 2001: 97,713

*Chin Refugees resettled in the US since 2001: 30,453

*Karen Refugees resettled in the US since 2001: 57,962

*The rest ethnic groups from Burma in the US since 2001: 9297

This last number above would include Burmese Muslims/Rohingya

Click here for our extensive coverage of Burmese refugees in America.  We have a whole category on Burmese Rohingya Muslims, here.

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Two Burmese suspected murderers apprehended coming back into US from Mexico

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 2, 2014

This is a very strange story from the Border Patrol to the Laredo Sun (hat tip: Gary) and I surely can’t guess why two Burmese (they have to be refugees we resettled in the Dallas area) are caught coming back into the US.

Apprehended walking back across the Gateway to the Americas bridge into Laredo.

Here is the whole short news account (emphasis mine):

LAREDO, TEXAS –U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the Laredo Port of Entry apprehended two men wanted in connection with a homicide that occurred in Dallas, Texas on March 24, 2014.

“The importance of the work that our CBP officers do in conducting interviews with individuals that present themselves requesting admission into the U.S. can be underscored with the apprehension of these two individuals who were being sought for their alleged involvement in the death of a man in Dallas, Texas,” said Jose R. Uribe, Acting Port Director, Laredo Port of Entry. “Through the collaboration between our federal and state partners, this case was able to be brought to light, resulting in the interception of these men to face the charges that are alleged against them.”

The arrests of the fugitives occurred yesterday Thursday, March 28, 2014 at the Gateway to the Americas Bridge when CBP officers encountered two 18-year-old citizens of Burma that arrived as pedestrians. A CBP officer at primary inspection referred pedestrians A. Soe and Naing Myo Swe, both resident aliens residing in Dallas, Texas who did not present any identity or citizenship documents for a secondary examination. During the examination, CBP officers verified both A. Soe and Naing Myo Swe’s identity, citizenship and confirmed that they were wanted by the Dallas Police Department on outstanding warrants of Murder and Tampering with Evidence. After confirming the warrants were active, CBP officers turned both men over to FBI and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents for transport to Webb County Detention Center pending extradition by Dallas authorities.

The alleged murderers are very likely refugees resettled by the US State Department and its contractors in Texas. That is how most Burmese have come to live in the US.  LOL! They don’t “find their way” to Texas as news accounts so often report.

Here is one accounting of how many we have resettled over the last 12 years from Burma and camps in Thailand.  They are still coming.

*Burmese refugees resettled in the US since 2001: 97,713

*Chin Refugees resettled in the US since 2001: 30,453

*Karen Refugees resettled in the US since 2001: 57,962

*The rest ethnic groups from Burma in the US since 2001: 9297

This last number above would include Burmese Muslims/Rohingya. Our most horrible Burmese murder case (so far) was the one in Utah where a Burmese Muslim man raped and murdered a little girl.

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Saudi press calls Burmese Buddhists “bigots,” while they themselves deport Africans by the thousands

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 20, 2014

“Buddhist bigots” shouts the Saudi press. The Burmese monks don’t want the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in their country! No one in Europe or the US is as brave as these monks!

This is your laugh of the day (other news coming soon is pretty grim!).

You have to hand it to them, the Saudis have a lot of hutzpah!

In an editorial in the Saudi Gazette, they blast Burma for its treatment of the Rohingya Muslims while they themselves are deporting Africans by the thousands so as to keep Saudi Arabia pure for their people—Arabs.

And, it is even worse, here is one post we published in 2012 where we reported that Saudi Arabia was imprisoning 700 Rohingya people who made it into Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Gazette this week:

… the census is going to demonstrate the strength of the Muslim minority within the country.

Buddhist bigots have already caused near genocidal horrors among the Rohingya. The guilt of the Burmese government has been compounded by its refusal to accept that the Rohingyas, a community which has lived in the country for many generations, are entitled to Burmese citizenship. Not only should all Burmese politicians, including Aung San Suu Kyi, give assurances that they will accept the findings of the census, but that also that they will not use them to promote further persecution of minorities, not least the Rohingya.

For the many new readers we have lately, we haven’t reported on the Rohingya much, but we have a whole category on them here.  Our interest is that the contractors (the Catholic Bishops!) and the US State Department have begun to bring some Rohingya to America.  We don’t know how many because they have them interspersed with the Christian Burmese we have been resettling by the tens of thousands.

Learn more about the OIC, here.

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US State Department: Burmese should get applications in soon, program to close

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 3, 2014

Update:  Ft. Wayne, IN Burmese worried they won’t be able to get their extended family in, here.

The US State Department is moving on to other ethnic groups, like the Congolese, or perhaps the Syrians, having brought 73,000 Burmese to the US since 2005.  We hope that the closing of the program from Myanmar/Burma means that the Burmese Rohingya Muslims need not apply!

State Department spokesman, Jen Psaki: Reaching “natural conclusion,” Burmese need to get applications in fast!

From AFP:

Washington — The United States is winding down a program which has helped to resettle 73,000 refugees from Myanmar over almost a decade, a US official confirmed Thursday.

After being introduced in 2005 primarily to help Karen and Hmong minorities that have been displaced in Myanmar, also known as Burma, “we’re reaching the natural conclusion” of the program, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

“With our robust resettlement program, the number of eligible Burmese refugees has been reduced significantly, and not all Burmese who are eligible for resettlement consideration are interested in permanent resettlement,” she said.

Refugees from Myanmar who are still interested in resettling in the US should get their applications in quick, Psaki added.

“If those who are eligible are interested, they should apply now, and we will see the process through for all those who apply.”

A politically incorrect observation!

I often wonder if the resettlement contractors just get sick of certain ethnic groups and urge the State Department to bring them a new variety of refugee to add to their diverse collection.  It is horrible to suggest, but sometimes I think they are like animal hoarders who have a mental disorder and want only to add to their collection while it is beyond their means to do so—animal hoarders want to possess the animals even if they cannot afford to care for them in a humane fashion.

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From Bangladesh to Brooklyn, but not as refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 22, 2014

Several readers sent me this important article by Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage magazine, published last week, entitled, ‘Beheadings, Bombings and New York’s Little Bangladesh.’  They wanted to know if most of these Bangladeshis taking over neighborhoods in NYC are “refugees.”

Well, no, not technically.  We have only taken a handful of Bangladeshis directly from Bangladesh through the Refugee Program in the ten years reported in the most recent Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) report to Congress.  If you have never looked at these reports, which the ORR is notoriously late on producing, then check this one out.  Tables near the end, have stats on who we admitted in the previous ten years.  I also went back to the years 1983-2000 and we did not bring any Bangladeshi “refugees.”

Here is Greenfield:

Bangladesh is more than 90 percent Muslim. Hindus are being attacked in the streets of its cities by Islamist mobs because Islam does not co-exist. The other religions of the city do not demand that everyone join them or acknowledge their supremacy and pay them protection money for the right to exist.

Islam does.

Its immigration is also a Jihad, a form of supremacist manifest destiny to colonize the Dar al-Harb and subdue it to the will of a dead prophet with sheer numbers or sheer force. [Al-Hijra!—ed]

The number of Bangladeshis in New York has increased by 20 percent in only four years to an estimated 74,000. And those numbers don’t take into account the unofficial Mohammeds living in basements while nursing their murderous grudges.

Diversity Visa Lottery!

So, not refugees as such!  However, one absolutely insane immigration program we have is the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery’ (sometimes called the green card lottery) to allow immigrants into the US from countries that have not sent us 50,000 in the past.   Bangladeshis took so much interest and won so many lotteries over 5 years that they are now banned from participating.  By the way, there are US lawyers who help the hopeful lottery participants craft their applications to get them just right, thus enhancing their chances of ‘winning.’

Here is what we learned at the Bangladesh US Embassy website:

The Diversity Visa Program in Bangladesh ended in October 2012. The DV program no longer exists in Bangladesh since Bangladesh has sent more than 50,000 new permanent resident visa holders to the United States over the past five years.

Once they have a foot in the door, then through family reunification (chain migration!) they bring in the extended family!

It is possible that some Bangladeshis came as asylum seekers, but I don’t know that.  And, surely, some are here illegally.  As is the case this time, rarely does the mainstream media give us any information about the immigration status of alleged murderers and criminals like Siddiquee.

Endnote:  It should be mentioned that some experts believe that the Burmese Rohingya Muslims are actually from Bangladesh.  We are bringing in some Rohingya Muslims who may be attracted to the Bangladeshi neighborhoods since they speak a dialect similar to the Bangladeshis and not so similar to the Burmese dialects.  I believe that Esar Met, the recently convicted child rapist and murderer, is a Rohingya, but he is only described generically as a Burmese Muslim tragically placed in a Burmese Christian apartment building.

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Utah murder might not have happened if US State Department had not placed Burmese Muslim in Christian apartment

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 11, 2014

Why are we resettling so many Muslims?  Why any Muslims at all?

It ultimately falls on the US State Department to have some understanding of Muslim/Christian tensions among the refugees they resettle in America even if it was Catholic Community Services or the International Rescue Committee (federal contractors in Utah) who ultimately placed Muslim Esar Met in the middle of a Burmese Christian Karen group of refugees.  We learned from the extensive reporting of former Salt Lake Tribune reporter Julia Lyon that the two (the alleged murderer and his young victim) were in separate parts of the camp in Thailand—but “America made them neighbors.”

The girl who loved pink, Hser Ner Moo.

I could hardly sleep last night after reviewing some articles on the on-going murder trial of 7-year-old Hser Ner Moo.  It is a terrible shame this “epic tragedy” is not being covered by the national news media.

I know it’s not covered because Met is a Muslim and because the average TV news outlet, even conservative ones, cannot bring itself to show the dark side of refugee resettlement where most viewers want only to feel warm and fuzzy feelings about the bright future we supposedly offer tens of thousands of third-worlders every year.

Here is a pretty good editorial at the Salt Lake Tribune, with this section (below) catching my attention.  Who are these people?

I’ve found that until a crisis occurs, most residents of “welcoming” cities have no clue they have “welcomed” so many refugees into their community.  And, that is because the State Department and its contractors operate secretively. By law they are supposed to “consult” with political leaders, but you know how that goes, some fearful ‘leaders’ are informed but keep their mouths shut for fear of being labeled racists/xenophobes should they question the feds’ wisdom.

Editor Terry Orme:

The murder of the friendly girl who loved to dress in pink appeared, at first, to be a straightforward crime story. But it soon became much more, a window into a community in the Salt Lake Valley that most of us didn’t know existed. Who are these people who live in the South Parc apartments? Where did they come from? What is their story?

To find out, former Tribune reporter Julia Lyon, with a grant from the International Reporting Project, traveled to Southeast Asia, and the refugee camps in Thailand, where Hser Ner Moo was born, and where her family and Esar Met’s family lived before coming to Utah. Lyon’s prize-winning report is available at


Their lives would intersect in South Salt Lake amid a small refugee community.

Then here is the news account from the trial on Wednesday. 

You can read about details of the case and the weeping parents as they took the witness stand, but here is the section I found most telling and why I say the US State Department should never have allowed Met to be placed in this living situation.   In court, Met’s attorneys are trying to pin the murder on Met’s Karen roommates (with whom he “had been assigned to live” a month earlier) or we would not likely even hear about the religious/ethnic tension going on.

Reporter Marissa Lang:

The child’s oldest brother Ker Ker Po told jurors that he knew the men in Apartment 472. He went over there to drink beer and watch movies. They were his friends.

But Ker Ker Po never met the man who lived downstairs. He saw him once, briefly, but he didn’t care to speak to him, he said, because he knew him to be a Muslim man of Indian origin.

Met’s people are different, Ker Ker Po said. They speak different languages and practice different religions. They don’t share customs. They don’t mingle.

Met, who had also been living in a Burmese refugee camp in Thailand before moving to the U.S., arrived in the apartment about a month before the slaying. The other men had been there much longer.

Defense attorneys painted a picture of Met’s relationship with his four roommates as cold — stemming from their negative perception of his ethnic background.

Hser Ner Moo’s parents said they didn’t know their daughter ever went to the apartment to play with Met. The father typically did not allow her to enter the homes of others — particularly those who were not ethnic Karen.

I’m not beating around the bush!  The way one makes sure there are no more “epic tragedies” like this one—don’t resettle any more Muslim ‘refugees’ from anywhere.  Why bring the problems from most areas of the world—Africa, the Middle East, Asia—to be replayed in America?  And, if you argue that Met was just a mentally impaired man, then why are we bringing those now too?

For new readers, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops testified to the US State Department in May that they wanted to see more Burmese Muslim Rohingya resettlement in America.  Why?  Aren’t there enough destitute and persecuted Christians for the Catholics to care for?

An afterthought:  Somalis protesting in Maine, that was the Catholic church too.

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Pittsburgh: Language barriers complicate refugee mental health treatment

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 9, 2014

A radio station reporter has discovered that Pittsburgh, PA has taken a lot of refugees in need of health treatment (including mental health treatment) that they may not be getting.  I’ll bet it’s happening where you live too, and partly because no one is available to translate for the mental health provider.

Esar Met was not normal in the camp. If a reporter figured that out, surely the US State Dept. knew.

The issue of cities and counties being responsible for appropriate interpreters came up the other day when we wrote about the Utah murder case where the Salt Lake City police must have figured any Burmese person would do to communicate with the newly arrested Esar Met.  Met is a Muslim, probably a Rohingya.  If he is Rohingya he speaks a Bengali dialect.

So, think about it, according to federal law, local governments are required to provide interpreters, not just in law enforcement cases, but when helping refugees get the appropriate medical treatment and in the hundreds of languages and dialects spoken by refugees.

Increasingly, we are hearing of mental health problems in the refugee community going unattended.  Add the cost of all this (treatment and translators) when determining if yours is to be a “welcoming” community for refugees.

The US State Department resettles refugees with mental problems as they surely knew Esar Met was not normal.

In the Utah rape/murder case an article in the Salt Lake Tribune in 2008 tells us this about the accused murderer (below).  Interestingly his mother did not want to come to America, but the US State Department figured Met would make a good addition to a multicultural America—help diversify Utah!

A challenged son » About a mile away, people at Mae La knew Esar Met was not normal. He often sat alone, talking and laughing to himself in the Muslim section of the camp where his family lived. Or he played with children years younger, shooting rubber bands in the camp’s narrow lanes, flicking marbles across the rocky, dirt patches that were his neighbors’ yards.

He was the eldest of eight children, but when he argued with his younger brothers, he was the one to cry.

As a boy, he could not remember what he learned in class. His mother, Ra He Mar, knew her son was not very smart and worried he might become even slower as he grew older. After he had to repeat second grade, she let him drop out of school.

Friends told her the family should find someone to “check his brain,” but Esar’s parents thought they couldn’t afford to have him tested.

I’m surprised there is no insanity plea in the case yet, maybe it is still coming.

Reporter Erika Beras: no system in place when refugees are new to the town.

Back to Pittsburgh where there is NO SYSTEM IN PLACE for dealing with mental health issues and language barriers.

From 90.5 WESA (NPR in Pittsburgh), thanks to reader Joanne:

Refugees to the region face a number of challenges, unfamiliarity with a different language is even more complicated when trying to obtain health care.

90.5 WESA Behavioral Health Reporter Erika Beras is embarking on a month-long series on the challenges refugees face in the Pittsburgh area to obtain health care. She says her interest in the topic was sparked by the high population of refugees in Pittsburgh.

“The refugee community here has grown and grown. And in that time I’d been talking to providers and I’d been in different situations at specialty courts and I keep hearing stories about different refugees who have come in with different issues and how people are struggling to meet their needs. They don’t quite have a system in place after the first few months a refugee is in town.”

Mental health challenges throughout the US:

As Project Editor for the Reporting on Health Collaborative, William Heisel also finds the system to be often unprepared or overwhelmed by immigrant mental health cases.

“When you’re talking about refugees, they’re coming with acute needs…Refugees are coming from conflicts that most of us will never experience and so they, in addition to having the trauma they need to get over, they have language barriers that make it difficult for them to access health care, many of them have low income status, they’re disconnected from their communities and so we are seeing this throughout the U.S. as a pretty big challenge.”

So who is responsible for refugees when they first arrive in Pittsburgh?   Catholic Charities, Jewish Family & Children Services and AJAPO (Acculturation for Justice, Access & Peace Outreach) (here).   Ms. Beras needs to start her investigation right here—with these three federal contractors.

For ambitious readers, this is our 190th post on health problems and refugees.  See Health issues category here.

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Utah refugee trial opens with paramedic describing “horror scene”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 8, 2014

Esar Met in the courtroom yesterday in Salt Lake City showed no emotion as translators kept him informed.

Yesterday we reported that jury selection had begun in the trial of a Burmese refugee accused of raping and murdering a 7-year-old fellow refugee in 2008.

From (Utah):

SALT LAKE CITY — Paramedic Andrew Maurer well remembers being led into a South Salt Lake basement where the body of 7-year-old missing girl had just been found.

“It was spooky that night,” he testified Tuesday, noting the dark basement and all the flashes going off from police investigators taking pictures. “It just looked like a horror scene to me.”

Maurer was one of 10 people who testified on the first day of the murder trial of Esar Met, which began nearly six years after the body of young Hser Ner Moo was found in Met’s basement bathroom.

Met, 26, is charged with aggravated murder and child kidnapping, first-degree felonies, in the March 31, 2008, death of the Burmese refugee girl. Her disappearance sparked a wide search effort, leading to the discovery of her body the next day.

Maurer and former South Salt Lake Fire Capt. Paul Rasmussen were called by police to the basement of Met’s apartment to confirm what detectives already suspected, that the little girl was dead.

“I observed a body that was in the bottom of a shower area. I was taken back by what I saw,” Rasmussen testified. “She had a lot of blood all over her.”

Hser’s hair was matted with blood. Rasmussen bent down to touch her skin and try to move her leg, and found she was “very, very cold.” Rigor mortis had already set in.

“I saw the girl in the bottom of the shower stall, curled up, face down, her head was away from us,” Maurer testified. “I could see that (her left arm) was bent back, broken.”

The testimony of the paramedics describing the gruesome crime scene was accompanied by graphic photos that were shown to the jury.

One of the things the defense is arguing is that Esar Met and the girl were friends and thus her DNA might have already been on his clothes (yeh, right!).  However, when you watch the news clip associated with this story, note that Met had only arrived at the apartment complex a month before, so one wonders how close a “friendship” this could have been.

I would love to know which resettlement contractor placed him, a Muslim, in a building housing Christian Karen people.  Do you think the contractor learned any lessons?

The murder happened in 2008, but the trial was delayed (and the death penalty removed) due to an “extreme language barrier”:

Though the girl was killed in March 2008, the case has stalled due to language barriers and the Burmese man’s struggles to understand the court process. Translators are being rotated during the court hearings, constantly interpreting to Met what others are saying. Several times during Tuesday’s hearing, attorneys were asked to slow down while questioning witnesses so the translator could relate everything to Met. Met wore a set of headphones as the interpreters spoke softly into a microphone so he could hear.

Because of the extreme language barrier the case has presented, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill decided not to seek the death penalty in the case.

We will keep you posted as the trial progresses.  Don’t hold your breath for any reference to the alleged murderer’s religion (is he a Rohingya Muslim?).

See this line in the Salt Lake Tribune report:

But defense attorneys painted a picture of Met’s relationship with his four roommates as cold — stemming from their being from different ethnic groups.

They just can’t say the ‘M’ word!

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